Taco Bell Menu Prices 2024 (Special Tacos, Burritos & Nachos)

Taco Bell is a widely popular Mexican food chain with numerous restaurants all over America.

Due to its massive success, it has also expanded internationally and has chains in various other countries.

The restaurant is famous for its unique branding and constant updates in its menu.

The service and menu of Taco Bell undergo remodeling in order to keep it in line with the latest trends and consumer behavior.

Food items like Quesarito, Tacos, Nachos, and Burritos are considered to be the heart and soul of Mexican food, all of which are available at Taco Bell.

Taco Tuesday is a world-famous tradition and of course, Taco Bell offers its own special version of the day.

Customers can enjoy a free crunchy beef taco on Tuesdays from the restaurant through pick-up or dine-in. 

The online menu for orders is divided into fifteen categories to choose from and each category then provides the different options available which can be further customized with add-ons and sauces.

This is a popular feature of Taco Bell since the consumer can create a meal according to their preferences and taste.

Apart from the aforementioned items, Taco Bell also offers breakfast, Mexican bowls, Veggie options, specialties, drinks, and sides & sweets.

There is a Combo category if you want to combine a drink with your meal and Groups categories for food packs that serve multiple people.

Some food items are only exclusively available online, which can be found in the Online Exclusives category, with options such as Black Bean Quesadilla and My Cravings Box.

The menu prices are considered to be on the cheaper end with many claiming it to be the most affordable and delicious Quick Service Restaurant (QSR).

Taco Bell has also been awarded by various associations for its innovative and healthy menu as compared to other QSRs.

For more details, you can browse, Taco Bell catering, breakfast, and Happy hour.

Taco Bell Taco Price (Soft & Crunchy)

It goes without saying that tacos are a hot food item at Taco Bell. They serve both soft and crunchy tacos, as well as Doritos Locos Tacos.

The tacos usually have a filling of beef, vegetables, cheese, and sour cream.

They can be customized with various add-ons and sauces including Beans, Chicken, Jalapenos, Nacho cheese, Guacamole, Chipotle sauce, and Spicy ranch.

SOFT TACO 180$1.69
SUPREME Crunchy Taco190$2.49
SUPREME Doritos-Tacos-Locos -(Nacho Cheese)190$2.39
Doritos-Tacos-Locos -(Nacho-Cheese)170$2.39
SOFT TACO (Spicy Potato)240$1.00

Taco Bell Combo Meals

Nacho-Fries (Box)990-1270$5.49
My-Carvings (Box)680-1690$5.00
Nacho-Fries (Deluxe Box)1330-1610$7.99
SUPREME Chalupus Chicken (2)840-1260$9.89
SUPREME -Crunchwrap710-1130$7.99
Tacos 3-Crunchy500-920$6.59
SUPREME – Tacos 3-Crunchy580-1000$7.79
SUPREME -Doritos(3)-Tacos-Locos570-990$8.69
SUPREME -SOFT(3)-TACOs630-1050$7.79
SUPREME- Burrito590-1010$7.59
Combo- Classic880-1300$5.00
Combo- Classic830-1250$5.00

Taco Bell Party Pack/Box Price

Cravings-Pack (Burrito & Taco)170-490$11.49
Party-Pack (Taco)170$17.99
Party-Pack (Supreme-Taco)190$21.99
Party-Pack (Soft Taco)180$17.99
Party-Pack (Supreme-Soft Taco)210$21.99
Party-Pack (Variety Taco)170$19.99
Party-Pack (Supreme-Variety Taco)190$22.99
Party Pack (Drinks)0-1120$4.00

Taco Bell Nachos Price

Nachos are usually enjoyed by customers as a heavy snack rather than a meal, however, some combinations offered by Taco Bell can fill the appetite with just nachos.

The Nachos Bell Grande comes with a beef topping however the addition of rice, beans or chicken can turn this into a whole meal.

For snacking, the Chips with Nacho Cheese Sauce is quite popular with customers usually opting for additional add-ons of guacamole, jalapeno, and sour cream.

Cheese Sauce (Nacho & Chips)220$1.79

Taco Bell Quesadilla Price


Taco Bell Burritos Menu

There are many types of burritos to choose from at Taco Bell. The Beefy 5-layer Burrito, Quesarito, and Bean Burrito are amongst the top favorites.

There is also a veggie burrito option for vegetarians. The burritos can also be upgraded through add-ons and sauces, the same as the tacos.  

Grilled-Cheese Burrito 2 Steak920$6.79
Grilled-Cheese Burrito 2 Steak (Spicy)930$6.79
Burrito-5 Layer(Beefy)490$3.19
Quesarito- (Black Bean)630$4.39
SUPREME- Burrito400$4.29
Burrito- (Chili-Cheese)380$2.59
Grilled-Chicken (Chipotle-Ranch)510$2.00
Beefy-Melt 620$2.00
Rice & Cheesy-Bean 420$1.00

Online Exclusive Menu

My-Carvings (Box)680-1690$5.00
Quesarito- (Black Bean)630$4.39
SUPREME-Chalupa- (Black Bean)340$3.89

New Menu

Nacho-Fries (Loaded-Truff)500$4.49
Nacho-Fries (Box)990-1270$5.49
Nacho-Fries (Deluxe Box)1330-1610$7.99
Grilled-Cheese Burrito 2 Steak920$6.79
Grilled-Cheese Burrito 2 Steak (Spicy)930$6.79
Cherry-Bliss (Freeze)220$3.19


The specialty items are variations of the main menu items or appetizer food such as chalupas.

They are worth mentioning because many customers flock to Taco Bell just for their favorite specialty menu foods.

In particular, the Cheesy Roll-up and Nacho Fries have been widely recommended. The Cheesy Roll-up is a tortilla roll filled with three types of cheeses.

Nacho Fries are French fries served with a side of their famous hot melted nacho cheese.

Nacho-Fries (Loaded-Truff)500$4.49
Maxican-Pizza (Veggie)470$4.49
Supreme-Chalupa- (Black Bean)340$3.89
SUPREME -Crunchwrap540$4.69
SUPREME -Crunchwrap- (Black Bean)520$4.69
Gordita-Crunch (Cheesy)500$4.59
Doritos Gordita-Crunch (Cheesy) Nacho Cheese490$4.79
Roll Up (Cheesy)180$1.00
Chipotle-Melt (Chicken)190$1.59

Sides & Sweet Items

Fiesta-Potato (Cheesy)240$1.99
Cheese Sauce (Nacho & Chips)220$1.79
Rice and Black-Bean 160$1.89
Sauce- (Avocado-Ranch)240$0.65
Cinnabon-Delights Pack (2)160$1.89
Cinnabon-Delights Pack (12)930$6.19
Mild- (Packet Sauce)0$0.00
Hot- (Packet Sauce)0$0.00
Fire- (Packet Sauce)0$0.00
Diablo- (Packet Sauce)0$0.00
Nacho- (Packet Sauce)60$0.95
Sour-Cream (Reduced-Fat)45$0.70
Jalapeno-Sauce (Creamy)230$0.65

Cravings Value Menu

SOFT-TACO -(Spicy Potato)240$1.00
Burrito Grilled-Chicken (Chipotle-Ranch)510$2.00
Burrito Beefy-Melt 620$2.00
Rice Burrito & Cheesy Bean420$1.00
Burrito (Fiesta-Veggie)570$2.00
Roll Up (Cheesy)180$1.00
Combo- Classic830-1250$5.00
Combo- Classic880-1300$5.00

Veggie Cravings

Burrito Rice & Cheesy-Bean 420$1.00
Quesarito- (Black Bean)630$4.39
Fiesta-Veggie (Burrito)570$2.00
SOFT-TACO -(Spicy Potato)240$1.00
Supreme- Chalupa- (Black Bean)340$3.89
SUPREME -Crunchwrap- (Black Bean)520$4.69
Maxican-Pizza (Veggie)470$4.49
Bowl-Veggie Power Menu420$6.29
Roll Up (Cheesy)180$1.00
Fiesta-Potatoes (Cheesy)240$1.99
Cheese Sauce (Nacho & Chips)220$1.79
Cinnabon-Delights Pack (2)160$1.89
Cinnabon-Delights Pack (12)930$6.19


Power-Menu (Veggie)420$6.29

Taco Bell Breakfast Menu

Bell- Box1040-1320$5.00
Burrito-Bacon Toasted (Cheesy)350$1.49
Burrito-Sausage Toasted (Cheesy)350$1.29
Burrito-Potato Toasted (Cheesy)340$1.29
Burrito-Steak Toasted (Grande)570$4.19
Burrito-Sausage Toasted (Grande)570$3.49
Burrito-Bacon Toasted (Grande)570$3.49
Burrito-Combo Toasted (Grande)730-1010$5.79
Cinnabon-Delights Pack (2)160$1.89
Cinnabon-Delights Pack (12)930$6.19
Hot-Coffee (Premium)10$1.79
Cinnabon Delight-Coffe (Hot)160$2.29
Iced-Coffee (Regular)10$1.79
Cinnabon Delight-Coffe (Iced)160$2.29


Baja Blast-MTN Dew (Freeze)190$3.19
Cherry-Bliss (Freeze)220$3.19
Wild-Cherry (Freeze)$3.19
Zero-Sugar (Pepsi)0$2.29
Baja Blast-MTN Dew420$2.29
Baja Blast-MTN Dew (Zero-Sugar)15$2.29
Dr. Pepper360$2.29
Fruit Punch- (G2-Gatorede)80$2.29
Strawberry Squeeze (Dole-Lemonade)140$2.29
Mango-Fiesta -(Brisk)170$2.29
Iced-Tea (Dragon-Paradise Sparkling) Brisk120$2.29
Unsweet Iced-Tea (Lipton)0$2.29
Special- (Iced-Tea)0$0.99
Special- (Sweet-Tea)170$0.99
Bottled-Water (Aquafina)0$1.49
Water (1 Cup)0$0.00
Hot-Coffee (Premium)10$1.79
Cinnabon Delight-Coffe (Hot)160$2.29
Iced-Coffee (Regular)10$1.79
Party Pack (Drinks)0-1120$4.00
Cinnabon Delight-Coffe (Iced)160$2.29

The Story of Taco Bell

The first Taco Bell was opened in California in 1962 by Glen Bell. It has since expanded to 7000 chains in US and 500 internationally.

It is undefeated as the most popular option for Mexican food amongst Quick Service Restaurants with its flavorful and varied menu.

It was also the harbinger of creating a mobile application for taking orders.

The main focus of Taco Bell is on innovation, and they constantly seek to upgrade both their food and service through new ideas.

Furthermore, they were the first fast food restaurant certified by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA) for the high standard of their ingredients.

Taco Bell
Photo Credit; Flickr.com, CC

Reason For the Popularity of Taco Bell

Taco Bell is at the forefront of Mexican food chains in America.

One of the main reasons is the cuisine they offer; whereas many fast food chains focus on burgers and fries, the Mexican food at Taco Bell provides customers with fresh change in food items for quick and cheap meals.

The variety available for the price point is also a key factor in its success. Taco Bell is known and loved for its innovation when it comes to the menu.

The first step was taken with the launch of Doritos Locos Taco through a partnership with Frito-Lay, which has been a long-standing customer favorite.

Additionally, Taco Bell has taken insightful steps to attract young customers by being active on social media and keeping the menu varied, including many healthy options.

How Do You Place an Order at Taco Bell?

Taco Bell app and website can be used to place an order ahead, which can then be collected in-store or by the drive-through.

They have also started delivery in very select locations, and are looking to expand that option. Their main delivery provider is Grubhub for home deliveries.

In-store and drive-through order methods are pretty straightforward. One can browse the menu and place an order of their choice to the restaurant personnel who then get you your meal.

Delivery Methods

Taco Bell has a major partnership with Grubhub which provides delivery to many areas.

However, Taco Bell can also be ordered for delivery through Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

One simply has to choose the restaurant on the app, customize their order and add their delivery location.  

Drive ThruAvailable
Home DeliveryAvailable mainly through other couriers
Curbside PickupNot available

Payment Methods

Taco Bell offers a multitude of payment options. In-person payments can be made through cash however the online payment options are quite varied with advanced payment methods such as Apple Pay.

The following types of payment methods can be used at Taco Bell:

  • Cash
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Gift and eGift Cards
  • Digital Wallets (such as Google Pay, Venmo, PayPal & Apple Pay)
  • Coupons & Promo codes

Contact Information of Taco Bell Menu Prices

Taco Bell offers excellent customer support and has useful links on its website for all customer-related concerns and queries; links are provided in the table below.

Address 1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine, CA 92618
Contacthttps://www.tacobell.com/contact-us 1 (800) 822-6235
Order Onlinehttps://www.tacobell.com/delivery
Store Locatorhttps://www.tacobell.com/locations
Sign Uphttps://www.tacobell.com/register
Gift Cardshttps://www.tacobell.com/gift-cards
Their Storyhttps://www.tacobell.com/about-us

Find Taco Bell on Social Media

Taco Bell is active on multiple social media platforms, the links are given in the table below.


Frequently Asked Questions About Taco Bell Menu Prices

Is Taco Bell an Expensive Franchise?

Taco Bell is considered to be an extremely affordable fast-food franchise and one of the most affordable restaurants serving Mexican food.

This does not impact the quality of food therefore, it is both cheap and uses quality products, including some healthy food options.

Can The Online Order Be Paid For in Cash?

Unfortunately, online orders can not be paid for with cash on delivery (COD).

However various digital payment options are available for ease of purchase – credit/debit cards, egift cards, and digital wallet payments.

Do Taco Bell Members Get Special Offers?

Yes, upon registering for a Taco Bell account one can take advantage of many Rewards programs, coupons, and special deals offered by Taco Bell.

To claim and get some rewards you need to be a member.

How Can I Order From Taco Bell Menu Online?

The menu can be accessed on their official website by clicking ‘Order Now’.

The menu layout is quite simple, upon making selections the checkout option should be chosen and login credentials entered.

One can browse whether delivery is available in their area otherwise pick-up options can be chosen from the nearest Taco Bell.

Payment must be made online. The website provides options for Order Now and Later depending on the choice of the customer.

Is Mexican Pizza Menu Item Available?

Due to popular demand, Taco Bell reintroduced its Mexican Pizza which was discontinued in 2022.

However, because of the fast sell-out, it has disappeared again from the menu in most locations.

Taco Bell is planning to restock it as a permanent menu item.

Final Words

Taco Bell is famous for its grab-and-go style of providing Mexican food as opposed to lavish Mexican restaurants, with many loyal customers.

Considering the price point and quality of food offered, it is definitely a must-visit, with some food items such as Doritos Locos Tacos worth a try.

It is easily possible for Taco Bell to become your favorite fast food spot, for meals or for snacking.  

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