Harris Teeter Thanksgiving Dinner 2024

It’s finally Thanksgiving season with fantastic food and lots of love. Let gourmet food be your love language this Thanksgiving with Harris Teeter’s thanksgiving dinner.

Before getting started, one thing to remember is that Harris Teeter’s thanksgiving dinner is prepared by professional chefs and comes with an “at-home twist.”

Once the good food is in your hand, you get to add a few toppings to make them extra delicious and pass it as yours truly.

The star of their menu is the turkey, coming in 2 options. You get to order either a raw bird if you are an at-home culinary mastermind or an eat-and-heat version with a chilled bird.

The latter comes with simple instructions for golden skin. Of course, it does consist of thick turkey gravy and fresh cranberry relish.

They’ve got a wide range of frozen and pre-made turkeys, from Smoked Butterball Turkey and premium quality turkey and more. Especially their Holiday Turkey at $39.99 is amazing and serves up to 10 people.

If you’re in need of more protein on your table, order more of their ham or prime rib varieties. There are Holiday Ham and Holiday Prime Rib as additional protein.

They are all pre-cooked, and you get to customize them through special instructions on the ordering page. 

Individual dishes do exist, like Brown Sugar Spiral Ham and Prime Rib Roast with Kansas City-style seasoning if you wish to have them.   

(Cornbread stuffing is an important dish on your Turkey Day table. Harris Teeter makes a mean cornbread stuffing, and you have to add some nuts and cranberries and bake it; claim it as yours. 

Their green beans- sauteed is another fan fav. With a few stipes of bacon and after being reheated, it comes to your table pumping hot and fantastic.

Harris Teeter’s thanksgiving dinner comes with two types of potatoes, Redskin Mashed Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes. Both are to be reheated and added some toppings to make it extra special.)

The most amazing thing here is that they’ve got great ideas for centerpieces in DIY style, and you get to purchase the flowers from their floral shop for the decorations.

Wines and all sorts of frozen desserts are available for purchase as well. Especially their frozen pie collection deserves 5 stars for its sweet perfection. 

Harris Teeter Holiday Meals (Turkey and Ham)

Chef Prepared Turkey (Fresh Holiday)8 to 10$39.99
Chef Prepared Ham (Reserve Holiday)8 to 10$39.99
Turkey (Holiday)8 to 10$39.99
Ham (Holiday)8 to 10$39.99
Rib (Holiday Prime)6 to 10$39.99

Harris Teeter Party Platters

ItemsServe Price
Tender Chicken Sampler4 to 5$14.99
Sampler Wing4 to 5$14.99
Wyng Tray (Boneless)12 to 16$59.99

Harris Teeter Seafood Platters

Sampler Seafood 18 to 20$49.99
Shrimp Platter (Big Party)24 to 30$59.99
Shrimp Platter (Large)12 to 14$39.99
Shrimp Platter (The Original)14 to 16$39.99
Crab Bites 12 to 14$59.99
Platter Express4 to 6$19.99
Stuffed Mushroom Crab14 to 16$59.99
Shrimp Platter (The Impressor)4 to 6$49.99
Express Platter Snow Leg$14.99

Serving Start and Closing Dates

You get to order your juicy turkey or any other protein of your choice with Harris Teeter for your thanksgiving dinner table. Unfortunately, sides aren’t available for pre-orders this season.

They operate during their usual hours during the thanksgiving week and will close at 2 pm on Turkey Day itself. Don’t worry; they re-open the next day, Friday, 25th, at their usual time, 8 am. 

How to Order at Harris Teeter

Placing orders online

  • Hit their official website.
  • Type what you’re seeking on the search bar. (Ex: Holiday Meals)
  • Pick the ones you need and add the purchase option.
  • Type any special instructions and the quantity and add the items.
  • Re-check and check out.

They are available for pick-up, delivery, and shipping, but they may vary depending on what you pick.

Mastercard, Discover, Visa, American Express, and their gift cards are all accepted when paying.

Fan Favorites at Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter is a culinary mastermind when it comes to Turkey Day delights. Here are their best items for an excellent thanksgiving dinner.

Harris Teeter Smoked Butterball Turkey

This is the best turkey ever, with a perfect smokiness to bring an explosion of flavors to your dinner table. It stays juicy, moist, and quite tender. What’s more, do you need more from a juicy bird than that? The seasoning here is perfect, and this beautiful bird is golden brown and will look appealing on the table.

Holiday Prime Rib 

This is one dish for devoted fans of prime rib. Made with premium quality beef, here are the most tender boneless ribs that are already cooked and chilled. All you have to do is to heat it to enjoy the tender juiciness.

Spiral Half Ham- honey cured.

Here comes extra protein with more juiciness. This is naturally juicy and carefully sliced into gourmet perfection. It’s generously cured with natural honey to give it a hint of extra sweetness with an apt smoky flavor. The cuts are perfect, and the honey glaze does contribute to its beautiful look.

Spiral Brown Sugar Ham

Here’s the second tender ham that crossed our radar at Harris Teeter. Its even cuts are amazing, while the meat inside is tender and full of fresh juice. The glaze of brown sugar gives it a golden tan, adding an extra sweet element to the moist ham to give it an iconic sugary edge. This might be your dish if you’re into a combo flavor of smoky sweetness.

Reserve Holiday Ham

Another top ham dish from Harris Teeter. It’s quite juicy and smoked with applewood to give it an amazing taste. It’s pre-cooked, and all you gotta to do is reheat it. It’s the ultimate ham that serves around 8-10 guests.


Is there a thanksgiving dinner menu at Harris Teeter?

That’s a big YES. Harris Teeter got an amazing Turkey Day dinner menu for all to enjoy. With a couple of seasonings added to it, you could easily pass them as homemade dishes.

Does Harris Teeter’s thanksgiving menu include sides?

Unfortunately, NO. for Thanksgiving 2022, they don’t take pre-orders for side dishes. They’re only offering protein options this time. 

Are there protein options on Harris Teeter’s thanksgiving menu?

Of course, there are. You get to order various turkey options, prime ribs, and delicious spiral ham as protein options with them.

Is the turkey frozen in their thanksgiving dinner menu?

There are two turkey options. You could order a chilled one to prepare or a pre-cooked one with heating instructions as per your choice.

Does Harris Teeter’s thanksgiving menu cater to special requirements?

It does, to a certain extent. Mention any of the special instructions in the little box down the item to get your orders customized.

Final thoughts

If you’re seeking a five-star Thanksgiving menu for this year, Harris Teeter is gonna be the one for you. Their protein options are super delicious and carefully prepared by culinary masterminds. Ultimately, you get to enjoy your Turkey Day with wholesome food and a worry-free mindset.

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