Wingstop Menu With Prices 2024 (12 Delicious Wings Flavors)

Wingstop is known for the ultimate range of wing flavors it offers. It offers 12 fantastic flavors, so choosing the one from them that best suits can be a challenging task for you.

Wingstop allows you to manage the amount of heat in your wings. Not only that, but you can also choose from bone-in and boneless wings and if you want them to be wet or dry.

We are here to guide you about the Wingstop menu with prices and other details so you can easily choose the best.

Some of the most popular Wingstop’s Wings menus include different types of flavors like- Lemon Pepper, Original Hot, and Hickory Smoke BBQ.

Along with the delicious options of wings, they also offer tenders, sides, chicken sandwiches, soft drinks, and brownies on the dessert menu.

Wingstop Menu PDF

Wingstop Wings Combo Menu

Boneless Wing Combo-(S, 6pc)797-1720$10.99
Classic Wing Combo-(S, 6pc)737-1660$11.69
Mix and Match Wing Combo-(S, 6pc)737-1720$11.69
Boneless Wing Combo-(M, 8pc)957 – 1940$12.99
Classic Wing Combo-(M, 8pc)877 – 1860$13.69
Mix and Match Wing Combo-(M, 8pc)877 – 1940$13.69
Boneless Wing Combo-(L, 10pc)1117 – 2160$14.99
Classic Wing Combo-(L, 10pc)1017 – 2060$15.69
Mix and Match Wing Combo-(L, 10pc)1017 – 2160$15.69

Dips and Wingstop Flavors Menu

Dips Regular Bleu Cheese310$1.29
Dips Regular Ranch310$1.29
Dips of Regular Honey Mustard360$1.29
Dips Large Bleu Cheese1550$4.99
Dips Large Ranch1550$4.99
Dips Large Honey Mustard1770 $4.99
Regular Cheese Sauce240$2.79
Small Cheese Sauce130$1.49
Large Cheese Sauce640$4.59
Mango Habanero-Side of Flavor155$1.29
Atomic-Side of Flavor5$1.29
Original Hot-Side of Flavor5$1.29
Cajun-Side of Flavor5$1.29
Louisiana Rub-Side of Flavor175$1.29
Spicy Korean Q-Side of Flavor85$1.29
Hickory Smoked BBQ-Side of Flavor80$1.29
Mild-Side of Flavor185$1.29
Garlic Parmesan-Side of Flavor240$1.29
Lemon Pepper-Side of Flavor165 $1.29
Hawaiian-Side of Flavor80$1.29

Wings Group Packs

Boneless Meal For Two-15pc1829 – 3710$22.69
Classic Meal For Two-15pc1679 – 3560$24.29
Mix and Match Meal For Two-15pc1679 – 3710$24.29
Boneless Family Pack-24pc3-42866 – 4518$33.29
Classic Family Pack-24pc3-42626 – 4278$35.29
Mix and Match Family Pack-24pc3-42626 – 4518$35.29
Boneless Crew Pack-30pc4-53346 – 5178 $39.59
Classic Crew Pack-30pc4-53046 – 4878$43.49
Mix and Match Crew Pack-30pc4-53046 – 5178$43.49
Boneless Group Pack-40pc5-64463 – 6662$51.39
Classic Group Pack-40pc5-64063 – 6262$57.49
Mix and Match Group Pack-40pc5-64063 – 6662$57.49
Boneless Party Pack-50pc6-95268 – 8522$66.39
Classic Party Pack-50pc6-94768 – 8022$70.39
Mix and Match Party Pack-50pc6-94768 – 8522$70.39
Boneless Pack-75pc9-137902 – 12864 $98.39
Classic Pack-75pc9-137152 – 12114$104.99
Mix and Match Pack-75pc9-137152 – 12864 $104.99
Boneless Pack-100pc13+10536 – 17152$132.59
Classic Pack-100pc13+9536 – 16152 $134.79
Mix and Match Pack-100pc13+9536 – 17152$134.79

Wings by The Piece

Boneless Wings-10pc800 – 1100$11.99
Classic Wings-10pc700 – 1000 $12.99
Mix and Match Wings-10pc700 – 1100$12.99
Boneless Wings-15pc1200 – 1650$17.99
Classic Wings-15pc1050 – 1500$19.39
Mix and Match Wings-15pc1050 – 1650$19.39
Boneless Wings-20pc1600 – 2200$22.99
Classic Wings-20pc1400 – 2000 $25.66
Mix and Match Wings-20pc1400 – 2200$25.66
Boneless Wings-30pc2400 – 3300 $35.29
Classic Wings-30pc2100 – 3000 $38.29
Mix and Match Wings-230pc2100 – 3300$38.29
Boneless Wings-50pc4000 – 5500$58.99
Classic Wings-50pc3500 – 5000$63.09
Mix and Match Wings-50pc3500 – 5500$63.09
Boneless Wings-75pc6000 – 8250$83.99
Classic Wings-75pc5250 – 7500 $90.89
Mix and Match Wings-75pc5250 – 8250$90.89
Boneless Wings-100pc8000 – 11000$110.99
Classic Wings-100pc7000 – 10000$120.89
Mix and Match Wings-100pc7000 – 11000$120.89

Wingstop Tenders

Crispy Tender Combo-(S, 3pc)410 – 1375 $9.59
Crispy Tender Combo-(L, 5pc)625 – 1595$11.99
Crispy Tender And Meal For 2-8pc1035 – 2915$19.99
Crispy Tenders-4pc (Customizable)490 – 800$7.99
Crispy Tenders-7pc (Customizable)870 – 1490 $12.79
Crispy Tenders-15pc1800 – 2730$22.99
Crispy Tenders-20pc2400 – 3640$30.99
Crispy Tenders-30pc3500 – 4740$41.69

Wingstop Chicken Sandwich

Combo Chicken Sandwich-New!948-2074$7.99
Chicken Sandwich-New!938-1279$5.49

Specials Menu

All-In Bundle3-4$22.99
Boneless Meal Deal3-4$16.99

Sides Menu

Large Seasoned Fries710$4.99
Regular Seasoned Fries390 $2.99
Large Cheese Fries890$5.99
Regular Cheese Fries500 $3.99
Large Louisiana Voodoo Fries940$5.99
Regular Louisiana Voodoo Fries540$4.99
Large Buffalo Ranch Fries800 $5.99
Regular Buffalo Ranch Fries450$4.99
Large Cajun Fried Corn-10pc600$5.99
Regular Cajun Fried Corn-5pc300$3.99
Only Carrots – Veggie Sticks17$1.99
Veggie Sticks25 $1.99
Only Celery – Veggie Sticks$1.99

Drinks Desserts Menu

Water Bottled-Dasani16.9 Oz$2.29+
Soft Drinks20 Oz2 – 285$2.49
Soft Drinks32 Oz4 – 455$2.99
Simply Lemonade52 Oz840$4.99
Triple – Chocolate Chunk Brownie430$2.49

Best Seller Items of Wingstop

Wingstop Wings have been well-known for years. Their signature flavor makes them stand first out from the rest items.

Here are some of their best and most popular items that are definitely worth trying:

01. Lemon Pepper Wings

Lemon pepper wings are one of the most delicious items on the Wingstop menu.

Due to added hearty pepper and lemon zest, their signature taste makes people crave Wingstop wings more often. You can get the wings plain or dipped in their signature sauce.

02. Hickory Smoked BBQ Wings

The Hickory Smoked BBQ Wings have the perfect BBQ flavor you’d love in any BBQ-flavored fast food.

They are extra smoky and perfectly tangy. The sauce on them gives them the perfect amount of heat.

03. Atomic Wings

You won’t find such amazing wings at any other place like the Wingstop Atomic wings.

They are packed with a punch of flavor and are the spiciest you can order at Wingstop. You can get them either plain or dipped in sauce.

04. Garlic Parmesan Wings

These wings are packed with flavor. They are covered in flaky cheese, salt, and garlic flavor. If you prefer the taste of garlic bread, you’d love these wings too.

Garlic Parmesan Wings
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05. Chicken Sandwich

It is one of the newest items on the Wingstop menu. You can get a chicken burger of the flavor of your choice. It comes with pickles and a dip.

You can choose from many flavors, including crispy chicken with lemon zest, mango habanero, and hickory smoked barbecue.

06. Seasoned Fries

Unlike other fast food places, Wingstop offers freshly cut fries instead of frozen ones.

The fries are tossed with signature seasonings, including onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, paprika, chili powder, brown sugar, and sugar.

You can get their signature cajun seasoning, ranch, and cheese sauce with the fries.

07. Cajun Fried Corn

Off-the-cob corn is boring, so Wingstop offers corn on the cob that is cut into small pieces, making it more convenient to eat.

This delicious fried corn is served with the fry seasoning, along with their signature cajun seasoning. It is a delicious healthy treat that won’t affect your diet at all.

08. Triple Chocolate Chunk Brownie

If you are somebody who’d like to enjoy a sweet treat after having a spicy and flavorful meal of tenders, wings, and chicken sandwiches, these brownies are definitely the ones you’d love to have.

They come with a perfect blend of chocolate chips and chunks, making them an experience.

How To Order From Wingstop

Wingstop is open throughout the week and even at the weekends. They open at 10:30 in the morning & close at midnight.

You can get carryout from them and just like other fast food chains they also deliver at your doorstep.

You can choose from meal deals, combos, chicken sandwiches, specials, wing combos, wing group packs, sides, dips, drinks, and desserts.

Select the meal you want, then enter your location if you wish to deliver.

The Wingstop allergen menu claims that any of their food does not contain tree nuts or peanuts.

The ordering process is straightforward. You just have to open their app or website and select the combo, deal, or items you like.

Then select the carryout or delivery option. Then enter your area’s zip code or address in the specified box.

After that, you will be able to see the prices according to your area and other options like flavors, dips, and spice levels.

Then Place your order. Receive or pick up your ordered food & enjoy it.

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Wingstop Starting Journey

Wingstop is a famous fast food chain widely known in the UK, US, and around the globe for its diverse and flavorful wings.

They started in Garland, Texas, as a small buffalo-style chicken wing restaurant in 1994, and now they have more than 1500 restaurants.

Their excellent recipes, outstanding freshly prepared food, and superior customer service helped them make it among the fastest-growing restaurants.

They were able to offer franchises at different locations in 1997 and became a fan favorite within no time.

In 2010, they went global and opened their first international restaurant outside of the US in Mexico.

They went public in 2015 and later opened many franchises in many other states. In 2019, they launched their tagline and continued nationwide delivery.

Right now, they offer more than 20 different flavors, and their mission since they opened is to offer flavor to the world.

Nutrition Facts
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What is Wingstop Known For?

Wingstop is known for its incredible collection of wings and all the unique flavors they offer.

The fact that makes them stand out from the rest of the fast food places is that all their food items are prepared fresh. They do not freeze their food.

What Wing Flavors Does Wingstop Offer?

The 11 signature wings that are offered at every single restaurant of Wingstop include the spiciest Atomic flavor, Mango Habanero flavor, Cajun flavor, Original Hot flavor, Mild, Spicy Korean Q flavor, Garlic Parmesan flavor, Lemon Pepper flavor, Hawaiian, Hickory Smoked BBQ, and Louisiana Rub.

Does Boneless Wings and Bone-in Wings Taste Different?

Although the taste is the same, the boneless wings are a bit dry. Alternatively, the bone-in wings do not lose their juices when they are fried and hence are juicier.

Are Winsgtop Wings Frozen?

According to their claim, Wingstop wings are always made fresh. They are not frozen. Even their fries are also freshly cut and prepared.

Does Wingstop Allow Tips?

Yes, most Wingstop restaurants allow tips. You can tip them if you want. The Wingstop app also allows you the tip option.

The tips from online customers are then split among all the staff members.

Final Thoughts

You can buy good wings from many places, but if you are looking for a diverse range of flavors and want to have wings that are superior in quality, there’s no better option than Wingstop.

You can order the combos and deals that best suit you. They also allow you to calculate wings based on the number of people and a spice meter for any spice tolerance level.

So whether you want to enjoy fast food alone or want to order food with a bunch of friends, Wingstop is the best.

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