Heb Thanksgiving Dinner Menu in 2024

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and if you haven’t really got the time to prepare the festive meals, don’t worry!

Heb is offering three types of Thanksgiving meals for this holiday, two of which are for up to 4 people and just one for 8 people.

The first menu we will introduce from Heb is the simple spiral-sliced ham for 4 people.

This great meal includes the remarkable sliced ham, alongside the gold mashed potatoes, a tasty green bean casserole, and another sweet potato casserole.

Now, let’s talk about the foods that add so much more savor to this meal: the cornbread stuffing, and the turkey gravy with cranberry sauce. A delish!

If you want to stick to traditions, you can choose the natural turkey breast meal for 4 people.

This meal has the classic fully cooked turkey breast with the same mashed potatoes, green beans, and sweet potato casseroles.

Adding to this, the cornbread stuffing, the turkey gravy, and the cranberry sauce make everything better!

The whole turkey meal, destined for 8 people, has the same dishes and sides as the meal for four, but in bigger portions!

Plus, you get a whole-cooked turkey – enough for all your family members!

Besides these preset Thanksgiving meals, you can also get some really good appetizers: rotisserie chicken salad croissants, vegetable/fruit trays, wrap sandwiches, and even ciabatta slider sandwiches.

Would you like something sweet as well? Stop by the Pies section on their official website.

Get the best pumpkin pie, apple pie, or caramel walnut pie from them! You can also select a bit of ice cream or cookies and cakes!

You need to hurry up If you want to order from their restaurant. You can get a coupon for orders starting the 14th of November, with pick-up dates between 21st-24th November.

Preparing the meals is an easy job to do! All you have to do is preheat the oven to 350F and then hop the food in for approximately 1h and 15 minutes.

After deciding on what meal you want to order from them, just know you can also get some perfect sets for the Thanksgiving dinner – including plates, cups, and table décor.

Hop on the website right now and get the best deals, search for some exclusive offers for the people registered there!

HEB Must-Try Thanksgiving Meal Items

The Thanksgiving meals they offer have a lot to offer. Besides the big portions, tasty meat, and great turkey, the sides are diverse.

Take a deep dive into what each meal offers and choose for yourself whichever fits best for you and your close ones.

01. H-E-B Simple Meal (Natural Turkey Breast)

This meal is among some of the favorite meals this holiday season. Even though it doesn’t have the whole turkey, it’s the perfect amount of portions for 4 person sides.

The sides are exceptional for this meal: mashed potatoes, green beans, and sweet potato casseroles.

With this meal, you will also get cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce, and turkey gravy.

02. H-E-B Simple Meal (Spiral-Sliced Ham)

Another special menu on this special holiday. We all know that turkey and ham are the best choices on Thanksgiving day.

This meal is made with a fully cooked honey-cured spiral-sliced ham and the same classic sides (we’re talking mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing, green beans, sweet potatoes, turkey gravy, and cranberry sauce).

03. H-E-B Simple Meal (Fully Cooked Whole Natural Turkey)

This meal is for a big family and a big group (up to 8 people).  The whole turkey is around 10-14 lbs and the sides are double.

We’re talking two portions of cornbread stuffing, 2 portions of gold mashed potatoes, and so on. This meal should be heated for around 2 hours.

Heb Thanksgiving Holiday Meals 

Turkey Breast (Oven Roasted)4$79.99
Spiral Ham (Honey Cured)4$79.99
Whole Turkey (Oven Roasted)8$149.99

HEB Holiday Serving Start and Closing Dates

Get the following meals during the said dates and even benefit from some coupons.

You can get a 10-dollar coupon for the meals destined for 4 people and 20 dollars coupon for the one destined for 8 people.

MealsCurbside Pickup DatesHome Delivery
H-E-B Simple Meal (Natural Turkey Breast)21st-24th November21st– 23rd November
H-E-B Simple Meal (Spiral-Sliced Ham)21st-24th November21st -23rd November
H-E-B Simple Meal (Fully Cooked Whole Natural Turkey)21st -24th November21st – 23rd November

How To Order From H-E-B

You can order online right from their website. Select the menus you’d like and add them to your cart.

Add or sign up, and set your location for home delivery or a local restaurant for your curbside pick-up.

You can also get your order via their mobile app, in the same manner as ordering from their website.

People Also Ask For

What is The Most Searched-For Side Dish For Thanksgiving?

The most popular side is mashed potatoes. This food is simple, tasty, and creamy! It just simply goes very well with turkey or ham.

When Can You Order The Thanksgiving Meals?

The period you have for Curbside pickup is 21st Nov-24th Nov with the last pick-up at 11 am. For home delivery, you can order from 21st Nov until 23rd Nov.

The last order will be on the 23rd at 9 pm for pickup and the same hour on the 24th for home delivery.

Can You Get Meals in-Store During Thanksgiving?

The meals are only available for pickup from 11/21 -11.24.

Can I Eat The Meals Right After Receiving Them?

The meals you will receive will come refrigerated. You will have to heat them for around 1 -2 hours. The meals come with instructions as well

How is The H-E-B Turkey Treated?

The H-E-B turkey is never treated with antibiotics and there are no added hormones or artificial ingredients.

Final Words

The H-E-B Thanksgiving meals are just the perfect way of enjoying this special holiday with no stress and no extra cleaning to do.

Whether you choose from the Sliced-Ham, Turkey Breast, or whole turkey menu, you will for sure be satisfied!

Don’t forget about dessert! Just get browse their website for some delicious pies.