Wegmans Valentine’s Day Special Food, Flower & Gifts in 2024

As the month of love has approached, so does the urge to make your partner feel special.

No other thing can make your partner feel special than a special dinner date or a meal with them.

If you are also searching for something to make your loved ones feel special, it’s the right time to hop in at Wegmans.

They have a dedicated menu with a lot of variety specially curated for Valentine’s Day.

They have five different categories for Valentine’s Day including Surf & Turf Menu, Recipes, Dinner essentials, flowers, cards, candies, and gifts.

In the Surf & Turf meal, you can get juicy garlic-studded lobsters that will just make your appetite happy. In this menu, you have a bundle of choices to go with.

If you want one of the most relishing meals you can go with its ready-to-cook buttery asparagus, Angus beef ribeye steak, and organic sourdough Miche bread.

On D-day, you just need to pre-heat these things and you are good to go with your perfect and quality time.

Apart from that, they also have simple recipes and techniques by using which you can easily prepare the surf and turf meal at your place.

This will make your day even more classic with a bunch of flavors.

In addition to that, you can also make your better half feel special with some special flowers, candies, and cards available at this place.

You can easily shop these things at this place or even from their website.

Some of the most mouth-watering items that you can grab from Wegmans comprise Choice Strip Steaks, garlic studded beef, organic shrimp cocktail tray, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and much more to account for.

Wegmans Valentine’s Day Flowers

Premium Red Roses with Baby’s Breath (Dozen Long-Stemmed Red Roses, Wrapped & Ready For Gifting)$40.00
Premium Red Roses (Dozen Long-Stemmed Red Roses, Wrapped & Ready For Gifting)$35.00
Premium Rose Bouquet (Premium Roses, Spray Roses, Lilies, & Greens, Wrapped & Ready For Gifting)$55.00
Signature Bouquet (Red & Hot Pink Roses, White Hydrangea, Spray Roses, Hypericum, Poms, & Greens, Wrapped & Ready For Gifting)$25.00
Heart Orchid (2 White Orchids Potted & Arranged In A Romantic Heart Shape)$29.99
5″ Pink Dyed Orchid (Ingle-Stemmed Pink Dyed Orchid In A Ceramic Pot)$29.99
Signature Vase Arrangement (Pink Campanula, Arrangement Of Red & Pink Roses, Hydrangea, & Alstroemeria In A Sophisticated Gold Ribbed Vase)Small$25.00
Premium 2 Dozen Red Rose Vase Arrangement (With Greens & Gypsophelia In A Clear Glass Vase)1 Dozen$60.00
2 Dozen$100.00
Garden (A Beautiful, Long-Lasting Arrangement Of Blooming Plants In A Ceramic Pink Pot)$24.99
Stick Balloons (Choose Heart-Shaped Or Flower Bouquet Balloons)$3.99

Wegmans Valentine’s Day Menu


Mediterranean Charcuterie
Oven Roasted Rosemary Ham, Mortadella, Iberico Salchichon Salami, & Sopressata Piccante, With Nutty Parmigiano Reggiano, Antipasto & Olives (Serves 3-5)
1/2 Tray1210$19.00
Mediterranean Mezze Appetizer
Feta, Dolmas, Mediterranean Olives, Vegetables, & Hummus, With Pita Wedges for Dipping (Serves 1-2)
Pan-Seared Pork Pot Stickers
Tender Seasoned Ground Pork Stuffed Dumplings
6 Pack60/Pc$8.00
Valentine Roll
Heart shaped sushi roll with Spicy Tuna and Fresh Cucumber Wrapped in A Layer of Bigeye Tuna
8 Pcs270/Pack$11.99
Caesar Salad
Grated Parmigiano Reggiano, Romaine, Amore Caesar Dressing & Croutons
(Ready To Cook)
Scallops St. John
Classic French Hors + Patagonian Bay Scallops Served On The 1/2 Shell In A Swiss Cheese Shallot Sauce and White Wine
4 Pcs90/Pc$11.00
Coconut Shrimp + Sweet Chili Sauce
Shrimp Is Coated In Breading & Paired With Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce
8 Pcs85/Pc$8.50

Ready-To-Cook Entrees

Tristan Island Lobster Tails4 Pcs170/Tail$28.00
Beef Wellington
Beef Tenderloin Coated In Mushroom Duxelle & Wrapped In Puff Pastry Shell
1 Pc630/Each1$25.00
2 Pcs2$50.00


Heart-Shaped Macarons
Style Cookies in Raspberry & Vanilla Flavors
6 Pcs130/2 Pcs$9.00
Mini Valentine’s Day Cupcakes
Iced With Creamy Pink Buttercream & Topped with Fun, Festive Sprinkles
12 Pcs350/3 Pcs$6.50
Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
Strawberries Hand-Dipped in Dark Chocolate With An Assortment Of Toppings
6 Pcs60-110/Pc$16.50
12 Pcs60-110/Pc$33.00

Family Candy

Reese’s Peanut Butter, Hearts, Six Pack7.2 oz.$5.99
Whitman’s Sampler Milk & Dark Chocolate, Love The Game, Assorted15 oz.$1.49
Merci Chocolates, European, Assortment32 Pcs$14.99
Dove Dark Chocolate, Hearts8.87 oz.$4.99
Hershey’s Kisses  
Dark Chocolate, Lava Cake9 oz.$3.79
Milk Chocolate, Meltaway, Roses9 oz.$3.79
Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles15.2 oz.$11.99
Lindt Lindor  
White Chocolate Truffles, Strawberries & Cream8.5 oz.$6.99
Truffles, Chocolate, Assorted8.5 oz.$6.99
White Chocolate Truffles, Strawberries & Cream15.2 oz.$11.99
Truffles, Milk Chocolate8.5 oz.$6.99
Dove Milk Chocolate  
Hearts8.87 oz.$4.99
And Dark Chocolate Swirl, Hearts7.94 oz.$4.99
Chocolate Candies, Peanut10 oz.$3.79
Cupid’s Mix Milk Chocolate10 oz.$3.79

Romantic Candy

Assortments Milk Chocolate, Assorted6.4 oz.$5.49
Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolate6.5 oz.$5.49
Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, Fine Hazelnut10.6 oz.$14.99
Hershey’s Chocolate Candy, Miniatures6.4 oz.$5.49
Reese’s Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter Creme, Hearts6.5 oz.$5.49
Ferrero Collection Collection Confections, Fine, Assorted9.3 oz.$14.99
Wegmans Chocolate Bar
Dark With Almonds3 oz.$2.19
Dark, 72% Cacao3 oz.$2.19
Milk With Almonds3 oz.$2.19
Milk3 oz.$2.19
Dark With Sea Salt Toffee3 oz.$2.19
Dark With Raspberry Flavored Flakes3 oz.$2.19
Dark With Cinnamon Glazed Pecans3 oz.$2.19
Milk Chocolate, Truffle Hearts6.5 oz.$11.49
Chocolates, Assorted, Hearts9.82 oz.$15.49
Chocolates, Assorted6.5 oz.$11.49

Party Candy

SweeTARTS Candy, Conversation Hearts14 oz.$3.49
Sweethearts Candies, The Original, Cutie Pie5 Pcs$3.49
Charms Blow Pops Pops, Cherry, Bubble Gum Filled11.5 oz.$2.99
Reese’s Milk Chocolate And Peanut Butter, Hearts (Snack Size)25×15 oz.$5.99
Snickers, Skittles, M&M’s, And Twix Candies, Valentine Exchange23.19 oz.$8.99

Valentine’s Day Beverages

*The First 5 Items Are 100% Sparkling Juice

Niagara And Concord Grape Flavor25.4 fl oz.$2.99
Niagara Grape Flavor25.4 fl oz.$2.99
Concord Grape25.4 fl oz.$2.99
Oneycrisp Apple Flavor25.4 fl oz.$2.99
Apple Pomegranate Flavor25.4 fl oz.$2.99
Framboise Lambic 4/8.45oz. Bottles250ml$16.99
Bon Vivant Rose750ml$24.99
Cole Cellars Chardonnay750ml$11.99
Cole Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon750ml$11.99
Chateau Lalande Borie, 2015750ml$38.99
Jadot Chateau Des Jacques Chardonnay750ml$21.99
Bon Vivant Brut750 Ct$19.99
Frizzante European Soda  
Pink Lemonade33.8 fl oz.$3.49
Blood Orange33.8 fl oz.$3.49
Sicilian Lemon33.8 fl oz.$3.49
Sour Cherry Lemon33.8 fl oz.$3.49
Cranberry Lime33.8fl oz.$3.49

Contact Information of Wegmans

Official Websitehttps://www.wegmans.com/
Online Orderhttps://meals2go.com/menu/Pizza%20&%20Wings/Kit/780

People Also Search

Can I Order a Surf and Turf Meal in Advance At Wegmans?

Yes, you can easily pre-order the meal for Valentines from Wegmans. You can opt for an in-store purchase or online delivery.

Are There Any Special Types of Candies Available At Wegmans For Valentine’s?

Its simple answer is: Yes. There are three types of candies i.e. family candy, romantic candy, and party candy available for Valentine’s.

Does Wegmans Offer Any Gluten-Free Options For Valentine’s Day?

You can get some gluten-free options at Wegmans for Valentine’s and one such option is its’ surf and turf grass-fed Angus beef ribeye steak.

What Are The Different Types of Desserts Available For Valentine’s Day?

You can get three options for dessert that include bakery, frozen, and grocery shopping to get the dessert of your choice.

Will I Get Fresh Flowers If I Order From Wegmans on Valentine’s?

Yes, you will get fresh flowers with a great fragrance delivered to your doorstep for Valentine’s Day.

Final Thoughts

Wegmans’s is one of the finest places to rely on if you want to make Valentine’s special for your loved ones.

They are not only focused on delivering you the apt meal for your preference.

But, they also offer a bunch of services that include flowers, candies, and cards to make Valentine’s day more special.

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