When Does Wawa Stop Serving Breakfast? Wawa Breakfast Times in 2024

Want to know when does Wawa stop serving breakfast? No matter which Wawa location is nearest to you, its breakfast hours are the same worldwide.

At Wawa, they start serving breakfast exactly at 05:00 am and stop serving it at 11:00 am sharp.

Even on weekends, holidays, or any particular day, Wawa serves breakfast during the same breakfast hours without any variations.

Wawa gains a competitive edge by strictly following the daily breakfast hours.

Regardless of the location, you can visit Wawa anytime from 05:00 am to 11:00 am for breakfast.

Although the breakfast starting and closing hours are the same throughout its locations, the menu may differ.

A few items on the breakfast menu may vary based on your location.

For example, you may find variations in freshly made salad bowls and seasonal fruit milkshakes.

However, the main menu remains the same for breakfast at all Wawa stores.

Wawa Breakfast Hours Around Different States

Wawa’s history dates back to 1803 when it was first opened as an iron foundry.

In the 1900s, they upgraded it to a dairy business which was hugely successful in cleanliness and quality.

They kept selling only dairy products until the 20th century when they added more items to their menu.  

Till now, Wawa doesn’t only serve fresh and yummiest breakfast, but also lunch and dinner.

They also deal in coffees, beverages, Wawa milk, catering services, and also fuel services.

Almost all of the Wawa stores operate 24/7 without any off days or off hours.

Breakfast is also available every day from 05:00 am to 11:00 am at all of its locations.

There are no variations found among its breakfast hours across different locations. For more info, look at the table below.

StateBreakfast Hours
Oklahoma5am – 11am
Alabama5am – 11am
California5am – 11am
Texas5am – 11am
Florida5am – 11am
West Virginia5am – 11am
Tennessee5am – 11am
Nebraska5am – 11am

What Time Does Wawa Start Serving Breakfast?

Wawa starts serving breakfast at 05:00 am from Monday to Sunday.

No matter whether it’s a weekday or the weekend, breakfast serving hours remain the same.

The store has a strict policy to start serving breakfast early morning, i.e., at 05:00 am.

The reason is that the majority of people have to reach their offices early morning.

Many of them even need to travel an hour or so via trains or subways before reaching the office.

Due to their tough early morning schedule, Wawa brings them greater ease to enjoy the fresh, hot, and yummiest breakfast.

Through this, Wawa assures that no one misses breakfast or compromises on the nutrition or quality of it. 

What Time Does Wawa Stop Serving Breakfast?

Wawa stops serving breakfast every day at 11:00 am. The breakfast closing hours remain the same on all holidays and weekends.

Throughout the year, they serve and stop serving breakfast at specified times.

The breakfast menu at Wawa includes items that are in high demand for breakfast.

For example, it serves Sizzli’s breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos, bowls, breakfast hoagies, etc.

Everyone loves to have these things in the morning, while people choose lunch or dinner items later on.

Based on this, Wawa locations stop serving the breakfast menu exactly at 11:00 am and switch to the daytime menu.

Does Wawa Serve Breakfast All Day?

No, Wawa doesn’t serve breakfast all day. The breakfast menu at Wawa is available to order at 05:00 am, and they close it at 11:00 am.

Therefore, make sure to visit your nearest Wawa location during these hours for breakfast.

Make sure to follow the hours even if you are ordering breakfast online from their website. 

Can You Order Wawa Breakfast After 11 am?

No, you cannot order Wawa breakfast after 11 am. If you reach Wawa after 11 am, you can choose anything from their lunch menu.

At night, they serve their special dinner menu, which is also full of nutritious and yummiest options.

However you can buy their bowls all day, but the breakfast bowls are slightly different from their daytime bowls.

Does Wawa Do Breakfast Catering?

Yes, Wawa does catering for breakfast. You can take benefit of Wawa breakfast catering for your small to the large-sized event.

They don’t only offer a number of options for breakfast catering but also offer the most economical prices for it.

Also, the quality, taste, and freshness of the breakfast catering menu are up to the mark.

Wawa Breakfast Times on Mobile Apps

Wawa breakfast hours don’t vary across its locations. Instead, they are the same all over the world, i.e., from 05:00 am to 11:00 am.

However, you can check the location by doing the following steps.

  • Visit the Wawa website or open the mobile app.
  • At the top left corner, click on “Find a Wawa.”
  • The store locator page will open. You can find your nearest store by either entering your location or by store number.
  • When you enter the location, a list of the nearest Wawa stores will open.
  • Click on the nearest store to see their operating hours as well as contact information for any query.


What is a Sizzli Wawa?

It is a breakfast sandwich that includes sausage, egg, & cheese, and bacon, egg, & cheese.

What Time Does Wawa Stop Serving Breakfast Sandwiches?

Breakfast sandwiches are included in the breakfast menu only.
You can get them every day from 05:00 am to 11:00 am.

What’s in a Wawa Sizzli Burrito?

It includes egg, cheese, smoked bacon, and fresh fire-roasted vegetables.
All of these are wrapped in fresh and taste-rich flour tortillas.

Does Wawa Sell Breakfast Sausage?

They don’t have separate breakfast sausages on their breakfast menu.
Instead, you can choose a breakfast sandwich with sausages at Wawa.

How Many Calories in a Breakfast Burrito From Wawa?

At Wawa, the breakfast burritos include 290 to 520 calories based on which ingredients you add to your burrito.
Wawa allows you to pick up your favorite ingredients from the given ones to add to the burritos.
For example, you can add smoked bacon, cheese steak, veggies, sausages, eggs, etc.

Does Wawa Have Eggs?

Yes, Wawa’s burritos come up with scrambled eggs and omelets.
Moreover, they also serve egg bites for breakfast.

What is An Egg Bite At Wawa?

An egg bite at Wawa contains bite-sized small eggs, which are baked and covered with bacon and cheese.

Does Wawa Always Have Food?

Yes. Wawa operates 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You will always find something to eat from Wawa.

What is Wawa Most Famous For?

Wawa is famous for its fresh and made-to-order food as well as quality dairy products.

How Many Calories in a Wawa Croissant?

It comes up with approx. 200 calories only.