El Pollo Loco Catering Prices in 2024 – Famous Mexican Fire Grilled Chicken

Are you party-planning for Halloween or Christmas? Give El Pollo Loco Catering a chance to grace your event with its delicious food.

Their 24-piece meal is a wonder that feeds from 10-12 people with various side dishes with rice and chicken.

If you need to feed an army of 20-24 people, your best shot is their 48-piece delicious meal.

Their 24-piece chicken and tortilla option is the dream of anyone who loves chicken and it covers up to 12 people.

If you’re feeling a little luxurious, they’ve got two 3-course menus. 3- course 24-piece meal is for a party with 10-12 people.

The 3-course 48-piece will serve up to 24 guests. Their sides are absolutely yummy and very generous in portions.

The sides vary from rice to pinto beans, and from broccoli to their all-time favorite mashed potatoes and gravy.

XL size is for a group of 10-12 people and the jumbo size will feed 20-24 mouths. Various à la carte options grace their catering package, too.  

El Pollo Loco
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The items run from burrito platters to Mexican salads and ultra-famous Chips and Guac. You could order these items for anywhere between 4-12 guests.

El Pollo Loco is a household name for its authentic extras, too. They’ve got the most-ordered Guacamole, house salsa, and many other options to choose from.

Yes, they do offer drinks and desserts as per your wish.

El Pollo Loco Catering Menu

Meal (24 Pc)10-12610-1270$89.99
Meal (48 Pc)20-24610-1270$169.99
Chicken & Tortillas (24 Piece)400-600$44.99
Three-Course Meal (24 Piece)10-121000-1730$119.99
Three-Course Meal (48 Piece)20-24940-1650$199.99
Burrito Platter- choice of 4 types6-8220-630$23.99
Salad: Mexican6-880-110$17.99
Salad: Mexican (with Chicken Breast)6-880-110$24.98
Tacos al Carbon (6-Pack)4-6170-260$8.99
Chips (Corn tortilla) & Choice of Salsa10-12160-210$7.99
Chips (Corn tortilla) and Handmade Guacamole10-12210-250$12.99
Spanish Rice- Long Grain (Extra Large)10-1290-110$16.99
Spanish Rice- Long Grain (Jumbo)20-2490-110$27.99
Pinto Beans with serrano peppers (Extra Large)10-1290-100$16.99
Pinto Beans with serrano peppers (Jumbo)20-2490-100$27.99
Loco Salad with Cilantro Dressing (Extra Large)10-1240-50$27.99
Loco Salad with Cilantro Dressing (Jumbo)20-2440-50$16.99
Corn coated with buttery sauce (Extra Large)10-12110-130$16.99
Corn coated with buttery sauce (Jumbo)20-24110-130$27.99
Cole Slaw with sweet & sour dressing (Extra Large)10-12110-130$16.99
Cole Slaw with sweet & sour dressing (Jumbo)20-24110-130$27.99
Mac (immersed in cheese sauce) and Cheese Extra (Large)10-12210-250$16.99
Mac (immersed in cheese sauce) & Cheese (Jumbo)20-24210-250$27.99
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy (Extra Large)10-1280-100$16.99
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy (Jumbo)20-2480-100$27.99
House Salsa (Mild)5-10$5.99
Avocado Salsa (Hot)20-25$5.99
Salsa Roja (Fiery)15$5.99
Creamy Cilantro Dressing140-160$4.99
Sour Cream80-100$4.99
Bottled Water0$2.39

Most Demanding Catering Dishes From El Pollo Loco

It’s a fact that sometimes you don’t know what to order at El Pollo Loco.

Give the following dishes a chance to charm you and trust me, they are the most-loved dishes of El Pollo Loco.

No other classic tastes as divine as this. This bowl comes with perfectly-seasoned rice and delicious beans and the toppings of your choice.

It’s entirely customizable with onions, cilantro, and Pico de Gallo to make the most sensational flavors ever.

01. Fire-Grilled Chicken

This is the ultimate specialty of El Pollo Loco. They are available in several sizes and you could order various chicken parts.

The chicken is the juiciest with tender meat inside. Their chicken is an absolute bomb with the finest tastes and the maximum nutritive value.

02. Original BRC Burrito

This is the ultimate dream of a dietician. The soft tortilla hides inside the well-seasoned rice, beans, and cheese to make this amazing burrito for you.

This is one of their healthiest and the most filling options which will satiate your hunger without adding many carbs to your body.

03. Chipotle Chicken Avocado Burrito

No Mexican menu is complete without a delicious and yummy-looking burrito. Chipotle salsa here adds a little spice to the tender chicken.

And here comes avocado to balance that spiciness with its sweet taste and the balance between these opposites creates the most iconic burrito ever.

With the rice, cheddar, and sour cream wrapped inside the tortilla, this is the best that El Pollo Loco can serve you.

04. Chicken Taco Al Carbon

This is your sign to try something daring. El Pollo Loco’s fire-grilled chicken lies here on this taco, creating an amazing smokey taste.

You can never forget the cilantro and onions inside as they add up to the freshness. Its texture is otherworldly and trusts this dish to never disappoint you.

Healthy Food Choices

El Pollo Loco is unforgettable for its food quality. For a fast-food restaurant, it sure gives a lot of attention to the customers’ health.

Most of the catering items are low-carb and low-fat and their chicken is charbroiled for lower levels of fat.

If you’re watching your carbs and still want some juicy food, this is your place.

Affordable Dishes

dishes here don’t strain your wallet as most of their delicious goodness could be ordered for under $10.

Their extras are cheaper than anywhere else. Here, you could order a full meal with a drink and it would still cost you less than 12$.

Authentic and Filling Food

El Pollo Loco serves the most authentic Mexican dishes which are quite filling and absolutely delicious. 

Story of El Pollo Loco

The history of El Pollo Loco runs back to 1975 when a young hard-working man with a penchant for grilled chicken opened his first restaurant in Guasave, Sinaloa, Mexico.

In 1980 Juan Francisco Ochoa brought his amazing restaurant to the United States.

Flashforward to 41 years, today El Pollo Loco operates across 487 locations in Nevada, California, Arizona, Utah, Texas, and Louisiana.

More than 5000 employees work hard every day, buzzing like bees to prepare and serve their super flavorful dishes.

No matter how humongous their catering menu is, people still adore their fire-grilled chicken and the original Pollo Bowl as their all-time favorites.

Ordering At El Pollo Loco

Ordering at El Pollo Loco is convenient and never intimidating. You could simply order online or through delivery apps. Visit their website for scheduled and immediate orders.

Online Ordering

  • Grab your phone and visit their website or mobile app
  • Enter the location, and select delivery or pick up
  • Start browsing their catering menu, click on what you want and check out

 Delivery Apps

  • Visit your trusted delivery app. (Door Dash/ Uber eats etc.)
  • Pick your favorite items, order, pay, and wait for the delivery

El Pollo Loco Delivery Methods

El Pollo Loco is the epitome of convenient delivery methods. You can just order online and get them delivered to your doorstep via them or by using delivery apps.

The chart below might help you to find out more about their delivery methods. 

Drive-ThruYes (available in certain locations)
Home DeliveryYes
Curbside pickupYes (available in certain locations)

El Pollo Loco Payment Methods

El Pollo Loco accepts quite a lot of payment options to make your food ordering far more convenient than any other restaurant.

You could pay by cash or with the cards mentioned below.

  • Cash
  • Master card
  • Visa card
  • American Express
  • Discover cards
  • E-wallets (Apple pay, google pay, Samsung pay)

Contact Info of El Pollo Loco

If you need to contact the El Pollo Loco team for any questions, refer to the table below.

Online orderhttps://order.elpolloloco.com/
Mobile apphttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.olo.elpolloloco&hl=en&gl=US
Store Locatorhttps://www.elpolloloco.com/locations/
Gift Cardshttps://www.elpolloloco.com/gift-cards/
Office addresshttps://corporateofficeheadquarters.org/el-pollo-loco/
Contact ushttps://www.elpolloloco.com/contact-us/

Social Media Presence of El Pollo Loco

Follow El Pollo Loco on social media to stay tuned


People Also Ask

What Are The Largest Catering Packages At EL Pollo Loco?

El Pollo Loco offers a 24-piece meal and a 48-piece meal that serves up to 10-12 and 20-24 people respectively.

Where Do I Get The Nutritional Information on The Catering Menus?

Under each catering option, there is a link to click on which will display all the information you need.

What are XL and Jumbo Size on The Catering Menu?

XL size feeds around 10-12 people while the jumbo is humongous and serves from 20-24 guests.

Does El Pollo Loco Accept Apple Pay When Paying For Catering Orders?

Of course, they do. E-wallets are welcome there. It happily accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Does The Catering Menu Consist of Extras?

Absolutely YES! El Pollo Loco’s catering menu offers you quite a lot of extras from salsa to guacamole and sour cream.

Final Thoughts

If you are a sucker for authentic tex-mex food like me, this is the one place to visit that doesn’t strain your wallet.

Their food is the yummiest ever and you would love to know that they are some of the healthiest.

Why not give it a try next time you pass by El Pollo Loco to enjoy their culinary masterpieces?  

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