KFC Catering Pricing in 2024 (Buffet Style & Boxed Meal Sets)

Finger Lickin’, Good chicken may now be shared with your family and friends in your next event.

KFC now caters to chicken meals for all occasions and businesses. You no longer have to stay in crowded restaurants to enjoy your hand-breaded chicken.

Currently, KFC Catering Menu offers five menu selections. However, these may vary on your location.

The menu includes individually packaged items, catering packages, a la carte chicken, sides, and beverages.

This is offered in 18 branches located in five states. KFC offers its in-house menu in larger portions in their catering menu.

There are seven menu options for their individually packaged items which may be packed with classic chicken or crispy tenders and a choice of side.

Catering packages are served buffet-style, while a la carte chicken serves 25-100 pieces of chicken per order.

The catering menu also offers five kinds of sides and three kinds of beverages.

KFC fried chicken bucket

KFC Catering Meals Menu

2 pcs of chickens, 2-sides, 1 biscuit & 1-Cookie1$11.50
3 pcs of chickens, 2-sides, 1 biscuit & 1-Cookie1$12.50
 2 pcs of Chicken tenders & 2 sides +  1 biscuits + 1 Cookie1$11.50
 3 pcs of Chicken tenders & 2 sides +  1 biscuits + 1 Cookie1$12.50


Chicken-Mixed & Tenders
Chickens25 pcs$65.00
Chickens50 pcs$110.00
Chickens100 pcs$195.00
Chickens-Tenders25 pcs$65.00
Chickens-Tenders50 pcs$110.00
Chickens-Tenders100 pcs$195.00

Catering Individual Packaged Items

Chicken-Boxed-Meals (Classic)-Dark
2 pcs of chickens & sides, 1 biscuit & 1-Cookie$9.50
3 pcs of chickens & sides, 1 biscuit & 1-Cookie$10.50
2 pcs of chickens,2-sides, 1 biscuit & 1-Cookie$10.50
3 pcs of chickens,2-sides, 1 biscuit & 1-Cookie$11.50
Chicken-Boxed-Meals (Classic)
2 pcs of chickens & 1-side, 1 biscuit & 1-Cookie$10.50
3 pcs of chickens & 1-side, 1 biscuit & 1-Cookie$11.50
2 pcs of chickens,2-sides, 1 biscuit & 1-Cookie$11.50
3 pcs of chickens,2-sides, 1 biscuit & 1-Cookie$12.50

Tender Boxed Meals

3 pcs of chickens (Tenders) & 1-side, 1 biscuit & 1-Cookie$9.50
3 pcs of chickens (Tenders) & 2-sides, 1 biscuit & 1-Cookie$10.50
4 pcs of chickens (Tenders) & 1-side, 1 biscuit & 1-Cookie$10.50
4 pcs of chickens (Tenders) & 2-sides, 1 biscuit & 1-Cookie$11.50
5 pcs of chickens (Tenders) & 1-side, 1 biscuit & 1-Cookie$11.50
5 pcs of chickens (Tenders) & 2-sides, 1 biscuit & 1-Cookie$12.50

Chicken Sandwich Boxed Meal

KFC-Chicken-Sandwich,1 side & 1 cookie$10.50
KFC-Chicken-Sandwich,2 sides & 1 cookie$11.50
KFC meals

Sides Menu

1 Dozen of Biscuits$8.00
Macaroni and CheeseIndividual$3.00
Macaroni and CheesePint$6.00
Macaroni and CheeseGallon$26.00
1 Dozen of Chip-Cookies-(Chocolate)$9.00
Catering-Sides (Small)8-10$18.99
Catering-Sides (Large)15-20$34.99


1/2 Gallon of lemonade Bucket$6.00
1/2 Gallon of Sweet tea, tea without sugar, Pepsi$5.00

Our Favorite Classic Food Choice From KFC

01. 3 Piece Classic Boxed Meal

It’s no surprise that the best-seller in the catering menu is a KFC classic.

The 3 Piece Classic Boxed meal includes 3 pieces of chicken, your choice of side, a biscuit, and a cookie.

You may choose from 3 kinds of chicken offered on the catering menu: original, extra crispy, and all-white meat chicken. 


02. Buffet-Style Chicken 3-Pieces Tenders Meal

Catering services can never go wrong by serving dishes buffet-style.

This meal includes 3 extra crispy chicken tenders. It is also served with biscuits, cookies, and a choice of sides. 

03. 100 Pieces Extra Crispy Chicken Tenders

When the guests can’t get enough of KFC crispy chicken tenders order 100 pieces of them. This menu item is fit to serve roughly 20 people. 

04. Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

Mashed potato is definitely one of the brand’s trademarks. Soft, creamy, and doused with their infamous gravy. The catering menu offers this signature dish in individual cups, pint-size. 

05. Standard Chicken bucket

We can never go wrong with a classic. The standard chicken bucket is where it all started and what KFC is known for. There are quite a lot of options to choose from.

If you are a picky eater, you can always request the chicken part that you like. They even offer extra crispy, Kentucky-grilled, and spicy options.

KFC Catering Reviews

KFC’s catering menu may be the next to serve meals at your upcoming party. Do you think so too? Weigh out the pros and cons through the list below. 


  • There are different kinds of chicken offered on the catering menu which includes original, extra crispy, and all-white meat options.
  • KFC’s catering menu serves their infamous chicken in different portions and styles and much better in bigger portions. You can opt to order 2-3 piece meals or bundles of 25, 50, or 100 pieces of chicken.
  • Able to cater to bigger crowds at an affordable price.


  • Few dessert options.
  • Not being able to customize the flavors in buffet-style meals. You cannot mix and match flavors as orders are only limited to one flavor of choice.
  • Every meal item is made of chicken which may not be suitable, especially when catering to guests who do not eat chicken or are allergic to it.

KFC Catering Vs Chick-Fil-a Catering

KFC and Chick-Fil-A are two of the most famous restaurants when it comes to serving juicy and crispy chicken meals.

Long lines and crowded restaurants are pretty common with these brands which is why it is understandable that people would opt to bring the party at home or an event place.

When it comes to catering, which is the better option?

a) Meal Sizes

Instead of buying Chick-Fil-A’s 75 Chick-n-strips for $129, purchase KFC’s 50 extra crispy chicken tenders & 50 wings for $117.99. You will get 25 pieces more for less.

b) Satisfaction

For a little over $10, you can order meals from both restaurants.

You may order KFC’s 3 pieces classic boxed meal for $10.50 instead of Chick-Fil-A’s Chicken Sandwich Packaged Meal.

Both meals come with cookies however, KFC’s boxed meal also comes with a side dish.

c) Food Options

Overall, Chick-Fil-A has more food options as the restaurant also serves salads, wraps, and breakfast meals.

d) Availability

Chick-Fil-A has more branches available throughout the United States thus, it is more accessible to people outside the 5 states that KFC caters to.

e) Delivery Cost

KFC is a more cost-effective choice given that it offers free delivery for orders within 10 miles of the restaurant.

Overall, KFC catering provides better customer experiences, especially for those who have a limited budget for chicken-based items.

Nutrition Factshttps://www.kfc.com/full-nutrition-guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Which States Are KFC Catering Available in?

KFC Catering currently serves in 5 states: Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. It currently caters to 18 cities in these states.

What Are The Side Dishes Available in KFC Catering?

KFC Catering offers five kinds of side dishes, namely mashed potatoes and gravy, biscuits; coleslaw; Mac & cheese, and whole kernel corn.

The menu items are offered in individual, pint, and gallon-sized portions.

How Can I Order From KFC Catering?

To have finger licking chicken bundles and buffet meals right at your doorstep, you may visit the official website of KFC Catering to order online or call 888-KFC-CATR to get in touch with one of KFC’s catering specialists. 


Are Desserts and Drinks Included in The Order?

Some of the menu items already include side dishes and desserts such as cookies and biscuits; however, beverages are sold separately.

You may choose to add these items to your cart when you place an online order.  

How Many People Can Be Fed By The 100-Piece Crispy Chicken Tenders and Which Meals Should I Order?

KFC Catering suggests that the 100-piece chicken tenders are enough to feed at least 20 people; however, the number still varies depending on how much you serve each guest.

The menu has 25, 50, and 100-piece options depending on the number of guests that you will be feeding. 

Is KFC Catering The Same As KFC? 

KFC Catering offers the catering menu of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). It is indeed the same finger-licking good chicken just more!

Final Words

KFC is one of America’s go-to meals for crispy fried chicken and its catering menu allows families, friends, and even officemates to be able to serve a taste of everyone’s childhood.

KFC is not just a budget-friendly option for delicious fried chicken.

The side dishes are to die for too! Let your guests enjoy finger-licking chicken at your next amazing party!