Huey Magoo’s Menu Prices (January 2024 Updated)

Who makes crunchier chicken tenders than Huey Magoo’s in the entire States? Talking of Huey Magoos’ menu, their most-loved are the tender meals.

You get three tender meals, each carrying 3, 5, or 7 tenders, Texas toast, fries, and their signature Magoo’s dip.

They could be ordered in sauced, grilled, or hand-breaded versions. All their sandwiches and wraps come with crinkle-cut fries attached.

Their buffalo sandwich and the Magoo’s wrap are clearly to die for. You can never be too careful with what you feed yourself. Why you should give Huey Magoo’s salad menu a try.

Magoo’s favorite is served with tenders, tomatoes, and cranberries while their side salad will add a healthy touch to your meal.

Since salads might be a little bland sans dressing, they do offer six options of dressings from classic ranch to a fancy raspberry walnut vinaigrette.

If there are two of you, your best shot is their meal for 2 with two sides, eight chicken tenders, toast, and their in-house dip.

Little Magoo’s on the other hand is their exclusive kid’s meal with fries, tenders, and apple juice.

Then again, you could get a value meal to feed a whole army with their two tender meals for the fam. Both 20 and 30-piece deals include sides, Texas toast, and lots of Magoo’s dips. 

Those who are not so ready to order a large meal could go to their by-the-piece menu.

There, Huey Magoo’s serves 6 or 10 pieces of tenders in three kinds. You could even pick your sauce here.

They sure do have the freshest homemade and specialty dips menu. Fries (crinkle or fresh-cut) and coleslaw here grace your table as parts of the side menu.

They even have an extensive catering menu with tenders, sides, party packs, lunches, and more for any occasion.

Craft drinks including iced tea and lemonade and Coca-Cola are go-to beverages here.

Huey Magoo’s offers five sweet cookies to appease your sweet tooth as well.

Huey Magoo’s Chicken Tenders – For The Family

*Prices may Vary Depending On the Choice of Items

ItemsStarting Price
20 Grilled Tenders
(Choice Of 2 Family Sides, Traditional Hand Breaded Tenders, Choice Of 4 Dips & 4 Texas Toast)
20 Hand Breaded Tenders
(Traditional Hand Breaded Tenders, 4 Texas Toast, Choice Of 2 Family Sides & Choice Of 4 Dips)
20 Tenders Mix
(10 Traditional Hand Breaded Tenders & Choice Of 2 Family Sides, 4 Texas Toast & 10 Marinated Grilled Tenders, Choice Of 4 Dips)
30 Grilled Tenders
(Choice Of 3 Family Sides, Traditional Marinated Grilled Tenders, Choice Of 6 Dips & 6 Texas Toast)
30 Hand Breaded Tenders
(Choice Of 3 Family Sides, Traditional Hand Breaded Tenders, Choice Of 6 Dips & 6 Texas Toast)
30 Tenders Mix
(Marinated Grilled Tenders & Choice Of Hand Breaded, Choice Of 3 Family Sides, & Choice Of 6 Dips 6 Texas Toast)

Meals For One

*All items served with personal cole slaw, crinkle cut fries, 2 signature Magoo’s dips, and Texas toast

*Prices may Vary Depending On the Choice of Items

7 Grilled Sauced
marinated grilled tenders
$13.74 – $15.03
7 Hand Breaded Sauced
marinated grilled tenders
$13.74 – $15.03
7 Mixed Sauced
Choice of 4 hand breaded tenders and 3 grilled tenders
$13.74 – $15.03
7 Grilled$13.74 – $15.03
7 Hand Breaded$11.99 – $13.28
7 Mix Original
Choice of 4 hand breaded tenders and 3 grilled tenders
$10.99 – $12.28
5 Grilled$9.99 – $12.53
5 Hand Breaded$9.99 – $12.53
5 Mix Original
Choice of 3 hand breaded tenders and 2 grilled tenders
$9.99 – $12.53
3 Grilled$7.99 – $10.03
3 Hand Breaded$7.99 – $10.03
3 Mix Original
2 hand breaded tenders and 1  grilled tender
$7.99 – $10.03

Meals For Two

*Prices may Vary Depending On the Choice of Items

*Served with Choice of 2 Regular Sides, 2 Texas Toast & 2 Dips

8 Sauced Grilled$18.99 – $22.59
8 Sauced Hand Breaded$18.99 – $22.59
8 Sauced Mixed
Choice of 4 hand breaded tenders and 4 grilled tenders
$18.99 – $22.59
8 Grilled Tenders$16.99 – $20.59
8 Hand Breaded$16.99 – $20.59
8 Tenders Mix
Choice of 4 hand breaded tenders and 4 grilled tenders
$16.99 – $20.59

Huey Magoo’s Sandwiches and Wraps

*Prices may Vary Depending On the Choice of Items

Choice of Tenders, Toasted Bun, Dill Pickles & Signature Magoos Sauce

*Your Choice of Tenders, Built On a Flour Tortilla + Buffalo Sauced Tenders, Sliced Tomatoes, Wraps are Filled with Mixed Greens, Ranch Dressing & Pepper-Jack Cheese

*Served with Crinkle Cut Fries

Magoos Wrap$9.59 – $10.88
Magoos Sandwich$8.99 – $10.28
Buffalo Wrap$9.59 – $10.88
Buffalo Sandwich$9.59 – $10.88
Magoo Sandwich$6.59

Huey Magoo’s Salads

* House Made Salads made with Flavor Packed Grape Tomatoes, Seven Types of Spring Lettuce, Two Dressings & Mix Fresh Ingredients

Buffalo$10.99 – $11.79
Magoos Favorite$10.99 – $11.79
Farm Fresh$10.99 – $11.79

By The Piece

20 Grilled
hand breaded tenders + 4 Magoo’s dips
$31.99 – $36.99
20 Hand Breaded
hand breaded tenders + 4 Magoo’s dips
$31.99 – $36.99
20 Mix
Choice of 10 hand breaded tenders, 10 marinated grilled tenders & 4 Magoo’s dips.
$31.99 – $36.99
10 Grilled
hand breaded tenders + 2 Magoo’s dips
$15.99 – $18.49
10 Hand Breaded
hand breaded tenders + 2 Magoo’s dips
$15.99 – $18.49
10 Mix
choice of 5 hand breaded tenders, 5 marinated grilled tenders & 2 Magoo’s dips
$15.99 – $18.49
6 Grilled
hand breaded tenders + a Magoo’s dip
$9.99 – $11.49
6 Hand Breaded
hand breaded tenders + a Magoo’s dip
$9.99 – $11.49
6 Mix
Choice of 3 hand breaded tenders, 3 marinated grilled tenders and a Magoo’s dip
$9.99 – $11.49

Huey Magoo Sauces & Sides

Side Items Are Made to Order & Made Fresh Daily

Large Signature Dip$4.99
Signature Dip$0.79
Fresh Cut ChipsRegular$2.79
Crinkle Cut FriesRegular$2.79
Texas Toast1 Pc$1.39
3 Pcs$3.77
Cole SlawRegular$2.79
Add Tender$1.39

Kids Meal

*2 Marinated Grilled Tenders with Crinkle Cut Fries, Signature Magoo’s Dip, Texas Toast, & Kids Beverage: Lemonade, HiC Fruit Punch, Apple Juice, Sweet Tea, Watermelon Tea, Unsweet Tea

Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Mr. Pibb Root Beer, Sprite

Grilled$6.59 – $6.99
Hand Breaded$6.59 – $6.99


Cookie (Baked Fresh)1 Pc$1.99
2 Pcs$3.98
4 Pcs$7.96
6 Pcs$11.94


Bottled Water$2.69
Fresh Brewed TeaRegular$2.69
Fountain Drink (Freestyle)Regular$2.69
Diet Coke, Coke Zero Coke, Sprite Zero Sprite, Pibb Zero, Mr. Pibb Diet Root Beer, Barqs Root Beer Fanta Orange, Diet Ginger Ale,Powerade, Dasani H20Large$2.99
Gallon Drink$7.99
Sweet Tea
Unsweet Tea
Watermelon Tea

Huey Magoo’s Catering

Choice of Marinated Grilled Tenders or Hand Breaded 
100 Pcs$125.99
75 Pcs$94.99
50 Pcs$69.99
Snack Wrap 24 Pcs
(Magoos Or Buffalo)
Wrap Pack 15 Pcs
(Magoos or Buffalo) + Side Salad, 1 Banana Pudding Or Fifteen Assorted Cookies & Two Gallon Tea Or Lemonade
Wrap Box Minimum Order 10 Pcs
(Magoos Or Buffalo)
Sandwich Box Minimum Order 10 Pcs +
(Tenders, Dill Pickles & Signature Magoo’s Sauce, Built On A Toasted Bun, Fresh Cut Chips & A Cookie)
Texas Toast (15)$15.99
Garden Salad (15)$39.99
Coleslaw (15)$20.99
Baked Beans (15)$25.99
Fries (15)$20.99
Cookies (15)$20.99
Banana Pudding$30.99
Gallon Beverage
(Brewed Tea Or Lemonade)

Huey Magoo’s Delivery Methods

Drive ThruYes
Home DeliveryYes
Curbside PickupYes 
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magoo Sauce At Huey Magoo’s?

This is their special sauce that tastes like a combination of hot and thousand island sauces.

What is Huey Magoo’s Largest Meal Deal?

There’s a 30-piece chicken tenders deal at Huey Magoo’s that is served with 30 tenders, 6 toast, 3 side dishes, and Magoo’s dip. (6 of them).

What Type of Tenders Are Served At Huey Magoo’s?

Hand-breaded, grilled, or sauced chicken tenders could be ordered at Huey Magoo’s.

What Comes in Magoo’s Farm Fresh Salad?

This salad is one of their largest with tenders, corn, beans, cheese, cucumbers, greens, and more.  It comes in grilled and hand-breaded versions of tenders.

Does Huey Magoo’s Have Party Packs?

Of course, but the party packs are only a part of their catering menu where you could order a package deal for 15 or 25 guests and a pack of wraps.

Final Thoughts

There’s an inseparable bond between crunchy tenders and Huey Magoo’s.

It’s no secret that the whole country loves the unique crunch of their tenders and the amazing dips.

If I was ever asked to biasedly pick their most delectable items, I wouldn’t hesitate to say that their chicken tenders dipped in Magoo sauce taste completely out of this world.

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