O’Charley’s Menu and Prices in 2024 (Enjoy Exclusive Offers and Bundles)

When talking about casual dining such as crispy strips, BBQ ribs, and chicken tortilla soup, then everyone knows that O’Charley’s is a special place. 

This restaurant started as a small company and became the location with great food, a good environment, and incredible tastes.

This restaurant’s menu splits into amazing shareable which are quick bites for people with a full stomach, O’Charley’s chicken tenders & tenders, sides, combos such as steak & tenders, their classic sandwiches, loaded greens for the people, and some sweet desserts.

O’Charley’s restaurant chain is mostly known for its chicken tenders and tenders.

They also offer you delicious sauces, like honey mustard, chipotle, buffalo, smokey honey BBQ, and honey boom boom.

Of course, you will see different types of tenders you’ll enjoy: country-style tenders with mushrooms and onion, southern pecan chicken tenders with special breading, mandarin oranges, and dried cranberries.

Their chicken tenders are dipped in buttermilk, breaded, and cooked before being served.

However, if you are not a fan of the tenders, you can choose their sandwiches and burgers.

Their classic cheeseburger is the most ordered; it contains cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onions.

The O’Club sandwich is also an all-time favorite and it has turkey, bacon, ham, cheese, and lettuce.

O Charleys family style meals

O’Charley’s Seasonal Specials

Louisiana Sirloin (+2 Sides)720-1760$19.99
Meatball Crostini980$8.99
Build Own Combo (Customizable)$14.99
Santa Fe Tilapia540$12.49
Basil Butter Mahi510-1690$18.99

O’Charley’s Family Style Meals

Chicken Tenders (Famous)6$34.99
Chicken Tenders and Bacon Cheeseburgers$44.99
Southern Fried Chicken (Honey Drizzled)6$39.99
Pasta (Chicken Alfredo)4-6$29.99
Seafood Combo4-6$49.99
Cajun Chicken Pasta (New Orleans)4-6$39.99
Chicken Breast (Grilled)6$34.99

Party Platters

Chicken Tenders (Original) 36 Pcs$49.99
Combo Appetizer (Top Shelf)$49.99
Dip Sampler 4-6$29.99
Baby Back Ribs$59.99
Ribs and Tenders Combo (24 Pcs of Chicken)$59.99
Chicken (Fried) Tender Salad (Southern)4-6$49.99
Spinach and Artichoke Dip4-6$24.99

Chicken Tenders Menu

Chicken Tenders Dinner (O’charley’s Famous )1190-2370$13.99
Ribs and Chicken Tenders1070-2250$19.99
Chicken Tenders and Fries (O’charley’s Famous )1410$11.99
Tenders (Country Style)1080-2260$14.99
Steak and Chicken Tenders1150-2190$19.99

Steaks, Ribs, and Salmon

Salmon (Cedar Planked)590-1630$19.99
Louisiana Sirloin720-1760$19.99
Pork Chops (Bone In)1190-2370$14.99
Atlantic Salmon (Grilled) 6 Oz.460-1780$15.99
Atlantic Salmon (Grilled) 9 Oz.460-1780$18.99
Top Sirloin (6 Oz.)390-1690$13.99
Top Sirloin (12 Oz.)390-1690$18.99
Steak and Chicken Tenders1150-2190$19.99
Filet Mignon Include Garlic Butter700-1740$22.99
Baby Back Ribs (Half)1340-3740$19.99
Baby Back Ribs (Full)1340-3740$29.98
Ribs and Chicken Tenders1070-2250$19.99
Steak and Baby Back Ribs1010-2190$23.99
Steak and Atlantic Salmon (Grilled)870-1910$21.99
Steak, Tenders and Ribs Combo1630-2810$25.99

Seafood Favorites

Salmon With Cedar Planked590-1630$19.99
Santa Fe Tilapia540$12.49
Atlantic Salmon (Grilled) 6 Oz.460-1780$15.99
Atlantic Salmon (Grilled) 9 Oz.460-1780$18.99
Bayou Salmon 6 Oz. (New)1080-2260$18.99
Bayou Salmon 9 Oz. (New)1250-2430$21.99
Mahi With Basil Butter 510-1690$18.99
Shrimp (Buttermilk Fried)860-1900$15.49
Catfish (Hand Breaded)1720$12.99
Fish And Chips (Hand Battered)1420$12.49

Combo Entrees Menu

BBQ Ribs and Pork Chop 1600-2860$19.99
Steak and Chicken Tenders1150-2190$19.99
Build Own Combo$14.99
Ribs and Chicken Tenders1070-2250$19.99
Seafood Combo Platter1950$18.99
Steak, Tenders and Ribs Combo1630-2810$25.99
Steak and Baby Back Ribs1010-2190$23.99
Steak and Atlantic Salmon (Grilled)870-1910$21.99
Surf and Turf (Southern)2170-3350$18.99

Chicken and Pasta

Chicken Tenders (O’charley’s Famous)1190-2370$13.99
Southern Fried Chicken (Honey Drizzled)720$12.99
Chicken Tenders and Fries (O’charley’s Famous)1410$11.99
Cajun Chicken Pasta (New Orleans)1170$13.49
Shrimp Pasta with Bayou (New)1060$13.99
Chicken (Balsamic Glazed)680-1860$12.99

Burgers and Sandwiches

Classic Cheeseburger1330$11.49
Bacon Cheddar Burger1400$12.49
Chicken Sandwich1360-1400$10.99
Catfish O’boy1820$12.49

Salads and Soups

Fried Chicken Tender Salad (Southern)1550$12.49
California Salad1020-1210$12.99
Potato (Loaded) Soup470$5.49
Chicken (Pecan) Tender Salad (Southern)1550$12.49
Salmon Caesar Salad760$14.99
Chicken Tortilla Soup190$5.49

Famous Rolls and Sides

8 Rolls$2.99
Side Items
Baked Potato (Loaded)$3.99
Mac And Cheese (Loaded)$3.99
French Fries$2.99
Potatoes (Smashed)$2.99
Potatoes (Loaded & Smashed)$3.99
Sweet Potatoes (Mashed)$2.99
Mac and Cheese$2.99
Fresh Asparagus$2.99
Rice Pilaf$2.99
Fresh Broccoli (Steamed)$2.99
Mandarin Orange Slices$2.99
Mott’s Applesauce$2.99
Side Salads
Caesar Salad$3.79
House Salad$3.79

Extras (Family Size)

Butter (8 oz.)$2.59
Ranch (8 oz.)$2.59
Sour Cream (8 oz.)$2.59
Honey Mustard (8 oz.)$2.59
Blue Cheese (8 oz.)$2.59
Balsamic Vinaigrette (8 oz.)$2.59
1000 Island (8 oz.)$2.59
Light Ranch (8 oz.)$2.59
Original BBQ (8 oz.)$2.59
Buffalo (8 oz.)$2.59
Chipotle BBQ (8 oz.)$2.59


Nachos (Chicken Tender)1300$11.99
Jack Cheese Wedges (Spicy)720$8.99
Top Shelf Combo1880$13.49
Meatball Crostini (New)980$8.99
Loaded Potato Skins1400$9.99
Crab (Stuffed) and Shrimp$11.99
Pickle Chips (Crispy)690$7.99
Chips and Queso520$7.49
Spinach And Artichoke Dip710$8.99

Kids Meals

Chicken Tenders530-800$4.49
Chicken Tenders (Large)680-950$5.49
Alfredo Pasta530$3.49
Mac And Cheese1120-1300$3.49
Corn Dogs (Mini)700-970$4.49
Mac And Cheese with Chicken Tender (Bowl)1440-1620$4.49
Potatoes (Mashed) and Chicken Tender (Bowl)590$5.49
Chicken Tender Sliders840-1110$5.49

Kids Beverages

Chocolate Milk200$1.49
Unsweetened Tea0$1.49
Coca Cola0-110$1.49
Apple Juice (Juicy Juice)150$1.49
Candy Fizz (Cotton)120$2.49
Lemonade (Strawberry)200$2.49


Brownie Bites1640$6.99
Double Cobblers (New)870-1010$5.99
Tiramisu (3 Pcs Mini)570$7.99
Cheesecake (Strawberry)710$6.99
Key Lime Pie (Slice)400$4.99
Caramel Pie (Ooey Gooey) Slice640$4.99
Caramel Pie (Ooey Gooey) Whole4320$14.99
Sundae (Brownie Lover’s) For 21650$6.99


Orange Lava Burst (Hi C) Gallon1600$4.99
Coca Cola0-170$2.99
Sweet Tea (Gallon)960$4.99
Lemonade (Minute Maid)1600$4.99
Mango Tea (Gallon)$8.29
Blackberry Tea (Gallon)$8.29
Raspberry Tea (Gallon)$8.29
Peach Tea (Gallon)$8.29
Passion Fruit Tea (Gallon)$8.29
Sweet Tea120$2.99
Mango Tea (Gallon)110$2.99
Raspberry Tea (Sugar Free)5$2.99
Peach TEA 110$2.99
Passion Fruit Tea 140$2.99
Unsweet Tea5$2.99

We just have to show you the all-time favorites at this restaurant. You’re not going to like it, but you’ll love it!

01. Chicken Tenders

Their specially made-crispy tenders are the best! Just this of their crunchy crust that breaks after you bite it only to get to the soft meat interior.

Their tenders are carefully made with their signature buttermilk. Don’t forget their sauces! You can get smokey honey BBQ, chipotle, buffalo, and honey mustard.

02. Classic Cheeseburger

A classic and a known meal, but nobody seems to get tired of this one!

Some soft bread, well-made meat, tomato, onions, lettuce their signature sauce and cheddar cheese. Et voila! It’s everything you would wish for in a cheeseburger.

03. O’club Sandwich

Just imagine their turkey meat, combined with bacon, ham, cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce! This sandwich is terrific when talking about the tastes they mix.

How To Order From O Charley’s Restaurant & Bar

For online delivery, you can also download PostMates or DoorDash.

Their way of ordering is straightforward: just press the “Order Now” button on the top right, and choose your location and local restaurant.

Add your food to your cart, check out, create your account and choose your pickup details.

Payment Methods

They accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club. You can also buy eGift Cards to use them later on.

Delivery Methods

To satisfy as many customers as possible, O’Charley’s made sure to have a diverse type of delivery.

Home deliveryAvailable
Curbside PickupAvailable
Office Address3038 Sidco Drive · Nashville, TN 37204.
Contact 615-256-8500 
Menu PDFhttps://www.ocharleys.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/OC_Core-Menu_Fall-2022-online5-1.pdf
Mobile Appshttps://www.ocharleys.com/oclub/  
Store locationshttps://order.ocharleys.com/?location=true  
Sign uphttps://www.ocharleys.com/oclub/  
Gift Cardshttps://www.ocharleys.com/gift-card/  
Their Storyhttps://www.ocharleys.com/about-us/  

Find O’Charley’s on Social Media

Here is where you can find them on other platforms of social media:


About O’Charley’s Restaurant & Bar

The restaurant chain started with its founder, Charley Watkins, opening the first restaurant in 1969.

The growth and popularity were slowly rising, he maintained his restaurant for around 15 years.

After the second owner came into the picture, the restaurant became a small restaurant chain in less than three years.

In the mid 80’s they started to pop and people finally started loving the brand and its food.

They became popular because of their food and because you would start seeing their name in every big city in the USA.

This brings us to today’s reality. This restaurant chain is even more popular than 3 decades before, it’s constantly growing and making customers happy.

O Charleys location
Photo Credit; wikimedia.org, CC

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Availability Period For Gift Cards At O’Charley’s?

As long as you do not lose your gift card, you can use it or use it 5 years from now.

These cards do not expire that easily, although federal law says that gift cards can become invalid after five years from the date of purchase.

How Many Calories Can You Find in Chicken Alfredo O’Charley’s?

Because we all care about maintaining our weight, O’Charley’s is always honest and lets the customer know the calories for each product. The chicken Alfredo has around 1500 calories in one serving.

Which Type of Cheese is Used in O’charley Sandwiches, Sauces, And Burgers?

The cheese that they commonly used is melted provolone cheese.

What is The Calorie Count of Grilled Chicken Salad?

For those going for a fresh, easy meal O’charley’s has the grilled chicken salad! Before getting this grilled chicken salad you should know it contains 240 calories.

What Are Their Special Campfire Potatoes Made of?

Their campfire potatoes are made of roasted cheese, and topped with garlic butter, green onion and bacon.

Final Thoughts

Coming to O’Charley’s is a great idea considering their menu. This menu contains various types of food – so everyone would like it.

From chicken tenders to burgers, soups, and different sides…they offer everything our heart would desire.

Go ahead and visit the restaurant! You won’t regret tasting their food.

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