Sprouts Thanksgiving Dinner in 2023 (Holiday With Homestyle Turkey)

Are there any special meals that your family makes? Thanksgiving has so many lovely opportunities to enjoy delicious meals with your loved ones.

The perfect spot for you to go is Sprout if you love Thanksgiving dinner.

Sprouts have a similar flavor to what your grandma used to make in family recipes for this Thanksgiving.

Hams and Roasts, Party Trays, Prepared Holiday dishes, and different types of Turkeys are all part of Sprouts’ Thanksgiving dinner. There are numerous holiday dishes offered at Sprouts.

Natural Turkey Meal, Roasted Turkey Breast Meal, Spiral-Sliced Ham Meal, and USDA Boneless Beef Rib Roast Meal are famous foods that many people enjoy.

You might want to mix it up with a few different slices of meat if you’re serving a big group of people.

Turkey is the most popular meal among customers. A lot of people love Natural Turkey Meal. Despite being frozen, the meal is to be fresh and organic by even vegetarians.

As a result of raising the demand for Turkey, Sprouts offers fresh turkey on its menu. Small turkeys are also available at Sprouts.12 pounds of turkey costs only $20.28.

Who doesn’t love meat? You offer you some special meals for you. You can enjoy a supper of potatoes, green beans, whole milk, and honey.

You may find many fantastic suggestions for blending, juicing, baking, and cooking. People always try to find healthy food for their dinner.

Additionally, Thanksgiving dinner is reasonably priced. Your relief from exhausting holiday cooking is the company’s primary goal. Many people have reviewed their thanksgiving meals positively.

Harm and Roats and Party Trays are available at Sprouts, so you won’t have to put in much effort.

The party trays, which include whole Turkey, Roasted Ribs, Fresh vegetable trays, Fresh fruit trays, and Mediterranean trays are plenty for six to eight people.

When holidays are knocking at the door, the dessert dishes on Sprouts are great.

To give them ample time to make your cuisine, you must submit your order 48 hours in advance. By registering with sprouts, you can place orders online as well.

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Sprouts Holiday Meals Menu (Fully Prepared)

Roasted Turkey Breast Meal2-3$43.99
Homestyle Stuffing30 Oz
Mashed Potatoes (Creamy)24 Oz
Homestyle Gravy24 Oz
Cranberry Sauce14 Oz
Brioche Petite Rolls (Authentic French)Dozen
Natural Turkey6-8$85.99
Homestyle Stuffing 30 Oz
Mashed Potatoes (Creamy)48 Oz
Homestyle Gravy24 Oz
Spinach & Creamed Kale 24 Oz
Cranberry Sauce14 Oz
Brioche Petite Rolls (Authentic French)Dozen
Sliced Ham – Spiral6-8$85.99
Scalloped Potatoes32 Oz
Mashed Potatoes (Sweet)32 Oz
Spinach & Creamed Kale 24 Oz
Spiced Apples23 Oz
Brioche Petite Rolls (Authentic French)Dozen
Rib Roast Boneless Beef  (USDA)6-8$95.99
Scalloped Potatoes32 Oz
Mashed Potatoes (Sweet)32 Oz
Spinach & Creamed Kale 24 Oz
Creamy Cauliflower24 Oz
Brioche Petite Rolls (Authentic French)Dozen
Vegan Roast4-6$47.99
Green Bean Plant-Based (Casserole)16 Oz
Cornbread Stuffing Plant-Based 16 Oz
Sweet Potato Plant-Based (Casserole)16 Oz
Cranberry Sauce14 Oz
Sourdough Bread14 Oz

Sprouts Thanksgiving Dinner Items You Should Try Must

Take a look at Sprouts thanksgiving popular items on the menu,

01. Natural Turkey Meal

The natural turkey meal that has been fully cooked can be used as a simple substitute for cooking it yourself.

Do not hesitate to decorate and celebrate your dinner service with your serving platters.

The Natural Turkey Meal is fully cooked, but it must be roasted and browned before serving. It is free from antibiotics.

02. Roasted Turkey Breast Meal

Everything you need for a memorable holiday meal, including an excellent roast turkey dinner.

This all-natural and slow-roasted turkey is enough for 2-3 people and includes turkey broth, potatoes, whole milk, etc. Even though toasted in the oven is always a pleasure.

03. USDA Boneless Beef Rib

It is a tasty and convenient start to a delicious meal. The USDA Boneless Beef Rib is delicately seasoned and slow-roasted. It is moist and flavorful and enough for 6-8 people.

04. Spiral-Sliced Ham Meal

Spiral-Sliced Ham is a fully cooked meal. It is juicy, delicious, and exquisitely presented for serving. It is free from antibiotics. Spiral-Sliced Ham is plenty for 6-8 people.

05. Vegan Roast Meal

Vegan Roast is made with rosemary along with ginger and wrapped in a flaky puff pastry.

It is delicious, particularly the pastry crust that encircles the roast. Vegan Roast is enough for 4-6 people.


How Can I Get The Thanksgiving Menu Items?

All nutritional info about thanksgiving menu items with is available with the price on their website. You can follow the link to select items and find their prices.

How Can I Place a Catering Order?

Customers who have an account with Sprouts can place a catering order through their website or app.

If you already use the Sprouts app, you can place your order easily by signing in. Then you can order online, select any payment method and confirm your order.

How Much Do Sprouts Holiday Dinner Meals Cost?

Holiday meals are priced at $36 to $80 for heat and serve meals. Seasonal Sides are also included with the meals.

How To Reheat Ready To Eat Meals From Sprouts?

Reheating ready-to-eat meals is an easy job. The package has to be pierced with some holes and needs to be heated for 4-6 mins at high heat.

How Does Their Delivery Service Work?

You have the option to arrange up to six days in advance or choose a delivery time of two hours.

What Advantages Come With Having an Account?

The advantages of having a Sprouts account are incredible.

  • order curbside pickup & delivery
  • Save your favorite recipes
  • Offers & coupons
  • Weekly special Emails

Final Thoughts

Sprouts meals are very nutritious. Thanksgiving meal at Sprouts offers you unexpected recipes.

For those who lack the time, kitchen space, or cooking expertise to prepare a large meal, Sprouts Thanksgiving meals can be a great option.

There won’t be any chemicals or preservatives applied. The majority of their reviews are favorable since they feature fresh meat and authentic flavor and spices.

Great Ideas to convert leftover turkeys into an awesome meal;