KFC Menu With Prices (Updated: January 2024)

Known for its 11 herbs and spices, KFC offers a large variety of food items that are perfect for casual dining and snacking.

They also offer Football meal deals for groups of 4 and 6, which are great for watching football with your family and friends as it contains 4 Chicken Sandwiches, 6 Extra Crispy Tenders, 2 Large Sides of your choice, 4 Biscuits, and a Beverage Bucket.

This group setting is also customizable according to your preference.

KFC menu with prices contains the following: Buckets, Tenders, Sandwiches, Fried Chicken, and Pot Pies & Bowls.

Since they have a wide variety of American dishes, you will definitely be able to find a meal that will fill satisfy your tummy!

KFC Bucket Price & Menu (KFC Family Meal Deals)

Meal8 pc2300-4980$25.99
8 pc2200-4580$25.99
12 pc3450-7470$34.99
12 pc3300-6870$34.99
16 pc4600-9960$44.99
Fill-Up8 pc3560-4940$25.99
8 pc3560-4940$25.99
Chicken Bucket8 pc1020-2400$18.99
8 pc920-2000$18.99
12 pc1530-3600$24.99
12 pc1380-3000$24.99
16 pc2040-4800$31.99

KFC Chicken Tenders Menu

Tinder-Combo5 pc930-1610$9.45
4 pc790-1470$8.49
3 pc780-1340$7.49
Hot-tenders combo-Nashville5 pc1370-1810$9.99
Hot-tenders combo-Nashville5 pc920-1360$7.99
popcom-nuggets combo690-1250$7.99
Tenders- Meal16 pc2910-4930$44.99
12 pc4610-6290$34.99
Tenders- Bucket16 pc2610-4990$31.99
12 pc1630-2100$24.99
8 pc1630-2100$18.99
Thigh-combo and Drum2 pc540-1100$6.00
Thigh-Big Box and Drum2 pc550-1610$7.99
Sandwiches-Meal and touchdown-tenders4700-7430$38.49
sandwich KFC (Chicken-combo)690-1160$8.49

KFC Sandwich Menu

Sandwiches-Meal and touchdown-tenders4700-7430$38.49
sandwich KFC (Chicken-combo)690-1160$8.49
Chicken-sandwich box(KFC)830-1620$10.49
Chicken-Little Combo670-1190$6.99

KFC Fried Chicken

Thigh-combo and Drum2 pc540-1100$6.00
Thigh-Big Box and Drum2 pc550-1610$7.99
Brest-combo1 pc580-1340$6.79
Chicken-combo (wings and  Brest)2 pc530-1390$7.79
Chicken-combo (1 wing and  2 Brest)3 pc740-1920$9.49
Chicken combo (1 Drum and  2 Thighs)3 pc630-1520$9.49
Chicken combo (wings, Thigh, and  Brest)3 pc680-1720$9.49
Chicken-Box (1 wing and  2 Brest)3 pc810-2150$9.99
Chicken Box (1 Drum and  2 Thighs)3 pc700-1750$9.99
Chicken-combo4 pc760-1890$10.99

KFC Pot Pies & Bowls


Sides Menu

Fries-(Secret Recipe)230-930$3.19
Mashed potatoes and gravy130-59+0$3.19
Cheese and Mac140-540$3.19
Mashed potatoes (No gravy)110-460$3.19
Corn (Whole-Kemel)70-280$3.19

Sauces Menu


Desserts & Beverages

Mountain-Dew( Sweet Lightning160-230$2.39
Colonel (Lemonade)140-210$2.19
Colonel-Strawberry (Lemonade)170-260$2.39
Dr. Pepper240-360$2.39
Half-Gallon Beverage0-910$3.99

01. Famous Bowl

It isn’t called ‘Famous Bowl’ for nothing. This dish is a combination of KFC’s best foods.

It has a layer of creamy mashed potatoes complemented by gravy, corn, crispy chicken, and cheese on top.

All of these powerful and playful flavors together form an amazing dish.

02. Nashville Hot Tenders

Chicken tenders do not have to be boring with the right amount of crispiness and hot sauce, and perfection is attained.

It is made with the perfect amount of spice that makes the dish far from the usual bland chicken tenders.

03. Fill Up Bucket: Drums and Thighs

Their specialty is chicken. This menu item is customizable but if you want to taste the original KFC fried chicken, opt for the original recipe.

We mention that you can make it crispier by requesting the extra-crispy bread instead.

KFC meals

04. Chicken Sandwich

One of the staples in an American fast food restaurant is the Chicken sandwich.

The extra crispy chicken that has the perfect crunch makes this dish one of the best chicken sandwiches in the market.

Along with the pickles and mayo that add flavor while still maintaining the focus on the chicken itself. The buttery brioche bun basically seals the deal. 

05. Half Gallon Unsweet Tea

Far from the usual iced tea, the KFC catering menu serves iced tea with less sugar. This half-gallon unsweet tea serves 5 people.

06. Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

When it comes to side dishes, mashed potatoes and gravy do not have competition.

The creamy mashed potatoes do not have a single lump in them with the rich and salty gravy that makes it irresistible.

07. Classic Chicken Pot Pie

With a flaky crust and a good ratio of chicken meat and vegetables, KFC’s classic chicken pot pie is also worth a try.

You may choose from mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and whole-kernel corn for your side. 

History of KFC

Kentucky-Fried-Chicken, famously known as KFC, was founded by Mr. Colonel Harland Sanders in North-Corbin, Kentucky, on September 24, 1952.

Colonel Sanders began his journey in 1930 by selling these fried goodies in a roadside motel that he owned.

When he saw the potential of the restaurant business, he started the first KFC restaurant.

Harland became a prominent figure in the United States. His image is still being used for KFC’s advertisements today. 

The chain restaurants grew rapidly and they were the 1st American fast-food chains that expanded internationally.

They were able to expand to Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Jamaica by the 1960s.

The famous 11 herbs that were used to season the famous KFC fried chicken were from the original recipe of Colonel Sanders.

According to Sanders himself, the ingredients can be found on everybody’s shelf. 

During the 1990s, KFC decided to expand further by adding other chicken products to its menu.

They offer chicken fillet sandwiches, french fries and biscuits, and soft drinks. 


How To Order From KFC

KFC has dine-in, pick-up, and delivery options. Visit KFC’s official website https://www.kfc.com/menu and browse for different food options.

You may enter your location to see the prices and which branch will be preparing your order.

You can now choose your order from their menu. Pick a time and date for delivery and have to select a delivery option. Kindly wait for your order at your doorstep and enjoy your meal.

There are over 3900 KFC locations in the United States. They are usually open from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

You may also check their websites for their directory. The price of food items can be varied due to location.

Nutrition Factshttps://www.kfc.com/full-nutrition-guide

Frequently Asked Questions About KFC Menu Prices

What is KFC Known For?

The KFC recipe has always been a mystery for the majority. All we know is that the rich flavor is from 11 different herbs and spices.

They are also well-known for the ‘Famous Bowl’, creamy mashed potatoes, and of course, the original KFC fried chicken.

What Are The Steps in Cooking KFC Fried Chicken?

KFC cooks their chicken in high-temperature, industrial-strength pressure fryers for extra crispiness.

This crunchiness is quite hard to recreate at home but you can try using a deep fryer, a Dutch oven, or even a heavy-bottomed pot.

You may also find recipes online that replicate the original KFC recipe, the spices used are often available in your home pantry.

Is KFC a Healthy Food Option?

Since KFC dishes are mostly deep-fried, I wouldn’t call them healthy.

These dishes can make you gain weight with regular consumption and since they contain tons of oil, it can lead to heart and fat-related issues.

But they are good as post-workout meals, their three-piece grilled chicken meal has a high carb and protein count, and they also are low-fat.

If you need a higher calorie count, you can add sweet corn and mashed potatoes to your meal.

Can KFC Be Frozen and Eaten Later?

Yes, KFC can be frozen and stored in the freezer for a maximum of 3 months.

Make sure to put the goods in an airtight container or a ziplock bag to ensure freshness once you are ready to eat them. 

Where Do KFC Chickens Come From?

KFC gets their chicken from U.S. farms and they are inspected by the USDA for quality before they are handed over to kitchens. These chickens are raised in factory farms and are cage-free.

Final Thoughts

KFC offers a variety of chicken meals and sides that can be customized according to your liking. You’ll be able to order what is convenient for you, they offer dine-in, pick-up, and delivery.

They have a lot of branches nationwide meaning they will be able to serve you no matter where you are.

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