Del Taco Menu With Prices 2024 (15+ Meals Under $2)

Del Taco is one of the finest places to visit if you want to taste something crunchy, spicy, lightweight, fulfilling, and whatnot.

Besides that, if you are a big fan of tacos, burritos, burgers, combos, and tortas, this is just the place for you.

Del Taco serves a wide range of menu options. You have a humungous choice of 17 menus to choose from.

All the menu options are so versatile that you will be confused between the large number of options that you will have on your plate.

In each menu, you will find something interesting. But you can’t have everything on your plate, right?

So, in this scenario, you can try out some of their famous dishes that you can’t miss at any cost.

You can’t miss out on trying their crispy chicken tacos, double del cheeseburger, carne asada fries, crunchtada tostada, and red and green smothered tamales.

These are some of the popular items to which customers are addicted greatly.

The major reason behind their prominence is their lip-smacking taste and freshly chosen ingredients.

Both these things collectively give a wonderful texture and flavor to the food items.

No doubt, these are not the only items to try at Del Taco but these are some of those items that customers swear by.

They even have specially curated kid’s meals, vegan, and allergen options to choose from.

In addition to that, it also has a specially designed 20 under $2 menu and new epic tortas.

Therefore, Del Taco takes care of the need of every person irrespective of their food choices.

Beef tacos

Del Taco Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Hours (5 am to 10:45 am)

Hashbrown Sticks (Potato)2301.59
Donut Bites (sprinkled with cinnamon sugar)2401.59
Coffee (Café De Olla)102.29
Iced Coffee (Café De Olla)
Simply Orange1603.19
Double Cheese Breakfast Tacos
Egg and Cheese1.49
Hashbrowns & Beef1.49
Hashbrowns & Bacon1.49
Double Cheese Breakfast Tacos Meal
Egg and Cheese5.49
Hashbrowns & Beef6.99
Hashbrowns & Bacon6.19
Breakfast Roller
Egg and Cheese250-2901.49
Toasted Wrap
Egg and Cheese330-4102.59
Carne Asada330-4103.79
Wrap Meal (Toasted)
Egg and Cheese570-10405.59
Carne Asada570-10406.49
Egg and Cheese390-5203.99
Carne Asada390-5205.19
Burrito Meal
Egg and Cheese630-9506.49
Carne Asada630-9506.59

Del Taco Tacos Menu

Taco (Stuffed Quesadilla) with Chicken320-450$2.59
Taco (Stuffed Quesadilla) with Carne Asada320-450$3.89
Taco (Stuffed Quesadilla) with Crispy Chicken 320-450$3.29
Taco (Del Carbon) with Chicken110-120$1.89
Taco (Del Carbon) with Carne Asada110-120$2.99
Taco (Stuffed Quesadilla + Guacamole Up) with Chicken350-480$2.69
Taco (Stuffed Quesadilla + Guacamole Up) with Carne Asada350-480$4.19
Taco (Stuffed Quesadilla + Guacamole Up) with Crispy Chicken 350-480$3.69
Fish (Beer Battered + Crispy) Taco200$3.59
Taco (Del Carbon + Guacamole Up) with Chicken$1.99
Taco (Del Carbon + Guacamole Up) with Carne Asada$2.79
Taco with Beyond Guacamole (Cruncy)190$3.39
Taco with Beyond Guacamole (Soft)190$3.39
Beyond Taco (Cruncy)290$3.39
Beyond Taco (Soft)290$3.39
The Del Taco (Cruncy)300/310$2.49
The Del Taco (Soft)300/310$2.49
Snack Taco (Cruncy)120/150$1.00
Snack Taco (Soft)120/150$1.00
Chicken (Grilled) Taco (Cruncy)210$1.90
Chicken (Grilled) Taco (Soft)210$1.99
Bun Taco390$3.39

Del Taco Burritos Menu

Burrito (Bean and Cheese) included Green Sauce440$1.99
Burrito (Bean and Cheese) included Red Sauce460$1.99
Burrito (Beyond 8 Layers)540$6.69
Del Burrito (Combo)470$5.19
Del Burrito (Beef)490$5.19
Chicken Burrito (Spicy Grilled)520$5.19
Chicken Burrito (Classic Grilled)520$5.19
2 choices of Classic Burritos (Mix + Match)940-1060$6.99
Veggie Burrito (8 Layers)530$5.19

Del Taco Quesadillas, Nachos, & Crunchtadas

Tostada Meal (Crunchtada) (Regular)$5.99
Tostada (Crunchtada)330$1.49
Nachos (Queso Loaded) with Beef (Seasoned)960-1060$7.59
Nachos (Queso Loaded) with Chicken (Grilled)960-1060$7.59
Nachos (Queso Loaded) with Carne Asada960-1060$7.89
Quesadilla with Carne Asada Cheddar$5.99
Chips and Queso (Snack sized)290$2.29
Nachos with three Layers Queso270$1.59
Chips and Queso (Regular sized)650$3.79
Cheddar Quesadilla480$3.99
Chicken Quesadilla with Cheddar 540$5.39

Epic Burritos Menu

Chicken (Crispy) and Guac880$6.59
Burrito Combo920$7.39
Burrito (Chicken) with Fresh Guacamole720-810$7.39
Burrito (Carne Asada) with Fresh Guacamole720-810$8.69
Burrito (Beyond Meat) with Fresh Guacamole720-810$8.49
Cali Bacon (Chicken) 1020-1090$7.39
Cali Bacon (Carne Asada)1020-1090$8.69
Cali Bacon (Beyond Meat) 1020-1090$8.49
Queso Burrito (Loaded) (Chicken) 870-970$7.39
Queso Burrito (Loaded) (Carne Asada)870-970$8.69
Queso Burrito (Loaded) (Beyond Meat) 870-970$8.49

Del Taco Epic Tortas

Queso Torta and Carne Asada Meal (Regular)$12.19
Queso Torta and Carne Asada Meal (Go Medium)$13.29
Queso Torta and Carne Asada Meal (Go Macho)$14.09
Queso Torta and Carne Asada$8.19
Torta Meal Chicken BLT (Regular)$11.19
Torta Meal Chicken BLT (Go Medium)$12.29
Torta Meal Chicken BLT (Go Macho)$13.09
Chicken BLT Torta$7.19
Chicken (Crispy) and Guac Torta Meal (Regular)$11.19
Chicken (Crispy) and Guac Torta Meal (Go Medium)$12.29
Chicken (Crispy) and Guac Torta Meal (Go Macho)$13.09
Chicken (Crispy) and Guac Torta$7.19


Tamale (Single)$2.49
Tamales (four Packs)$10.00
Tamales (Two Packs)$5.00
Tamales Meal (Smothered) (Small)$9.29
Tamales Meal (Smothered) (Go Medium)$10.19
Tamales Meal (Smothered) (Go Macho)$10.79
Smothered Tamales (Green and Red)$5.89
Smothered Tamales (Chili Cheese)$5.89

20 Under $2 Menu

Chicken Taco with Guacamole (Del Carbon)$1.99
Chicken Taco (Del Carbon)110$1.89
Chicken Taco (Crispy) with Guacamole (Ranch)250-260$1.99
Chicken Taco (Crispy) with Guacamole (Habanero)250-260$1.99
Chicken Taco (Crispy) with Guacamole (Chipotle)250-260$1.99
Chicken Taco (Crispy) (Ranch)230-240$1.79
Chicken Taco (Crispy) (Habanero)230-240$1.79
Chicken Taco (Crispy) (Chipotle)230-240$1.79
Burrito (Bean and Cheese) included Green Sauce440$1.99
Burrito (Bean and Cheese) included Red Sauce460$1.99
Tostada (Crunchtada)330$1.49
Chicken Rollers (Original) with Green Sauce250-280$1.59
Chicken Rollers (Ranch)250-280$1.59
Chicken Rollers (Chipotle)250-280$1.59
Snack Queso Quesadilla 230$1.29
Taco Snack (Crunchy)130-150$1.00
Taco Snack (Soft)130-150$1.00
Iced Tea Medium Brewed (Gold Peak)$1.59
Queso Nachos Three Layers 270$1.59
Mini Shakes (Vanilla)240-260$1.79
Mini Shakes (Chocolate)240-260$1.79
Mini Shakes (Strawberry)240-260$1.79
Iced Coffee (Cafe De Olla) (Regular)150-250$1.89
Iced Coffee (Cafe De Olla) (Large)150-250$2.69
Donut Bites240$1.59
Sprite (Real Strawberry) (Regular)170$1.99
Sprite (Real Strawberry) (Medium)$3.49
Sprite (Real Strawberry) (Macho)$4.09
Lemonade (Real Strawberry) (Regular)40$1.99
Lemonade (Real Strawberry) (Medium)$3.49
Lemonade (Real Strawberry) (Macho)$4.09
Cinnamon Churros Mini (2 Pcs)200$1.79

Burgers, Chicken, & Fries

Cheeseburge (Double Del)690$5.39
Del Cheeseburger470$3.99
3 Pcs of Chicken (Crispy) and Fries Box690-750$5.00
Cheeseburger (Bacon Double Del)760$5.89
Fries (Crinkle Cut) (Small)160-410$2.99
Fries (Crinkle Cut) (Medium)160-410$3.29
Fries (Crinkle Cut) (Macho)160-410$3.79
3 Pcs of Chicken (Crispy) and Fries Box meal690-1150$6.39
Fries (Chili Cheddar)570$5.29
Fries (Queso Loaded)670$5.89
Fries (Carne Asada)760$5.99
Fries (Deluxe Chili Cheddar)610$5.79

Fiesta Packs (Family Meal)

Grilled Chicken Taco (6 Tacos+6 Burritos)$14.19
Snack Taco (6 pcs)$11.99
The Del Taco (6 Tacos + 6 Burritos) $17.99

Kid Loco Meals

Hamburger/ Cheeseburger490-5606.19
Snack Taco280-3106.19
Bean & Cheese Burrito 600-6206.19
Snack Queso Quesadilla3904.19


2 pcs of Chicken (Grilled) Tacos Regular580-1230$8.19
Go Medium580-1230$9.29
Go Macho580-1230$10.09
2 pcs of The Del TacosRegular760-1430$8.39
Go Medium760-1430$9.49
Go Macho760-1430$10.29
2 pcs Quesadilla (Stuffed) Tacos Regular800-1770$8.79
Go Medium800-1770$9.89
Go Macho800-1770$10.69
Fish (Beer Battered) Tacos 2 pcsRegular560-1210$10.19
Go Medium560-1210$11.29
Go Macho560-1210$12.09
Chicken (NEW) or Quesadilla
(Carne Asada Cheddar)
Go Medium700-1360$10.59
Go Macho700-1360$11.39
Quesadilla Taco (Stuffed Guac)Regular$8.99
Go Medium$10.09
Go Macho$10.89
Epic Chicken (Crispy) and Burrito (Guac)Regular1040-1690$9.99
Go Medium1040-1690$11.09
Go Macho1040-1690$11.89
Epic Burrito (Fresh Guacamole)Regular880-1620$11.19
Go Medium880-1620$12.29
Go Macho880-1620$13.09
Epic Burrito (Loaded Queso)Regular1030-1780$10.69
Go Medium1030-1780$11.79
Go Macho1030-1780$12.59
Epic Burrito (Cali Bacon)Regular1180-1450$10.99
Go Medium1180-1450$12.09
Go Macho1180-1450$12.89
Combo Burrito (Del)Regular$8.39
Go Medium$9.49
Go Macho$10.09
Combo Burrito (Epic)Regular1080-1730$10.39
Go Medium1080-1730$11.49
Go Macho1080-1730$12.29
Beef Burrito (Del)Regular650-1300$8.99
Go Medium650-1300$10.09
Go Macho650-1300$10.89
Chicken Burrito (Classic Grilled)Regular680-1330$9.19
Go Medium680-1330$10.29
Go Macho680-1330$11.09
Veggie Burrito (8 Layers)Regular690-1340$8.99
Go Medium690-1340$10.09
Go Macho690-1340$10.89
Chicken Burrito (Spicy Grilled)Regular680-1330$8.99
Go Medium680-1330$10.09
Go Macho680-1330$10.89
Cheeseburger (Double Del/ Bacon)Regular850-1570$9.49
Go Medium850-1570$10.59
Go Macho850-1570$11.39
Burrito (Beyond Eight Layers)Regular700-1350$9.29
Go Medium700-1350$10.39
Go Macho700-1350$10.99
Tacos (2 Beyond)Regular740-940$9.49
Go Medium740-940$10.59
Go Macho740-940$11.19
Tostada (Crunchtada)Regular$5.99
Go Medium$7.09
Go Macho$7.69

Del Taco Salads

Salad (Taco)+ Fresh guacamole (Grilled Chicken)420$7.29
Salad (Taco)+ Fresh guacamole (Beef Seasoned)500$7.29
Salad (Taco) + Fresh guacamole (Beyond Meat)460$7.89
Salad (Taco) + Fresh guacamole (Carne Asada)440$7.89


Fries (Chili Cheddar)5705.29
Deluxe Fries (Chili Cheddar)6105.79
Fries (Carne Asada)7605.99
Fries (Queso Loaded)6705.89
Crinkle Cut Fries (Small)160-4102.99
Crinkle Cut Fries (Medium)160-4103.29
Crinkle Cut Fries (Large)160-4103.79
Chips & Queso (Snack)2902.29
Chips & Queso (Regular)6503.79
Chips & House-made Guac (Snack)170-3402.59
Chips & House-made Guac (Regular)170-3403.59
House-made Guac (Snack)60-1200.99
House-made Guac (Regular)60-1203.19

Del Taco Desserts & Shakes

4 pieces of Donut Bites (sprinkled with cinnamon sugar)2401.59
2 pieces of Mini Cinnamon Churros2001.79
2 pieces of Cheesecake Bites (Caramel)410-820$3.99 
4 pieces of Cheesecake Bites (Caramel)410-820S$6.59
Shakes (choice of vanilla, sweet chocolate, or strawberry)
Cinnamon Roll-Regular4.59
Cinnamon Roll-Large5.19


Iced Tea and Fountain Drinks 0-400$2.69Regular
0-400$2.99Go Medium
0-400$3.49Go Macho
Shakes (Chocolate)480$1.79Mini
Shakes (Vanilla)480$1.79Mini
Shakes (Strawberry)480$1.79Mini
Shakes (Chocolate)880$4.59Regular
Shakes (Vanilla)880$4.59Regular
Shakes (Strawberry)880$4.59Regular
Medium Brewed Iced Tea (Gold Peak)0$1.59
Bottled Water0$2.59
Iced Coffee (Cafe De Olla)150-250$1.89Regular
Simply Orange160$3.19
Cinnamon Roll Shake (NEW)$4.59Regular
Sprite (Real Strawberry) (Regular)70-190$1.99Regular
Sprite (Real Strawberry) (Medium)70-190$3.49Medium
Sprite (Real Strawberry) (Macho)70-190$4.09Macho
Lemonade (Real Strawberry) 40-130$1.99Regular

Del Taco’s menu has great diversity and choosing only one item to try is a complicated task.

You can try out some of the highly-rated food items at Del Taco that will leave you finger-licking.

01. Chicken Taco Del Carbon

This dish will leave you in much amazement after you try it. Chicken taco del carbon is fully loaded with grilled and marinated chicken that is prepared freshly.

In addition to that, it has various toppings like diced onions, chopped cilantro, and some lip-smacking sauces that will give a whole new taste to the taco.

You can enjoy this taco in a freshly made corn tortilla to add a new dimension to its taste.

02. Chicken BLT Torta

If you are a big fan of rolls, this 7″ toasted signature roll at Del Taco will make your day. It is made with freshly prepared chicken and crispy bacon.

Besides that, it has great toppings with house-grated cheddar and pico de gallo that you can’t find anywhere else.

The best part is that you can customize this item as per your preference to have a phenomenal taste.

03. Del Cheeseburger

If your meal isn’t complete without beef, you can’t miss out on trying the Del cheeseburger.

It has a pure beef patty which is properly grilled to give the authentic taste of beef inside the burger.

The patty combines tomato, cheese, lettuce, and a high-quality burger bun dipped in mouth-watering sauces. This will give you a rich taste to cherish in your taste buds.

Loaded nachos

04. Queso Loaded Nachos

Nachos are everyone’s favorite and if combined with seasoned beef and grilled chicken, it will taste the next level.

It is also accompanied by slowly cooked beans made from scratch to give you a fresh taste.

The cheery on the top of the cake is its flavored sauces that give nachos a phenomenal taste.

05. Epic Fresh Guacamole Burrito Meal

Trying on only a single item will leave you craving several other things on Del Taco’s menu. In this situation, you can choose a proper epic fresh guacamole burrito meal.

It will offer you the freshly prepared burrito and serve you crinkle-cut fries and a chilled beverage. This whole meal will make you feel fulfilled.

How to Order At Del Taco’s

You can easily order your food from Del Taco by various means. This will help you to easily access Del Taco’s menu from anywhere.

Order Online

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Del Taco and choose your location
  • You also need to select the method of delivery and the time of your order
  • Once you finalize it, you can select the food items of your choice and place your order
  • Your order will be prepared and delivered as per your preference.

Order Via Delivery Apps

  • Visit the food delivery apps like Uber Eats or Door Dash and select your location.
  • Then choose the food items that you crave and place your order.
  • You will get the hot and sizzling food delivered to your place.

Del Taco Payment Methods

You can pay for food at Del Taco via various payment options. This will make things more convenient for you and suffice your cravings.

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Gift Card

Del Taco Delivery Methods

Drive ThruYes(available at specific locations)
Home DeliveryYes(available at specific locations)
Curbside PickupYes(available at specific locations)

Contact Information of Del Taco

Online Order
Mobile Apps
Store Locator
Sign Up
Gift Cards
Their Story

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About Del Taco

Del Taco has seen tremendous growth since its opening in the 1960s. This venture was started by Ed Hackbarth and David Jameson in Yermo, CA in 1964.

When opened it only had a limited menu. But, surprisingly, the business took off rapidly on the very first day and started growing immensely.

People became huge fans of the tacos served at this place. With time, they started increasing their menu and introducing various food items to bind the customers.

It also took bold initiatives by opening various outlets and experimenting with various new dishes on its menu.

Besides that, Del Taco also went for a fresh approach to provide the customers with freshly prepared items to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

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People Also Ask About Del Taco

Does Del Taco Provide Anything Healthy on its Menu?

Yes, Del Taco does offer various healthy options to the customers. Among all the options, Crunchy Snack Taco is the healthiest as it only has 120 calories.

Which Type of Meat is Used in Tacos Prepared At Del Taco?

Del Taco lays a great emphasis on using freshly prepared meat. They primarily use seasoned beef to give an exceptional meat taste to the customers.

Does Del Taco Use Real Beans?

Del Taco uses lard-free beans. These beans are freshly prepared every day from scratch to give a fresh flavor and blend well with each dish.

Which Are The Most Famous Fries At Del Taco?

Crinkle Cut Fries are the most prominent fries available at Del Taco. Once you taste them, you will become a huge fan of them and will come here every time to taste these fries.

What Are The Key Ingredients in The Del Taco Bean and Cheese Burrito?

The star ingredient in both dishes is slowly cooked beans which are freshly prepared with the amazing red sauce and grated cheddar cheese.

Final Words

Del Taco caters to your cravings with a very healthy and fulfilling menu. You can find everything on their menu that will make you crave it.

Besides that, they have a great range of options that will always cater to you with something exciting on your table. So, why not order the food and try it for yourself?

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