ShopRite Deli Menu With Prices 2023 (Ham, Cheese, Meats & Packaged Meals)

ShopRite Deli is a chain of supermarkets, specializing in the freshest deli meat.

It’s similar to a grocery store where you could purchase household necessities for a reasonable price. 

Specifically speaking, ShopRite Deli sells plenty of deli products.

Deli loaves, deli salads, chicken, spreads, ham, antipasti, and party cakes are some of the varieties you get to shop there.

They even serve party platters and other catering options for any event that you might have.

You could simply drop by or place an order online at ShopRite.

What’s most amazing is that you get to purchase already-made food or feel free to customize your platters, and cakes at ShopRite.

Shoprite Deli Hours

As for the operating hours of ShopRite, all their stores are open from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm.

You may purchase any of your favorite items from ShopRite during the whole week as it’s opened every single day of the week.

Shoprite Deli Platter and Menu

ShopRite is known for delicious and convenient mains.

Starting with their deli platters, you’re met with a range of them including a Roman holiday deli platter, a New York platter, a classic platter, a Sloppy Joes platter, and a couple of other platters with antipasto, cheese, and fruits. 

These deli platters are meant to feed eight to twelve people depending on your pick.

Additionally, you may purchase multiple bolognas and other deli loaves alongside some juicy chicken breasts, six different liverwursts, roasted beef, ham, and several options in Kosher style (roasted turkey breast, turkey salami, Kosher pastrami, and more).

Of course, there’s more – turkey breasts, multiple cheese products, beef cuts, packaged and pre-sliced items, and lunch options are a few other things you get to buy at ShopRite deli.

Exploring ShopRite Deli sides, there’s a significant collection of antipasto and olives, made in different styles.

Those who are into deli salads could go for their Cole slaw, tuna salad, Greek salad, etc., and other sides – stuffing, mac and cheese, roasted veggies, and others.

There’s a wonderful collection of hummus, dips, and spreads that come as part of the sides at ShopRite.

These include classic options like buffalo sauce, traditional hummus, Greek yogurt dip, spinach artichoke sauce, and much more.

If you’re gluten-sensitive or a vegetarian, there are a few options for you to enjoy at ShopRite deli.

There are some menu items made with plant-based and gluten-free ingredients. 

Of course, there’s dessert at ShopRite Deli with cakes, cupcakes, platters of tarts, cannoli, fruits, dessert cheese, and tea cakes.

Shoprite Deli Meats Beef Cuts

Final cost based on weight

Italian Seasoned Roast Beef$12.99
Deli Sliced Corned Beef Round$7.99
Pastrami Round$7.99
Seasoned Roast Beef$12.99
Oscar Mayer 
Deli Fresh Slow Roasted Roast Beef Sliced Lunch Meat (7 oz. Tray)$5.99
Black Bear 
1st Cut Pastrami Brisket$12.99
1st Cut Corned Beef Brisket$12.99
USDA Choice Roast Beef$13.99
London Broil Roast Beef$11.99
Eye Round Roast Beef$11.99
Boar’s Head 
Cap-Off Top Round Roast Beef – Rare$17.99
Cap-Off Top Round Pastrami$17.99
First Cut Pastrami$21.99
London Broil Cap-Off Top Round Roast Beef$17.49
Londonport Top Round Seasoned Roast Beef$17.99
Master Cuts 
Pastrami Turkey, 1 each$17.99
Dietz & Watson 
Eye Round Roast Beef$11.99
Mrs. Goldfarb’s 
Unreal Deli Fine Vegan Meats (5 oz.)$5.99

Salami & Italian Meats

Final cost based on weight

Black Bear 
Hard Salami$7.99
Genoa Salami$7.99
Pancetta Chunk, 1 pound$11.99 avg./each
Imported Prosciutto di Parma$18.99
Sandwich Style Pepperoni$7.99
Blue Rock 
Salami – Cooked (16 oz)$5.69
Boar’s Head 
Cooked Salami$8.99
Beef Salami$10.99
Genoa Salami$12.99
Sweet Round Dried Capicolo$22.99
Sandwich Style Pepperoni$11.99
Sweet Sopressata Grande$17.99
Bowl & Basket 
Pepperoni Slices (8 oz.)$3.89
Turkey Pepperoni (4 oz.)$5.39
Bertolino Pepperoni (16 oz.)$9.59
Hard Salami$7.99
Alpine Genoa Salami$7.99
Sopressata Salame (8 oz.)$8.99
Hebrew National 
Beef Salami (12 oz.)$8.99
25% Less Fat Pepperoni (6 oz.)$4.49
Cup N’ Crisp Pepperoni (5 oz.)$4.49
Cup N’ Crisp Bold Pepperoni (5 oz.)$4.49
Dilusso Sweet Soppressata$9.99
Turkey Pepperoni (5 oz.)$4.49
Turkey Pepperoni (5 oz.)$4.49
Stick Pepperoni$9.99
Sliced Hard Salami$6.99
Smoky & Robust Prosciutto Style Plant-Based Deli Slices, 15 count (2.5 oz.)$4.99
Pepperoni Style Plant-Based Deli Slices (2.5 oz.)$4.99
Spicy & Seasoned Salame Style Plant-Based Deli Slices (2.5 oz.)$4.99
Ready to Eat Slices Pepperoni (8 oz.)$3.89

Shoprite Cheese

Alpine Lace 
Provolone Slicing$7.99
Black Bear 
Garlic Flavored Cheddar$7.99
Creamy Muenster$8.99
Horseraddish Flavored Cheddar$7.99
Imported Swiss$9.99
Hot Pepper Buffalo Wing Cheddar$7.99
Lacey Swiss$8.99
Jalapeno Flavored Cheddar$7.99
White American$7.49
Yellow American$7.49
Whole Milk Mozzarella$7.99
Boar’s Head Cheese 
Bold 3 Pepper Colby Jack$13.49
Baby Swiss$12.99
Cream Havarti$12.99
Colby Jack$10.99
Lacey Swiss$12.99
Lower Fat & Sodium White American$9.99
Low Sodium Muenster$9.99
Lower Fat & Sodium Yellow American$9.99

Specialty Cheese

100% Pure Romano Cheese $7.49
Midnight Moon Aged Goat Milk Cheese Wedge $269.91 avg./each
Plain Goat Cheese4 oz.$4.49
Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese4 oz.$4.49
Fig & Olive Goat Cheese4 oz.$4.49
Adams Reserve  
New York Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese16 oz.$7.99
Cracker Cuts Cheese, 30 ct.10 oz.$6.99
Alouette Brie  
Double Crème Soft Ripened Cheese13.2 oz.$14.99
Truffle Goat Cheese6 oz.$6.99
Honey Goat Cheese4 oz.$4.49
Crumbled Goat Cheese3.5 oz.$4.99
Crumbled Blue Cheese4 oz.$4.99
Toasted Everything Soft Spreadable Cheese6.5 oz.$6.99
Grated Pecorino Romano Cheese $11.99
Le Gruyère Cheese8 oz.$9.99
Authentic Barrel Ripened Feta Cheese6 oz.$4.99
Manchego Bulk $23.99 avg./each
Athenos Feta Cheese  
Garlic & Herb Crumbled6 oz. Tub$5.99
Chunk Traditional8 oz.$6.99
Tomato & Basil Crumbled6 oz. Tub$5.99
Mediterranean Herb Crumbled6 oz. Tub$5.99
Traditional Crumbled with Reduced Fat5 oz. Tub$5.99
Traditional Crumbled Fat Free5 oz. Tub$5.99
Traditional Chunk16.0 oz. Block$8.99
Il Provolone Stravecchio $15.99

Shoprite Turkey Breast

Black Bear 
Deli Classic$12.99
Catering Style Oven Roasted$12.99
Honey Cured$12.99
Homestyle Black Pepper$12.99
Mesquite Smoked, Low Fat$12.99
Dietz & Watson 
Oscar Mayer 
Deli Fresh Cracked Black Pepper (8 oz.)$5.99
Smoked Ham & Turkey Sub Kit (28 oz.)$10.99
Honey Roasted Turkey (9 oz.)$3.79
Boar’s Head 
Cracked Peppermill$15.99
All Natural Roasted$16.99
Honey Smoked$15.99
Honey Maple Glazed$15.99
Lower Sodium Turkey$15.99
Ovengold Roasted$15.99
Turkey Ham$5.99
Oven Roasted$8.99
Turkey Pastrami$5.99
Store Baked$11.99
Executive Honey Flavored$10.99
Buffalo Style$10.99
Executive Smoked$10.99
Fat Free, Low Salt$10.99

Shoprite Bologna & Deli Loaves

Black Bear 
Narrow Bologna$5.99
German Bologna – Natural Casing$5.99
Boar’s Head 
Low Sodium Bologna$8.99
Beef Bologna$9.99
Pickle & Pepper Loaf$8.99
Olive Loaf$8.99
Pork & Beef Bologna$8.99
Dietz & Watson German Bologna$7.99
Oscar Mayer 
Original Lower Fat Turkey Bologna, 16 oz$4.49
Original Beef Bologna, 16 oz$7.99
Principe Oven Roasted Ham with Rosemary$2.49
Lower Sodium Bologna$4.49
Pork & Beef Bologna$4.49
Wunderbar German Style Bologna$3.99
ShopRite Pork & Beef Wide Bologna$3.99

Shoprite Chicken Breast

Black Bear Chicken Breast 
Honey Grilled$6.99
Boar’s Head Chicken Breast 
All American BBQ Seasoned Roasted$13.99
All American BBQ$14.99
Blazing Buffalo$12.99
Lower Sodium Classic$14.99
Ichiban Teriyaki$14.99
Brunckhorst’s Everroast Boneless Skinless$13.99
Prosciutto Di Parma$12.99
ShopRite Chicken Breast 
Oven Roasted$9.99
Buffalo Style$9.99

Shoprite Deli Salads

Smoked Fish Smoked Whitefish Salad16 oz.$11.99
Smoked Whitefish Salad7 oz.$9.99
Black Bear  
Classic Cole Slaw16 oz.$3.99
 48 oz.$7.99
Cole Slaw – Sweet Chopped16 oz.$3.99
 48 oz.$7.99
Deluxe Tuna Salad Prepackaged $11.99
Deluxe Tuna Salad $11.99
Egg Salad, 1 Pound $6.99
Egg Salad $7.49
Macaroni Salad16 oz.$3.99
 48 oz.$7.99
German Potato Salad16 oz.$3.99
Potato & Egg Salad16 oz.$3.99
 48 oz.$7.99
Potato N Egg Salad $6.49
Potato Salad16 oz.$3.99
 48 oz.$7.99
Red Skin Potato Salad16 oz.$3.99
White Chicken Salad $13.99
Tri-Potato Salad $3.99
Blue Ridge Farms  
Fruit Ambrosia Salad $9.99
Chicken Salad $11.99
Formaggio Fresh Mozzarella Salad12 oz.$8.99
F&S Broccoli Crunch Salad $8.99
Fresh Salad  
Seafood Department Our Own Seafood $5.99
Calamari $11.99
Hans Kissle Salad  
Tri Pasta $3.99
Aegean Pasta $6.99
Tri Twist Pasta $3.99

Dips, Hummus & Spreads

Onion Dip & Dressing16 oz.$2.49
Sauce Buffalo Sauce7 oz.$4.99
Sauce Spinach Artichoke Sauce7 oz.$4.99
Sauce Original8 oz.$4.99
Boar’s Head  
Spinach Greek Yogurt Dip12 oz.$5.49
Simplicity Organic Traditional Hummus8 oz.$4.99
Bowl & Basket  
Chipotle Hummus10 oz.$1.99
Avocado Hummus10 oz.$1.99
Everything Hummus10 oz.$1.99
Thick & Chunky Salsa Family Size, Medium70 oz.$6.49
Spinach and Artichoke Hummus10 oz.$1.99
Zesty Lemon Hummus10 oz$1.99
Braswell’s Select  
Seafood Collection Horseradish Seafood Dipping Sauce9.0 oz.$4.79
Brunckhorst’s Boar’s Head  
Dark Chocolate Dessert Hummus2.5 oz.$1.29
 8 oz.$4.99

Foie Gras & Pate

D’Artagnan Artisan Collection Mousse Truffee8 oz.$11.99

Shoprite Ham

Black Bear 
Deli Classic Cooked Ham$6.99
Deep Smoked Ham$6.99
Lower Sodium, Cooked Ham$10.99
Virginia Brand Ham$10.99
Prosciuttini Peppered Ham$6.99
Blue Ridge Farms 
Tri-Color Potato Salad$3.99
Lox and Cream Cheese$3.99
Boar’s Head 
Beechwood Smoked Black Forest Ham$12.99
Baby Black Forest Ham$11.99
Cappy Ham$12.99
Deluxe Pear Shaped Ham$12.99
Deluxe Oval Shaped Ham$12.99
Sweet Slicing Ham$12.99
Spiced Ham$8.99
Virginia Ham$12.99
Tavern Ham$12.99
Brunckhorst’s Boar’s Head 
Naturally Smoked Uncured Turkey Bacon, 12 oz.$8.99
Naturally Smoked Traditional Bacon, 16 oz.$10.99
Certified Angus Beef Seasoned Top Round Roast Beef$12.99


Black Bear Liverwurst  
Braunschweiger8 oz.$3.99
Boar’s Head $8.99
Shoprite $4.49
Jones Dairy Farm Liverwurst  
Braunschweiger8 oz$3.49
Sliced Braunschweiger8 oz$3.49

Shoprite Lunch Combinations

Brunckhorst’s Boar’s Head  
Charcuterie & Cheese12 oz.$16.99
Charcuterie Tasting Board12.5 oz.$14.99
Charcuterie Board Assortment18 oz.$15.99
Fratelli Beretta Mount  
Olive Italian Style Small Plate2.5 oz.$3.99
Hillshire Snacking  
Italian Dry Salame Snacks2.76 oz.$2.99
Genoa Salame + Toasted Rounds & White Cheddar Cheese2.76 oz.$2.99
Handmade Fresh Mozzarella Pepperoni Sliced Charcuterie Roll7 oz.$7.99
Hormel Gatherings  
Honey Ham Snack Tray14 oz.$8.99
Hard Salami & Pepperoni Party Tray28 oz.$14.99
Pepperoni Snack Tray14 oz.$8.99
Pepperoni & Hard Salami Party Tray28 oz.$14.99
Supreme Party Tray39.7 oz.$14.99
Extra Cheesy Pizza $3.49
Chicken Dunks Lunch Combinations $3.49
Ham & American Cracker Stackers $3.49
Pizza with Pepperoni Lunch Combinations4.3 oz.$2.99
Pizza with Pepperoni $3.49
Turkey & Cheddar Cracker Stackers Lunch Combination3.2 oz.$2.99
Turkey and American Cracker Stackers3.2 oz.$2.99
Oscar Mayer Lunchables  
Nachos Cheese Dip & Salsa Lunch Combinations, 1 each $3.49
Lunchables Pepperoni & Mozzarella With Crackers2.25 oz.$2.99


Boar’s Head  
Antipasto Genoa Salame & Picante Provolone Slices4 oz.$7.99
Bellino Bruschetta  
Tomato Topping13 oz$4.99
Italian Pitted Olive Mix9.88 oz.$5.99
Castelvetrano Whole Sicilian Green Olives6.4 oz.$3.99
Spicy Italian Pitted Mix9.88 oz.$5.99
Butterball Pickled Brussel Sprouts $10.99
Brunckhorst’s Boar’s Head  
Uncured Sopressata and Provolone Cheese4 oz.$7.99
Cento Caponata (Eggplant Appetizer)14 oz.$4.49
Cedar’s Mediterranean  
Originals Stuffed Grape Leaves8 oz.$3.99
Antipasto Delight $10.99
Acuo Italian Olives $10.99
Antipasto Hot Pepper & Garlic8 oz.$5.99
Garden Vegetable Bruschetta7.05 oz.$8.99
Greek Pitted Olive $10.99
Greek Mix $10.99
Italian Garlic Mushrooms $10.99
Hot Salad $10.99


Boar’s Head  
Uncured Dry Sausage (Italian Style)7.5 oz.$8.99
Black Bear  
Italian Dry Sausage8 oz.$5.99
Fratelli Beretta  
Hot Dry Sausage8 oz.$8.49
Brunckhorst’s Boar’s Head  
Piccante Uncured Dry Sausage (Italian Style)7.5 oz.$8.99
Goya Chorizos  
2 ct.3 1/2 ozs.$4.49
4 ct.7 ozs.$7.69
Beef Brats Smoked Bratwurst, 6 count12 oz.$4.49
Beddar with Cheddar Smoked Sausage13.5 oz.$3.99
Jalapeño Cheddar Smoked Sausage14 oz.$3.99
Beef Hot Links Smoked Sausage, 6 count12 oz.$4.49
Sausage Strips Maple, 12 Count12 oz.$5.99
Jones Dairy Farm  
All Natural Original Pork Sausage16 oz$6.99

Pre-Sliced Deli

Applegate Naturals  
Black Forest Uncured Ham7 oz.$5.49
Black Forest Uncured Ham Family Pack12 oz.$8.49
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast Family Pack12 oz.$8.49
Uncured Genoa Salami4 oz.$5.99
Smoked Turkey Breast7 oz.$5.99
Applegate Organic  
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast Sliced6 oz.$7.99
Oven Roasted Chicken Breast Sliced6 oz.$7.99
Smoked Chicken Breast6 oz.$7.99
Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh  
Honey Smoked Turkey Breast9 oz.$5.99
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast9 oz.$5.99
Smoked Turkey Breast9 oz.$5.99
Black Bear  
Buffalo Style Chicken Breast7 oz.$7.49
99% Fat Free Mesquite Smoked Turkey Breast7 oz.$7.49
Catering Style Turkey Breast7 oz.$7.49
Cooked Ham7 oz.$4.49
Classico Genoa Salami6 oz.$3.99
Gourmet Chicken Breast7 oz.$7.49
German Bologna7 oz.$3.49
Sweet Sopressata Italian Style Salami8 oz.$5.99
Sandwich Pepperoni6 oz.$3.99

ShopRite Deli Pricing and Specials

The prices at ShopRite deli understandably vary according to the item you purchase.

Deli platters at ShopRite may cost between $50 -$80.  The sides, on the other hand, sell for the range from $4- $35.

ShopRite has many promotions going on every week. Some may apply to large orders while others could be seasonal offers.

Currently, there are a few price reductions on certain deli items including bologna, buffalo sauce, ham, etc.

You may get a few bucks off when you buy drinks in bulk with digital coupons at ShopRite Deli.

You would love to know that ShopRite deli has an excellent rewards program with their Price Plus club card, allowing you to earn points and save money on your orders.

ShopRite Deli Order Pick-Up and Delivery

ShopRite delis across the states are open for picking up your orders.

ShopRite Deli simultaneously offers delivery with order express.

You may order deli platters, sides, entrées, and desserts and get them delivered to your preferred location with them.

The delivery typically costs around $12 with the other fees (service charges etc.) Please note that the delivery fees are liable to change with the mileage and the total price of your order.

Delivery, pick-up, and curbside pickup are the standard delivery options at ShopRite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ShopRite Carry Boars’ Head Deli Meat?

Absolutely. The ShopRite deli sells all sorts of delis from Boar’s Head brand.

Liverwurst, roast beef, salami, bologna, ham, and turkey are some of the Boar’s head deli meat at ShopRite.

Does Shoprite Sell Boar’s Head Cold Cuts?

Of course. ShopRite Deli sells Boar’s head cold cuts in their stores with various slicing options – shaved, thickly or thinly sliced, etc.

Where is ShopRite Meat From?

ShopRite deli sources its meat from family-owned farms. This assures the quality of meat with zero growth hormones.

Is Shoprite Meat Good?

ShopRite meat is of excellent quality. The meat comes from pasture-fed animals with zero antibiotics, enabling you to have top-quality meat with a great taste.

What is Order Express ShopRite?

Order express at ShopRite is a digital platform where you could order ShopRite products – deli, cheese, desserts, and other catering items.

You get to order, pay online and add your preferred delivery method.