Boston Market Thanksgiving Dinner Meals Pricing in 2024

Is thanksgiving around the corner? Too busy to prepare the thanksgiving dinner for your family of 20?

Never fear, Boston Market has your dinner covered with super delicious and easy-on-wallet food.

Their three main platters of Premium, Deluxe, and create-your-own are entirely customizable with options to choose from indispensable turkey to juicy rotisserie chicken and glazed ham. 

You have the luxury to choose across their 20+ entrées, 10+ sides, and numerous ultimate desserts.

Not to mention their re-usable heating kit which would keep your dinner forever warm and juicy!

Boston Market
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Our Favorite Boston Market Thanksgiving Meal Items

I dare to say Boston Market fancies the foodies with several marvelous dishes. Yet, below are the juiciest of all to grace your thanksgiving dinner table.

01. Rotisserie Chicken

Voilà, the ultimate tender, and warm chicken, coated with the finest herbs, unique spices, and garlic to bring juiciness to your Thanksgiving table.

No matter if it’s half chicken or family size or a full bird, its abundant flavors will make unforgettable memories on your dinner table.  

02. Rotisserie Chicken Pot Pie

Boston market’s another delicious creation with tender chicken and slow-cooked veggies! The rotisserie chicken bathed in extra juices is drool-worthy.

Not to mention the satisfaction when your spoon pierces through the flaky crust to reach all the goodness inside. I mean, pot pies are delicious, but this one is delicious-pro-max!  

03. Corn Bread

What Southern thanksgiving is complete without homemade cornbread? Boston Market specializes in this homemade goodness that is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

This golden fluffiness is the ultimate sweet dish that will pair up with any main and side dishes to make the perfect thanksgiving dinner for you!

Rotisserie Chicken
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04. St. Louis-Style BBQ Ribs

This is the most unexpected yet one of the mind-blowing dishes at Boston Market.

I mean, the meat is super tender to fall off the bones and is slow-cooked to perfection.

Its unique flavors come from the thick coat of Sweet Baby Rays Hickory BBQ sauce which makes these baby ribs twice more incredible.

05. Sweet Potato Casserole

Oh-my-sweet! Boston Market chefs throw the most unusual ingredients together to make the most tantalizing dish ever!

Inside this comfort dish lies molasses, sweet potatoes, marshmallows, and a hint of vanilla, and is baked to a perfect golden-red hue.

I dare say this is the sweetest addition to your thanksgiving dinner that will leave your family hungry for round two.   

06. Chocolate Brownies

No dessert is dessert without chocolate. This classic brownie with sprinkled chocolate chips everywhere is the perfect little treat to wrap your thanksgiving dinner up.

Boston Market Family Meals

Extra Large Family Meal Deal$53.59+
Rotisserie Chicken (Choose Any One Size)
Nashville 3pc1000$30.99+
Nashville 4pc1230$40.49+
Nashville 5pc1500$48.49+
Nashville 6pc2000$57.99+
Nashville 3pc All-White1080$35.99+
3pc All-White1080$32.99+
Nashville 4pc All-White1350$44.99+
4pc All-White1350$41.99+
Nashville 5pc All-White1620$55.99+
5pc All-White1620$50.99+
Nashville 6pc All-White2160$65.99+
6pc All-White2160$59.99+
Chicken And Ribs Family Combo$49.99+
Baby Back Ribs  (Choose Any One Size)
2 Meat Family Meal Combo$36.79
Meatloaf (Choose Any One Size)
3pc Home Style 1420$27.99+
4pc Home Style1890$35.99+
5pc Home Style 2360$43.99+
6pc Home Style 2830$51.99+
Family Feast  $34.99
BBQ Ribs
Photo Credit; Flickr.comCC

Peri Peri Rotisserie Chicken (Choose Any Two)
Half $12.99+
Half All – Dark $12.49+
Half All – White $15.99+
3pieces All – Dark $11.99+
One-Fourth All – White $11.99+
Parmesan Tuscan Rotisserie Chicken (Choose Any One)
Half $12.99+
Half All – Dark $12.49+
Half All – White $15.99+
3pices All – Dark $11.99+
One-Fourth All – White$11.99+
Large Chicken-Nuggets Rotisserie Combo (Choose Any One)
Spicy $10.59+
Signature $10.59+
Small Chicken-Nuggets Rotisserie Combo (Choose Any One)
Spicy $8.39+
Signature $8.39+
Sweet Thai Garlic Rotisserie Chicken (Choose Any One)
Half $12.99+
Half All – Dark $12.49+
Half All – White $15.99+
3pices All – Dark $11.99+
One-Fourth All – White $11.99+
Bourbon And Bacon BBQ Rotisserie Chicken (Choose Any One)
Half $12.99+
Half All – Dark $12.49+
Half All – White $15.99+
3pices All – Dark$11.99+
One-Fourth All – White$11.99+
Nashville Hot Rotisserie Chicken (Choose Any One)
Half $12.99+
Half All – Dark $12.49+
Half All – White $15.99+
3pices All – Dark $11.99+
One-Fourth All – White $11.99+
Cordon Bleu Rotisserie Chicken (Choose Any One)
Half $12.99+
Half All – Dark $12.49+
Half All – White $15.99+
3pices All – Dark $11.99+
One-Fourth All – White $11.99+

Boston Market Rotisserie Chicken Nuggets

Large Rotisserie  Nuggets-Chicken Combo (Choose Any One)
Spicy $10.59+ 
Signature $10.59+
Small Rotisserie  Nuggets-Chicken Combo (Choose Any One)
Spicy $8.39+ 
Signature $8.39+
Rotisserie Chicken Nuggets-A La Carte (Choose Any One)
(5pc)-Small Spicy $3.30+
(5pc)-Small Signature $3.30+
(8pc)-Medium Spicy$5.20+
(8pc)-Medium Signature$5.20+
(12pc)-Large Spicy$7.65+
(12pc)-Large Signature$7.65+
Rotisserie Chicken Nuggets Kid Meal (Choose Any One)

Meals For One Menu

Large Rotisserie  Nuggets-Chicken Combo (Choose Any One)
Small Rotisserie  Nuggets-Chicken Combo (Choose Any One)
1/2 Rotisserie Chicken (Choose Any One)
Roasted Garlic And Herb Chicken650+$12.99+
Hickory – Smoked BBQ Chicken540+$11.49+
1/2 All-Dark Rotisserie Chicken (Choose Any One)
Roasted Garlic And Herb Chicken950+$12.49+
Hickory-Smoked BBQ Chicken820+$10.99+
Quarter White Rotisserie Chicken (Choose Any One)
Roasted Garlic And Herb Chicken420+$11.99+
Hickory-Smoked BBQ Chicken310+$10.49+
Half All-White Rotisserie Chicken (Choose Any One)
Roasted Garlic And Herb Chicken840+$15.99+
Hickory-Smoked BBQ Chicken580+$14.49+
Side Item Sampler $6.99+
Baby Back Ribs (Choose Any One)
Full Order2100+$23.99+
Half Order1050+$16.99+
Baby Back Ribs Include Rotisserie Chicken (Choose Any One)
1/2 Order And Quarter White Chicken1320+$19.99+
1/2 Order And Quarter Dark Chicken1280+$19.99+
Full Order And Quarter White Chicken2370+$27.49+
Full Order And Quarter Dark Chicken2330+$27.49+
Three Piece Dark Rotisserie Chicken (Choose Any Three)
  Roasted Garlic And Herb Chicken540+$11.99+
  Hickory-Smoked BBQ Chicken430+$10.49+
Homestyle Meatloaf (Choose Any One)
Complete Comfort Combo $14.99+
2 Meat Combo$12.99+
Create Your Own Bowl $10.49+

World Famous Specialties Menu

1/2 Rotisserie Chicken 500+$11.49+
Roasted Garlic And Herb Rotisserie Chicken (Choose Any One)
Half All – Dark950+$12.49+
Half All – White840+$15.99+
3 Pisces All – Dark540+$11.99+
Quarter All – White420+$11.99+
Baby Back Ribs include Rotisserie Chicken (Choose Any One)
1/2 Order And Quarter White Chicken1320+$19.99+
1/2 Order And Quarter Dark Chicken1280+$19.99+
Full Order And Quarter White Chicken2370+$27.49+
Full Order And Quarter Dark Chicken2330+$27.49+
Baby Back Ribs (Choose Any One From Two)
Full Order2100+$23.99+
Half Order1050+$16.99+
Whole Meatloaf $10.99+
1/4 White Rotisserie Chicken270+$10.49+
Side Item Sampler$6.99+
Whole Rotisserie Chicken (Choose Any One A La Carte)

Sandwiches, Salads & Soup

Caesar Salad (Choose Any One)
Without Rotisserie Chicken630$6.99+
With Rotisserie Chicken770$9.99+
Noodle Soup With Rotisserie Chicken 240$4.99
Meatloaf Sandwich (Choose Any One Combo Or Sandwich)
Only Sandwich $8.99+
Chicken On Ciabatta (Choose Any One Combo Or Sandwich)
Only Sandwich 980$8.99+
Choose Two ( Half- Sandwich Choose Any One)
Meatloaf Sandwich430$8.99+
Chicken On Ciabatta490$8.99+
(Choose Any One Sides)
Sweet Corn130
Mashed Potatoes240
Chicken Noodle Soup240
Cilantro – Lime Rice 
Chicken Caesar Salad$1.00+
Caesar Salad310

Kids Meals

Meat Rotisserie Chicken-Kid Dark230+$5.49
Rotisserie Chicken Nuggets (Choose Any One)
Rotisserie Chicken White Meat270+$6.49

Sides Menu

Sweet Corn (Choose Any One Size)
Mashed Potatoes (Choose Any One Size)
Creamed Spinach (Choose Any One Size)
Cilantro – Lime Rice (Choose Any One Size)
Caesar Salad 310$3.49
Pulled BBQ – Rotisserie Chicken (Choose Any One Size)
Cornbread (Choose Any One Size)
Poultry Gravy (Choose Any One Size)

Drink Items

Chocolate Milk150$1.79
Apple Juice40$1.79

History of Boston Market

The story dates back to 1985 when Arthur Cores opened then Boston Chicken now Boston Market in Newton, Massachusetts. 

In 1995, it was renamed Boston Market and thenceforth it continued to grow and grow to its present status as a giant in fast-casual restaurant chains.

Flashforward to 37 years later in 2022, Boston Market feeds thousands of people across the States in 346 locations.

Today, it’s a proud owner of revenue of 373 million USD and employs more than 14000 people to serve you the most delicious food ever.  

What’s so special about Boston Market though? Their Rotisserie chicken is the juiciest while their cornbread is the fluffiest.

You could never say No to its special baby ribs and your mouth starts to water upon the sight of rotisserie chicken pot pie.

Give a chance to their prime rib and the tantalizing chicken carver sandwiches and trust me, you’ll never look back.

How To Order From Boston Market

You could easily place your thanksgiving catering order via a simple phone call or by visiting Boston Market’s official website. Yes, it’s that easy. 

# Over-The-Phone Ordering

Dial 303-317-6900 and let them know what you need!

# Online Ordering

Step 01

Visit to start your order.

Step 02

Click on each menu and dish to select or customize your thanksgiving dinner order as fitting to your needs.

Step 03

Select your location, re-conform your dishes and check out.

# Place an online order for pick-up or delivery to anywhere in the continental US.

MealsMeal PDF
MenuMenu PDF
ContactCATERING HOTLINE 303-317-6900

People Also Search For

That’s a big yes! Boston Market holiday food come hot and ready to serve to your Thanksgiving table.

You need not worry about swallowing frozen goods. They even offer you a reusable heating kit at $11.99.

Is There a Minimum Quota When Placing a Thanksgiving Catering Order?

Yes, there is. For individual meal orderings, there is a 10-person minimum. For delivery orders, there exists a minimum of $60 for food and beverages.

Please be mindful of these minimums when you are placing a catering order for a thanksgiving dinner.

Is There a Time Frame For Placing a Catering Order?

Quick answer: yes. If you are seeking a same-day delivery, there is a three-hour notice.  A two-hour notice exists for same-day pickup orders.

Please take care to order your sandwiches the day before your event by 5 pm to have your order catered without any delay.

Can I Pick My Sides For The Catering Orders?

That’s an absolute yes. For the premium option, you get to choose 3 sides from a menu of 5 delicious sides.

For deluxe, you get two customizable side options. They also include dinner rolls and assorted apple and pumpkin pie slices to keep everyone well-fed.

Will There Be Any Price Changes When Placing a Catering Order?

Well, that depends. The products and prices are likely to differ due to the location of the store. There could be price changes without prior notice as well.

Please note that the amounts are pre-tax. Delivery charges are also to be applied to your catering order if you choose the delivery option.

How Can I Pay For The Catering Order?

You could pay using a credit or a gift card. Please dial 1-303-317-6900 for a catering expert for all other payment methods.

Final Thoughts

Boston Market is the ideal place to go for your dinner order to enjoy a hassle-free thanksgiving with the warmest and the best dishes ever.

Don’t worry, they’ve got the turkey, the chicken, and a whole lot of flavor dishes, filling the bellies of your loved ones with affection and gratitude!

Thank you, a lot Boston Market, for the incredible thanksgiving catering service!

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