Publix Thanksgiving Dinner 2024 (Holiday Meal Deals & Bundles)

Do you feel the need to get some Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas? Would you like some inspiration and even some help with traditional foods?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and with that, the preparations are essential. If you are feeling like you are stuck, stressed and processing whether or not you should prepare that big turkey all by yourself, then this next restaurant is going to be your favorite.

Publix is offering your perfect Thanksgiving Dinner. Do you have someone who wants to eat gluten-free? Would you like to satisfy even your vegetarian uncle? Get everything with less effort here.

Publix offers also Bakery and Deli foods. For example, you can get mini croissants, dinner rolls, or deli fully cooked meals! You have around 64 dishes – this includes fully cooked meals, charcuterie boxes, vegetable platters, deviled eggs, and bakery items.

Nevertheless, Publix has in-store pickups. You can order online the chosen foods but you will need to pick them up later from your local restaurant.

The popular picks at Publix are the classic and tasty foods: their royal sandwich, their creamy lime pie, and their amazing chocolate chip cookies. Whereas, when searching for Thanksgiving dinner, the most popular dishes are: fully cooked turkey dinner heating, butterball fully cooked turkey breast, and their deli fresh fruit platter!

When receiving the food, you should bake them for 1 hour to be ready to eat. For product details, we recommend entering their official website and clicking on the dishes they would prefer.

The items can be eaten either hot or cold, if you prefer it hot, preheat the oven to 325 F, and don’t forget to remove the foods from their wrapper!

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Depending on how many serves you opt for, or what kind of dishes you want, the prices may vary. Nonetheless, we know that Publix’s goal is to make its dishes as affordable as possible. The following price list is:

Publix Holiday Meals Menu (Turkey Dinner & Platters)

Publix Deli (Fully Cooked)7-10$64.99
Head Carve & Serve (Boar’s)7-8$69.99
Head Ovengold (Boar’s)2-4$39.99
Butterball Turkey Breast (Fully Cooked)4-7 lbs$5.49
Butterball Turkey (Fully Cooked)16-18 lbs$3.99
Butterball Turkey (Fully Cooked)10-12 lbs$3.99
Head Carve & Serve (Boar’s) Turkey Breast Oven Roasted4 lbs$13.99
Head Baby (Boar’s) Ovengold Turkey Breast1.5 lbs$13.99
Head Baby Maple (Boar’s) Honey Turkey Breast2lbs$13.99

Publix Party Platters

Fresh Fruit (Publix Deli)Medium1300$34.99
Fresh Fruit (Publix Deli)Large1770$44.99
Deviled Egg (Publix Deli)Small1820$19.99
Garden Fresh Vegetable (Publix Deli)Large2320/3660$34.99
Charcuterie Box (Build Your Own) Boar’s Head51340-3520$24.99
Charcuterie Box (Traditionalist) Boar’s Head5$19.99
Charcuterie Box (Spain – Italy) Boar’s Head5$24.99
Dinner Rolls (12 Pc)12$3.39
Mini Croissants (13 pc)13$5.49
Casserole Green Bean (Publix Deli)8-9$12.49
Brioche Rolls Dinner (8 pc)8$3.99
Cornbread Dressing Old-Fashioned (Publix Deli)$12.49
Casserole Sweet Potato (Publix Deli)8-9$12.49
Holiday Gravy (Publix Deli)$4.49
Mashed Potatoes Homestyle (Publix Deli)8-9$12.49
Cranberry Orange Relish (Publix Deli)$4.49
Marshmallow Delight (Publix Deli)$3.59
Green Beans (Publix Deli)3-4180$3.69
Broccoli Augratin (Publix Deli)8-9$12.49
Cream Spinach (Publix Deli)$12.49
Corn Casserole (Publix Deli)$12.49
Mashed Cauliflower (Publix Deli)8-9$12.49
Harvest Vegetable Risotto (Publix Deli)8-9$12.49
Cheese (3) Pasta (Publix Deli)8-9$12.49
Scalloped Potatoes Mornay Include Leeks (Publix Deli)8-9$12.49
Mashed Potatoes Homestyle Yukon Gold (Publix Deli)2-4$6.99
Casserole Green Bean (Publix Deli)2-4$6.99
Casserole Sweet Potato (Publix Deli)2-4$6.99
Cornbread Dressing Old-Fashioned (Publix Deli)2-4$6.99

Publix Desserts Menu

Pumpkin Pie6-8$6.99
Apple Pie8-9$6.99
Pecan Pie6-8$10.99
Apple Pie Dutch8-9$6.99
Decadent (45 Ct) Sweets Platter15-20Medium$25.99
Pumpkin Pie (GreenWise)6-8$8.79
Indulgence Cake Include Nutella (Hazelnut)6-8$25.99
Bakery (45 Ct) Cookie Platter20-25Medium$22.99
Elegance Cake (Raspberry)8-10$25.99
Supreme Cake (Chocolate Ganache) 6-8$25.99
Pecan Cake (Caramel Apple)6-8$19.99
Red Velvet Cake (Southern Style)8-10$25.99
Delight Cake (Chocolate Lovers)8-10$25.99
Cake (Carrot Torte)8-10$24.99
Chocolate Delight (German)8-10$24.99
Sweet Slice (Boar’s Head) Ham Dinner2-4$44.99
Sweet Slice (Boar’s Head) Ham Dinner7-10$69.99
Sweet Slice (Boar’s Head) Ham Gift-Box$38.99
Applewood-Smoked (Boar’s Head) Ham Spiral-Sliced4 lbs $13.99
Baby Sweet Slice (Boar’s Head) Boneless Ham3 lbs $12.99

Our Favorite Publix Holiday Dinner

Let’s talk a little bit about the foods that are popular during this holiday: Thanksgiving.  We all know that we prefer big dinner orders for all our families. We can handle the clean-up, but never the preparation of cooking 10+ serves of each dish. With this aspect in mind, let’s look at Publix’s favorite meals:

Publix Deli Fully Cooked Turkey Dinner

This one is for big families! You can get seven to ten serves with this order. This includes 12lb fully cooked turkey, special dressing that comes along with it, mashed potatoes, and their signature gravy. For dessert, you can get marshmallow delight and cranberry orange relish. So, we can say that this is quite a good deal.

The Fully Cooked turkey

Get this turkey ready to go. You only need to order it, get it home, heat it for 2 hours, and serve it to your family! It is recommended to get it 48 hours in advance.

Deli Fresh Fruit platter

After all those dishes, we need something fresh, and cool to put us on our feet again. This is the perfect choice for you! This fresh platter contains seasonal fruit like apples, strawberries, watermelon, pineapple, and grapes.

How to Order at Publix

As their website also says, there are 4 easy steps for ordering.

Step 1

Enter the official website, and choose whatever food you would like.

Step 2

After that, look at your cart and choose your location. Select your local restaurant for pick up

Step 3

Go to your local restaurant to pick up the food on the selected date.

Step 4

Heat the food and enjoy the dishes with your family!


Can I freeze the food received by Publix?

It is best to freeze the products if you don’t want to serve them right after receiving them. If you want to cook them right away, just heat them for approximately 2 hours.

What is Publix famous for?

Publix is known for its food chain. You can get all types of foods, cooked or not, with just one click on the Order Button.

Can the meat at Publix be trusted?

The meat at Publix is among the finest meat types you can find on the market. They often boost themselves about their great quality meat.

How much does delivery usually cost?

Publix recommends you pick up the meals, but some can be delivered to your house. The delivery prices and fees vary according to distance and items ordered.

Why is it necessary to use the pickup method?

Firstly, this assures you that the items you selected will be reserved for you and in stock. This can also save you time waiting in line or waiting for the order to be ready!

Final words

Publix is just the perfect solution for everyone this Thanksgiving. They have every type of food for everyone and their service is immaculate. Order in advance, though, to avoid waiting too much.

So, get on their website right now, review what you would like to eat with your dear ones, and just accept the effortless dinner! Happy Holidays!

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