Market Basket Catering Menu & Prices 2024

If there’s one place that caters to any and every occasion with any and everything, that’s Market Basket for you. Their catering menu is a behemoth.

Breakfast and brunch menus to begin with come in three sizes depending on the size of the party with donuts, bagels, fruit trays, and some interesting add-ons like salmon trays, quiche and half trays (serving 10) like fries, scrambled eggs, and sausage links.

The country brunch menu is wholesome with croissant and wrap sandwiches, hot dishes, and deli-style nosh of your choice.

Their Hot and cold buffets are game changers with 9 mini menus.

There’s a classic sandwich buffet with rolls, wraps, and olive trays while Market Basket’s Deli is an ultimate hit with sloppy longs, S.T.J., and more.

You can make your sandwich menu with a cold buffet or order hot and cold combo catering with an extensive salad menu as a healthy backup.

Heading towards their very diverse dinner buffet, it comes with 8 chicken dishes, 5 beef ones, several fancy veal dishes, and seafood choices.

You get a range of pasta from rigatoni to lasagna, vegetable options, and some other yummy sides.

Their two dinner packages include all the dinner essentials.

You get your hors d’oeuvres, multiple bake and serves (with pizza, quiche, etc.), entrees, sides, vegetables, and desserts.

Market Basket has got many impressive cocktail packages.

A la carte hot and cold hors d’oeuvres have dishes with cheese and vegetable combos, mushrooms stuffed with vegetables or sausage, and many more.

Since beverages and desserts are a vital part of your catering order, you can set up your coffee or bar, order brunch beverages, and lots of sweet delights like ice creams, fruit tarts, cookies, and brownies.

Market Basket Catering Menu (Breakfast & Brunch Platters)

ItemsServes (Minimum)Price (Per person)
Breakfast Buffets
Available Add-ons: (Smoked Salmon tray with cream cheese and mini Bagles, Tomato, Red onion, Capers)
1/2 Trays10
Signature French Toast$60.00
Bacon or Sausage Links$60.00
Home Fries$35.00
Scrambled Eggs$60.00
Crepes + 20 pcs from (Apple, Strawberry, blueberry)$60.00
Brunch Buffets
Country Brunch (Warp Sandwiches, Croissant Sandwich & Choice of Hot dish)20$28.00
Deli Style NOSH20$25.95

Market Basket Sandwich Platters

(Serves 10 Per Sandwich Style)

ItemsPrice (Per Each)
Party Rolls$4.50
Sloppy joe$4.00
Hero (Italian or Kosher style) 3 ft/6 ft$24.00
Individual Specialty Hero$11.00

Market Basket Party Platters

ItemsServes (Minimum)Price (Per person)
Dinner Party I25$50.00
Dinner Party II50$70.00

Market Basket Deli Platters

ItemsSizePrice (Per Each)
Fancy Sliced Cheese Tray$95.00
Fruit & Cheese Combo Basket$85.00
Vegetable & Dip BasketSm$55.00
Cheese and Vegetable Combo basketSm$75.00
Cheese Cube and Pepperoni BasketSm$75.00
Cheese Cube with Spread Center BasketSm$75.00
Assorted cheese Spreads (Homemade)1 lb$12.00
2 lbs$24.00
Spinach Dip stuffed in Pumpernickel Bread$45.00
Store made Guacamole14 oz.$10.99
Store made Salsa14 oz.$6.99
Lobster and shrimp (30 Shrimp, 9 tails cut in 1/2)$270.00
Shrimp Cocktail36 pcs$145.00
50 pcs$195.00
100 pcs$375.00
Minimum 10 Guests  
Shushi Assorted$36.00
Smoked Salmon Roll ups with Herb Spread$2.50
Melon Wrapped in Prosciutto$2.50
Antipasto tray (10-15ppl)S$150.00
Antipasto tray (15-20ppl)L$235.00
Seared Tuna with Wasabi Sauce & Toast Points$2.50
Caprese Skewer$2.50
Sliced Tomato or Fresh Mozarella with Basil Tray$5/p.p

Cold & Hot Buffets

ItemsServes (Minimum)Price (Per person)
Classic Sandwich Buffet10$15.49
Cold Buffet15$16.49
Deli Best Buffet20$18.00
Hot Buffet25$25.99
Hot and cold Combo Buffet25$25.99

Hot A La Carte

(Serves Minimum 10 Per Entrees)

ItemsPrice (Per Each)
Penne in Pink Vodka Sauce$65.00
Macaroni & Cheese$60.00
Baked Meat Lasagna$65.00
Eggplant Rollatini$60.00
Eggplant Parmigiana$65.00
Sausage, Peppers & Onions$65.00
Cavatelli & Broccoli$65.00
BBQ Spare Ribs$80.00
Oven Roasted Chicken$75.00
Italian Meatballs$50.00
Chicken Parmigiana$60.00
Tuscan Chicken$75.00

Dinner Buffet

(Serves Minimum of 10 Guests)

ItemsA La CartePkg. Price
Lemon Chicken$10.00$18.50
Portobello Chicken$10.00$18.50
Chicken (Boneless) Bits vin Champignon$8.50$16.50
Shiitake Chicken$10.00$18.50
Chicken Piccata$10.00$18.50
Chicken Scampi$10.00$18.50
Chicken Marsala$10.00$18.50
Chicken Francaise$10.00$18.50
Brisket with Gravy$11.50$19.95
Beef Bourguignon$10.00$17.95
Beef Stroganoff$10.00$17.95
Roast Shell loin of BeefMkt.Mkt.
Filet MignonMkt.Mkt.
Veal & Shrimp Marsala$15.00$22.50
Veal Marsala$14.00$21.50
Veal Francaise$14.00$21.50
Veal Piccata$14.00$21.50
Veal stroganoff$14.00$21.50
Veal Parmigiana$14.00$21.50
Shrimp Parmigiana$14.00$20.95
Shrimp Scampi$14.00$20.95
Shrimp & Chicken Marsala$14.00$20.95
Shrimp & Scallop Scampi$20.00$26.95
Stuffed Shrimp$14.50$21.50
Grilled Salmon Glazed with Honey & almonds$14.00$20.95
Lobster TailsMkt.Mkt.
Stuffed Flounder with Shrimp and Crab Meat$16.00$22.95
Poached Salmon with Cucumber Dill Sauce$120.00
Seafood Newburg$15.00$21.95

Pasta-Side Dishes

ItemsPrice (Per person)
Tortellini Marinara$6.50
Short Rigatoni Pomodoro$6.50
Vegetable Lasagna with Marinara or cream Sauce$6.50
Rigatoni (Short) with pesto Sauce$6.50
Rigatoni (Short) with Pink Vodka Sauce$6.50
Rigatoni (Short) with Tomato (Sun Dried) & asiago$6.50
Pasta Primavera$6.50
Rigatoni Caprese$6.50
Seafood Lasagna with Marinara or Alfredo sauce$6.50
Short Rigatoni with Broccoli rabe & Crumbled Sausage, Garlic Olive oil$6.50
Pasta Bolognese Sauce$6.50

A La Carte-Hot Hors D’oeuvers

ItemsSizePrice (Per Each)
Scallop Rumaki24 pcs$4.00
Hot Crabmeat Dip$7.50
Hot Crab Stuffed in Mushrooms24 pcs$2.50
Coconut Shrimp3 pcs$6.50
Vegetables Stuffed in Mushrooms24 pcs$2.00
Filet on French Rounds mkt.
Sausage Stuffed in Mushrooms24 pcs$2.00
Fried Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce3 pcs$5.00
Mini crab cakes with Chipotle Aioli Sauce$3.50
Mini Cocktail Meatballs3 pcs$4.00
Baby Lamb Chopsmkt.
Chicken Wings (Half Tray)50pcs$65.00
Wing Dings (Half Tray)50 pcs$59.95
Chicken Nuggets Buffalo Serving with blue hen dip, Honey BBQ or sweet chili4 pcs$5.5/p.p
Chicken Nuggets serving with Mustard Honey dip4 pcs$4.5/p.p
Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip $3.00
Chicken Fingers with Mustard Honey dip3 pcs$5/p.p
Store MadeAdd ons
Honey Mustard Dip12 oz.$4.99
 Blue hen Dip12 oz.$5.99

Cocktail Party

ItemsServes (Minimum)Price (Per person)
Cocktail Party I25$19.95
Cocktail Party II25$39.95
Cocktail Party III25$49.95

Bake And Serve – A La Carte Hors D’oeuvres

Pizza Bagels (Mini)100 pcs$45.00
Franks in blanket100 pcs$45.00
Quiche (Mini)100 pcs$75.00
Stromboli $40.00
Egg Rolls100 pcs$45.00
Spanikopita100 pcs$75.00
9” Brie in Puff pastry$60.00
9” Brie in Puff pastry with Raspberry$65.00
9” Brie with Brown Sugar and walnuts$55.00
Gourmet Assortments (50 pcs increments)
Mini Deep-dish Pizzas$75.00
Spinach & Artichoke Tartlets$75.00
Hot Crab Tartlets$75.00

Sweet Endings

Fruit & dip Basket25$100.00
Carved Watermelon Basket50$125.00
Fruit Salad2.75/p.p
Large Fruit Tart$24.99
Mini Pastries (3 pcs for per)$5.25/p.p
Fancy Sliced Fruit Tray with Dip (Small)$75.00
Fancy Sliced Fruit Tray with Dip (Large)$100.00
Rugela (2 for per)$3/P.P
Dessert Combo$4/P.P
Butter Cookie Trays (3 lbs)$59.00
Butter Cookie Trays (5 lbs)$95.00
Italian Cookie Trays (3 lbs)$72.00
Brownies, Cream Cheese, and Fudge Icing (2 pcs per) $4.00
Carrot Cake Squares with Cream Cheese icing (2 pcs Per) $4.00
Italian Cookie Trays (5 lbs)$120.00
Petite Four (Minimum 50 pcs)$2/ Each
Chocolate Covered Strawberries$2/ Each
Store Baked Cookies (3 pcs per)$2.25/p.p
Homemade Ice Cream (Pre-Scooped)20/Minimum$8/p.p
Deluxe Homemade Ice Cream (Pre-Scooped)40/Minimum$10/p.p
Cheesecakes 7”
Brownie Bottom$25.49

Set Up Items

Bar Set up50/Minimum$6/p.p
Assorted Soda, Spring Water, Sparkling Water and Ice Set Up25/minimum$4/p.p
Brunch Beverage set up25/minimum$5/p.p
Paper Goods Set up10/minimum$3.25/p.p
Coffee Set up
55-Cup Coffee urns20/minimum$75/Each
100-Cup Coffee urns20/minimum$95/Each
36 Cup Urns for hot water20/minimum$30/Each
12-cup Box of Coffee20/minimum$25/Per box

Market Basket Delivery Methods

Drive ThruNo
Home DeliveryNo  
Curbside PickupNo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Market Basket Cater To Any Occasion?

Of course, it does. Market Basket caters to all events including but not limited to weddings, Christmas parties, birthday parties, family gatherings, and more.

Can I Order a Customized Menu For Catering?

Absolutely. If you need to make your catering menu for any of the occasions, all you have to do is to reach one of their catering specialists to make your dream a reality.

Is There Any Quota For The Catering Packages?

Yes. There are several quotas. Each menu has a minimum guest quota that you have to comply with. 

Can I Have a Service Staff Help Me With The Catering?

Of course, you can. Please reach out to Market Basket for more info.

Are Beverages and Desserts Included in Their Catering Packages?

Yes, they are and you can customize your beverage and dessert options.

Final Thoughts

Market Basket is always there if you want to enjoy the smoothest event that you’ve ever had with gourmet dishes and beverages.

If you’re having a larger party of fifty-plus guests, I suggest you order their dinner party 2 packages with all its decadent dishes that will marvel all your guests.

Just hurry and place an order for your coming Christmas party to taste this yummy goodness.

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