99 Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub Menu & Prices (Updated September 2023)

The Ninety-Nine Restaurant and Pub is known for its comfortable “home-like” environment.

They’re “always the real deal”, so you can always expect great food, excellent service, and most importantly, great drinks from them.

They serve refreshing cocktails, margaritas, favorite cold beers, and wines. Want alcohol-free beverages?

They’ve got you covered! You can even have refills on most of the non-alcoholic options!

They have even more variety in the food they offer. From salads and soup bowls to seafood and steaks, Ninety-Nine has quite a range.

They have all the classic appetizers: Starters and Wings, Fresh Entrée Salads, and Soups.

You can also order dishes from the Chicken, Seafood, or Steak sections on their menu. The place also has Burgers, Wraps, Sandwiches, and Tacos.

They also offer deals and combos like the Surf and Turf Combos, where a seafood option of your choice is served along with their tender and juicy Top Sirloin.

You can have a side of your choice with any of the leading food items, and you can also use their deals to make it a three-course meal of sides, the main entrée, and Petite Treatdessert (we’ll talk more about that).

Even though the Ninety-Nine has great serving sizes, there’s always room for dessert! It’s versatile and it’s the perfect size for the ones who want a low-sugar diet.

The Ninety-Nine has three decadent dessert options, the most interesting being the Petite Treats. This one varies, so you must ask the server for that day’s options.

99 restaurant nutrition & allergen.

99 Family Meals

Chicken Tenders and Cheese Burgers4180$43.19
Balsamic Chicken (Grilled)1830$48.59
Chicken Tenders and Sirloin Tips3970$65.89
Buffalo Chicken (Tenders) and Cheese Burgers4830$48.59
Fried Chicken with Country Gravy4120$48.59
Bbq Chicken Tenders (Honey) and Cheese Burgers5140$48.59
Chicken Tenders (Gold Fever) and Cheese Burgers5160$48.59
Buffalo Chicken (Tenders) and Sirloin Tips4020$75.59
Chicken Tenders (Sweet Chili) and Cheese Burgers$48.59
Bbq Chicken Tenders (Honey) and Sirloin Tips4330$75.59
Chicken Tenders (Gold Fever) and Sirloin Tips4340$75.59

99 Lunch Menu (Burgers, Tacos, Sandwiches, Wraps) 

Chicken Sandwich (Spicy Crispy)820$13.39
Burger (Vermont Cheddar)960$15.19
Burger (All Star)1850$15.69
Bbq Chicken Wrap (Honey)850$14.19
Bacon And Cheese Burger870$15.19
Fish Tacos (Crispy)1470$14.09
Cauliflower Tacos (Crispy)1250$11.89
Plain Burger690$13.69
Fish Tacos (Baked)1440$14.09
Cheese Burger750$14.09

99 Wings & Starters

Chicken Fajita (Flatbread)820$11.39
Pork Carnitas (Flatbread)680$11.39
Seafood Stuffies770$11.39
Boneless Wings (Gold Fever or Buffalo)1150-1330$12.89
Boneless Wings and Loaded Tots1230$15.59
Crispy Cauliflower700$9.79
Loaded Tots1330$11.89
Xl Boneless Wings (Gold Fever or Buffalo)1570-1850$15.59
Mozzarella Moons860$9.19

Surf & Turf Combos

Shrimp (Grilled) Skewers and Sirloin 710$24.89
Seafood Trio and Sirloin 990$28.09
Seafood Trio and Three-way Sirloin 1480$33.49
Shrimp (Baked Stuffed) and Sirloin 980$23.79
Shrimp (Grilled) Skewers and Three Way Sirloin 1000$30.29
Shrimp (Baked Stuffed) and Three Way Sirloin 980$29.19
3 Course Meal$5.39

99 Restaurants Seafood

Shrimp (Baked Stuffed)590$19.49
Seafood Trio690$21.09
Haddock Backed590$19.49
Balsamic Salmon700$20.59
Salmon Seasoned670$20.59
Salmon (Sweet Chili)770$20.59
Fish and Chips1760$16.19
Fried Shrimp (New England )1460$16.19

Steak & Ribs Menu

Bbq Ribs (St. Louis)2510$23.79
Royal Sirloin620$22.69
Carnitas Mac (Pork) and Cheese1310$17.29
Sirloin Tips(Broiled)650$25.99
Sirloin Steak (Top)310$18.39
Chicken Tenders and Sirloin Tips1530$21.59
Smothered Tips (King Size)1050$38.89
Broiled Sirloin (King Size)970$36.69

Chicken Menu

Balsamic Chicken (Grilled)440$13.49
Fried Chicken (Country)1240$14.59
Chicken Tenders (Original Crispy)1080$15.69
Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese1580$16.69
Chicken Tenders and Sirloin Tips1530$21.59
Chicken Mac (Gold Fever) and Cheese1700$16.69
BBQ Chicken Mac (Honey) and Cheese1690$16.19

Entree Salads & Bowls

Apple Cranberry Salad (Chicken)700$15.09
Fajita Pork Carnitas (Southwest) Bowl860$16.19
Mustard Chicken Salad (Crispy Honey)960$14.59
Fajita Shrimp (Southwest) Bowl 970$15.69
Fajita Chicken (Southwest) Bowl 760$14.49
Fajita Bowl (Southwest)610$11.89

Football Frenzy

Budweiser 6 Pack$9.89
Bone In Wings12 pcs700$12.99
Michelob Ultra6 Pack$9.89
Bud Light6 Pack$9.89
Aquafina (Bottled Water)20 oz.$2.29
House Cuervo Margarita270$5.19
Pepsi (Bottle)20 oz.250$2.29
Diet Pepsi (Bottle)20 oz.$2.29
Buffalo Sauce30$1.59
BBQ Sauce (Gold Fever)280$1.59
Cheese Dressing (Blue)300$1.59
BBQ Sauce (Honey)270$1.59
Mustard Dressing (Honey)340$1.59
Sour Cream$1.59
Ranch Dressing260

Kids Menu

Chicken Tenders370$7.09
Cheese Flatbread Topped with classic tomato sauce and cheese520$6.59
Grilled Cheese Served on Wheat Bread420$5.39
Juicy Junior Burger with Cheese570-610$7.39
Macaroni & Cheese Served with Garlic Bread530$6.49
Jumbo Hot Dog (All Beef)460$6.29
Sundae: Little Midnight Fudge Hero 390$2.29

Side Salads & Soups

House Salad with Choice of Dressing110-450$5.99
Double Bleu Iceberg Wedge topped with tomatoes450$7.19
Seafood Chowder – CUP (with shrimp, schrod clams, and potatoes)360$5.99
Seafood Chowder – CROCK510$7.59
Onion Soup (French) – CROCK with hints of plenty of onions and burgundy 360$8.09
Broccoli & Cheddar Soup-CROCK (extra sharp cheddar cheese and broccoli)400$7.59
Seafood Chowder with schrod, clams, shrimp, and potatoes$16.19
Broccoli & Cheddar Soup-CUP (extra sharp cheddar cheese and broccoli)290$5.99

Sides Menu

French Fries520-1040$4.39
Maine Russet Mashed Potatoes260$3.89
In-Season Vegetable:
selection of corn, broccoli or seasonal vegetable
Loaded Mashed Potatoes Topped with cheese380$5.89
Fresh Grilled Asparagus25$3.89

Extra Add Ons

Blue Cheese Dressing750$1.59
Buffalo Sauce30$1.59
Gold Fever BBQ Sauce310$1.59
Country Gravy160$1.59
Honey BBQ Sauce300$1.59
Honey Glazed Biscuit250$1.79
Cranberry Sauce220$1.59
Rustic Bread160$1.79
Honey Mustard Dressing850$1.59
Ranch Dressing650$1.59
Sour Cream 180$1.59
Cocktail Sauce110$1.59
Tomato Sauce260$1.59
Tartar Sauce650$1.59
Sriracha Ranch750$1.59


Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet topped with vanilla ice cream1070$7.59
Towering Midnight Fudge Cake 1520$7.59
Petite Treat Trio (Select 3 options)$8.69
Lemon Bar Petite Treat topped with confectionary sugar$3.29
Oreo Cookie Petite Treat Finished with a drizzle of chocolate sauce

Adult Beverages

House Cuervo Margarita270$5.19
Fresh Fruit Sangria330$9.09
Platinum Margarita300$11.89
Mango Mai Tai330$9.69
Tito’s Moscow Mule200$8.59
Bud Light (Six Pack)$9.89
Budweiser (Six Pack)$9.89
Coors Light (Six Pack)$9.89
Miller Lite (Six Pack)$9.89
Michelob Ultra (Six Pack)$9.89
Corona (Six Pack)$11.99
Heineken (Six Pack)$11.99
Bud Light- Hard Seltzer: Black Cherry  (Six Pack)$11.99
Angry Orchard (Six Pack)$11.99
Chardonnay (Kendall Jackson)$19.59
Chardonnay (Sebastiani)$15.49
Sauvignon Blanc (Rickshaw)$15.49
Dark Horse Rose$14.49
White Zinfandel (Beringer)$10.29
Moscato (EOS)$14.49
Malbec (Camilla)$10.29
Pinot Noir (Firestone)$15.49
Cabernet (Rickshaw)$15.49
Merlot (Blackstone)$15.49
Cupcake Prosecco (4-pack)$20.59

Nonalcoholic Beverages

Root Beer (IBC)160$3.29
Bottled Water (Aquafina)0$2.29
Bottle of Diet Pepsi0$2.29
Bottle of Pepsi250$2.29
Iced Tea (Pure Leaf)160$2.59

99 Restaurants Food Items Love By The People

Since Ninety-Nine has such an extensive menu, it might be challenging to pick what to eat, especially if you have them for the first time.

But don’t worry; we have compiled some favorite items from their menu for you.

01. Boneless Wings

These wings are the best-selling item on the menu. Whether you have them with their signature spicy Buffalo Sauce or their Gold Fever Sauce, you’ll be asking for more!

These wings are hand-breaded and are drenched in their authentic sauces.

02. Honey BBQ Chicken Wrap

This wrap consists of hand-breaded chicken tenders that are cooked to the perfect crispiness.

It’s loaded with fresh foods like tomatoes, lettuce, cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses.

You can order it with a side of french fries or coleslaw. Lastly, it is drizzled on with honey barbeque sauce.

03. Original Crispy Chicken Tenders

This too, is a crispy hand-breaded classic item from Ninety-Nine. It’s served with honey mustard, celery and bleu cheese, and any two sides of your choice.

You can also dip it in their signature Buffalo or Gold Fever sauces.

04. Broiled Sirloin Tips

These are the Ninety-Nine’s signature sirloin tips, cut by hand and marinated with their secret recipe.

They’re served with mashed potato and other vegetables. You can even have them king size!

05. Country Fried Chicken

Breaded with buttermilk, this entrée is perfect with the cranberry sauce served.

It’s a breaded and then fried boneless chicken breast with a helping of Maine Russet mashed potatoes and country gravy.

The dish also has a warm honey-glazed biscuit. Even after all that, there’s still room for a side for this plate!

06. Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet

It’s time for dessert! And here’s a perfect one to satisfy your cravings.

It’s a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie served with creamy vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce drizzled on top. It’s a classic warm and fulfilling dessert.

Service Reviews

Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub’s mission statement is: “A Passion for Serving”.

It all began when Charlie Doe, the founder of this chain, wanted to create a place where customers would always feel at home, where they could get good food without hassle and at great prices.

It’s a place that treats its guests, team members, and its community with a lot of respect.

For example, when you go to a Ninety-Nine Restaurant, you can specify your allergies.

You will find a whole page dedicated to possible allergens on their website. You can also check out the detailed nutritional information of each dish.

Photo Credit; Flickr.com, CC

99 Restaurants Delivery Method

Customers are always comfortable in the environment and ambiance of Ninety-Nine.

You can order online from their website or DoorDash. You can also do takeout or dine-in.

Drive ThruNot Available
Home DeliveryAvailable
Curbside PickupAvailable

Contact Info Links of 99 Restaurant

Here are some contact details:

Online Orderhttps://order.99restaurants.com/?location=true  
Mobile Appshttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.olo.ninetynine   https://apps.apple.com/us/app/99-restaurants/id1438474687  
Store Locatorhttps://www.99restaurants.com/locations/  
Sign Uphttps://order.99restaurants.com/signup  
Gift Cardshttps://www.99restaurants.com/gift-cards/  
Their Storyhttps://www.99restaurants.com/about-us/  
Career https://99restaurants.jobs/?utm_campaign=corpnav  
Office Address7005 NE Hwy 99, Vancouver, WA 98665

Social Media

Here is where you can find them on social media:

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People Also Ask

Where Did The Name Ninety-Nine Restaurants Come From?

The restaurant chain started in New England on 99 State Street in Boston. So, its name originates from its very first location.

Is There a Discount For Veterans?

Yes! Ninety-Nine Restaurants offers both war veterans and active duty military special savings every time they visit their local Ninety Nine.

This discount is valid throughout the year; only proof of service is required (like a military ID).

When Were Ninety-Nine Restaurants and Pub founded?

Charles Doe founded ninety Nine in 1952. It was based in Woburn, Massachusetts, and now operates in seven states in New England.


The Ninety Nine Restaurants and Pub chain is owned by Restaurant Growth Services, LLC, which provides management services for various restaurants and chains.

Where Are The Headquarters of The Ninety Nine Restaurants?

The headquarters of this chain is in Woburn, Massachusetts of the States.

Final Thoughts

The Ninety-Nine serves not only excellent food but also supports many great causes.

The place has raised over $16 million for various organizations and foundations.

Along with their satisfactory customer service and great food items, they are out there to provide you with a warm and comfy environment. You may experience more by visiting their nearest store.