Torchy’s Tacos Menu With Prices 2024 (Best Tacos in Town)

The Torchy’s Tacos Menu is well-spread. Not only do they serve different Tacos (Breakfast Taco, Chicken Taco, Egg Taco), their menu includes a wide range of Salads, burritos, Kids’ Menus, Sides, Sweets, and Drinks for you to indulge in.

There is nothing on this Taco Menu that you wouldn’t want to eat! The options for you are endless in Torchy’s Tacos Menu.

Because Taco is their trademark item, Torchy’s Tacos offers a whole lot of varieties to satisfy your craving appetite.

Their well-loved BREAKFAST TACOS menu consists of 7 different tacos to choose from.

As they are specifically for breakfast, all these items are made from cage-free eggs, cheese, and other ingredients (depending on the taco you choose).

With most of these tacos, you get the freedom to choose the tortilla of your choice if you are not a fan of regular flour ones.

Torchy’s DAMN GOOD TACOS menu is even well-spread with 14 mouth-watering options.

Made with various components, this menu offers you a variety to pick from according to your appetite.

Both these taco menus give you the freedom to choose a sauce of your choice for some specific tacos.

From Tomatillo Sauce, Poblano Sauce, Diablo Sauce, and Chipotle Sauce, you can try any according to your taste buds.

If you are not a taco fan but love Torchy’s taste, you can try the other items on the menu. We are sure you would never be disappointed! Concern about calorie intake, check out Torchys Tacos Nutrition PDF, Torchys Tacos Allergen PDF, Torchys Tacos Gluten Conscious Menu PDF.

Torchy’s Tacos Menu

ItemsServes (Bowl)Price
Pork (Green-Chile) 1$4.85
Fajita-Beef 1$5.75
Avocado- (Fried)1$4.85
Trashy -(Trailer-Park) 1$5.35
The MoFaux (New)1$6.15
Avocado- (Fresh)1$4.45
Mr. Orange1$6.15
Shrimp-Grilled (Baja)1$5.65

Torchy’s Tacos Breakfast Menu

ItemsServes (Bowl)Price
Ranch -(Hand)1$4.65
Number 1: Bacon with Egg & Cheese1$3.75
Number 2: Potato with Egg & Cheese1$3.75
Number 3: Chorizo with Egg & Cheese1$3.75
Breakfast Taco- (BYO)1$3.75
Number 4: Jalapeño Cheddar Sausage with Cheese & Egg 1$3.75
Cheese & Bean Taco1$3.00

Torchy’s Tacos Secret Menu

ItemsServes (Bowl)Price
Ace of Spades: Grilled Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage1$6.55
Hillbilly Style- (Trailer-Park)1$5.85
Missionary Style-(Green-Chile-Pork ) 1$5.30
The Matador1$6.50

Chips & Dips

ItemsServes (Bowl)Price
Chips & Guacamole1$7.75
Chips & Hillbilly Queso1$7.75
Chips & Queso1$7.50
Chips & Salsa1$4.25
Chips & Guacamole1/2$4.25
Chips & Hillbilly Queso1/2$4.25
Chips & Queso1/2$4.25
Chips & Salsa1/2$2.35

Not A Taco

ItemsServes (Bowl)Price
Burrito-Grande 1$9.50
Burrito-Grande Bowl1$9.50
Airstream-Salad: Topped With Avocado Slices1$9.25

Torchy’s Tacos Eats & Treats

ItemsServes (Bowl)Price
Little-Nookies (13ct)1$13.50
Little-Nookies (3ct)1$4.50
Pico de-Gallo1$2.75
Corn (Street)1$5.25
Corn (Street)1/2$2.95
Guacamole – Without Chips1$6.00
Salsa – Without Chips1$2.95
Rice: Pinto Bean (Combo)1$2.95
Queso – Without Chips1$5.65
Tortillas- Corn1$1.25
Tortillas- Flour1$1.25
Pinto-Beans (Sides)1$2.95
Chips Only1$2.15

Kids Menu

ItemsServes (Bowl)Price
Taco- Bean & Cheese1$3.00
Taco- Beef (fajita & mixed cheese) 1$4.85
Wrecker (Little)1$5.25
Quesadilla- Shredded Cheese1$3.15
Fried Chicken with mixed cheese Taco1$3.45
Quesadilla- Grilled chicken1$3.65
Taco- Grilled-Chicken 1$3.45
Quesadilla- Beef (fajita and shredded cheese)1$4.15
Kid Drink1$2.00

Drinks Menu

Coke-de Mexico- Mexican Coke12oz$2.80
Topo Chico- Mineral Water12oz$2.80
Dasani Water- Purified Water16.9oz$2.00
Simply Orange Juice- All Natural11.5oz$3.80
Simply Lemonade- All Natural11.5oz$2.80
Simply Raspberry Lemonade- All Natural11.5oz$2.80
Red Bull- Sugar-Free1$3.50
Tea with ice1$2.80
Dr. Pepper20oz$2.80
Dr. Pepper- Diet20oz$2.80
Fuze Iced-Tea- Lemon flavor1$2.80
Jarritos Grapefruit- Natural Flavor Soda1$2.80
Red Bull1$3.50
Fountain Drink- Coca-Cola beverages1$2.80
Jarritos Mandarin- Natural Flavor Soda1$2.80
Root-Beer (Barq’s)1$2.80

Bar To-Go Menu

Rock- Margarita (Quart-House)32oz$25.00
House-Made Recipe Sangria1$6.00
Rocks Sangria Swirl- RegularRegular$10.50
Frozen Sangria Swirl- RegularRegular$10.50
Lone Star Tallboy- Beer1$4.25
Corona Extra1$4.00
Truly Wildberry- Hard Seltzer12oz$5.00

Torchy’s Tacos Most Loved Items

People love Torchy’s Taco foods. However, some items are more popular than others. Let’s find them out so that you can taste them before the others.

01. The “Make it Trashy” Trailer Park

Made with a combination of fried chicken, green chilies, cheddar, poblano sauce, queso, and no lettuce, “trashy” is the only way to have the trailer taco.

The perfect balance of flavors would burst in your mouth and take you to “taco heaven”.

However, if you don’t want it “trashy”, you can always skip the queso and add lettuce to the combination.

02. Everyone’s Favorite Missionary Style Green Chile and Pork

Made with green chili and shredded pork, this missionary-style taco is a fan favorite for many reasons. For starters, it’s quite big compared to the other tacos on the list.

Also, the mix of ingredients like vinegary sweet pickled onion, guacamole, and chipotle sauce makes it flavorful and divine.

There is no doubt that it would satisfy your taste bud completely.

03. The Flavorful Baja Shrimp Taco

If you don’t want meat in your taco, go for the incredibly flavorsome Baja shrimp one.

The perfect mix of seasoned fried shrimp with sweet pickled onions, pickled jalapeños, salty cheese, and chipotle sauce would never fail to impress you.

Baja Shrimp Taco

04. The Chicken-Loaded Tipsy Chick

For a change of taste, try the bacon bourbon marmalade Tipsy Chick taco.

Loaded with grilled chicken, chopped bacon, spinach, green chilies, corn, and a creamy chipotle sauce, this taco is delicious at its best.

05. The Hillbilly Style Trailer Park

What not to love about this Hillbilly Style Trailer Park taco? A spinoff of the original Trailer Park taco, it contains a whole lot of fried chicken, cheeses, and sauce to make your craving-stomach happy.

How is Torchy’s Tacos Service

Even though Torchy’s Taco might seem like the other taco joint near you with a similar menu, some things make them different from the others.

We have discussed them in detail so that you know why they are popular amongst their customers.

What We Love About Torchy’s Tacos

  • They offer a whole lot of varieties of tacos for their customer to dig in. Their Breakfast taco menu and Damn Good taco menu are enriched and have versatile options to go with individual taste buds
  • In addition to tacos, you will find other salivating food items also
  • They offer you to pick your tortilla of choice and sauce to make your own little custom-made taco
  • The staffs are well-trained and well-behaved

What We Don’t Like About Torchy’s Tacos

  • You have to buy one beer at a time. No single individual is allowed to buy two beers at once
Torchy’s Tacos
Photo Credit; Flickr.comCC

How To Order Torchy’s Tacos

Ordering from Torchy’s and enjoying their mouthwatering tacos and others is as easy as it can get.

From dine-in options to a drive-thru, pick-ups, and delivery, you have a whole lot of options when it comes to Torchy’s food orders.

Visit or call +1 512-441-8900 to get in touch with concerned personnel.

Drive ThruAvailable
Home DeliveryAvailable
Curbside PickupAvailable

Let’s find out more about Torchy’s Taco at a glance.

Office4501 Springdale Rd, Austin, TX 78723, United States
Contact +1 512-441-8900
Online Order
Mobile Apps
Store Locator
Gift Cards

Torchy’s Tacos Socials

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Torchy’s Tacos “Make it Trashy” Mean?

“Make it trashy” is when you take out the lettuce and add queso to the Trailer Park Taco (from the Breakfast Menu). 

What Kind of Tortillas Does Torchy’s Tacos Serve To Their Customers?

Torchy’s Tacos uses corn tortillas and flour tortillas to serve tacos to its customers.

What is The Roja Sauce Served With Torchy’s Foods?

Roja is a special kind of sauce made with fire-roasted Roma tomatoes, grilled onions, garlic, chilies, cilantro, and poquito lime to serve with Torchy’s foods.

Each serving has 28g of the sauce with just 2g of carbs.

What Kind of Salsa Does Torchy’s Tacos Offer To Their Customers?

The choice of salsa is Torchy’s is quite endless. From No Frills, All Thrills to Tomatillo, Chipotle, Poblano, Diablo, Avocado, and Your Choice of Roja, you have a whole variety to choose from to make your foods taste even better. 

How Many States is Torchy’s Tacos Available in?

Torchy’s Taco is available in whopping 102 locations in 11 different states in the US. Wherever you go in the country, you don’t have to worry about your taco now!

Final Thoughts

Torchy’s Tacos is the ultimate place you need to visit to satisfy your taco cravings.

Their wide number of taco options made with some interesting combinations of ingredients would never fail to make your appetite full.

You can also mix and match the components for a taco you love the most.

Besides some delicious tacos, Torchy’s also has other foods on their menu, in case you want to taste something else. Try them and let us know what you think!

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