Golden Chick Menu With Prices + Catering 2024 (Wicked, Buffalo & BBQ Wings)

The Golden Chick restaurant is a food place for all! It has all types of hot food, salads, sides, desserts, etc. This restaurant chain is the best place you can ask for, taking their menus

Would you crave some crispy chicken? This restaurant has it. Maybe some hamburgers? Visit them. What about some healthy salads for the people on the diet? Yup, hop in.

The menus include Family Meals, Sandwiches, Salads, Sides, desserts, Limited offers, and Golden Combos.

The Golden combo has its delicious tenders, fried chicken, a great roast, and a special fried catfish.

Everybody, be prepared for their family meals! They have all-time favorites: golden tenders, fried or roast chicken, fried legs, and even a mixer!

If you need something fresh, consider getting either a chicken salad, tender salad, or garden salad.

Their Sandwiches are quite sought for. You can get a big golden sandwich, a chicken salad, and a triple tender sandwich.

If you want your Golden Chick delivered, consider using Uber Eats or Doordash.

Nonetheless, use their official website for online ordering and seeing the location of their restaurant.

They are also available for catering, you can visit their website and see if they order in their state.

Golden Chick Wicked Wings

9 Wicked Wings 792-1369
Combo Meal $10.99
Entrée Only$8.99
24 Wicked Wings2325$19.99
6 Wicked Wings581-1158
Combo Meal
(Choose Side & Beverage)
Entrée Only$6.99

Golden Chick Specials Menu

Buffalo Wing Combo
(with Choice of Side, Beverage & Add On)
6 Pcs$8.99
9 Pcs$10.99
Buffalo Wing Entrée (Add On)
6 Pcs$6.99
9 Pcs$8.99
24 Pcs$19.99
24 Wings And 4 Rolls $19.99
20 Golden Tenders Meal
(with Choice of Sauce & Side)
Half And Half$37.99
20 Golden Tenders & Rolls 
Half And Half$29.99
BBQ Wings Combo
(with Choice of Side & Beverage)
6 Wings$8.99
9 Wings$10.99
BBQ Wings Entree (Add On)
6 Wings$6.99
9 Wings$8.99
24 Wings $19.99

Golden Combos

Tender Snack Pack 
Half And Half$3.99
Golden Tenders 715-1805
3 Pcs Original$8.49
3 Pcs Spicy$8.49
3 Pcs Half And Half$8.49
4 Pcs Original$9.99
4 Pcs Spicy$9.99
4 Pcs Half And Half$9.99
6 Pcs Original$12.59
6 Pcs Spicy$12.59
6 Pcs Half And Half$12.59
8 Pcs Original$14.49
8 Pcs Spicy$14.49
8 Pcs Half And Half$14.49
Golden Roast582-1168
1 Pc$5.89
2 Pcs$9.69
3 Pcs$11.69
4 Pcs$13.69
Golden Fried Chicken761-1419
1 Pc$5.89
2 Pcs$9.49
3 Pcs$11.49
4 Pcs$13.49
Southern Fried Catfish 564-1332
2 Pcs$9.99
4 Pcs$14.99
6 Pcs$19.99

Golden Chick Sandwiches

Triple Tender Sandwich Combo614-1191
Triple Tender Sandwich Entrée 614-1191
Big and Golden Chicken Sandwich Combo 544-1121$9.69
Big and Golden Chicken Sandwich Entrée only544-1121$6.59
Chicken Salad Sandwich Combo-Signature 746-1323$9.69
Signature Chicken Salad Sandwich Entrée only746-1323$6.59

Golden Chick Family Meals

20 Golden Tenders
(with Choice of Sauce & Side)
Half And Half$37.99
20 Golden Tenders (With Rolls) 
Half And Half$29.99
16 Golden Tenders (With Rolls)  2688-6112
Half And Half$25.49
16 Golden Tenders (With Rolls) & a Side2688-6112
Half And Half$29.99
8 Pcs Mixed Chicken (With Rolls) 2076-5860
Golden Fried$21.99
Golden Roast$21.99
Half And Half$21.99
8 Pcs Mixed Chicken (With Rolls) & a Side2076-5860
Golden Fried$26.49
Golden Roast$26.49
Half And Half$26.49
25 Golden Tenders (With Rolls)  4140-9276
Half And Half$38.49
25 Golden Tenders (With Rolls) & 3 Sides 4140-9276
Half And Half$49.99
15 Pcs Mixed Chicken (With Rolls) 3540-9659
Golden Fried$38.49
Golden Roast$38.49
Half And Half$38.49
15 Pcs Mixed Chicken (With Rolls) and 3 Sides3540-9659
Golden Fried$49.39
Golden Roast$49.39
Half And Half$49.39
12 Pc Mixed Chicken & Side
Golden Fried$38.99
Golden Roast$38.99
Half And Half$38.99
12 Pc Mixed Chicken (With Rolls) 
Golden Fried$29.99
Golden Roast$29.99
Half And Half$29.99
10 Pcs Dark Chicken & Side
Golden Fried$26.99
Golden Roast$26.99
Half And Half$26.99
10 Pcs Dark Chicken (With Rolls) 
Golden Fried$17.99
Golden Roast$17.99
Half And Half$17.99
The Mixer 5178-10520
Golden Fried Chicken$59.99
Golden Roast Chicken $59.99
Half And Half-Chicken$59.99
12 Golden Tenders 
Half And Half$22.99

Golden Chick Salads 

Chicken Salad556-726$8.69
Tender Salad406-576$7.99
Side Salad106-360$3.29
Garden Salad190-360$6.49


Mashed Potatoes Single123-298$2.99
Battered French FriesSingle272-1185$2.99
Corn NuggetsRegular$3.19
Jalapeno PoppersRegular$3.19
Fried OkraSingle317-1452$2.99
Green BeansSingle47-158$2.99
Mac N’ CheeseSingle160-458$2.99
Dirty RiceSingle200-635$2.99
Cole SlawSingle134-452$2.99
Fresh Side Salad (Choose Dressing)106-360$3.29
Fresh Garden Salad (Choose Dressing)106-360$6.49
Chicken SaladRegular$3.79

By The Piece

Golden Tenders (Original)108$1.79
Golden Tenders (Spicy)108$1.79
Chicken By The Piece (Fried Or Roast)88-344


One Fresh-Baked Rolls960-1920$O.79
Six Fresh-Baked Rolls960-1920$3.99
Twelve Fresh-Baked Rolls960-1920$6.99
1 Chocolate Chunk Cookies$1.69
3 Chocolate Chunk Cookies$4.89
8 Corn Nuggets277-554$3.19
16 Corn Nuggets277-554$6.39
Chicken Salad (Single)366-1160$3.79
Chicken Salad (Family)366-1160$9.59
1 Jalapenos6-28$0.49
5 Jalapenos6-28$1.79
4 Jalapeno Poppers310-620$3.19
8 Jalapeno Poppers310-620$6.39
ALC Sauces and Condiments80-210
BBQ Sauce$0.69
Lotta Zing Sauce$0.69
Honey Mustard$0.69
Buttermilk Ranch$0.69
Gravy Small76-358$1.99
Gravy Family76-358$2.79


Raspberry LemonadeSmall195-390$2.49
Brewed Iced Tea (Fresh)Small0-135$2.49
Brewed Iced Tea (Fresh)Gallon721
Half & Half$4.99
Bottled Water$2.49
Fountain Drinks (Small)0-330
Mountain Dew$2.49
Fruit Punch$2.49
Diet Dr Pepper$2.49
Dr Pepper$2.49
Mist Twist$2.49
Big Red$2.49
Mug Root Beer$2.49
Wild Cherry Pepsi$2.49
Pepsi Zero$2.49
Iced Tea Strawberry Melon Brisk $2.49
Fountain Drinks (Medium)0-330
Mountain Dew$2.99
Fruit Punch$2.99
Diet Dr Pepper$2.99
Dr Pepper$2.99
Mist Twist$2.99
Big Red$2.99
Mug Root Beer$2.99
Wild Cherry Pepsi$2.99
Pepsi Zero$2.99
Iced Tea Strawberry Melon Brisk $2.99
Fountain Drinks (Large)0-330
Mountain Dew$3.29
Fruit Punch$3.29
Diet Dr Pepper$3.29
Dr Pepper$3.29
Mist Twist$3.29
Big Red$3.29
Mug Root Beer$3.29
Wild Cherry Pepsi$3.29
Pepsi Zero$3.29
Iced Tea Strawberry Melon Brisk $3.29

Golden Chick Catering Party Packs

50 Pcs of Chicken 1-25
Golden Fried$271.99
Golden Roast$271.99
Half And Half$271.99
100 Pcs of Tenders 1-25$271.99
25 Pcs of Chicken and 50 Pcs of Tender 1-25
Golden Fried$271.99
Golden Roast$271.99
Half And Half$271.99
30 Pcs of Chicken 1-15
Golden Fried$169.99
Golden Roast$169.99
Half And Half$169.99
60 Pcs of Tender 1-15$169.99
15 Pcs of Chicken And 30 Pcs of Tender 1-15
Golden Fried$169.99
Golden Roast$169.99
Half And Half$169.99
100 Pcs of Chicken 1-50
Golden Fried$484.99
Golden Roast$484.99
Half And Half$484.99
200 Pcs of Tender 1-50$484.99
50 Pcs of Chicken and 100 Pcs of Tender 1-50
Golden Fried$484.99
Golden Roast$484.99
Half And Half$484.99

Kid’s Meals 

Chicken Leg (with Side & Beverage)295-897
2 Tender (with Side & Beverage)423-888

The popular items are varied in this kind of restaurant. We know that everything fried sells and Golden Chick here has solved it.

We’re talking French fries, fried tenders, fried chicken, fried fish, everything.

01. Golden Tenders

These delicious tenders are a quick buy. They are soft on the inside but very hard on their crust. Its taste is delicate, yet savory.

They also make a good match with their sauce and fries. Taste it yourself and tell us if we are right.

02. Triple Tender Sandwich

Tenders in a sandwich? What can be even better? We’ll tell you: about the mayonnaise sauce inside the sandwich, the well-made fries, and the drink of your choice. This menu is perfect for everyone.

03. Fried or Roast Chicken

It is pretty impressive knowing how many people stop by Golden Chick and get roast chicken. Something about it just makes it special.

Maybe the way it was carefully roasted in their special oven, the sides that come with it, or the fresh buns. This meal is also great with a number of 4 – either friends or family.

How To Order at Golden Chick

You can order via UberEATS or Doordash or get to their website, and choose whether you would like to pick the food up, curbside delivery, or even delivery.

Each type of delivery will give a different option of address – either it’s your home or a local restaurant.

Delivery Methods

As for delivery methods, Golden Chick offers different types considering your state and/or town.

Home DeliveryAvailable
Curbside PickupAvailable

Payment Options

Their payment options for Golden Chick are VisaCard, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Credit.

Of course, you can also pay with cash, or via the classic pay app (either on iOS or Android), and even gift cards.

Golden Chick History

Their restaurant story first began in 1967. With just a single restaurant, in a couple of years, they were able to make history!

They indeed had quite a competition back then, chicken tenders are everywhere if we just take a walk through the street.

It was difficult, but they could create their original menu – their simple deep-fried dish.

Their originality and special taste made them climb into this society and differ from the competition.

They first started as Golden Fried Chicken, you may recognize the name as they were popular around the 80s – with their commercials and spreading of their restaurant chain.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, the restaurant chain tried to adapt to different times.

They created fresh meals like salads and introduced fried fish and even roast chicken.

During this period they also changed their name to Golden Chick.

Office Address1131 Rockingham, Ste. 250
Contact Number(972) 831-0911
Official Website  
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Find Golden Chick on Social Media

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Where Did Golden Chick Originate From?

The Golden Chick restaurant first began its business in San Marcos, Texas.

What Type of Oil is Used in The Golden Chick Restaurant?

The restaurant uses exclusively beef tallow oil to prepare the crispy tenders, the sandwiches, and everything fried.

What Chicken is Not Fried in Oil in Golden Chick?

If you don’t like something fried, you can try their roasted chicken.

It seems that what everyone is talking about is their tenders combos. So, the most popular items are the tenders menus.

Final Words

The Golden Chick restaurants serve only the best-fried foods.

From chicken tenders to family meals, unique sandwiches, and great salads to some tremendous golden roast or fried catfish.

Have your taste buds to a test and see if any of these menus are of your liking. We guarantee you they are something you won’t forget!

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