Zaxby’s Catering Menu & Prices 2023

Zaxby’s catering menu has got you covered for your next big event of yours. Visit their website and order one of their Platterz or their Boxed Lunches.

The first category on their catering menu is Wings and Fingerz. These are wings tossed in choice of your sauce and seasoned to perfection.

You can order their Chicken Fingerz Platter or their Wings Platter. You can have them old-style, with the bone in, or have them boneless, your pick.

There’s also a Zampler Platter where you can have those Chicken Fingerz and Wings both.

There’s also an option to pair Buffalo Fingerz with their Wings in the Zampler Platter.

Lastly, there’s a Nibblerz Platter which consists of 20 Nibbler Sandwiches.

The next section on Zaxby’s catering menu is Zalads. They also offer bars of each Zalad option you pick. There are three signature Zalads they serve.

There’s House, a toss of cucumbers, tomatoes, fried onions, cheddar jack cheese, and Texas toast.

Next is Cobb, which has the same ingredients as the House Zalad, but has delectable add-ons: bacon and hard-boiled eggs.

Lastly, there’s the Garden House, which is a fresh mixture of leafy mixed greens, red cabbage, and carrots, along with all the ingredients of the House.

Their catering menu also offers sides such as the Texas Toast Platter, the Tater Chips Platter, and Cole Slaw.

There are cookies and drinks as well, including their Signature Iced Tea and canned sodas.

This menu also features a large variety of Zaxby’s Boxed Lunches.

These lunches include the following options: Zaxby’s Signature Sandwich, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Individual Big Zalad, 2 Nibbler Sandwiches, 5 Boneless Wings, and Chicken Fingerz.

Anything on this menu can be ordered with Zaxby’s delicious sauces, the Zax Sauce, Spicy Zax Sauce, Ranch, and Honey Mustard.

Zaxbys Platters Menu

ItemsSize/ QuantityCaloriesServesPrice
Sauced Fingerz
(Tossed in Tongue Torch or Personal Favorite of Mouthwatering Sauces & Ranch Sauce.)
40 pcs5030 – 606012-14$55.99
Chicken Fingerz
(Hand-Breaded, Served with Zax Sauce)
Regular (40)492012-14$51.99
Large (60)791015-19$71.99
Traditional Wings
(Tossed in Personal Choice of Mouthwatering Sauces & Ranch Sauce)
40 pcs4150 – 484012-14$55.99
Boneless Wings
(Tossed in Personal Choice of Mouthwatering Sauces, Served with Ranch Sauce)
60 pcs4940 – 605012-14$51.99
Chicken Fingerz & Boneless Wings Zampler
(Boneless Wings & Chicken Fingerz, served with Ranch Sauce & Buffalo Fingerz or Zax Sauce, Served with Ranch Sauce. 20 Chicken Fingerz & 30 Boneless Wings)
Regular Fingerz12-14$52.99
Sauced Fingerz$57.99
Chicken Fingerz & Traditional Wings Zampler (Traditional Wings & Chicken Fingerz, served with Wings Ranch Sauce & Buffalo Fingerz or Zax Sauce, Served with Ranch Sauce, 20 Chicken Fingerz & 20 Traditional Wings)Regular Fingerz5550 – 664012-14$56.99
Sauced Fingerz$60.99
Tater Chips
(Served With Ranch Dipping Sauce)
7690 – 769012-14$19.99
(Classic Chicken Fingerz Tucked in Toasted Buns & Served with Zax Sauce)
20 pcs6500 – 650012-14$41.99
Texas Toast$11.99

Zaxby’s Boxed Lunches

Grilled Chicken Sandwich
(Chicken Breast on a Toasted Bun. Served With Tomato, Lettuce, & Mayo On The Side)
970 – 1180$8.99
Zaxby’s Signature Sandwich
(3 Thick-Cut Pickle Chips, Served with Spicy Zax Sauce & Zax Sauce On The Side)
1440 – 1650$10.99
(Includes Two Snack-Sized Nibblerz )
1130 – 1340$10.29
(Served With Zax Sauce)
2830 – 1320$14.99
House Zalad
(Includes Carrots, Mixed Greens, Red Cabbage, Roma Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Fried Onions, Jack Cheese & Cheddar, Topped With Grilled Chicken, Or Fried, Slice Of Texas Toast With Chocolate Chip Cookie +$1.00)
570 – 870
Boneless Wings
(Five Boneless Wings Tossed In Personal Choice Of Mouthwatering Sauces)
790 – 1260$9.99
Cobb Zalad
(Served With Fried Or Grilled Chicken, Mixed Greens, Carrots, Red Cabbage, Roma Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Fried Onions, Bacon, Jack Cheeses & Cheddar, A Hard-Boiled Egg, All Boxed Up With Texas Toast)
690 – 990

Zaxbys Salad Platterz

(Serve Up Grilled Chicken, Fried Chicken Fingerz, Or A Combo Of Both Over Red Cabbage, Mixed Greens, Carrots, Roma Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Bacon, Hard-Boiled Eggs, Fried Onions, Jack Cheeses & Cheddar, & Personal Choice Of Up To Five Dressings, Includes Texas Toast Platter)
4950 – 581012-14
(Pick Between Grilled Chicken, Fried Chicken Fingerz, Or A Combo Of Both, Served On A Bed Of Red Cabbage, Mixed Greens, Carrots, Roma Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Fried Onions, Jack Cheeses & Cheddar, & Personal Choice Of Up To Five Dressings, Texas Toast Platter On The Side)
4150 – 501012-14
(Red Cabbage, Mixed Greens, Carrots, Roma Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Fried Onions, Jack Cheeses & Cheddar, & Personal Choice Of Up To Five Dressings, Includes Texas Toast Platter)
3260 – 326012-14

Sides, Desserts, Sauces & Drinks

Texas Toast Platter$11.99
Tater Chips Platter
(Served With Ranch Dipping Sauce, serves 12-14)
7690 – 7690$19.99
(Includes Carrots Mixed & Diced Cabbage With Signature Dressing, A Small 8 oz. serves 2 & Large 32 oz. serves 8)
Cookie Platter
(Chocolate Chip Cookies, Regular 12 & Large 36 Cookies)
Extra Sauce 8 oz.120-1040$1.50
Spicy Zax Sauce (Medium Hot)
Zax Sauce
Honey Mustard
Ranch Sauce
Tongue Torch (Medium Hot)
Wimpy (Mild)
Hot Honey Mustard (Mild)
Nuclear (Hot)
Sweet & Spicy (Mild)
Gallon Of Sweet Tea1750$6.99
Gallon Of Unsweetened Tea$6.99

Zaxbys Delivery Methods

These services differ from location to location. Call your local Zaxby’s to confirm the availability of your preferred service.

Drive ThruAvailable
Home DeliveryAvailable
Curbside PickupAvailable

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People Also Ask

What Does The Zax Sauce Taste Like?

The Zax Sauce’s taste is a creamy combination that has a taste of both honey mustard and ketchup.

This sauce is made up of ketchup, mayonnaise, vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce, along with a few spices.

When Was Zaxby’s Founded and Where?

Zaxby’s was founded in 1990 at Statesboro, Georgia.

Who is The Founder of Zaxby’s?

Zaxby’s founder and CEO is Zach McLeroy.

Why is Zaxby’s Named That?

Zach McLeroy developed the unique and powerfully flavored Zax sauce, which resulted in the restaurant’s name, as well as many words on the menu containing the letter Z.

What Kind of Payment Methods Does Zaxby’s Accept?

Zaxby’s accepts cash, debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, and Apple Pay as payment methods. You can also cash in rewards and coupons.

Final Words

If it’s your first time ordering from Zaxby’s, we’d recommend their chicken sandwiches.

Their twelve distinct sauces, their signature chicken, their iconic sandwiches, and their unique way of naming menu items set them apart from other fast food chains.

However, there have been some complaints about their customer service, which can affect their business adversely.

Let’s hope that the chain learns from its mistakes, and improves across all 900 locations it has across the country.