Boston Market Menu With Prices (Updated May 2024)

Do you want to add a touch of spice and creativity to the nutritious, classic chicken, and get the best family meal delivered to your door at the same time?

Boston Market menu with prices is available online at any time, waiting for you to check it out and discover its delightful dishes. 

Boston Market is a rotisserie-specialized, fast-casual restaurant that has gained the trust and appreciation of its customers with its delicious dishes and new, appetizing menu choices. 

With pickup, delivery, and even a catering option available on its official website, Boston Market provides all the means of getting its exceptional food on your table in time. 

Boston Market’s menu includes 7 main categories: rotisserie chicken, ribs & meatloaf, roasted turkey, sides, family meals, soups & salads, and of course, desserts.

All these contain varied dishes that surprise and delight your taste buds. The rotisserie chicken menu is by far the most popular choice.

From sandwiches, chicken nuggets, and simple half chicken to inventive, tasty food items, like the fabulous rotisserie chicken pot pie or customizable Market bowl, this section never stops to amaze. 

The family menus are also varied, serving 3 to 6 people, and including simple meat choices with sides, cornbread, and drinks, or special combos, like the Chicken & Ribs, Family Feast, and Two meat family meal combo.

Also, a kids’ menu is available in this section, with 5 tasty options to choose from. For the details about boston market nutrition and allergen check here.

Regarding sides, there are 11 items available on the menu. Served fresh and prepared carefully, side choices satisfy any preference.

From healthy, light vegetables to delicious Mac & cheese, there’s something for anyone to enjoy.  

Boston Market Menu and Prices (Rotisserie Chicken Nuggets)

Signature Combo 8pc (1 Sauce + 1 Side + 1 Beverage)Small$8.89
Spicy Combo 8pc (1 Sauce + 1 Side + 1 Beverage)Small$8.89
Signature Combo 12pc (Two Sauces + One Side + 1 Beverage)Large$11.39
Spicy Combo 12pc (Two Sauces + One Side + 1 Beverage)Large$11.39
Signature A La-Carte  
5pc + 1 SauceSmall$3.55
8pc + One SauceMedium$5.55
12pc + Two SauceLarge$7.90
Spicy A La-Carte  
5pc + 1 SauceSmall$3.55
8pc + One SauceMedium$5.55
12pc + Two SauceLarge$7.90

Boston Market Family Meals

Rotisserie Chicken (One Sauce + 3 Sides)3$27.99
Hot Rotisserie (Nashville) Chicken (+ 3 Sides)3$31.99
Rotisserie Chicken (1 Sauce + 4 Sides)4$35.99
Hot Rotisserie (Nashville) Chicken (4 Sides)4$41.99
Rotisserie Chicken (1 Sauce + 5 Sides)5$44.49
Hot Rotisserie (Nashville) Chicken (5 Sides)5$50.49
Rotisserie Chicken (1 Sauce + 6 Sides)6$52.49
Hot Rotisserie (Nashville) Chicken (6 Sides)6$60.49
Rotisserie Chicken All White (1 Sauce + 3 Sides)3$32.99
Hot Rotisserie (Nashville) All White Chicken (3 Sides)3$36.99
Rotisserie All White Chicken (1 Sauce + 4 Sides)4$41.99
Hot Rotisserie (Nashville) All White Chicken (4 Sides)4$47.99
Rotisserie All White Chicken (1 Sauce + 5 Sides)5$51.49
Hot Rotisserie (Nashville)-All White Chicken (5 Sides)5$57.49
Rotisserie Chicken All White (1 Sauce + 6 Sides)6$60.49
Hot Rotisserie (Nashville)-All White Chicken6$68.49
Meatloaf Home-Style (3 Sides + 1 Sauce)3$27.99
Meatloaf Home-Style (4 Sides + 1 Sauce)4$35.99
Meatloaf Home Style (5 Sides + 1 Sauce)5$44.99
Home-Style Meatloaf (6 Sides + 1 Sauce)6$52.49
Ribs (Baby Back) + 3 Sides3$41.99
Ribs (Baby Back) + 4 Sides4$52.99
Ribs (Baby Back) + 5 Sides5$62.99
Ribs (Baby Back) + 6 Sides6$69.99

Parmesan Tuscan-Rotisserie Chicken (With 2 Sides)   
Quarter All White$12.99
Half All White$17.99
Half All Dark$13.79
Three Pcs All Dark$12.99
Peri Peri-Rotisserie Chicken (With 2 Sides)  
Three Pcs All Dark$12.99
Half All Dark$13.79
Half All White$17.99
Quarter All White$12.99
Sweet Thai Garlic-Rotisserie Chicken (+ 2 Sides) 
Half All Dark Sweet$13.79
Half All White Sweet$17.99
Three Pcs All Dark Sweet$12.99
Quarter All White Sweet$12.99
Half Sweet$14.29
Bourbon and bacon BBQ Rotisserie Chicken 
Half All White$17.99
Half All Dark$13.79
Quarter All White$12.99
Three Pcs All Dark$12.99
Rotisserie Chicken (Cordon Bleu) 
Half All Dark$13.79
Half All White$17.99
Three Pcs All Dark$12.99
Quarter All White$12.99

Boston Market Chicken Meal and Sandwich

Hot Nashville Chicken Sandwich $6.99
 Hot Nashville Chicken Sandwich (Combo)(1 Side and Beverage)$10.48
Crispy Chicken-Blt Sandwich $7.99
Crispy Chicken-Blt Sandwich (Combo)(One Side and Beverage)$11.48
Cordon Bleu-Crispy Chicken Meal  Choose 2 Sides$12.99
Crispy chicken Hot (Nashville)+2 sides$12.99
Crispy Country Chicken and White Gravy+2 sides$10.99

World Famous Specialties

Roasted Garlic and Herb Rotisserie Chicken 
Half All Dark$13.79
Three Pcs All Dark$12.99
Half All White$17.99
Quarter All White$12.99

Boston Market Rotisserie Chicken and Meat Items

½ Rotisserie Chicken+1 Sauce and +2 Sides$12.29
¼ White Rotisserie Chicken+1 Sauce and +2 Sides$10.99
Baby Back Ribs (Half)With 2 Sides$17.49
Baby Back Ribs (Large)With 2 Sides$24.99
Chicken Pot-Pie $8.49
Whole MeatloafOne Sauce$10.99
Whole Rotisserie Chicken $11.99
Whole Rotisserie Chicken (All White) $16.99
Side Item Sampler+3 Sides$7.49

Meal Combo

2 Meat Family Meal Combo (Whole chicken + 6 Slices of Meatloaf)+4 Sides$36.99
(One + Quarter) Chicken or (One + Quarter) Hickory Smoked BBQ Chicken3 Sides + 1 Salad or Soup + 1 Beverage + 1 Pie or Brownie$35.99
Family Meal Deal (XL) 3 Whole Chicken6 Sides$59.99
Chicken and Ribs Family Combo (Whole Chicken + Full Order Baby Back Ribs)4 Sides$44.99

Meals For One

Homestyle Meatloaf (Regular)1 Sauce + 2 Sides$10.99
Homestyle Meatloaf (Large)1 Sauce + 2 Sides$11.99
Create Own Bowl (Rotisserie Chicken or Meatloaf)2 Sides with 1 Sauce$10.99

2 Meat Combo

Choose 1st and 2nd Protein (Quarter White Chicken, Three Dark Chicken, 2 Slices Meatloaf)Added 2 Sides + 1 Beverage$13.49
Complete Comfort Combo (Choose 1 meal) Half Chicken/Half Dark chicken/Half White Chicken/Large Meatloaf  Salad or Sauce+ Two Sides+ Drink or Dessert    $15.49
Design Own Bowl (Rotisserie or Meatloaf)Choose 1 Sauce and 2 Sides$10.99


Hot Chicken (Nashville) Sandwich$6.99
Chicken Blt Sandwich (Crispy)$7.99
Chicken On Ciabatta$9.79
Meatloaf Sandwich$9.79
Choose 2 (Meatloaf Sandwich, Chicken on Ciabatta)$9.99

Salads and Soup

Noodle Soup (Rotisserie Chicken)$5.29
Caesar Salad (With Rotisserie Chicken)$10.79
Caesar Salad (Without Rotisserie Chicken)$7.79

Boston Market Desserts

Warm Apple Cobbler (Individual)540$3.79
Warm Apple Cobbler (4 Packs)2160$9.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie (Decadent Triple)570$2.49
Chocolate Brownie500$2.49
Chocolate Brownie (Size-Family)2000$11.29
Chocolate Cake Deluxe (Slice)630$3.49
Chocolate Cake Deluxe (Whole)5670$22.99


Fountain Beverage (21oz)$2.49
Diet Coke$2.49
Coke Zero Sugar$2.49
Minute Maid Lemonade$2.49
Sweet Iced Tea$2.49
Fountain Beverage (30oz) 
Diet Coke$2.99
Coke Zero Sugar$2.99
Minute Maid Lemonade$2.99
Sweet Iced Tea$2.99
Unsweetened Iced Tea$2.99
20oz Bottled Beverage 
Diet Coke$2.99
Minute Maid Lemonade$2.99
Two Liter Bottled Beverage 
Diet Coke$4.99
Water Bottle$2.99
Chocolate Milk$1.99
Apple Juice$1.99

Boston Market Kids Menu

5pc Kid Signature Rotisserie Chicken (Nuggets)(1 Sauce + 1 Side + 1 Beverage)$5.99
5pc Kid Spicy Rotisserie Chicken (Nuggets)(1 Sauce + 1 Side + 1 Beverage)$5.99
Dark Rotisserie Chicken (Kid Meat)Sauce (1) + Side (1) + Beverage (1)$5.99
White Rotisserie Chicken (Kid Meat)Sauce (1) + Side (1) + Beverage (1)$7.99
Kid MeatloafSauce (1) + Side (1) + Beverage (1)$5.99
Kid Cheese and MacOne Side + One Beverage$5.99

Boston Market Sides

Regular Size

Mashed Potatoes240$3.79
Lime Rice with Cilantro $3.79
Cheese and Mac260$3.79
Creamed Spinach200$4.29
Broccoli Fresh Steamed $3.79
Casserole Sweet Potato390$4.29
Rotisserie Chicken Pulled BBQ180$6.49
Caesar Salad310$3.79
Poultry Gravy $3.79
Corn Bread 1pc160$1.49

Sides Large Size

Broccoli Fresh Steamed $5.99
Lime Rice with Cilantro $5.99
Casserole Sweet Potato490$6.99
Mashed Potatoes340$5.99
Rotisserie Chicken Pulled BBQ370$10.99
Poultry Gravy $5.99
Corn Bread 6 pc800$4.99
Cheese and Mac360$5.99
Creamed Spinach310$6.99

Boston Market History

At Boston Market, one thing has always been clear: it’s all about that perfectly roasted chicken. 

What started in 1985 as a small restaurant with a simple concept but great potential now became a famous fast-casual restaurant that serves more than 7 categories of dishes prepared with the same passion and dedication as in the beginning. 

Utilizing the same experienced, true rotisserie technique, Boston Market started to serve 1995 more than its classic, delicious chicken, adding meatloaf and ham to its menu.

Now, it serves its popular prime ribs, roasted turkey, and other impressive dishes, even delivering them in time for the perfect family dinner at home

Reason Behind Boston Market Popularity 

What sets Boston Market aside from the rest is the true rotisserie experts who work for the delight of their customers.

The fast-casual restaurant has won its popularity due to its appetizing food items like the classic rotisserie half chicken, meatloaf, and turkey breast. 

Unlike many fast-food chains, Boston Market serves nutritious, all-natural dishes, carefully prepared and freshly served. 

Even more, the meat is perfectly marinated in a combination of heavenly spices, herbs, and garlic, giving it an incredible taste, while maintaining its healthy properties.

Add to this a tasty side dish chosen from more than 10 options, and you’ll get the reason that stands behind Boston Market’s popularity. 

As we mentioned, Rotisserie items are what made Boston Market famous, but its menu has so much more to offer!

Here are some suggestions for delicious, popular dishes, starting from the classics and moving on to bold alternatives. 

01. Roasted Garlic & Herb Rotisserie Chicken 

The name of this dish said it all. The signature rotisserie chicken of Boston Market is prepared with roasted garlic, parmesan cheese, and a creamy sauce with herbs that offer its unique taste. Choose the size of your serving and enjoy! 

02. St Louis Style BBQ Ribs

Slowly cooked and served with an unbelievable BBQ sauce, the St Louis Style Ribs are another popular item on Boston Market’s menu with prices.

The high amount of protein combined with the sweet, delicious taste of the sauce results in the perfect, appetizing, yet nutritious meal.

Choose between a full order of ribs, half an order, or opt for a combo! 

03. Homestyle Meatloaf 

The Meatloaf is almost as old on this menu as the classic rotisserie chicken. With a rich flavor and unique taste, this dish brings back the memories of all good, old times.

Prepared as a mix of meat, onions, tomato puree, and breadcrumbs, all topped with the signature BBQ sauce and served with 2 sides and cornbread, nothing can ever replace it. 

04. Sweet Potato Casserole

Moving on to sides, the Sweet Potato Casserole is probably the perfect choice for a surprising, delicious choice.

Made from sweet potatoes, marshmallows, and molasses, all with some brown sugar and vanilla on top, this casserole is not the average, simple dish.

This premium side can be added to BBQ ribs or rotisserie chicken and is surely a must

05. Rotisserie Chicken Pot Pie

Last, but not least, this is a world-famous specialty. Fresh chicken and steamed vegetables, all mixed in a delicious, creamy sauce, and, of course, the best part, stuffed into a pie! 

Boston Market Order Process 

Ordering from Boston Market is an easy process. The hard part is making up your mind on what of their delicious items to try next.

Physical orders are of course, available, and phone orders can be placed at the contact number found on their official website.

To place an online order, simply use the store locator, choose the delivery method, add your favorite dishes, and type in the payment details. Mobile apps for both Android and Apple are also available. 

Boston Market Delivery Methods 

When placing your order, the website allows you to choose between pickup, curbside, and delivery, all of them available for any Boston Market location.

As the chain can deliver through UberEats and GrubHub, orders are also available on these websites. 

Drive ThruAvailable, but not for online orders
Home DeliveryAvailable
Curbside PickupAvailable

Boston Market Payment Methods 

There’s nothing more annoying than finally deciding on the perfect meal and not having the appropriate payment method available to order it. 

To spare you that trauma, here are the accepted payment methods at Boston Market.

Unfortunately, this restaurant does not accept Apple/ Android Pay, but gift cards can be purchased using these methods. 

  • Credit Card 
  • Debit Card 
  • Gift Card
  • Cash – only at some locations, for physical orders, NOT for picked-up online orders. Some delivery websites like Grub Hub may also accept cash

Contact Information of Boston Market 

If you’re a research enthusiast and want to know your food, a simple Boston Market menu with prices may not be enough.

To help, here are the links with everything you could wonder about before ordering from this place.

OfficeGolden, Colorado
Online Order
Mobile Apps
Store Locator
Gift Cards
Their Story

Find Boston Market on Social Media 

Boston Market’s appetizing food items can be found anywhere, even on your Instagram!

Keep up with all the offers and add a new follower, all while enjoying the look of delicious Rotisserie plates. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The XL Family Meal Deal From Boston Market Include? 

This menu item is so large that it can easily feed 6 people, making it the perfect choice for a family dinner.

The XL family meal comes with 3 whole chickens, 12 cornbread, and 6 large sides, at a price of $57.49. 

Do The Food Items From Boston Market’s Menu Contain Any Allergens? 

Yes, because allergens can refer to a vast number of ingredients. The restaurant provides a nutrition calculator, interactive nutrition menu, and food allergen guide on its website.

Moreover, if you aim to lose or maintain a healthy weight, a menu with dishes of less than 550 calories is available, so no diet can ruin your day!  

How Do Reward Points From Boston Market Work? 

First of all, to be a Rotisserie Reward member you have to sign up on the official Boston Market website.

Then, each $1 spent on orders turns into a Market point. Make sure that the location you’re ordering from is also taking part in the program!

Next, you can unlock discounts and get certain items with your Market Points. 

What is Considered a Large Side Dish At Boston Market? 

This may depend on the side dish you’re ordering. For example, a regular-sized portion of steamed vegetables weighs around 4 ounces, while a large portion weighs 9 ounces. 

Final Words 

Boston Market’s menu with prices is certainly one of the most varied, delicious menus out there.

Prepared by rotisserie specialists and served quickly, wherever you need it, Boston Market’s dishes are just what you need for a nutritious meal.

From soups to chicken pies and desserts, the choice is yours!