Penn Station Menu Prices 2024 (Special Hot Grill Subs)

Penn Station is one of the most aesthetic places that you can ever visit in the country.

If you want to try some delicious and fresh submarine sandwiches, this is the place for you.

This place will not only offer you an array of choices for sandwiches but has a diverse menu that can suffice your cravings as well as health requirements at the same time.

They precisely use the hearth-baked bread that adds to the flavor of sandwiches.

In addition to that, they also use the USDA choice of steak with top-notch toppings. All these things together contribute to creating a high-quality sandwich.

Penn Station offers 8 types of menu with a wide range of options for catering menu.

You can also get nutritional information about the ingredients used in preparing their sandwiches.

This information will help you analyze how many calories you are taking with a particular sandwich and how you can customize it as per your taste.

No doubt if you are a sandwich lover, you will have the urge to try as many options available at Penn Station.

But, it would be practically impossible to try all the alternatives at Penn Station.

In this sort of scenario, you can try out some of the high-end items on the menu of Penn Station.

These savory items will not only taste heavenly but will also fill you with a lot of freshness.

If you want to try the healthiest options available at Penn Station, going with the artichoke sandwich will suffice your needs.

It is a nice grilled sandwich with artichoke hearts. Besides that, the tint of provolone with seasoning of oregano and dressing of parmesan and mayo will take its taste to a different level.

You can even go ahead and get this sandwich customized with fresh mushrooms to have an amazing taste.

Moreover, the freshly squeezed lemonade of this place throbs the heart of many.

It is prepared with hand-squeezed lemons daily to offer freshness to the customers with their sandwiches.

In addition to that, there are various other popular items that you can try at Penn Station such as freshly cut French fries.

Penn Station Off The Grill Sandwiches

Chicken Philly(Calories 370-1491)$6.79$9.79$12.99
Cheesesteak(Calories 370-1491)$6.79$9.79$12.99
Chicken Parmesan(Calories 456-1257)$6.79$9.79$12.99
Chicken Teriyaki(Calories 384-1063)$6.79$9.79$12.99
Classic Grilled Italian(Calories 632-1794)$6.79$9.79$12.99
Reuben(Calories 422-1607)$6.79$9.79$12.99
Pizza(Calories 560-1654)$6.79$9.79$12.99
Chicken Cordon Bleu(Calories 463-1198)$6.79$9.79$12.99
Grilled Club(Calories 626-1306)$6.79$9.79$12.99
BLT(Calories 307-1310)$6.79$9.79$12.99
Grilled Veggie(Calories 438-1829)$6.79$9.79$12.99
Grilled Artichoke(Calories 528-1484)$6.79$9.79$12.99
Grilled Ham and Swiss$6.79$9.79$12.99
Grilled Turkey Provolone$6.79$9.79$12.99
Founder Special(Calories 509-1649)$6.79$9.79$12.99

Penn Station Cold Deli Classics Sub Menu

Turkey Provolone(Calories 465-1286)$6.79$9.79$12.99
Cold Club (Calories 465-1286)$6.79$9.79$12.99
Classic Cold Italian(Calories 632-1794)$6.79$9.79$12.99
Turkey Avocado(Calories 405-935)$6.79$9.79$12.99
Ham & Swiss(Calories 339-1310)$6.79$9.79$12.99
Turkey Bacon Ranch(Calories 369-1142)$6.79$9.79$12.99

Create Your Own

Grilled Dagwood(Calories 316-2090)$6.79$9.79$12.99
Cold Dagwood(Calories 316-2090)$6.79$9.79$12.99

Lighter Options

Grilled Veggie(Calories 438-1829)$6.79$9.79$12.99
Grilled Artichoke(Calories 528-1484)$6.79$9.79$12.99

Snack Size

Turkey Provolone200-300$3.29
Cold Club289$3.29
Turkey Bacon Ranch257$3.29
Turkey Avocado199$3.29
Classic Cold Italian402$3.29
Ham and Swiss213-382$3.29
Cold Dagwood199-455$3.29
Chicken Teriyaki258-314$3.29
Chicken Philly245-427$3.29
Chicken Parmesan307-383$3.29
Chicken Cordon Bleu296$3.29
Classic Grilled Italian402$3.29
Founder Special255-367$3.29
Grilled Turkey Provolone200-300$3.29
Grilled Ham and Swiss213-382$3.29
Grilled Dagwood199-455$3.29
Grilled Veggie288-532$3.29
Grilled Artichoke400-476$3.29
Grilled Club289$3.29

Penn Station Wraps Menu

Chicken Caeser Wrap864$9.79
Cheesesteak Wrap684-1074$9.79
Turkey Bacon Ranch Wrap773$9.79
Chicken Teriyaki Wrap709-790$9.79
Classic Grilled Italian Wrap1249$9.79
Classic Cold Italian Wrap1249$9.79
Grilled Club Wrap911$9.79
Cold Club Wrap911$9.79
Grilled Dagwood Wrap613-1448$9.79
Turkey Avocado Wrap659$9.79
Cold Dagwood Wrap613-1448$9.79


Turkey Avocado Salad326-626$9.79
Classic Grilled Italian Salad656-956$9.79
Cold Club Salad404-704$9.79
Cheesesteak Salad360-749$9.79
Turkey Bacon Ranch Salad200-440$9.79
Grilled Dagwood Salad283-1134$9.79
Cold Dagwood Salad283-1134$9.79
Grilled Club Salad404-704$9.79
Cold Classic Italian Salad656-956$9.79
Chicken Teriyaki Salad386-767$9.79
Chicken Caesar Salad358-535$9.79


Fresh-Cut Fries 378-1260
Chocolate Chunk Cookie560$2.49


Pepsi Products0-420
Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade205-625
Unsweetened Tea 0-613
Sweet Tea0-613
Half Gal Sweet Tea$4.99
Half Gal Tea$4.99
Half Gal Lemonade $6.99


Small Sub Boxed Lunch1$13.99
Regular Sub Boxed Lunch1$14.99


Party Wrap Tray2$4.29
Party Sub Tray2$3.14


Chips (Assorted) 1$1.79


Chocolate Chunk Cookie1$2.31
Cookie Party Tray24$24.99


½ Gallon Fresh Brewed Iced Tea4$3.95
½ Gallon Fresh Squeezed Lemonade4$5.49

Penn Station is famous for its ultimate subs. There are a few items on its menu that you can’t miss out on at any cost.

These items will make you fall for them and you will become a huge fan of these items.

01. Delicious Cold Deli Classic Club

If you want to try cold sandwiches, this is a must-have on the menu of Penn Station. It is a fully-loaded sub with a lot of mouth-watering ingredients.

Smoked ham and oven-roasted turkey breast act as the star ingredient for this sandwich.

In addition to that, you will get this sandwich with precisely cut smoked bacon and swiss.

The taste of the sandwich increases tenfold with the savory flavors of tomatoes, mayo, and honey mustard sauces.

02. Old and Gold Philadelphia Cheesesteak

This was one of the most popular and first-ever sandwiches introduced on the menu of Penn Station.

It is the hottest-selling food item on their menu and is prepared with purely USDA choice steak.

Besides that, provolone also acts as a core ingredient for this dish.

Apart from that, you can add toppings of your choice in the sub like mayo, pizza sauce, sautéed onions, and much more.

03. Mouth-Watering Customized Dagwood

This is one of the most flavorful items that you can get at Penn Station.

You will have the entire flexibility to choose the meats, toppings, cheese, as well as condiments as per your taste.

Therefore, the taste of this dish will vary from person to person as their eating preferences may vary.

04. Healthiest Artichoke

If you are a fitness freak and want to try something fulfilling yet healthy, artichoke should be the priorityon Penn Station’s menu.

It has a perfect blend of provolone with artichoke hearts. Besides that, you will get a perfect taste of mayo, oregano, and parmesan in this sandwich.

05. Sizzling Fresh Cut Fries

Fresh Cut Fries is one of the most phenomenal food items on the menu of Penn Station. These fries are just perfect to suffice your snack time needs.

They are prepared with fresh potatoes fried in peanut oil which is completely cholesterol free to give you an amazing taste of fries.

Penn Station has gained a lot of popularity among customers. Numerous reasons have contributed to the achievements and fame of Penn Station.

Some of the prime reasons for the popularity of Penn Station are quoted below.

  • All the sandwiches are prepared in front of the customers
  • They use freshly baked bread that enhances the flavor of the sandwich
  • Accessibility to Penn Station is convenient due to the large number of branches throughout the country
  • They use the best quality meat and steak for preparation

The History Behind Penn Station

The history of Penn Station dates back to the times of 1980s. Jeff Osterfeld acted as a driving force for starting the venture of Penn Station.

During his trip to Philadelphia, he was attracted to a great extent by the popular cheesesteak sandwich served there.

This trip changed his entire life and he added this cheesesteak sandwich to his first venture named Jeffery’s Delicatessen.

As soon as he introduced this sandwich to the menu, it became the best seller on his menu.

Taking this innovative idea to another height, he opened the first-ever store of Penn Station in 1985.

At the start of the venture, he only introduced four types of sandwiches in addition to the freshly cut fried with refreshing hand-squeezed lemonade for the customers.

Soon the popularity started increasing and so does the franchise and store of Penn Station in different stations.

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Order Methods Available At Penn Station

Due to the humungous presence of Penn Station outlets in the state, there are various methods to order food from them.

Order in-Store

  • You can visit the nearest outlet of Penn Station for your order
  • Specify the details of the ingredients that you want in your sandwich
  • Your order will be prepared in front of your eyes with fresh ingredients

Order Via Delivery Apps

  • Download any of the food delivery apps like Uber Eats or Door Dash
  • Next, specify your location, find the nearest store and select your order
  • After confirmation, the food will be delivered to your place

Delivery Methods

Drive ThruYes
Home DeliveryYes (at available locations)
Curbside PickupYes (at available locations)

Payment Methods

Payment for food at Penn Station has become hassle-free due to various payment methods.

Some of the predominantly used methods for payment at Penn Station are:

  • Cash
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Mobile Payments

Contact Information of Penn Station

Order Online
Store Locator
Sign Up
Their Story

Social Media Presence of Penn Station


People Also Ask

Is There Any Size Variation in The Sandwiches Served At Penn Station?

You will give five different sizes of sandwiches at Penn Station and they can be among any of the sizes like 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches long.

Is There Any Option To Create Your Sandwich At Penn Station?

Yes, you can create your sandwich at Penn Station with its “Create Your Own” menu option. You can go with the choice of cheese, toppings, and meat for your sandwich.

Does Penn Station Use Any Special Type of Potatoes For Their Fries?

Yes, they do use hand-cut Idaho potatoes which are one of a kind for preparing fries. These potatoes give a marvelous taste to the fries.

What is The Price of a Small Philly Cheesesteak Served At The Penn Station?

The small cheesesteak comes at an affordable price of $6.69 at Penn Station.

What is The Size of a Medium Sandwich Served At Penn Station?

The size of the medium sandwich is 10″ which is served at Penn Station.

Final Thoughts

Penn Station is one of the most phenomenal places in the country that serves the highest quality of subs.

You can get a variety of options to suffice your healthy and spicy cravings at the same time.

Moreover, if you have any party or event approaching, you can avail yourself of the benefits of their catering services. So, why not visit it once and see its tremendous menu?

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