How Much is a Happy Meal At McDonald’s in 2024

McDonald’s happy meal consists of a hamburger happy meal, and a 4 or 6-piece McNuggets meal typically costs between $4 – $9, depending on the location.

You get to order a happy meal from 10.30 in the morning during weekdays. As for the weekend, you have to wait till 11.00 am.

McDonald’s is as innovative as it gets and currently offers three happy meals for children that are sure to make them happy inside.

McDonald’s happy meal menu is following;

Chicken McNuggets
World Famous Fries (Kids), Chicken McNuggets (4/6 pcs), Apple Slices, 1% Low-fat milk
4 Piece Chicken McNuggets Meal395$6.29
6 Piece Chicken McNuggets Pack475$7.39
World Famous Fries (Kids), Classic McDonald’s Burger, Apple Slices, 1% Low Fat Milk Jug
McDonalds happy meal order

Let’s explore their first option – Hamburger happy meal. The prices vary between four to eight dollars as the location changes.  

As the name suggests, the primary component of this juicy kids’ meal is the hamburger which is made with the softest buns, real beef, sliced pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard.

This hamburger is thus complemented by their world-famous fries that come in kid-size and fried to golden perfection.

The beverage options are great with a jug of low-fat milk, chocolate milk (low-fat) with reduced sugar, organic apple juice, or their DASANI water.

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There are freshly-cut apple slices as dessert. Of course, you get one of their iconic toys as well.

For the little nugget fans, McDonald’s offers their happy meal with 4 McNuggets.

If you’re wondering what comes with this meal, the items are the same as a hamburger happy meal.

The only exception is that the hamburger is replaced by four crunchiest and most tender chicken McNuggets that are bound to make your babies smile.

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The current price of this meal shifts between $6 – $8 which could considerably change across different states.

If your little ones are even more obsessed with chicken nuggets, there exists an extended version of their four-piece nugget meal.

That’s the six-piece McNuggets happy meal. Instead of four, now you get six of the best for more enjoyment.

This bigger meal might cost between $6.70 -$8 which changes according to the location. 

As we all know, each meal comes with a cute little toy to be added to your collection.

If you’re wondering about the nutrition of each happy meal, simply refer to the link under the meal on their website for more details.

When it comes to the locations, happy meals are readily available at nearly every McDonald’s out there.

Could enjoy a happy meal in all fifty states from New York to Alaska and from Illinois to Alabama.

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Mcdonald’s Happy Meal Hours

Monday10.30 am – close
Tuesday10.30 am – close
Wednesday10.30 am – close
Thursday10.30 am – close
Friday10.30 am – close
Saturday11.00 am – close
Sunday11.00 am – close

If you wanna know the latest details about happy meals, click on the links below.

Official website

People Also Ask

How Many Happy Meals Are Offered At Mcdonald’s?

Presently, you get three juicy happy meal choices at McDonald’s.

These options are a hamburger happy meal, and two happy meals with four- or six-piece chicken McNuggets.

What Comes As a Part of The Happy Meal At Mcdonald’s?

McDonald’s happy meal is a complete meal that comes with either a hamburger or four/ six McNuggets.

Apart from the main portion, you get kid-sized fries, fresh apple slices, and a drink of your choice. 

What Beverage Options Are Available For The Mcdonald’s Happy Meal?

The happy meal drinks include a jug of milk with low fat, DASANI water, chocolate milk with low sugar and fat, and their famous organic apple juice.

Is There Any Age Limit To Purchasing a Happy Meal At Mcdonald’s?

Absolutely no. Though these meals are meant to be for children, anyone could purchase a happy meal at any participating restaurant.

How Much Do You Have To Pay For An Average Mcdonald’s Happy Meal?

Currently, the prices range between 3.69 – 4.59 dollars.

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