Wawa Breakfast Menu Prices in 2024

Wawa breakfast menu includes all varieties for an outstanding breakfast.

From burritos, hoagies, bowls, and bagels, to toasts, sandwiches, Paninis, and rolls, Wawa serves everything for breakfast.

Among all of its breakfast items, the most popular ones are the Sizzlis.

People love having Sizzlis for breakfast because they are high in nutrition and boost energy & stamina for the day.

Also, Wawa prepares these daily with fresh and premium quality ingredients and secret sauces to ensure greater taste. Sizzlis include the following three options.

  • Bagel egg, bacon, and cheese
  • Bagel egg, sausage, and cheese
  • Waffle egg, sausage, and cheese

Besides these, Wawa’s breakfast burritos are also delicious and come in various flavors.

You can customize these by choosing either ham, beef, chicken, smoked bacon, sausage, etc.

Wawa’s breakfast sandwiches also come in three varieties i.e., biscuit sandwiches, bagel sandwiches, and ciabatta sandwiches.

Within each of these types, you will find further subcategories to order. Visit the Wawa breakfast menu for more details.

Wawa Breakfast Items

Here is a brief look into Wawa’s breakfast menu items.

Breakfast Sizzlis

Wawa’s Sizzlis are the most popular and available in three varieties, as discussed above.

These Sizzli’s are the perfect pick to boost your energy and stamina for the day.

Breakfast Burritos

Burritos also come in 3 varying flavors: scrambled eggs, egg white omelet, and egg omelet.

All of these are taste-rich and nutritious for an energetic morning.

Breakfast Bowls

Wawa offers to create your own bowl by choosing your favorite ingredients.

Breakfast Sandwiches

At Wawa, there are tons of varieties of breakfast sandwiches.

For example, they include biscuit sandwiches, bagel sandwiches, and Ciabatta sandwiches.

Under each of these, there are further subcategories.

Other Items

Besides these main courses, Wawa also offers hoagies, Quesadillas, Panini, loose rolls, sides, and avocado toasts for breakfast.

Wawa Breakfast Menu – Quesadilla

Ingredients: Oven Roasted Turkey, Garlic Aioli, Fresh Salsa, Plain Cream Cheese, Tortilla, Spinach, Egg Omelet, Spicy Cherry Pepper Relish, Tomato, Black Beans

Egg Omelet / Egg White Omelet 
Egg & Spicy Turkey$6.49
Egg & Garlic Smoked Turkey$6.49
Black Bean & Egg$6.49
Ham & Egg$6.49

Breakfast Burritos

Ingredients: Beef Steak, Tortilla Burrito, Fresh Salsa, Spinach, Egg White Omelet, Cheddar, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Chicken Steak, Pepper Jack

Egg White Omelet / Egg Omelet 
Applewood Smoked Bacon$5.39
Egg White$5.39
Pulled Pork$5.99

Biscuit Sandwiches

Chicken Biscuit Sandwiches
Chicken Strips & Biscuit

Breakfast Hoagies

Egg White Omelet / Egg Omelet 
Applewood Smoked Bacon$6.89
Egg White$6.89
Roast Beef$7.59
Oven Roasted Turkey$6.89
Honey Smoked Turkey$6.89

Breakfast Bowl

Signature Recipes
Ingredients: Applewood Smoked Bacon, Syrup Cup, Egg Omelet
Bacon & Egg Omelet$5.29
Bacon & Maple Waffles$4.89
Create Your Own
Ingredients: Syrup, Waffle, Egg Omelet, Marble Rye Toast, Biscuit, Multi Grain Toast
Egg Omelet$5.29
Maple Waffles$4.89
Marble Rye$4.89
Multigrain Toast$4.89

Toasted Bagels and More

Everything Bagel$1.79
Plain Bagel$1.39
Wheat Classic Roll$1.49
White Toast$1.19
Marble Rye Toast$1.19
Multigrain Wheat Toast$1.19

Breakfast Panini

Ingredients: Panini Bread, Meat, Egg Omelet, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Sausage Patty, Salsa, Creamy Chipotle, Pepper Jack, Spicy Cherry Pepper Relish, Roasted Veggies, Provolone, Ranch Dressing, Spinach, Lite Plain Cream Cheese & Garlic Aioli

Egg Omelet / Egg White Omelet 
Applewood Smoked Bacon$8.09
Oven Roasted Turkey$8.09
Honey Smoked Turkey$8.09
Southwest Chipotle Bacon$8.09
Sausage Patty$8.09
Spicy Bacon$8.09
Garlic Sausage$8.09
Cali Style Veggie$8.09
Cali Style Turkey and Bacon Ranch$8.09
Cali Style Cheesy Turkey and Bacon$8.09

Omelet Sandwiches

Ingredients: Cheddar, Egg White Omelet, Marble Rye, Multi Grain Bread, Egg Omelet

Omelet Sandwiches 
Ham Egg White$6.89
Ham Egg$6.89

Avocado Toast

Ingredients: Bacon Strips,Garlic Aioli, Grated Parmesan, Salt, Pepper, Creamy Chipotle Sauce, Fresh Salsa

No Scrambled Eggs 
Custom Avocado$4.59
Applewood Smoked Bacon Avocado$4.59
Southwest Chipotle Avocado$4.59
Garlic Parmesan Avocado$4.59

Bagel Sandwiches

Ingredients: Oven Roasted Turkey, Ham, Plain Bagel, Cheddar, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Everything Bagel, Mayo, American, Spinach, Tomato, Cucumbers, Yellow Egg Omelet, Salsa

Turkey Breakfast Club$7.59
Veggie & Cream Cheese Bagel$3.59

Loose Rolls and Bagels

Shorti Roll$1.39
Wheat Classic Roll$1.49
Classic Roll$1.49
Everything Bagel$1.79
Plain Bagel$1.39

Breakfast Sides


Wawa Breakfast Nutrition & Calories

Wawa breakfast menu’s nutrition and calories depend on which item you choose.

For example, a waffle sausage egg & cheese Sizzli contains 710 calories while a chicken biscuit sandwich contains 520 calories.

Wawa’s website has a nutrition calculator from which you can calculate your meal’s nutrition and calories.

Wawa Breakfast Times (When Serves and Stops)

Wawa breakfast time starts immediately as the store opens, i.e. at 05:00 am. However, it stops serving breakfast at 11:00 am daily.

No matter whether it’s a weekday or weekend, Wawa breakfast hours remain the same i.e., 05:00 am to 11:00 am.

Even on special holidays throughout the year, Wawa doesn’t make any changes to its breakfast hours.

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Online Orderhttps://order.wawa.com/web/menu/breakfast

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Wawa Breakfast Burrito Include?

It includes fresh scrambled eggs, your choice of cheese, delicious salsa, sausage, bacon, and veggies wrapped in white tortillas. 

What Are Breakfast Sizzli Hours At Wawa?

Breakfast Sizzli hours at Wawa are from 05:00 am to 11:00 am.

Does Wawa Serve Breakfast All Day?

No, Wawa doesn’t serve breakfast all day. It stops serving breakfast at 11:00 am. 

Is a Vegan/Vegetarian Breakfast Option Available At Wawa?

Yes. You can choose breakfast hoagies with lots of veggies but with no egg for a vegan breakfast at Wawa.

Does Wawa Serve Gluten-Free Breakfast?

Yes, Wawa’s breakfast bowls offer gluten-free customizations.

Does Wawa Allows Customizations For Breakfast Bowl/Sandwich?

Yes. You can customize your breakfast bowl and sandwich at Wawa based on your preferences or taste.

Does Wawa Offers Any Breakfast Promotions or Deals For Breakfast?

Wawa occasionally offers promotions and deals for breakfast.

It also offers exciting discounts on its breakfast menu on special holidays or occasions.