Chili’s Catering Menu With Prices in 2023 (Doorsteps Quick Delivery)

Chili’s Catering Services is the perfect go-to restaurant for family gatherings, birthdays, or just a regular weekend get-together with your family and friends.

They provide 20 different menu categories to choose from, including budget meals, lunch bundles, smokehouse combos, and party platters.

For starters, Chili’s Catering menu offers 14 different options of Appetizers, from eggrolls & chicken wings to your favorite cheesy meals like fries & nachos.

If you want to try variations of burgers, the Big Mouth Burgers are the best to try, its customizable and delicious.

If you are feeling extra hungry, there are 14 choices of their ribs & steaks-which is what they’re most famous for and if you want Southwestern food, there are quite a few selections of Quesadillas & Fajitas.

If you are undergoing a very strict diet, don’t worry because Chili’s Catering got you covered with its 5 guiltless options and 22 various choices of Salads, Soups, and don’t forget its famous recipe-Chili.

Is Chili have a Gluten-Free Menu Available?

Yes. Chili’s made sure to prepare meals for customers with gluten sensitivity. They consult their suppliers with ingredients that have gluten.

Chili’s Catering Party Platters Menu

If you’re hosting a party or other celebrations like game night, graduation and lots more, then Chili’s party platters are perfect for you.

The party platters can serve from four to twelve people, and you can request for it to be customized to the number of guests you’re expecting when you order. Let’s take a look at the party platter options.

 Custom Combo 82400-9060$59.49
 Santa Fe Salad82450$32.39
Big Mouth Bites64100$24.00
Chips & Salsa105350$8.29
 Margarita Grilled Chicken83350$45.19
Baby Back Ribs (Texas-Size)Small – 43110-3590$29.00
Large – 85920-6630$56.49
 Southwestern Eggrolls63190$22.00
 Quesadilla Explosion Salad85090$32.39
 Salad – House StyleSmall- 4970-1260$8.99
Large- 81830-2420$17.19
Fajitas – Mix & MatchSmall3880-4350$42.99
 Boneless Wings42050-2710$17.00
Chicken Crispers41290-2580$15.00
 Wings41810-2430  $17.00
Cajun Chicken PastaSmall – 42670$24.00
Large -85050$43.15
 Triple Dipper85370-11350$48.00

Party Platter Add Ons

Dessert Combo5880$30.00
Cookies: Chocolate Chip 5500$30.00
Cakes: Mini-Molten4540$30.00
Dessert Trio6010$35.00

Chili’s Sides Menu

Items Calorie Price
Mash Potatoes – Loaded1640$8.99
 Asparagus – Roasted110$13.99
 Rice – Mexican Style1130$8.99
Street Corn: Roasted2320$13.99
 Cadillac Style (Mexican Style rice with Beans)1140$5.99
Cadillac Style2280$11.99
Broccoli (Steamed)250$8.99
 Black Beans620$8.99
Sweet Corn with Cob1100$8.99

Salad Menu

Items  Price
Small Caesar & Classic Side$10.00
 Small Caesar & Signature Side$15.00


Items   Serves  Calorie  Price
Lemonade Strawberry Flavor1 Gallon1920$7.99
Lemonade1 Gallon1570$7.19
Iced Tea – Blackberry Flavor1 Gallon820$7.99
Iced Tea – Mango1 Gallon840$7.99
Iced Tea1 Gallon40$7.19

Desserts Items

ItemsCalorie Price
Cookie: Chocolate Chip – Skillet Style720$7.39
 Chocolate Cake (Molten)1210$7.89


Mango Flavor (Iced)80$3.49
Half Tea | Half Lemonade100$3.49
Blackberry Flavor (Iced)80$3.49
Soft Drinks  
Dr. Pepper200$3.09
Diet Coke0$3.09
Coke Zero0$3.09
Strawberry Lemonade240$3.49
Minute Maid Lemonade200$3.09

Chili’s Exclusive Items

Chili’s Catering menu is well-known for its quality steak & ribs and affordable burgers, however, if you dig deeper into their menu, more things are in store for you to try.

This is a helpful guide for more selections of food that you may want to check out:

01. Cajun Chicken Pasta

Cajun Chicken Pasta- is a creamy and cheesy treat served with a well-grilled chicken, seasoned with chile spices, parmesan cheese, tomatoes, and green onions.

02. Cajun Shrimp Pasta

Cajun Shrimp Pasta- is best for people who prefer more seafood-based pasta, this is a perfect bet. This is seasoned with chile spices, parmesan cheese, tomatoes, and green onions.

Cajun Shrimp Pasta

03. Classic Ribeye

Classic Ribeye – if you are feeling extra hungry, even if you’re on a strict diet, this is the best choice for you.

This is a thick-cut steak coated with garlic butter with a side of broccoli & mashed potatoes.

04. Texas Dry Rub Ribs

Texas Dry Rub Ribs- do not get deceived by their dryness on the outside because it is juicy inside.

This dish is paired with different dips that are mouth-watering because the taste is heaven-sent.

05. Southwest Eggrolls

Southwest Eggrolls- this is an extraordinary eggroll filled with chicken, black beans, corn, jalapeno, and red peppers for extra spice and spinach. Remember to order with a side of avocado ranch.

06. Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadillas

Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadillas- this is a good meal to have with your friends, the explosion of flavors is great for people who wanted to try something different.

It is filled with chicken shreds, chile spices, bacon, and a homemade ranch on the side, best served with pico, sour cream, and ancho-chile ranch

07. Spicy Shrimp Tacos

Spicy Shrimp Tacos-if you’re on a diet but wanted something with a kick of spice, this is the best option for you. The seafood and spice create a unique and delicious taste.

08. Big Mouth Bites

Big Mouth Bites- 4 equally sliced mini burgers that contain bacon, sauteed onions, American Cheese, and homemade ranch on the side.

These are mini beef burgers with Appleseed smoked bacon, sauteed onions, and American cheese and served with ranch dressing.

The small platter serves six people while the large platter serves twelve people.

Texas Dry Rub Ribs

09. Mushroom Swiss Burger

Mushroom Swiss Burger- taste the heavenly taste of mushrooms in a burger, then this is a must-have.  

10. Crispy Chicken Crispers

Crispy Chicken Crispers- this is a complete set meal of crunchy and juicy chicken with a delicious cob that adds sweetness and flavor, don’t forget the fries on the side.

11. Texas Cheese Fries

Texas Cheese Fries – add some life to your plain French fries with a kick of spice with jalapenos with a creamy cheese sauce. This is best served with homemade ranch.

12. Molten Chocolate Cake

Molten Chocolate Cake- is the best ending for any meal. It’s a chocolate cake volcano with a chocolate-filled center. The flavor is so good that you want to own the entire thing.

13. Party Platters Triple Dipper

The Triple Dipper Party Platter is a party in itself. You get to choose any three appetizers and their dipping sauces. The large platter serves up to eight people.

14. Party Platter Mix and Match Fajitas

The Mix and Match Fajitas contain Mexican rice, black beans, and flour tortillas with cilantro, onions, and bell peppers and are served with a side of pico, sour cream, salsa, shredded cheese, and guacamole.

The small platter serves 4 and the large platter serves 8 people.

15. Chili’s Baby Back Ribs

Remember Chili’s commercial? The baby back ribs are one of Chili’s trademark dishes and an all-time favorite for customers.

The baby back ribs are made with ribeye and sirloin steaks, especially smoked over pecan wood to give it its distinctive taste.

It comes in varieties such as the mix and match ribs, House BBQ Full Order Ribs, and Texas Dry Rub Ribs.

Ordering Process At Chili’s

# Ordering Thru Chili’s Nearest Location

  • Fall in line and browse for food items
  • Order food directly at the counter (ask for suggestions on the best items to order)
  • Choose payment method
  • Receive table number
  • Wait for the order to be received

# Ordering Thru Chili’s Official Website Or Mobile Application

Download the Official Chili’s App or go to

Select your nearest Chili’s location. Browse thru their extensive menu and select your desired food items and pay in advance

Pull into your selected Chili’s location. Notify the restaurant by texting or tapping on your application

Wait and receive your order from a Chili’s attendant.

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History of Chili’s Grill and Bar Restaurant

The Chili’s Grill and Bar Restaurant was founded by entrepreneur Larry Levine, who was inspired to develop his chili restaurant when he attended a local competition in Terlingua, Texas called “The Chili Cookoff” in 1967.

He gained interest and was able to create his chili recipe and established his first restaurant on March 13, 1975, in a converted postal station located on Greenville Avenue, Dallas Texas.

During that time, the simple diner received praise for the restaurant’s simplicity and the affordability of its well-known Chili and Burger-which was the only menu option at that time.

The goal of the restaurant was to be able to compete with fast food diners in the area since it was already prevalent at the time, but he wants it to be of full service and a source of comfort for its consumers.

When the Chili’s Grill and Bar became popular in the area, a known restaurant executive and owner, Norman E. Brinker bought the enterprise.

He later added more menu options such as fajitas, quesadillas, etc. The company eventually took off.

Chili’s Catering now has 1,600 branches globally with extensive menu options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Baby Back Ribs Made of?

It is made with pork ribs.

Is The Chili’s Menu Safe For People With Allergies?

Yes. Chili’s top priority is to be able to maintain the well-being and safety of its consumers.

That is why they created an Allergen menu information to inform everyone about its ingredients.

Is There a Vegan/Vegetarian Available?

Yes. However, not all items are purely vegan since the restaurant uses the same fryer (e.g. Chicken Crispers uses the same fryer as their French Fries).

Where Can I Find The Order Button on Their Website/App?

Tap the options button at the top right side of the screen and click “Order Now”

How Can I Avail myself of Free Chips and Salsa At Chili’s?

When you’re a regular member of Chili’s Rewards, you may avail of the said free items upon the purchase of a product above the minimum price of $5 for every visit.

Moreover, you may also claim the following perks:

  • Customizable rewards that you can claim (e.g. free-of-charge delivery, appetizers, etc.)
  • Claiming free dessert for birthdays at Chili’s
  • Accessible Wi-fi connection
  • Re-ordering your favorite meal at Chili’s official mobile app
  • Claiming “My Chili’s Rewards” to purchase an item

Does Chili’s Use Chicken For Their Crispers?

Yes. Crispers are produced with 100% white meat

Final Thoughts

Chili’s Catering Services is the best restaurant you can find with great food choices at affordable prices.

They are not only serving quality food, but they are creating a close bond with their customers by taking care of their well-being and safety.

With this, they have captured the hearts of people from all across America.