Baskin Robbins Menu Prices 2024 (Exclusive Flavor Cakes, Pies & Ice Cream)

Do you crave something sweet, but you don’t know which flavor? Go to Baskin Robbins and they will serve you all kinds of flavors! Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Chip, Vanilla, you name it!

These guys take making sweets seriously! They use special milk to create their delicious ice creams.

Their all-time favorite, strawberry cheesecake is carefully made of the smooth cheesecake taste with chunks of strawberry.

Nevertheless, suppose you don’t love the favorites. In that case, you can choose from the Flavor Menu which includes the fantastic Cookie Butter, a classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and even a Butter Pecan flavor.

Baskin Robbins won’t stop at just one flavor menu for ice cream. They also serve cakes& pies, special treats you will have to discover, and classic sundaes and cones!

Their products are fresh, good to go, and suitable for all ages! If you have set your mind on cones, then you are lucky!

They have all kinds you can choose from Fancy waffle cones with sprinkles – really sounds fantastic, waffle cones and the classics cake cone and sugar cones!

The ice cream flavors you will select from the list presented before.

Now, what if it’s quite cold outside and you don’t want to eat ice cream? No problem! Baskin Robbins has some amazing bakery treats.

You can choose between brownies, cinnamon bread rolls, some great cakes (harvest swirl cake, turkey cake, unicorn cake, birthday party cake, and many more), and some signature Polar Pizza (which is exactly like it sounds! Just Imagine it like a cake!)

To order you have to choose your location. You can also allow the website to get your location in order for them to choose the closest local shop.

If you loved their items, you can also get their mobile app. There, you can get deals, discounts, and even free scoops.

Many wonders which flavor will be the best and How many flavors does baskin robbins have? The answer is on their logo itself, they have 31 classic flavors which means you will get different flavors to taste each day throughout the month.

By doing that they already crossed 1400 flavors library. However, all the Baskin robbins stores do not have all the flavors used before and some are dropped for reasons.

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake Prices

ItemsServesServe SizePrice
Harvest Swirl Cake  $
Celebration Party Cake36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$79.99
Ice Cream Cookie Torte (Caramel Delight)12-16 $39.99
Union Cake6-86” (Round)$24.99
Union Cake12-169” (Round)$35.99
Fudge Roll Cake36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$79.99
Balloon Cake36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$79.99
Celebration Cookie Cake12-16 2″X2″ (Custom Dom)$29.99
Baby Shower Blue Cake36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$79.99
Fudge Brownie N Oreo Cookie Cake12-162″X2″$30.99
Baseball Cake6-82″X2″$35.99
Baby Shower Pink Cake36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$79.99
Chick Cake6-82″X2″$35.99
Celebration Mini Roll Cake2-42″X2″ (1/2 Roll)$16.99
Frozen 2 Tiered Cake18-242″X2″(2 Tiered Round Cake)$74.99
Decoset Cake (Disney Frozen 2 Mythical Journey)36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$84.99
Frame Cake36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$79.99
Football Cake10-122″X2″ (Custom Dom)$35.99
Grasshopper Pie6-8 $26.99
Fudge Nut Round Cake8-102″X2″ (Custom Dom)$29.99
Ladybug Cake6-82″X2″ (Custom Dom)$32.99
Ice Cream Float Cake6-82″X2″ (Custom Dom)$26.99
Mud Pie6-8 $26.99
Turtle Pie6-8 $26.99
Too Cute Cupcake Cake8-122″X2″ (Custom Dom)$32.99
Brrr The Snowman Cake6-86” (Round)$29.99
Brrr The Snowman Cake12-169” (Round)$39.99
Celebration Cake (4th Of July)36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$79.99
Rosette Cake (Christmas Tree)36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$79.99
Reindeer Cake6-86” (Round)$28.99
Reindeer Cake12-169” (Round)$43.99
Roll Cake (Fudge Yule Log)6-82″X2″ (Roll)$26.99
Winter Forest Cake4-64’’×6” (1/4 Sheet)$21.99
Winter Forest Cake36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$79.99
Snowman Cake6-82″X2″$32.99
Chanukah Menorah Cake36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$79.99
Bear Cake (Polar)6-82″X2″ (Custom Dom)$36.99
Hopscotch The Bunny Cake6-8 2″X2″ (Custom Dom)$32.99
St. Patrick’s Day Cake36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$79.99
Fluffy Bunny Cake6-8½ Round$25.99
Bunny Face Cake36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$79.99
Floral Cone Bouquet Cake36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$97.99
Flower Garden Cake36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$97.99
Fabulous Floral Cake36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$97.99
The Cold One Cake4-62/3 (Roll)$24.99
Rosette Mini Roll Cake2-42″X2″ (1/2 Roll)$16.99
Dad’s Shirt Cake36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$97.99
Banner Cookie Cake12-162″X2 (Cookie Cake)$29.99
Bow Tie & Shirt Cake36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$97.99
Brown Suspenders Cake36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$79.99
Bow Tie & Shirt Cookie Cake 2″X2$29.99
Suspenders & Bowtie Cookie Cake12-162″X2 (Cookie Cake)$29.99
School Spirit Cake36-4812’’×16” (Double FullSheet)$79.99
Diploma Roll Cake2-41/2 (Roll)$16.99
Diploma Roll Cake6-82″X2 (Roll)$26.99
Zombie Unicorn Cake6-86” (Round)$32.99
Zombie Unicorn Cake12-169” (Round)$49.99
Trixie The Ghost Cake12-16 2″X2″ (Stocked Dome)$39.99
Fang-Tastic Monster Cake6-86” (Round)$28.99
Fang-Tastic Monster Cake12-169” (Round)$43.99
Pumpkin Patch Cake6-8 2″X2″ (Custom Dom)$32.99
Pumpkin Patch Pinata Cake6-8 2″X2″ (Custom Dom)$35.99
Spider Web Cookie Cake12-162″X2 (Cookie Cake)$29.99
Teddy Bear Cake6-82″X2″ (Custom Dom)$36.99

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Price

Fresh PackPint$8.98
Fresh PackQuart$13.23
Pre-Packed 24 Oz.Quart$10.36
2 Pre-PackedQuart Bundle$18.73
Double Scoop2 4 Oz.$6.61
Triple Scoop3 4 Oz.$8.98
Single Scoop4 Oz.$4.86
Kid’s Scoop2.5 Oz.$4.23

Baskin Robbins Oreo Cake

ItemsServesServe SizePrice
Oreo Ice Cream Cookie & Scoops Cake6-86” (Round)$28.99
12-169” (Round)$43.99
6-84’’×8” (1/3 Sheet)$29.99
8-126’’×8” (1/2 Sheet)$34.99
12-168’’×8” (2/3 Sheet)$42.99
16-248’’×12” (Full Sheet)$49.99
Oreo Cookie Cake (Mini Roll)2-42″X2″ (1/2 Roll)$16.99
Oreo Cookie Cake (Crumb Mini Roll)2-42″X2″ (1/2 Roll)$16.99
Oreo Cookie Cake12-169” (Round)$43.99
6-86” (Round)$28.99
6-84’’×8” (1/3 Sheet)$29.99
8-126’’×8” (1/2 Sheet)$34.99

Decoset Cake (Cars 3 Ahead Of The Curve)

ServesServe SizePrice
12-169” (Round)$43.99
8-126’’×8” (1/2 Sheet)$34.99
12-168’’×8” (2/3 Sheet)$42.99
16-248’’×12” (Full Sheet)$49.99
24-328’’×16” (Full & 1/3 Sheet)$62.99
30-368’’×18” (Full & 1/2 Sheet)$68.99
36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$97.99

Silly Monster Cake

ServesServe SizePrice
6-86” (Round)$28.99
12-169” (Round)$43.99
6-86” (Round)$28.99
12-169” (Round)$43.99
6-86” (Round)$28.99
12-169” (Round)$43.99

Heart Cake

ItemsServesServe SizePrice
Heart Cones Cake2-4Small Heart$21.99
Box Of Chocolates Cake2-4Small Heart$23.99
Box Of Chocolates Cake10-12Large Heart$35.99
Love Banner Cake2-4Small Heart$21.99
Love Banner Cake10-12Large Heart$35.99
Valentine Unicorn Cake2-4Small Heart$21.99
Valentine Unicorn Cake10-12Large Heart$35.99
Heart Be Mine Cake (Pink Conversation)2-4Small Heart$21.99
Heart Be Mine Cake (Pink Conversation)10-12Large Heart$35.99
Heart Kiss Me Cake (Pink Conversation)2-4Small Heart$21.99
Heart Kiss Me Cake (Pink Conversation)10-12Large Heart$35.99
Heart Kiss Me Cake (Yellow Conversation)2-4Small Heart$21.99
Heart Kiss Me Cake (Yellow Conversation)10-12Large Heart$35.99
Heart Kiss Me Cake (Orange Conversation)2-4Small Heart$21.99
Heart Kiss Me Cake (Orange Conversation)10-12Large Heart$35.99

Tool Box Cake

ServesServe SizePrice
12-169” (Round)$43.99
8-126’’×8” (1/2 Sheet)$34.99
12-168’’×8” (2/3 Sheet)$42.99
16-248’’×12” (Full Sheet)$49.99
24-328’’×16” (Full & 1/3 Sheet)$62.99
30-368’’×18” (Full & 1/2 Sheet)$68.99
36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$97.99

(Ice Cream Cone, Rosette Teal, Candy Crazy, Halloween Oreo Coockie, Oreo Triple Chocolate, Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich, Rosette Teal, Petals & Pearls, Elegant Rosette, Mini Cupcake, Candy Cake.)

(Following Cakes Serving Sizes & Price are the Same)

ServesServe SizePrice
6-86” (Round)$28.99
12-169” (Round)$43.99
6-84’’×8” (1/3 Sheet)$29.99
8-126’’×8” (1/2 Sheet)$34.99
12-168’’×8” (2/3 Sheet)$42.99
16-248’’×12” (Full Sheet)$49.99
24-328’’×16” (Full & 1/3 Sheet)$62.99
30-368’’×18” (Full & 1/2 Sheet)$68.99
36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$97.99
36-4812’’×16” (Double Full Sheet)$97.99
Milkshake 16 Oz.Small$7.73
Milkshake 24 Oz.Medium$8.98
Milkshake 32 Oz.Large$10.23
Double Scoop2 4 Oz.$6.61
Fresh PackPint$8.98
Fresh PackQuart$13.23
Triple Scoop3 4 Oz.$8.98
Single Scoop4 Oz.$4.86

Full Menu

Milkshake 16 Oz.Small$7.73
Milkshake 24 Oz.Medium$8.98
Milkshake 32 Oz.Large$10.23
Double Scoop2 4 Oz.$6.61
Fresh PackPint$8.98
Fresh PackQuart$13.23
Single Scoop4 Oz.$4.86
Triple Scoop3 4 Oz.$8.98
Pre-Packed 24 Oz.Quart$10.36
Chocolate Dipped Banana$3.73
Sundae (2 Scoop)2 2.5 Oz.$7.48
Ice Cream OREO Cookies ‘n Cream (Polar Pizza Treat) $27.48

Creature Creations


Classic Sundaes

Sundae (2 Scoop)2 2.5 Oz.$7.48
Sundae (3 Scoop)3 2.5 Oz.$9.36
Sundae (1 Scoop)2.5 Oz.$6.23

Premium Sundaes

Banana Split$11.23
Sundae (OREO Layered)$9.98
Cup Layered Sundae (REESE’S Peanut Butter)$9.98
Banana Royale$9.48
Layered Sundae (Made with SNICKERS)$9.98
Sundae (Brownie)$9.48
Layered Sundae (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough)$9.48

Cold Brew

Cold Brew Blast (OREO ‘n)$6.48

Baskin Robbins Milkshakes

Flavor TypeSizePrice
Milkshake 16 Oz.Small$7.73
Milkshake 24 Oz.Medium$8.98
Milkshake 32 Oz.Large$10.23

Cappuccino Blast

Flavor TypeSizePrice
OREO ‘n CookiesMedium$7.98


Flavor TypeSizePrice
Mangonada 16 Oz.Small$7.11
Mangonada 24 Oz.Medium$8.36
Mangonada 32 Oz.Large$9.61

Baskin Robbins Smoothies

Flavor TypeSizePrice
Mango BananaLarge$9.61
Strawberry BananaLarge$9.61
Tropical BananaLarge$9.61
Freeze 16 Oz.Small$7.11
Freeze 24 Oz.Medium$8.36
Freeze 32 Oz.Large$9.61

Fruit Blast

Flavor TypeSizePrice
Mango 16 Oz.Small$6.48
Mango 24 Oz.Medium$7.73
Mango 32 Oz.Large$8.98
Strawberry 16 Oz.Small$6.48
Strawberry 24 Oz.Medium$7.73
Strawberry 32 Oz.Large$8.98
Tropical 16 Oz.Small$6.48
Tropical 24 Oz.Medium$7.73
Tropical 32 Oz.Large$8.98
Ice Cream Float (16 Oz.)Small$7.11
Ice Cream Float (24 Oz.)Medium$8.36
Ice Cream Float (32 Oz.)Large$9.61


Ice Cream OREO Cookies ‘n Cream (Polar Pizza Treat)8$27.48
Ice Cream Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (Polar Pizza Treat)8$27.48
Chocolate (Dipped Banana)$3.73
Ice Cream Peanut Butter ‘n Chocolate) Treat (REESE’S Peanut Butter Polar Pizza Cup Treat)8$27.48
Fudge Roll Cake$39.98
Ice Cream Mint Chocolate Chip (Treat (Polar Pizza Treat)8$27.48
Spiral Candles24$6.23
Dipped Ice Cream Bar$3.73
Mud Pie$283.73
Turtle Pie$283.73
Grasshopper Pie$283.73
Fruit Blast Bar$2.48

Bottled Beverages


The ice cream flavors are affordable. The shop chain tried to create comfort and pleasure for all of its customers.

Baskin Robbins Most Loved Flavors

Of course, we all know what we like and our preferences may differ from one person to another.

But at Baskin Robbins, everyone has their mind set on these 3 flavors! Let’s check on the most bought ice cream flavors.

01. Strawberry Cheesecake

We’ve said it before. Let’s repeat it. The Strawberry Cheesecake flavor is the best!

Every little spoon fills your mouth with a sweet, cold taste. Some customers say that it’s like tasting summer!

Have we mentioned that you can get whipped cream on it? Besides the strawberry chunks and cheesecake milk flavor, just get the extra taste of happiness with the topping!

We all wanted to eat chocolate chip cookie dough when we were younger and our mothers wouldn’t let us.

Now, we can eat this without getting a stomach ache! Here, vanilla ice cream combines cookie dough chunks and real chocolate chips.

03. Gold Medal Ribbon

This one is a classic! This flavor is amongst the first ever made to at their shop.

If you want to taste history, this is your chance! This ice cream combines vanilla and chocolate with incredibly soft caramel.

How To Order From Baskin Robbins

The easiest way of ordering is here!

a) If you choose to order online – you can get on their website, click on their menu which is situated top left, and click on “Order Now”.

Next, you will have to select the city and state you live in to find the closest shop to you.

After selecting your favorite spot and your ice creams, you will get the option to select your Pick Up time.

b) If you want to get the ice cream selected for your home, we suggest downloading the Postmates and Doordash Apps.

Payment Methods

There are a lot of payment methods you can choose from. Because nowadays diversity matters, this shop assures that you can get your ice cream with no special effort. The ways you can pay are:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Gift Cards/Coupons
  • Cash

Delivery Methods

Baskin Robbins offers a lot of options when talking about delivery. The most common is via pick up or ordering from the partnered mobile food apps.

Home DeliveryAvailable
Curbside PickupAvailable

Here are some important links and pieces of information from the shop:

Office Address10 Woburn St Lexington, MA 02420 United States
Contact Number +1 781-652-8558
Official Website  
Online Order  
Mobile App  
Store Locator  
Sign Up  
Their Story  

Social Media

Where to find them on Social Media:


Service Reviews

Overall, the customers are satisfied with the service, the products, and the environment.

Their flavors never cease to amaze them, and the staff working always tried to give their orders as quickly as possible.

Some customers even accentuate the quality and the way their stores are clean.

Photo Credit;, CC

Can I Somehow Get Baskin Robbins Ice Cream To My Door?

Of course, the store collaborates with the favorite apps called DoorDash, Postmates and Uber Eats.

Their navigation is an easy one. Just download their app, find the store and just order!

Why Should I Download Baskin Robbins Mobile App?

If you already became a fan of this store, it is helpful to get the app to get news about new flavors, discounts, and even free scoops.

Is Baskin Robbins Products For People Who Are Lactose Intolerant?

Certain food items are mainly made for people who are lactose intolerant or even have specific allergies. For more information, visit their official website in the Nutrition section.

From Where Can I Buy Their Gift Cards?

You can get them via their official mobile app or you can ask the staff when you will next visit their store.

Does Baskin Robbins Rotate The Flavors?

Some flavors from Baskin Robbins may disappear during certain seasons. Don’t worry, the flavor is not gone forever, it will come back on the next season.

Visit their website and search on your local stores for the item you are looking for.

Final Words

This store is the perfect invitation for a short, cold moment of happiness.

Whether you would like a cheesecake strawberry ice cream or a cookie dough-flavored one, some bakery treats, or even some Polar Pizza, it is sure you need to stop by Baskin Robbins and look at their menu!

Their flavors would satisfy everyone’s taste buds. If you haven’t already, just open Postmates or Doordash and order some sweet ice cream right now!

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