Bruster’s Prices With Full Menu [Updated 2023]

If you have a great liking for ice creams and frozen treats and want to indulge yourself in their heavenly taste, you can’t miss out on going Brusters.

This place was started in 1989 with the agenda of providing homemade ice creams to customers.

They started making premium quality ice creams in several flavors and their tradition is still going pretty well.

They make 24-fresh flavors in their shop and every shop has a different menu to discover.

Apart from that, they have phenomenal 150 handcrafted recipes that they keep on preparing in rotation at their shops.

They offer five different types of menus like blasts, shakes and freezes, cakes and pies, sundaes and splits, in addition to some specialty items.

Moreover, they have a humungous range of flavors to choose from.

They offer some unique flavors that you might not have heard of at any other place like banana sherbet, black cherry, and much more.

The best part of Brusters is that they also offer fat-free and no-sugar flavors in ice cream.

Moreover, if you are allergic to dairy products, they do offer non-dairy and vegan flavors that are exclusively made with oat milk.

Visiting this place can be memorable by trying out some of their hot-selling items like hot fudge brownie which is made with 2 wholesome scoops of vanilla ice cream and 2 warm brownies.

It is further mixed with hot fudge, whipping cream, and cherry to give a phenomenal taste to the customers.

That being said, you can also try out their strawberry shortcake which will leave you drooling for some more scoops of ice cream.

It is prepared with 2 wonderful scoops of strawberries with vanilla ice cream. Also, it is combined with pound cake, cherry, and whipping cream.

Bruster’s Sundaes & Splits

Hot Fudge Brownie1000$8.79
Chocolate Chip Cookie $7.99
Banana Split1220$8.79
Peanut Butter Cup1060$7.79
Kid’s Sundae  

Bruster’s Shakes/Blasts

Some of the milkshake flavors:

Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Chocolate Non-Dairy, Chocolate Oreo,  Coffee, Cotton Candy Explosion, Orange Sherbet, Chocolate Peppermint, Oreo, Peppermint Oreo, Peppermint Stick, Pistachio, Strawberry, Vanilla, Vanilla Non-Dairy, Wedding Cake, White Raspberry Truffle, and more.

Small16 oz620-680$7.19
Regular22 oz750-830$7.59
Large32 oz1150-1280$7.99
(Butterfinger, M&M’s, Reeses PB Cups, Reeses Pieces, Oreo’s)
Small16 oz830-1060$7.59
Regular22 oz1150-1360$7.89
Freeze22 oz460-600$6.89
Blue Pop Ice   
Orange Sherbet   

Take At Home


Birthday Cake, Blue Pop Ice, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Boston Cream Pie, Butter Pecan, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Oreo, Chocolate Peppermint, Coffee, Chocolate Non-Dairy, Cookies N Cream With Oreo Non-Dairy, Chocolate Peanut Butter Buckeye, Cotton Candy Explosion, Double Chocolate Chunk, Egg Nog, Gingerbread Man, Graham Central Station, Mint Chocolate Chip, New York Cheesecake, Orange Sherbet, Oreo, Peppermint Oreo, Peppermint Stick, Pistachio, Strawberry, Vanilla, Vanilla Non-Dairy, Wedding Cake, White Raspberry Truffle, Winter Wonder

Half Gallon1760-4480$17.99

Custom Cakes & Pies

Designed Round Cakes (1/4 Sheet)8”12-16$35.99
Chocolate Drizzle   
Polka Dot   
Designed Pies9” 6-8$23.49
Chocolate Cherry   

Bruster’s Delivery Methods

Drive Thru No
Home Delivery Yes
Curbside Pickup Not Available

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People Also Ask

Does Brusters Offer Different Size Options For a Scoop?

Yes, in Brusters a single scoop will be 5oz, a double will be 9oz, and a triple scoop will be around 12oz.

What is The Unique Quality of Brusters?

Brusters is very unique because they make their ice cream and yogurt milk-based recipes freshly in their stores.

How Long Can Bruster’s Ice Cream Last From The Day of Purchase?

If you want to get a fresh and heavenly taste of Bruster’s ice cream, it is always advisable to consume it within one week from the date of purchase.

What is So Special About Monkey Madness Served At Bruster’s?

Monkey Madness is one of the most incredible ice creams served at Brusters which is made with their homemade banana ice cream and dressed with buckeyes and marshmallows.

Can I Get Pup Cups From Brusters?

Yes, if you bring your dog along, you can get a free pup cup from Brusters.

Final Thoughts

Brusters is one of the most amazing places to visit if you want to suffice your sweet tooth cravings.

You can enjoy a happy and sweet time with your family and loved ones at this place.

Once you visit this place, don’t miss out on trying their banana split, hot fudge brownies, and strawberry shortcake.