Wegmans Thanksgiving Dinner Menu With Prices List 2024

Thanksgiving is closely approaching and some of you are not ready for all the work in the kitchen necessary to get the meals done.

We all know the preparations before Thanksgiving are long, frustrating, and messy. It is almost like some of us don’t wish to cook for the Holiday.

To help families across the states, Wegmans prepared their Thanksgiving Dinner.

If you are in need – choose a turkey of your liking, the sides, or even a vegan version for those who won’t eat the meat.

Their restaurant will also offer a step-by-step tutorial on roasting and preparing the turkey ordered.

When choosing the sides you can get either Potato, Stuffing and Pasta, Vegetables, or Bread and Rolls.

The sides can be delivered to your home by pickup or go directly to the local restaurant.

With around 12 potato sides, 5 veggie sides, and 11 bread rolls. Some sides come ready to eat, but the majority are frozen.

There are a lot of segments to choose from when selecting turkey from Wegmans, like Marie Callender’s Turkey dinner. You can get an Organic Turkey, a Grand Champion Turkey, and Fresh Young Turkey.

If you do not want to buy the whole Turkey, you can opt for the Turkey Breasts.

Because the restaurant offers a variety of types of foods, you can also get starters – to keep your family satisfied and wanting more!

Simply browse their official website and you will see some delicious frozen appetizers.

Don’t forget the Thanksgiving desserts! You can choose from 18 desserts – including famous pies.

You should know that the Wegman restaurant is known for its Rotisserie Chicken, Garlic and Herb Cheese Spread, and its classic Honeycrisp bread.

So, it is pretty perfect that they introduced the turkey menus because they include the all-time classics.

Don’t forget to order in advance, we advise you to order the frozen foods even a week before the Holiday to avoid agglomeration.

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Now coming to the popular items that you can find at Wegmans. They have a lot of frozen foods for people to refrigerate and cook whenever they like.

The most searched-for foods at this restaurant are some classics that can also be found in the Thanksgiving menus/options for eating during the Holiday.

Remember that although these foods are almost made, they need to stay 30 min -2h depending on what you request.

Hand Carved Turkey

The popular well-made hand carved turkey from Wegmans! Its memorable taste is what everyone is talking about.

The tender meat, the great crust, the sauce that makes it all combined in a great dinner.

This turkey package comes with sweet potatoes, craisin, spinach, green beans, herb stuffing, butternut squash, and cranberry juice.

And the most important thing is the turkey totally free of any kind of antibiotics or harmful things, which means you can enjoy dinner without any stress as homemade food does.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

The popular mashed sweet potatoes – everyone is searching for it, and nobody can stop eating it!

With the soft and smooth texture of the amazing dish, there’s nothing else you could ask for.

Pumpkin Pie

We know that Wegmans has around 7 types of pie, but customers tend to choose this as their most tasty one.

Why? Well with their pumpkin pie which is healthy and delicious, you can’t resist it. From smell to taste, the handmade pie is one of the best choices for holiday evening dessert!

Although there are different types of foods, you will see that the price range isn’t getting that high.

For example, a classic frozen turkey can be bought for 25$-29$. Please check the ingredients before ordering for people with food allergies.

Wegmans Thanksgiving Holiday Dinners Menu

Turkey (Hand Carved)6$185.00
Turkey (Hand Carved)12$325.00
Turkey (Hand Carved)
Whipped Potatoes
Herb Stuffing 
Green Beans (Seasoned)
Orange Relish (Cranberry)
Butternut Squash (Roasted)
Craisins & Spinach 
Turkey (Classic)10$175.00
Whipped Potatoes (Signature)
Herb Bread Stuffing 
Casserole Green Bean Include Crispy Onions
Gravy (Homestyle)
Sweet Potatoes (Mashed) 
Orange Relish (Cranberry)
Signature Ham10-12$185.00
Spinach Gratin and Cauliflower
Glazed Ham: Signature (Spiral-Sliced)
Cranberries & Baby Spinach
Butternut Squash (Roasted)
Orange Relish (Cranberry)
Gratin Potatoes 

Wegmans Individual Holiday Meal

Turkey Meal710$16.00
Whipped potatoes (signature)
Turkey (Juicy-roasted) 
Butternut squash
Herb stuffing 
Orange Relish (Cranberry)
Cranberries & Baby Spinach 
Gravy (Homestyle)

Wegmans Party Starters

Party Collection: Danny’s Ultimate 20-257650$135.00
Honey & Harvest Collection20-25$130.00
Honey & Harvest Tray8-10$49.00
(Mediterranean-Mezze) Collection16-20$40.00
(Mediterranean-Mezze) Tray10$25.00
(Sushi-Sensation) Tray8525-80$110.00
Cooked Shrimp-Tray (Organic Fresh)2025$36.00
Cooked Shrimp-Tray (Organic Fresh)4025$63.00
Combo-Tray (Shrimp-Cocktail)40$71.00

Holiday Entrees & Sides

ItemsServesCalories Price
Turkey Platter (Hand craved) included Gravy63350$105.00
Turkey Platter (Hand craved) included Gravy126340$195.00
Turkey (Fully Cooked) included Gravy88170$90.00
Beef (Sliced)-Tenderloin6-82090$130.50
Beef (Sliced)-Tenderloin12-153930$250.50
Turkey (Sliced)-Breast Platter12-142560$130.00
Sweet Potatoes (Mashed)4-61400$20.00
Sweet Potatoes (Mashed)10-122240$38.00
Whipped Potatoes (Signature)4-61510$20.00
Whipped Potatoes (Signature)10-123020$38.00
Spinach Gratin (Cauliflower)4-6600$22.00
Spinach Gratin (Cauliflower)10-121500$52.00
Herb Stuffing 4-61320$22.00
Herb Stuffing 10-122640$42.00
Potatoes Gratin4140/pc$12.00
Potatoes Gratin12140/pc$30.00
Butternut Squash (Roasted) Spinach & Craisins4-6770$22.00
Butternut Squash (Roasted) Spinach & Craisins10-121520$42.00
Harvest Salad10-12220/4 oz.$40.00
Brussels (Roasted)-Sprouts4-6100/4 oz.$22.00
Brussels (Roasted)-Sprouts10-121210$42.00

Thanksgiving Add Ons

ItemsSizeCalories Price
Homestyle Gravy24 oz370 /Container$4.99
Cranberry Relish (Orange)16 oz520 /Container$8.00
Dinner Rolls12 packs90/Roll$3.49
Brioche-Slider Rolls12 packs110/Slider-roll$3.99

Wegmans Thanksgiving Pies & Desserts

(For Ordering More Than 4 Pies, Kindly Call Store)

Apple Pie1043 oz290$15.00
Pumpkin Pie830 oz290$10.00
Apple Pie (Gluten Free)628 oz370$16.50
Crumb Pie (Apple)1047 oz290$15.00
Pumpkin Roll9280$14.00
Pumpkin Pie (Gluten Free)624 oz340$16.50
Pecan Pie834 oz490$15.00
Cream Pie-(Premium Chocolate)1248 oz380$18.00

Dinner Order Process

Ordering from Wegman is an easy job to do. Remember that you can get some food delivered to your home by pickup or go directly to the local restaurant.

Step 1

First, get on the Wegmans site and choose their thanksgiving page. Then choose your turkeys, sides, and desserts.

Step 2

After selecting the turkey you can press the Button “Add to list”. You can also search and see the sides suggested and choose from there.

Step 3

When you are done choosing the food, press on the cart icon on the upper right side of the website. Sign up and order it Online.

Step 4

After it, you will get 3 choices, either get the food via pickup, delivery, or in-store.

# For Pickup – choose your closest local store.

# For Delivery – choose your address via Instacart

# For Instacart – choose the store.

People Also Ask For

How Can I Get The Recipes From The Wegmans Website?

You should download their app to also get to save the recipes and use them with their products.

When is it Best To Order The Turkey Dinner?

The Wegmans Turkeys are available for pick up starting November 18 and ending 23.11 In Massachusetts / 24.11 other locations.

Can We Get Gluten-Free and Lactate-Free Foods At Wegmans?

Yes, Before ordering, get all the ingredients and indications for all the items you are interested in.

Should We Put The Foods We Get in The Oven?

Yes, it is necessary to reheat all side dishes and appetizers. You should cook the Turkeys as they come frozen and with their recipes.

Can We Order Thanksgiving Menus To Arrive At My Home?

Complete menus do not arrive at your door, but you can order the sides with that option.

Final Words

We can choose the Thanksgiving menus from Wegmans if we want to get away from a little trouble.

You get your ingredients, foods, and recipes so you can make them from scratch in your home.

Get the food you like and enjoy Thanksgiving with your family!

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