BJ’s Catering Menu & Pricing 2023 (Boxed Meals & Party Platters)

Don’t really know what to eat? Would you just want to have an extensive list of types of foods to choose from?

Are you a picky eater? All these questions have the same answer! BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse!

Now, let’s get into the catering deal! You can get dishes such as an entree/pizza/pasta and sandwich combo.

These combos have 12 servings. What do you get for these kinds of combos, you ask? Well, here is a little review of them.

If you think you would like a specialty entrée combo, just know that this includes 2 entrees or kinds of pasta (you choose), one salad, and 12 garlic knots – and this is exactly what you would get for the pasta combo as well!

But, if you are a pizza lover, know that the pizza combo offers 3 large deep-dish pizzas of your liking and 1 salad.

You can also go big and choose the sandwich combo, which contains 16 half sandwiches and one salad.

Whatever you would choose, just know that the combos have large portions and would be a perfect fit at a gathering.

If you aren’t a fan of the combos, BJ’s offers boxed meals for smaller groups of people.

Their boxed meals include the same items the combos have: their specialty entrée boxed meal with 5 different choices, their pasta boxed meal, and their pizza/sandwich boxed meal.

They cater small groups to large, either 10 or 100 people; that doesn’t matter, BJ’s catering will handle the party smoothly.

Their catering includes plates, napkins, and utensils for serving. Please check the nutritional Guide if you know yourself with any food allergies.

The minimum for a 2-hour notice catering order is acceptable by them according to their website when we prepared this content.

You can place orders via their official website or their mobile app. For more details, please search the official website.

BJ’s Catering Menu Combinations

Specialty Combo Entree (Two Entrees or Pasta, One Salad, 12 Garlic Knots)12$154.95
Crusted Chicken (Parmesan), Orleans Jambalaya (New), Cauliflower and Quinoa power (Bowl), Chicken with Lemon Thyme Sauce   
Tri Tip (Slow-Roasted)4290+$20.00
Atlantic Salmon3430+$25.00
Pasta Combo (Two pasta, one salad, 12 Garlic Knots)12$152.95
Shrimp Scampi, Jumbo Spaghetti & Meatballs, Chicken Alfredo (Grilled), Dish Ziti (Deep), Vegetable Penne (New Italiano)
Pizza Combo (Three large dish pizzas, one salad, 12 Garlic Knots)12 $111.95
Bj’s Favorite Pizza (Large), Pepperoni Extreme Pizza (Large), Gourmet 5 Meat Pizza (Large), BQ Chicken Pizza (Large), Vegetarian Pizza (Large), Bj’s Classic Combo Pizza (Large), Build Your Own (Large)    
Sandwich Combo (Sixteen 1/2 Sandwiches, one salad, Homemade chips)12 $121.40
Sandwich (Ordering in Pairs)   
Italian, California Veggies, Mediterranean Chicken   
Salad (Available with All Combinations)   
BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad  +$12.00
Asian Chopped Salad (Enlightened)  +$12.00
House Salad   
Caesar Salad   
Add-ons (Available with All Combinations)   
12 pcs of Chocolate chunk Pizookies (Mini)  $37.95
Fresh fruit Platter (Seasonal)  $29.95
Chocolate chunk cookies  $19.95
Salad (Available with All Combinations)   
BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad  +$12.00
Asian Chopped Salad (Enlightened)  +$12.00

BJ Party Platter Appetizer

Bone-In Wings (30 Wings)3610$39.95
Ribs Glazed with Root Beer (25 Ribs)3110$46.95
Boneless Wings (40-50 Wins)3320$34.95
Chicken Tenders (30 Tenders)6260$39.95
Mozzarella Sticks (30 Pcs)2600$26.95
Sliders (20 Pcs)3510$34.95
BBQ Tri Tip Sliders (20 Pcs)$53.95
Spinach and Artichoke Dip3340$26.95
Housemade Potato Chips2980$19.95
Housemade Guacamole, Fire Roasted Salsa & Chips2130$26.95

BJ’s Boxed Meals

Specialty Entree (One Specialty Entree, One Salad, One Chocolate Chunk Cookie)$19.95
Pizza (Mini Dee Dish Pizza, One Salad, One Chocolate Chunk Cookie)$15.95
Sandwich (One Full Sized Sandwich, Homemade Potato Chips, A Crisp Apple, One Chocolate Chunk Cookie, With Mayonnaise and Mustard Packets)$14.95

BJS Sandwich Platters (Ordering in Pairs)

Sandwich Platter (Sixteen 1/2 Sandwiches)12$73.95
California Veggies  
Mediterranean Chicken  

Specialty Entrees

Quinoa Power and Cauliflower Bowl6$47.95
Baby Back Pork Ribs6$94.95
Tri Tip (Slow-Roasted)6$84.95
Salmon Glazed with Cherry Chipotle62320$72.95
Jambalaya (New Orleans)64600$64.95
Salmon (Fresh Atlantic)63430$72.95
Chicken Lemon Thyme62670$49.95
Chicken Parmesan-Crusted65360$59.95
Chicken Alfredo (Grilled)66410$59.95
Pasta (Shrimp Scampi)67500$72.95
 Ziti Deep Dish66480$52.95
Jumbo Spaghetti & Meatballs66870$52.95
Vegetable Penne (New Italiano)66030$47.95

Sides Menu

Cheese & Creamy Couscous Mac123600$22.95
Steamed Broccoli12370$22.95
Mashed Potatoes with White Cheddar 123290$22.95

Salad Bowls

Asian Salad (Chopped)122650$44.95
BBQ Chicken Salad (Chopped)123960$44.95
House Salad12660$29.95
Caesar Salad122390$29.95

Desserts Menu

Mini Chocolate Chunk Pizookies (1 Dozen)126960$37.95
Chocolate Chunk Cookies (1 Dozen)124560$19.95
Fresh Fruit Platter (Seasonal)12810$29.95


Water (Bottled)1$3.15
Diet Pepsi (64 Oz.)6$7.95
Diet Dr. Paper (64 Oz.)6$7.95
Dr. Paper (64 Oz.)6880$7.95
Lavender Lemonade (64 Oz.)6$6.95
Mountain Dew (64 Oz.)6880$7.95
Sierra Mist (64 Oz.)6880$7.95
Pepsi (64 Oz.)6880$7.95
Bj’s Orange Cream Soda (Handcrafted) (64 Oz.)6950$8.95
Bj’s Black Cherry Soda (Handcrafted) (64 Oz.)6860$8.95
Bj’s Vanilla Cream Soda (Handcrafted) (64 Oz.)6860$8.95
Bj’s Root Beer (Handcrafted) (64 Oz.)61060$8.95
Strawberry Lemonade (64 Oz.)61200$8.95
Lemonade (64 Oz.)61130$8.95
 Black Iced Tea (Unsweetened) (64 Oz.)6$5.95

BJ’s Popular Catering Meal Items

The popular products at BJ’s restaurant are always something to keep your stomach full, and your heart satisfied.

BJ’s restaurant is well known for its deep-dish pizza, which is its signature catering dish.

01. Pizza Combo

Not only you can find a good pizza offer at BJ’s, but you can also get this offer for all your family/friends!

It’s enough to satisfy a whole village! This special pizza has a very soft crust for which they are famous.

The ingredients on it are quite the classic one, an amazing moist cheese, pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, and seasoned tomatoes. This includes 10 slices per pizza and 370 calories per slice.

02. Pasta Combo

For those craving a fine and authentic side, BJ’s restaurant is also serving pasta combos!

The pasta you can get is either Shrimp Pasta, Grilled Chicken Alfredo – a favorite to this place, Jumbo Spaghetti, and Meatballs.

03. Sandwich Combo

These sandwiches are like nothing else you can imagine. You can choose between Italian, Mediterranean Chicken, and California Veggies.

The Italian sandwich has ingredients such as smoked ham, a great pepperoni, tomatoes, red onion, lettuce, and Italian dressing.

For the Mediterranean Chicken, you will get – seasoned grilled chicken, feta cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, red wine vinaigrette, and Greek yogurt.

Finally, if you choose the California Veggie Sandwich, you get seasoned artichoke hearts, avocado, tomatoes, red onions, kale, roasted garlic, and red peppers.

BJ’s Order & Delivery Options

If you want to order online, just select the Order Now button at the top left menu.

There you will be asked if you would like to Dine in, have the food delivered to your door, or pick up your food from your local store.

Choose your preference and then choose the food you would like to eat.

  • If you have chosen the pickup option – you will have to choose your closest local restaurant and the time you will be picking it up.
  • If you have chosen delivery – add your home address and wait for the delivery guy to come.
  • If you have chosen to dine in – choose the time period you will arrive in order to eat there.

There is also the possibility of downloading Postmates, Doordash, or Uber Eats and getting the food via delivery to your door.

Drive ThruAvailable
Home DeliveryAvailable

BJ Service Reviews

From the information we gathered, the majority of people eating there were really satisfied with the amazing food and service.

Their restaurants are known for being well-kept and spacious for all the big groups interested in coming.

A lot of customers said that they would come for family gatherings or would order this food for their birthdays. The overall reviews are positive, and so are we!

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Is BJ’s Food Affordable?

Well, their special combos with 12 serves are around 170 dollars, which means around 15 dollars per person. The food they offer is affordable.

Is it Possible For BJ’s Restaurant To Deliver To Your Home?

Yes! Get on their official website or their mobile app and Order what you would like to eat.

Can We Order For Large Groups/Families?

BJ’s restaurant is famous for serving big families and groups. You can order 2 combinations of catering to get to your desired number of serves.

What Else Can We Get Besides The Catering Food?

The catering food comes along with paper utensils, plates, napkins, and everything necessary to put on your table.

Can I Hold a Birthday Party At BJ’s Restaurant?

Of course! They are known for hosting parties or events for large groups. Just visit the official website for more information regarding the Parties in their restaurant.

Can We Get a Sandwich Offered At BJ’s?

Of course! BJ’s restaurant is offering their Sandwich combo, which contains a total of 12 serves or even their sandwich boxed meal!

Final Words

The catering menu BJ’s restaurant offers is the best for big groups of people and even big families.

They offer their special combos that is suitable for every type of person, and you can either pick it up, have it delivered to your home, or get there to eat!