Zaxby’s Menu With Prices List (Updated 2024)

Zaxby’s menu with prices is here to amaze you with its superb meals at the best prices.

At Zaxby’s, they serve 6 finger/wings meals, 7 sandwich meals, 2 Salads, 2 kids meals, and 11 sides & extras.

They also offer dessert, drinks, 12 different sauces, and 4 dressings along with 2 family packs.

Zaxby’s chicken, Zaxby’s salad menu, and chicken bacon ranch-loaded fries are the most popular ones for their unique taste.

For covering a larger event, Zaxby’s also offers 9 platters, 3 salad platters, 6 boxed lunches, and 6 sides/drinks/extras. It’s all chicken platters are finger-licking good to rock your day!

To know more details about Zaxby, check out Zaxby’s Menu PDF & Zaxby’s Gluten-free Menu.

Zaxby’s Family Packs

Boneless Wingz (30 Pc)4930$30.09
Chicken Fingerz (20 Pc)4340$30.09
Chicken Fingerz (21 Pc) – Sauced4340$34.29

Specials Menu

Chicken Bacon Ranch Loaded Fries – With Chicken1310 – 1310$7.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch Loaded Fries – Without Chicken1310 – 1310$5.99

Zaxby’s Salads Menu

Grilled Cobb Zalad530 – 820$9.69
Grilled House Zalad- 410 – 700$9.49
Fried House Zalad410 – 700$9.49
Garden House Zalad 410 – 700$6.59
Garden Cobb Zalad530 – 820$6.89
Fried Cobb Zalad530 – 820$9.69

Zaxby’s Chicken Menu (Fingers & Wings)

Big Zax Snak- Sauced961 – 1390$8.39
8 Boneless Wings1220 – 1680$8.49
Wings and Things Regular (Fingerz)1480 – 2050$12.99
Traditional Wings1070 – 1480$9.99
Chicken Finger Plate with 6 Fingers1192 – 1520$11.69
Chicken Finger Plate with 5 Fingers1191 – 1520$10.69
Chicken Finger Plate with 4 Fingers1190 – 1520$9.69
Boneless Wings1010 – 1420$7.99
Big Zax Snak- Regular960 – 1390$7.99
Wings and Things (Boneless)1480 – 2050$10.99

Zaxby’s Chicken Sandwich Menu

Sandwich- Spicy Signature – meal740 – 1400$8.49
Sandwich- Signature Club – meal1190 – 1520$8.99
Sandwich- Grilled Chicken – meal800 – 1130$7.89
Sandwich- Signature Club (sandwich only)1190 – 1520$6.89
Sandwich- Grilled Chicken (sandwich only)800 – 1130$5.09
Sandwich- Signature (sandwich only)1060 – 1390$5.79
Sandwich -Kickin Chicken with meal1060 – 1390$8.29
Sandwich -Kickin Chicken (sandwich only)1060 – 1390$5.19
Sandwich- Signature – meal 1060 – 1390$8.49
Sandwich- Spicy Signature Club (sandwich only)810 – 1520$6.89
Sandwich- 3 Nibblerz- meal1330 – 1660 $8.29
Sandwich- 3 Nibblerz (sandwich only)1330 – 1660 $6.19
Sandwich- Spicy Signature (sandwich only)740 – 1400$5.79
Sandwich- Spicy Signature Club -meal810 – 1520$8.99

Zax Kidz

Kiddie Fingerz700 – 810$5.09
Kiddie Cheese730 – 840$5.09

Sides, Fingerz, Wings & Extras

5 pieces of Chicken Fingerz sauced670 – 3130$7.99
Pickles (Fried)800 – 800$4.79
5 pieces of Chicken Fingerz 670 – 3130$6.89
10 pieces of Chicken Fingerz 670 – 3130$12.99
10 pieces of Chicken Fingerz sauced670 – 3130$15.49
20 pieces of Chicken Fingerz sauced670 – 3130$29.99
White Cheddar Bites -Fried 890 – 890$4.79
5 pieces of Boneless Wings 530-2050$6.09
20 pieces of Chicken Fingerz670 – 3130$24.49
5 pieces of Traditional Wings 580 – 2290$7.99
20 pieces of Boneless Wings530-2050$18.39
20 pieces of Traditional Wings580 – 2290$27.59
Coleslaw- Cup140$1.09
Extra Chicken Finger -sauced101 – 130$1.59
10 pieces of Boneless Wings530-2050$10.19
Crinkle Fries- Large330 – 530$2.59
Texas Toast- Basket 450 – 450$1.79
10 pieces of Traditional Wings580 – 2290$14.39
Chicken Bacon Ranch Loaded Fries- without chicken1020$5.99
Extra Chicken Finger100 – 130$1.39
Crinkle Fries- Regular330 – 530$2.19
The Nibbler330$1.89
Chicken Bacon Ranch Loaded Fries- with chicken1310$7.99
Texas Toast- Basket (Dry)450 – 450$1.79

Zaxby’s Sauces & Dressings

Extra Sauce-Bbq20 – 190$0.25
Extra Sauce- Wimpy20 – 190$0.25
Extra Sauce- Sweet & Spicy20 – 190$0.25
Extra Sauce- Hot Honey Mustard20 – 190$0.25
Extra Sauce- Ranch20 – 190$0.25
Extra Sauce- Teriyaki20 – 190$0.25
Extra Sauce-Honey Mustard20 – 190$0.25
Extra Sauce-Zax Sauce20 – 190$0.25
Extra Sauce- Tongue Torch20 – 190$0.25
Extra Sauce-Spicy Zax Sauce20 – 190$0.25
Extra Sauce-Nuclear20 – 190$0.25
Extra Sauce- Buffalo Garlic Blaze20 – 190$0.25
Extra Dressing- Lite Vinaigrette35$0.25
Extra Dressing-Blue Cheese180$0.25
Extra Dressing-Honey Mustard150$0.25
Extra Dressing- Ranch160$0.25

Desserts Menu

Chocolate Chip Cookie- One Piece170$1.09
Chocolate Chip Cookie- Three Piece500$2.29


Diet Coke- Large0 – 650 $2.69
Coke Zero- Large0 – 650 $2.69
Coke Zero- Medium0 – 650 $2.49
Dr. Pepper- Medium0 – 650 $2.49
Coke- Small0 – 650 $2.29
Coke- Medium0 – 650 $2.49
Lemonade (Minute Maid – Medium0 – 650 $2.49
Diet Coke- Small0 – 650 $2.29
Diet Coke-Medium0 – 650 $2.49
Coke- Large0 – 650 $2.69
Coke Zero- Small0 – 650 $2.29
Sprite- Large0 – 650 $2.69
Fruit Punch (Hi-C)- Small0 – 650 $2.29
Sprite- Small0 – 650 $2.29
Sprite- Medium0 – 650 $2.49
Diet Dr. Pepper- Large0 – 650 $2.69
Lemonade (Minute Maid – Small0 – 650 $2.29
Diet Dr. Pepper- Small0 – 650 $2.29
Lemonade (Minute Maid)- Large0 – 650 $2.69
Fruit Punch (Hi-C)- Medium0 – 650 $2.49
Fruit Punch (Hi-C)- Large0 – 650 $2.69
Dr. Pepper- Small0 – 650 $2.29
Cherry flavored Fanta – Large0 – 650 $2.69
Dr. Pepper- Large0 – 650 $2.69
Strawberry flavored Fanta – Large0 – 650 $2.69
Diet Dr. Pepper- Medium0 – 650 $2.49
Strawberry flavored Lemonade (Minute Maid)- – Small0 – 650 $2.29
Strawberry flavored Fanta – Small0 – 650 $2.29
Strawberry flavored Fanta – Medium0 – 650 $2.49
Tea with sugar- Large0 – 650 $2.69
Cherry flavored Fanta – Small0 – 650 $2.29
Cherry flavored Fanta – Medium0 – 650 $2.49
Tea without sugar – Medium0 – 650 $2.49
Root Beer (Barq’s)- Small0 – 650 $2.29
Tea without sugar- Large0 – 650 $2.69
Root Beer (Barq’s)- Large0 – 650 $2.69
Strawberry flavored Lemonade (Minute Maid)- – Medium0 – 650 $2.49
Tea with sugar – Small0 – 650 $2.29
Tea with sugar – Medium0 – 650 $2.49
Tea without sugar – Small0 – 650 $2.29
Root Beer (Barq’s)- Medium0 – 650 $2.49
Strawberry flavored Lemonade (Minute Maid)- Large0 – 650 $2.69

Our Top Choice Meal Items From Zaxby’s Menu

Zaxby’s chicken meals, sandwiches, salads, fries, and sauces are the most selling and popular items.

The reason why they are popular is their quality, freshness, and unique and outclass taste.  Zaxby’s most popular items are described below-

01. Chicken Finger Plate

Zaxby’s allows you to decide if you want 4, 5, or 6 chicken fingers on this plate.

It contains 1190-2090 calories depending on the number of chicken fingers you choose.

You will also get Zax sauce, crinkle fries, coleslaw, and fresh toast with this plate.

02. Great 8 Boneless Wings Meal

These wings are one of the top picks from Zaxby’s gluten-free menu.

With the boneless wings meal, you will get 8 tender and juicy boneless wings with signature sauce, fries, and toast. It contains 1220-1680 calories. 

03. Boneless Wings Meal

With 1010-1420 calories, these boneless wings are also from Zaxby’s gluten-free menu.

They couple it with ranch sauce to take its taste to the next level.

04. Kickin Chicken Sandwich

Kickin sandwich contains 730-1390 calories. It is a blend of chicken fingers and sauces covered in Texas toast.

05. Zaxby’s Signature Sandwich

Chicken breast fillet with Zax sauce in Zaxby’s bread potato bun makes it people’s favorite.

There are about 730 to 1390 calories in only this one signature sandwich.

06. The Cobb Zalad

A colorful, nutrient-rich, and fresh salad plate with lots of ingredients is a must-try!

It includes a mix of green veggies, cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes, and carrots with boiled eggs, bacon, and ranch dressing.

07. The House Zalad

The addition of cheese and Texas toast along with green veggies, boiled egg, and grilled chicken make it worth eating.

08. Chicken Bacon Ranch-Loaded Fries

It comes with 1310 calories and is one of the most popular meals these days. In it, crispy thin-cut fries are topped with cheese, ranch dressing & fried chicken.

09. Zax Sauce & Nuclear Sauce

Zaxby’s sauces are the most popular among people due to being low in calories but greater in taste.

These sauces contain only 20-190 calories per serving and different variations of ingredients for an excellent taste.

How To Place an Order To Zaxby’s

Ordering food from Zaxby’s is very simple and quick. For placing an online-order, complete the following steps:

  • Open the Zaxby’s app, uber eats, or door dash app
  • Select your location and choose your desired items from the options
  • Place your order and sit back for quick delivery
  • Pay when you receive your order

To place a physical order at Zaxby’s, go to the drive-thru, Curbside, or visit the cash counter.

Follow the steps at the drive-thru or ask the salesperson to complete your order at the counter.

For any query regarding placing an order at Zaxby’s, you can contact their customer service number (1 (866) 892-9297) anytime.

History of Zaxby’s

Two childhood friends, Tony and Zach got the idea to start their own food business.

To pursue their mission, they opened the first Zaxby’s branch in 1990 in Georgia.

They start selling the most taste-rich chicken with Zax sauce that Zach used to prepare himself with a secret recipe.

Since the very first day, Zaxby’s was founded to provide quality food to people in a friendly and fun environment.  

After their efforts got successful, they decided to expand it further into different cities and states with an extended menu.

Till now, the total number of Zaxby’s stores in the USA is about 948 and this number is still increasing!

Although Zaxby’s offers a great variety of meals now, its chicken and Zax sauce are still the most famous ones!

However, the people’s favorite Zax sauce recipe is still a secret for them but they love eating it every time!

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Zaxby’s Website
Zaxby’s NutritionNutrition PDF
Zaxby’s Menu
Zaxby’s Catering

People Also Ask

What is The Famous Meal At Zaxby’s?

Out of its all menu, chicken finger plate, and chicken & ranch loaded fries are the most famous at Zaxby’s.

Along with these, Zaxby’s signature sandwich and its Zax sauce is also the most famous one.

What is Zaxby’s Best and Hottest Sauce?

Zaxby’s nuclear sauce is one of the hottest and tastier sauces that incredibly boost the flavor of your meal.

Its nuclear sauce tastes like peppers, oregano, and garlic blend. Besides this, Zaxby’s Zax sauce is also the best and people’s favorite sauce to couple with their meals.

Why Zaxby’s Chicken is So Salty?

One negative side of Zaxby’s meals is that they contain more sodium than their competitors.

For example, Zaxby’s marinate its chicken in a salty mixture and then further dips it in extra salty crumbs.

Research on excessive sodium intake reveals that it imposes adverse impacts on health.

Not everyone likes an extra salty taste, so Zaxby’s must need to work on it.

What Makes Zaxby’s Salads Everyone’s Favorite?

The core reason why Zaxby’s salads are so good and everyone’s favorite is their freshness, quality, and taste.

Their salads contain a great variety of ingredients to offer high nutrients in a single serving.

Moreover, they also add chunks of chicken to their salads to uplift the taste. To further enhance the flavor, Zaxby’s dressings play their part!

Why Zaxby’s Fries Are So Mouth-Watering?

The thing that uplifts the taste of Zaxby’s fries is the addition of a bit of paprika with garlic salt.

Instead of using simple salt, Zaxby’s sprinkle garlic salt with some paprika on fries to meet people’s cravings. 

Also, the special cut of the potatoes for fries also makes them appealing as well as tastier after frying.

Final Thoughts

To treat yourself or to cover a large party, Zaxby’s menu is all you need.

Not only their taste, freshness, and quality, but you will also get more varieties to choose from them.

It’s time to cherish your moments with Zaxby’s chicken fingers, wing plate, salads, and fries. So what are you waiting for?

Browse through the Zaxby’s app or visit your nearest Zaxby’s store to place your order!

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