Bojangles Menu With Prices 2024 (Chicken n Biscuits Family Meals)

Wanna throw your friends a surprise dinner party? Party planning for 70 colleagues?

Let Bojangles ace your party with mouth-watering dishes and affordable price tags. 

Bojangles’ menu consists of two huge meals, fitting to feed a whole army, and 6 fantastic “fixin’ choices” for smaller cavalries.

Their 3 humongous tenders platters are finger-licking-good with juicy sandwiches to match.

Their biscuit menu is the all-time-fav with 8varieties and numerous add-ons as per your choice.

Yes, they do have dessert and several beverages that come in gigantic sizes of up to 10 gallons.

For arranging a party or get-together you have the option to cater, for details check Bojangles Catering PDF.

Bojangles Family Meal Prices

4 biscuits and chicken8 Pcs3480$15.99
chicken8 Pcs3640–5910$24.99
supreme-tenders12 Pcs2850–6110$27.99
chicken12 Pcs5450–8520$31.99
12PC12 Pcs2850–6110$28.99

Bojangles Breakfast Fixins Menu

Bo Tato-RoundFamily260–650$4.19
Cheese and MacaroniFamily280–870$4.19
Gravy and Mashed Potatoes Family120–410$4.19
Pintos CajunFamily130–420$4.19
Pintos CajunRegular130–420$1.99

Bojangles Chicken Sandwich Menu

BO’S chicken combo1200$7.49
BO’S chicken$4.99
chicken combo-Grilled600-1230$7.00

Boneless Chicken Menu

combo (chicken tender)4pcs820–1470$7.29

Bojangles Biscuit Prices

cajun fillet biscuit with chicken(Combo)830–1130$6.00
Egg, bacon, and cheese biscuit(Combo)730-1030$5.35
egg and sausage-biscuit(Combo)810-1110$5.20
cheese and egg(Combo)775–1075$4.84
country ham-biscuit(Combo)640–940 $4.80
cajun fillet with chicken 570$3.50
southern-gravy biscuit430$2.39
country ham-biscuit380$2.30
cheese and egg515$2.34
Egg, bacon, and cheese biscuit470$2.85
egg and sausage550$2.70

Favorite Combos

Thigh and Leg2 Pcs780–1460$5.89
Leg and Thigh3 Pcs1020–1690$7.59

Kid’s Meals

supreme-tenders2 Pcs690–1080$4.99
Mac-N’- Cheese720–1110$4.49
Chicken-Leg630–1020 $4.49

Salads Menu



Legendary-(Sweet-Iced Tea)1/2 Gallon170–700$3.59
Legendary-(Unsweet-Iced Tea)1/2 Gallon5–20 $3.59
Large5–20 $1.79
Medium5–20 $1.99
Small5–20 $1.79
Diet-MTN DewLarge0–0$2.39
Low-Fat(White Milk)Regular110$1.29
Low-Fat(Chocolate Milk)Regular110$1.29
Orange (Simply)Regular160$2.39

Offers Menu

Regular/Medium Beverages
Unsweet Iced Tea (Legendary)$1.99
Sweetened Iced Tea (Legendary)$1.99
Pepsi Diet $1.99
MTN Dew Diet $1.99
MTN Dew$1.99
Water Bottled $1.99
Steak Biscuit (Plain)
Cheese (Pimento)$0.75
Cheese (American)$0.55


BO Berry6370–2230$6.50
Cinnamon Twists6490–2940$6.50

How To Order From Bojangles

If you’re craving delicious Bojangles’ goodness, why wait? Let’s start ordering now. 

Method 01: Physical Ordering

  • If you don’t mind driving to your local Bojangles, you could always drop by and go through the menu and simply order.
  • Tip – going through the menu online before arriving will make your life easier and get your order to you faster.

Method 02: Over The Phone

  • Just dial (912) 777- 4961 and tell them what you’re craving!

Method 03: Online Ordering

  • Download the Bojangles app or visit their official website,
  • Look through the menu quite thoroughly and select exactly what you would love to have.
  • Just to be sure, go through your order once more, enter your location details, check out and chill.

The best thing at Bojangles is that they offer you a delivery option if you’re in the area pick-up option. Simultaneously their order-ahead option will make your life easier when party planning.

Most Demanding Items To Try From Bojangles

It’s hard to pick the best when you’re drowning in a pool of flavors. Yet, some Bojangles dishes have something extra to be so memorable. 

01. Cajun Chicken Fillet Biscuits 

Nothing tastes like home and trust this Bojangles biscuit to snatch its flavors from a true southern belle’s kitchen.

The chicken is well-dipped in Cajun seasoning, giving it a superior taste, and fried to perfection.

These Cajun biscuits, arguably the best of Bojangles are an all-time go-to to feed all grumbling bellies.

02. Cajun Pinto

Hate beans? Try these Bojangles pintos with Cajun flavor and you’ll get hooked on beans forever!

It’s the simplest and the most amazing side with slow-cooked beans that will pair up with any main dish to keep you satisfied. It’s a healthy little bomb, packing super flavors inside!

03. Bo-Tato Rounds

This invention of Bojangles is a crossbreed of hashbrowns and French fries with a unique disc-like shape.

It’s perfectly salted, rightly fried to the crispiness, and carries an interesting hint of diced onions.

Throw it under your chicken sandwich and trust me, you’ll never have it any other way!

04. Bone-in Chicken Meals

Look no further if you’re hunting for the juiciest chicken on the menu! This Bojangles masterpiece is entirely customizable with tender legs, juicy thighs, and the best breasts.

Dipped in the right and authentic southern seasoning, it’s the ultimate crispy chicken with bones that hold the juiciness within.

In the end, nothing satisfies your hunger like a juicy, fat piece of flavorful chicken.

05. Supremes Tenders

Yes, it’s supreme in flavor, honoring its namesake. Don’t let yourself be bored by tenders. These Supremes tenders are all-chicken with juices oozing out.

Made with whole chicken breasts and the best seasonings, it’s the total opposite of dead-dry tenders.

This is truly an icon of Bojangles, everything from crumbs to chicken and its juices.

History of Bojangles

The roots of Bojangles lie in a hard-working man who had enormous love for the Cajun taste.

Jack Fulk, imagining a fast-food restaurant that offered tons of fresh and homemade breakfast items opened his first Bojangles in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1977.

With the incorporation of Tri-Arc Food systems in 1979, Bojangles has never looked back and continued to grow across 14 states and in 700 locations.

45 years later, Bojangles is flourishing more than ever in North Carolina, Virginia, and the coming future in Ohio, too.  

The credit for Bojangles’ all-time popularity goes to their crispy fried chicken and the fresh buttermilk biscuits that they specialize in, carrying the true taste of a Southern ranch home.

Their Cajun fillet biscuits, Cajun pintos, chicken Supremes combos, and dirty rice will bring back the memories of your sweet childhood. After all, what’s better than the taste of home? 

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Nutrition Facts

Relevant Asked Questions

Is Bojangles breakfast available only in the morning?

That’s a big NO. Bojangles serves their breakfast menu from morn to night and you could happily pick your breakfast dish at any time of the until the store is closed.

How can I know about the nutritional information of the menu items at Bojangles?

Bojangles assures you that all their menu items 100% contain the required and recommended daily dose of nutrients.

If you ever find yourself in the need to view the nutrients of their served dishes, please visit their official website to view or download the pdf, containing all the dietary information.

What are the healthier options on the Bojangles menu?

Though Bojangles is best known for its delicious fast-food and fried chicken, they’ve also got some of the healthiest choices on its menu.

Some of them include a grilled chicken sandwich, green beans, garden salad, and their Legendary Iced tea.

What is the largest family meal on Bojangles’ menu?

Bojangles’ 20-piece chicken meal is humongous and contains 20 pieces of well-seasoned chicken, 10 homemade biscuits, 4 fixin’ of your choices, and a gallon of tea.

This large meal could easily feed a family of five.

What are fixin’ choices in Bojangles’ menu?

“Fixin’ choices” are the Bojangles’ fancier side dishes. These yummy side dishes contain coleslaw, Bojangles dirty rice, green beans, Bo-jangles Cajun pintos, their very0own BO-Tato rounds, and mashed potatoes with an amazing gravy. 

You could also have some seasoned fries to make your order a little extra!

Is there any difference between homestyle tenders and chicken Supremes?

Yes, there’s a little difference. Chicken Supremes are one of the oldest dishes at Bojangles with a rather spicy taste.

However, homestyle change is a relatively new dish, added in 2013 with a milder taste for those who have a low tolerance for spices.   

Are There Any Discounts For Catering Orders At Bojangles?

Of course, there are! There exist several discounts for church and charity groups when placing a catering order.

Bojangles offers a 10% discount for any military order with a valid ID. Please dial your local Bojangles to inquire about these discounts.

Does Bojangles Offer Catering To Large-Size Groups?

Absolutely yes! Bojangles caters to groups of any size and has fixed meals that could feed up to 100 guests with 200 pieces of chicken, 100 biscuits, and 10 gallons of iced tea.

Simply mention your party size when placing the order to have enough food at your event.

What Meals Are Offered At Bojangles Catering?

Short answer: all kinds of meals. Bojangles caters to excellent breakfast food items and offers a lunch buffet to those who are interested in it.

Bojangles has even gone further and offers boxed meals at any time of the day, catering to all kinds of food orders.

What Are Fixin’ Choices in The Catering Menu? How Many Guests Do They Feed?

Fixin’ choices at Bojangles consist of six side dishes and you can place an entire catering order out of it.

This includes dirty rice, Cajun pintos, and their very own Mac and Cheese. Jumbo-size fixin’ choices feed 12-15 guests at a time.

Can I Order Any Menu Item At Any Bojangles Restaurant For Catering?

The simple answer is that depends. Menu items at Bojangles might vary depending on their locations.

However, most of their popular items should be available everywhere. To ensure the menu and items you can contact your closest Bojangles store.

What is The Cancellation Policy Like At Bojangles Catering?

Bojangles offers 24 hours cancellation policy on all their catering orders. Nothing to be worried about it.

Final Words

If you ever happen to throw a party with a Bojangles in your area, go ahead, place an order, and chill.

Bojangles will fill your kitchen with fresh, hot, and delicious food with a mouth-watering smell.

Remember: no one says NO to a warm meal with the taste of home!

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