Firehouse Subs Menu With Prices 2024

Wondering where to eat this weekend? Or simply searching for a quick snack?

Find here the Firehouse Subs menu with prices, along with other interesting details about the company and its delightful food items. 

Firehouse Subs is a casual restaurant that serves one of the best fast-food items in the US.

The restaurant is special in its way of combining the Firehouse theme with a quick serving of tasty, creative subs that impress from the first bite. The fast-casual restaurant serves mainly subs.

One of the best specialty subs options includes the new prime rib steak, the daily medium Sub special offer, the classic hook & ladder, the tasteful Firehouse meatball, and of course, the Smokehouse beef & cheddar brisket. 

Don’t be fooled, apart from these heavenly subs, there are up to 18 more options to explore!

Even more, the restaurant offers you the option to create your personalized sub and enjoy the experience to the maximum. Also, there is a veggie alternative available at any time!

To add some healthy variety to the menu, Firehouse Subs added cold subs consisting of tuna and Italian flavors.

They also have 3 types of salads on the menu, as well as extras, like chips, side salads, potato soups, mac & cheese, their signature chilly drinks, and some sweet, small desserts. 

Last but not least, Firehouse Subs offers catering packages, including some delicious box lunches for the whole team, cookies, brownies, salad platters, and, of course, half platters with subs and snacks!

And to make everyone feel included, kids have a menu of their own, with 4 types of subs, drinks, and a yummy treat included. 

Firehouse sub nutrition

Firehouse Subs Sizes

Subs Sizes

Firehouse Subs Menu (Meatball & Turkey Subs)

(White / Wheat)

Italian    Small  470  $5.20
   Medium  940  $8.50
   Large  1450  $12.20
 Medium (Gluten Free) $10.50
Meatball    Small460$5.30
 Medium (Gluten Free) $10.50
Hook and Ladder                    Small460  $5.30
 Medium (Gluten Free)       $10.50
NY Steamer  Small360$5.35
Spicy Chicken  Small360$5.70
 Medium (Gluten Free) $9.60
Steak and Cheese  Small410$5.70
 Medium (Gluten Free) $10.90
Engineer  Small350$5.30
 Medium (Gluten Free) $10.70
Hero  Small400$5.80
 Medium (Gluten Free) $11.10
Turkey Bacon (Ranch)  Small420$5.80
 Medium (Gluten Free) $10.90
Club Sub  Small390$5.80
Jamaican Jerk (Turkey)    Small360$5.30
 Medium (Gluten Free) $9.80
Sweet and Spicy Meatball  Small $5.50
 Medium $8.50
 Large $12.20
 Medium (Gluten Free) $10.50
Beef and Cheddar Brisket  Small450$7.00
 Medium (Gluten Free) $12.00

Firehouse Cold Subs

(White / Wheat)

Italian  Small470  $5.20
 Medium (Gluten Free)         $10.50
Tuna Salad  Small460$5.80
   Medium (Gluten Free) $10.00
Club on a Sub
Smoked Turkey Breast

Build Your Own Sub

Virginia Honey Ham
(White or Wheat)
Smoked Turkey Breast
(White or Wheat)
USDA Choice Pastrami
(White or Wheat)
USDA Choice Corned Beef Brisket
(White or Wheat)
Grilled Chicken Breast
(White or Wheat)
USDA Choice Roast Beef
(White or Wheat)
(White or Wheat)
Tuna Salad
(White or Wheat)

Firehouse Salads

        Italian – Grilled Chicken Salad        410        $8.59
        Hook and Ladder Salad        260        $8.59
      Turkey Firehouse Salad      220      $8.59
      Ham Firehouse Salad      310      $8.59
    Firehouse Salad    130    $6.59
      Grilled Chicken Firehouse Salad      380      $8.59

Sides and Desserts

    Side Salad60$3.99
Firehouse Chili (Cup)180$3.79
  Firehouse Chili (Bowl)  300$4.89
Soups (Cup)240$3.19
Soups (Bowl)380$4.19
  Cookie  310$1.09
Five Cheese MAC and Cheese380$4.19
    Dessert Bundle (3, 6, 12 quantities)    930/ 1860/  3270    $3.00/ $6.00/ $12.00
  Brownie  430  $1.49
  Captain Sorensen’s (Datil Pepper Hot Sauce)     $5.99


Water Bottled  $2.69
Freestyle Coca-ColaSmall0-360$2.29
Freestyle Coca-ColaMedium0-530$2.49
Freestyle Coca-ColaLarge0-720$2.89
Bottle Soda  $2.69

Firehouse Subs Kids Menu Combos

Hot Ham and ProvoloneKid’s Drink, Dessert, Or Chips260$4.99
Hot Turkey and ProvoloneKid’s Drink, Dessert, Or Chips  220  $5.09
Hot MeatballKid’s Drink, Dessert, Or Chips  440  $4.99
Hot Grilled Cheddar CheeseKid’s Drink, Dessert, Or Chips  360  $4.99

Subs may not seem like the most varied food item, but this restaurant surely knows how to add a creative spark to everything on its menu. Here are the most ordered food items that you must try! 

01. Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar Brisket Sub 

Smoked, sliced beef, combined with the best Barbecue sauce in town and the heavenly taste of melted cheddar on top. If your mouth is not watery yet, wait until you see its picture.

The brisket is smoked for as many as 16 hours, for that authentic taste that earns Firehouse Subs the extra points it needs to win the admiration of its customers. 

The sub can also be served cold, so don’t miss out on this option if you’d prefer it. 

02. Spicy Cajun Chicken Sub

With 710 calories and 43 grams of protein, this sub is the perfect lunch option to raise your energy levels and brighten the day!

What sets this sub apart is its unique combination of ingredients and taste balance.

While the cherry peppers and Cajun seasoning gives the item a spicy, creamy taste, the added vegetables work in the opposite direction, providing a refreshing and cooling effect.

In the end, the result is this must-try masterpiece. 

03. Hook & Ladder 

This one is a classic. Combining heavenly honey Ham with the original smoked turkey breast and melted cheese, the Hook & Ladder offers an exquisite experience, especially for meat lovers.

Even more, the sandwich is fully loaded with sauces and fresh vegetables. 

Firehouse Subs Ordering Process

Ordering from our favorite restaurants has become easier and easier over the years.

Not only is online ordering available, but Firehouse Subs even has mobile applications for both Apple and Android that are simplifying the process and adding customer rewards. 

On the official website, you can either sign up or continue as a guest, find the closest Firehouse Subs location and start your order.

Various delivery methods are available, as the restaurant has contracts with popular firms like Uber Eats and door dash. 

Firehouse Subs Delivery Methods 

Firemen must be quick and ready to act at all times, and so are the employees from Firehouse Subs.

Known as the perfect combination of fast and quality serving, Firehouse Subs offers multiple options, from in-store dining to home delivery. 

Drive ThruAvailable 
Home Delivery Available
Curbside Pickup Available

Firehouse Subs Payment Options 

As door dash currently stopped accepting cash due to Covid, the payment options for home delivery are more restricted, as some delivery services may not accept cash.

However, for curbside pickup, drive-thru, or dine-in, cash is still available. Here is a short list of all payment options at Firehouse Subs: 

  • Credit card 
  • Debit card
  • Apple Pay 
  • Android Pay 
  • Cash 
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Story of Firehouse Subs

Firehouse Subs was first opened as a small family restaurant in 1994. The founders were two firefighter brothers with an entrepreneurial spirit and ingenious ideas.  

Coming from a family with a long history in the firefighter and police department, the brothers were certainly inspired by traditions and in their search for the American, Firehouse Subs proved to be the key to success. 

Treating their customers with warm welcomes and delicious food items, the founders quickly gained popularity as the restaurant started to add new subs to the menu and get creative, including fabulous taste combinations, like the Virginia Honey Ham. 

Now, with over 1200 locations opened and a partnership with Restaurant Brands International, Firehouse Subs serves its delicious food items quickly everywhere, while also contributing to the Public Safety Foundation with a mission to help first responders. 

This way, one meal can help save a life and show gratitude to the ones who put their lives at risk daily. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Inches Does a Medium Firehouse Sub Have? 

A medium Firehouse Subs has eight inches, double the size of a small one. Also, the large sub has 12 inches. 

Does Firehouse Subs Provide Any Items That Are Gluten-Free? 

Yes, this casual restaurant offers both vegan and gluten-free options for its customers.

Some examples of gluten-free food items are deli meat, all the cheese, and of course, the salads, as they can be customized. Also, all locations should serve the gluten-free sub roll. 

Can The Restaurant Offer Free Subs? 

Yes, it offers many promotions and gifts to its loyal customers. For example, if your birthday is approaching and you are a Firehouse Subs member, you can order a free Sub, medium-sized. 

What is The Meaning of “Fully Loaded” At Firehouse Subs? 

There are items on the Firehouse Subs menu that are topped with delicious sauces (deli mustard and mayo) and filled with nutritious vegetables, including tomatoes, a kosher pickle, onions, and lettuce. 

How Can I Get The Spicy Sauces That Are Served in The Restaurant? 

The signature hot sauces can be purchased from the official Firehouse Subs website.

Also, there is a member discount available, so don’t forget to check it out and get your coupon! 

Final Words 

You won’t regret checking out the Firehouse menu with prices.

With its hot as-fire signature sauces, creative subs, and varied menu options that fit all preferences, the restaurant is the perfect choice for home delivery.

Even more, the fire department decor from some locations makes casual dining a unique experience at a wallet-friendly price! 

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