Texas Roadhouse Menu With Prices 2024 (Taste Different Types of Steaks)

If you are looking for a hardcore meal that will feed your raging stomach, Texas Roadhouse will do exactly just that.

Make sure you’re feeling extra hungry because this will be heavy. To start off, they carry 9-10 sets of appetizers for starters.

If you want a healthier option, you have 3-6 legendary features that you can choose from, they also include steak toppings so don’t worry about not having the most epic and amazing salad, because you will.

For the star of the show for heavier steak meals, they have 9-10 choices of meat according to what you’re craving.

Likewise, if you are a meat-lover but tend to go for the tenderized meat that will melt like butter in your mouth they have two options the fall-off-the-bone ribs that will definitely lift your feet from the ground.

If you’re feeling extra hungry, you may want to get their Texas-size combos that come in 10 different choices.

For all chicken meat lovers, they cater 5-7 different meals and cooked how you wanted them to be.

They also have five country dinners, and two dockside favorites if you are more of a seafood lover.

If you are not aware, Texas Roadhouse is also known for its burgers and sandwiches that come in 6 different forms and they are great for catering.

Don’t forget about their all-time favorite sides that come in 12 different kinds.

For kid’s menu options, they carry 9 different options and don’t forget to finish it off with either of these 3 choices for dessert that will taste definitely like home.

Texas Roadhouse Hand Cut Steaks Menu

Strip-(New York)8 oz420$16.49
Strip-(New York)12 oz640$20.99
Hand Cut-Sirloin6 oz250$12.49
Hand Cut-Sirloin8 oz340$14.49
Hand Cut-Sirloin11 oz460$17.49
Hand Cut-Sirloin16 oz670$20.99
Porterhouse (T-Bone) 1040$31.99
Dallas-Filet6 oz270$19.99
Dallas-Filet8 oz360$22.49
Bone-In Ribeye 1480$27.99
Steak Kabob 920$13.49
Road Kill 760$11.49
Ft. Worth-Ribeye12 oz960$20.99
Ft. Worth-Ribeye14 oz1120$22.99
Ft. Worth-Ribeye16 oz1280$24.99
Filet-Medallions 970$19.99
Prime-Rib12 oz920$21.99
Prime-Rib14 oz1100$23.99
Prime-Rib16 oz1230$25.99

Just For Starters Menu

Boneless Buffalo Wings7258.99
Shrimp (Grilled)-Appetizer3606.99
Fried Pickles5505.99
Cheese Fries12407.99
Texas-Red Chili (Cup)2803.99
Texas-Red Chili (Bowl)5504.99
Combo Appetizer (3 Appetizers with 4 Sauces)10.99
Killer Ribs9109.99
Tater Skins13206.99



Dockside Favorite

Grilled-Salmon5 oz720$14.99
Grilled-Salmon8 oz880$17.99

Chicken Specialties Menu

BBQ Chicken (Grilled)300$11.99
Grilled-Chicken (No-BBQ-Sauce)220$11.99
Fried-Chicken (Country)500$12.49

Burgers & Sandwiches

All American-Cheeseburger (With Cheese)1240$9.99
All American-Cheeseburger (Without Cheese)1140$9.99
BBQ-Chicken-Sandwich (With BBQ Sauce)1000$10.99
BBQ-Chicken-Sandwich (Without BBQ Sauce)920$10.99
Pork-Sandwich (Pulled)1230$10.49

Texas Size Combos

BBQ Chicken (Grilled) and Sirloin 6oz590$20.49
BBQ Chicken (Grilled) and Ribs890$17.99
Chicken-Critters and Ribs820$15.99
Chicken-Critters and Sirloin 6oz520$17.99
Sirloin-Ribs (6 oz)800$19.49
Sirloin – Ribs (8 oz)890$21.49
Grilled-Shrimp 6 oz and Sirloin650$18.49
Grilled-Shrimp 8 oz and Sirloin740$20.49
Ribeye 12 oz and Grilled-Shrimp1360$26.99
Ribeye 12 oz and Ribs1510$27.99
Filet 6 oz and Grilled-Shrimp670$25.49
Filet 6 oz and Ribs820$26.49

Legendary Features

Chicken BBQ (Family Sized)$39.99
Chicken Critters (Family Sized)$39.99
Ribs (Family Sized)$59.99

Country Dinners

Grilled-Pork-Chops (Single chop)440$11.99
Grilled-Pork-Chops (Double chop)730$14.99
Vegetable Plate (Country)0$10.99
Fried Sirloin (Country)900$12.99

Kids & Ranger Meals

All Beef-Hot Dog (Original-Style)390$4.99
All Beef-Hot Dog (Topped with Chili & Cheddar Cheese ,no beans)580$5.49
Mini Cheeseburgers (With Cheese)670$5.49
Mini Cheeseburgers (Without Cheese)620$5.49
Ranger-Meal (Chicken-Critters) Basket340$7.99
Ranger-Meal (Rib-Basket)550$9.99
Ranger-Meal (Andy’s Steak)250$9.99
Lil’ Dillo-Steak Bites170$6.99
Jr. Chicken-Tenders360$5.99
Macaroni & Cheese340$4.99


Salmon (Grilled)- Salad83013.99
Chicken(Grilled)- Salad81011.99
Caesar(Salmon) Salad111013.99
Caesar(Chicken) Salad110011.99
Steakhouse-Filet Salad134015.99
Caesar Salad4404.49
House Salad2304.49

Desserts Menu

Strawberry Cheesecake800$6.99
Classic – Granny’s Apple 1110$6.99
Brownie Big OL’ 1200$6.99

Sides and Extras

Sweet Potato350$2.99
Baked Potato380$2.99
Mashed Potatoes260 $2.99
Steak Fries360$2.99
Steamed Broccoli 210$2.99
Buttered Corn190 $2.99
Green Beans100$2.99
Steamed Vegetables 190$2.99 
Caesar Salad440$4.49
House Salad230$4.49
Sauteed Onions150$2.99
Seasoned Rice360$2.99
Sauteed Mushrooms120$2.99
Sidekick of Ribs 550$7.99
Texas – Red Chili280$3.99
Cheese & Mac 310$2.99
Grilled Shrimp Sidekick270$6.99
Cinnamon Butter (Extra Honey)200$1.99
Extra Fresh (Baked Bread)
Homemade-roolls (1 Dozen)2400$4.99
Homemade-roolls (1/2 Dozen)1200$2.49

Drink Menu

Bottled Water0$2.99
20 oz Bottled Drinks
Diet Coke0$2.49
20 oz Fountain Drinks
Diet Coke0$1.99
Dr. Pepper130$1.99
20 oz Lemonade-Flavors
Wild Strawberry150$2.49
Minute Maid130$1.99
Red Raspberry150$2.49
Blue Crush150$2.49
20 oz Sweet Tea-Flavors
Peach Sweet Tea140$2.49
Sweet Tea110$1.99
20 oz Iced Tea-Flavors
Peach Iced Tea45$2.49
A gallon of Iced Tea or Lemonade
Minute Maid Lemonade$5.99
Sweet Tea$5.99
1/2 Gallon of Iced Tea or Lemonade
Minute Maid Lemonade$3.49
Sweet Tea$3.49
Mix & Match Tea and Lemonade
Lemonade & Sweet Tea$5.99
Lemonade & Iced Tea$5.99
Texas Roadhouse
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Our Opinion About Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse is one of the best-renowned steak houses in America.

They are widely popular for their inclusivity with the kind of food that you are craving at an affordable and budget-friendly cost.

However, there is some point of view that people are trying to reach out for.

It’s not all butterflies and rainbows but it’s not all horrible either, here’s why:


  • Properly seated, great hospitality, and given complimentary peanuts upon arrival
  • Fast services, even with heavier and more complicated meals
  • All of the meals are completely made from scratch and homemade


They do not have a reservation system; you can only be listed on their waitlist which will take you a long time before you can go inside the restaurant

They are a dinner-only policy even on weekdays, and their meal options do not carry other meal options except heavy meals

Most Demanding Items From Texas Roadhouse Menu

01. USDA Choice Sirloin

You know Texas Roadhouse is confident with their steak when they use USDA in it.

This is a juicy and flavors masterpiece that is approved by the tastebuds of the nation.

That doesn’t end there because you can pair this with two side dishes of your choice.

02. FT. Worth Ribeye

This steak is FT Texas-approved. This ribeye is enriched in Texas Roadhouse’s unique seasonings and sauce.

This is the meal that will satisfy the hunger of your taste buds so you don’t want to miss out on the goodness, besides that, you can freely choose two of their bestselling sides to pair it with.

03. Dallas Filet

If you’re from Dallas, Texas, you know that we like our steak and we like it nice and tender.

This mouthwatering piece is heaven-sent and it is so soft that upon approaching the mouth it is like butter melting off into your tummy.

04. New York Strip

This meal can be compared to a bottle of delicious wine, the longer you wait to drink it, the better the taste.

Same with this meal because the more it ages, the more flavorful it really gets.

It is tender and delicious and will keep you saying that it is really worth the wait.

05. Bone-in Ribeye

This juicy ribeye is so good that you can say that it is delicious to the bone.

The flavors are hugging the meat so much that you can’t get enough of it. This is served with two side dishes that you can freely choose.

06. Road Kill

This is not what you mean, it’s a roadhouse killer because of all of the flavors that the sauteed mushroom and onions and the cheese.

It’s all melted and blended to perfection. You cannot ever re-live the same experience somewhere else except Texas Roadhouse.

07. Steak Kabob

If you want to add extra uniqueness and flavor to your regular steak, you may want to try this goodness of a meal.

This is immersed deeply into the magic of red peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions. This is best served with flavored rice with one side choice of yours.

08. Filet Medallions

If you’re looking for something more fun and flavorful you may want to consider this one in particular.

These are 9 oz tender fillets served with an amazing peppercorn sauce and seasoned rice.

Nutrition Factshttps://www.nutritionix.com/texas-roadhouse/menu/premium
Gluten-Free MenuGluten Friendly PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

The number one selling steak is definitely the Sirloin steak.

What is The Most Tenderized Meat Available At Texas Roadhouse?

If you are into the most tenderized meat as a meal, you can get the Filet Mignon because it is the tenderloin part of the beef that is mouthwatering and melts like butter.

What Makes Texas Roadhouse Steaks So Tenderized and Flavorful?

The technique used by Texas Roadhouse is what you called ‘wet aging’ wherein they seal the fresh meat in a vacuum-sealed container and kept refrigerated for weeks or sometimes even for months.

What is The Most Flavorful Steak That I Can Order At Texas Roadhouse?

If you want the most flavorful choice of steak, the Ribeye steak is the most superior option because it is the most enriched in flavor cut of meat.

Does Texas Roadhouse Provide Any Free Desserts?

Each of the meals comes with 2 or at least 1 appetizer that you can freely choose, however, Texas Roadhouse does not provide free desserts.

Does Texas Roadhouse Charge You More When You Ask For Extra Rolls?

No. The rolls served are completely free of charge and unlimited. Finish as many rolls as you can eat.

Final Thoughts

Texas Roadhouse menu items are worth trying but make sure that you have a lot of space inside your stomach because this will be a heavy-duty ride.

You will taste western-style cuisine that you can never resist. It is family-friendly and caters to different tastebuds.

This is great for family gatherings and birthdays friendship hangouts and celebrations.

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