Maggiano’s Thanksgiving Dinner Menu 2024

Celebrate this year’s Thanksgiving with Maggiano’s to add an Italian spin to your feast! 

One of the loveliest parts of fall is getting together with loved ones to enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving meal. Yet, who likes to do all that cooking anyway?

So, if you’re wondering how to make an aperitive thanksgiving table, don’t worry. Maggiano’s chefs are ready to make your day stress free and extra special.

Dine-in, carryout, and catering all three options are offered at Maggiano’s this holiday season.

Maggiano’s thanksgiving dinner menu has you covered with Thanksgiving carryout bundles, thanksgiving a la carte to choose your favorites, fall features, and also family meal combos, appetizers, classic pasta, salads, desserts, and many more.

If you don’t feel like going through the whole ordeal this year and would prefer to go out, that is totally OK.

You can reserve a table to enjoy a special family-style thanksgiving menu at Maggiano’s with their three-course meal.

You can kick things off with a chosen beverage and go for your favorite salad option for the first course.

Then comes the yummiest part, everyone’s favorite: traditional roasted turkey. You can choose two options: Roasted turkey, country-style baked smoked ham, and parmesan-crusted tilapia.

Your second course doesn’t stop there; you can also choose your two favorite portions of pasta and two additional sides along with Cranberry Relish to fill your tummy.

As you know, next up is the sweeter course that concludes your thanksgiving meal.

Heading towards Thanksgiving carryout bundles, you can order either a heat-at-home bundle or a hot & ready bundle to make your day easy peasy lemon squeezy; just under $190 is a fantastic deal!

This includes 9 delicious items, from roasted juicy turkey to Pumpkin Praline Cheesecake, portioned for 4-5 people.

Maggiano knows that the right drink can make or break a meal. Pairing a glass of wine with your thanksgiving meal will enhance flavors even more.

So why don’t you pair your carryout bundle with two bottles of Canopy Hill Red or White?

Every family has a finicky eater, and here you go with a thanksgiving a la carte menu to choose your individual dishes instead of eating a fixed combo.

You got 17 different menu items ranging from savory, smoky, sweet…almost every flavor to satisfy your taste buds.

What’s more, you can save $10 on your next visit to Maggiano’s by joining their E-Club. Signup here to get your reward and enjoy a joyful meal with Maggiano’s.

Maggiano’s Thanksgiving Carryout Bundle Meals

Hot and Ready4-5$220.00
Heat at Home4-5$210.00
Turkey (Roasted Traditionally) + Giblet Gravy + Sage and Sausage (Stuffing)
Ham (Smoked Country Style) + Ham Glaze + Sweet Potatoes (Whipped)
Fresh Baked Ciabatta Bread
Caesar Salad
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Spaghetti & Meatball
Four-Cheese Ravioli
Pumpkin Praline Cheesecake
Cranberry Relish
Wine Package (Canopy Hill)
White Blend$7.50
Red Blend$7.50
Praline Cheesecake (Whole Pumpkin)$69.00
Praline Cheesecake (Pumpkin)Regular$10.99
Praline Cheesecake (Pumpkin)Double$16.99

Maggiano’s Thanksgiving A La Carte

Ham (Baked,Smoked in Country-Style)$50.00
Turkey (Traditionally Roasted)$45.00
Mascarpone Ravioli (Pumpkin)Regular$21.99
Mascarpone Ravioli (Pumpkin)Double$30.99
Tilapia (Parmesan-Crusted)$40.00
Famous Rigatoni DRegular$22.99
Famous Rigatoni DDouble$31.99
Baked Ziti (Taylor Street)Regular$21.99
Baked Ziti (Taylor Street)Double$26.99
4 Cheese RavioliRegular$20.99
4 Cheese RavioliDouble$25.99
Spaghetti and MeatballRegular$21.99
Spaghetti and MeatballDouble$26.99
Cranberry Relish$5.00
Giblet Gravy$4.00
Sweet Potatoes (Whipped)$12.00
Sage and Sausage Stuffing$10.00
Creamed Corn (Tuscan)$10.00
Mashed Potatoes (Garlic)$10.00
Garlic Broccoli (Roasted)$10.00

Desserts Menu

Warm Apple Crostada Regular$9.99
Warm Apple Crostada Double$15.99
Cheesecake (New York Style)Regular$9.99
Cheesecake (New York Style)Double$15.99
Butter Cake (Gigi’s)Regular$9.99
Butter Cake (Gigi’s)Double$15.99
Cake (Chocolate Layered)Regular$9.99
Cake (Chocolate Layered)Double$15.99
Mini Desserts (1 pc)$5.99
Mini Desserts (3 pcs)$11.99
Lemon Cookies  (Vera’s) Tin packet$11.99
Lemon Cookies (Vera’s) 6 pcs$4.99
Cake (Chocolate Layered)Regular$9.99
Cake (Chocolate Layered)Double$15.99


Water (Bottled)0$2.00
Raspberry Lemonade (1 Gallon)2130$10.00
Lemonade (1 Gallon)1760$9.00
Soda (Canned)0-140$2.00

Maggiano’s Thanksgiving Dinner Serving Starting & Closing Date

Here we have gathered the most important dates and times to make your order without any hassle.

 Available to pick up onOrder cutoff time
Cold-Prepared Thanksgiving BundleTuesday, November 21st, Wednesday, November, 22nd  8 pm the night before pick up.
Hot & Ready Thanksgiving BundleThursday, November 23th

Dine-in hours at Maggiano’s runs according to normal hours even the day before Thanksgiving, however, on 23th November, they will operate on a condensed schedule and close at 7.45 p.m.

How To Order

How to book a reservationOnline ordering from Hackensack
Enter store location, date of visit, and no. of guests. Pick an available timeslot Enter your personal details Submit.
Select your delivery method: Pickup, Curbside, or Delivery via DoordashSchedule a time for your order. Pick the location. Add items to the cart Checkout (don’t forget to use your digital coupons)

DoorDash and Uber Eats are also available to order online your picked menu items.

If you wish to order as a group, simply click on “Start Group Order” on Maggiano’s website.

You can pay via VISA, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, or cash based on your choice.

Maggiano’s Top Picks From The Dinner Menu

If you’re looking for what to order for your thanksgiving table, here we have some handpicked flavorful items from the Maggiano’s menu.

01. Traditional Roasted Turkey

Can you even imagine a Thanksgiving without turkey, I mean? You will be amazed by the juiciness and the wonderful aroma that enhances your appetite.

The meat is moist and decently seasoned with spice. This comes with just the right amount of Giblet gravy, sage & sausage filling.

02. Country-Style Baked Ham

When it comes to Thanksgiving feasts, baked hams are a traditional mainstay.

These juicy hams, which are a blend of sweet and savory, are a highlight for families to gather around and enjoy.

The country-style baked ham and whipped sweet potatoes at Maggiano’s are a match made in heaven.

03. Parmesan-Crusted Tilapia

This simple but fancy fish dish is something that even non-fish lovers should try.

Freshly grated parmesan cheese and a squeeze of lemon give fish a zesty, tangy flavor, while sage makes it further flavorful.

04. Three-Cheese Fondue

These tender and juicy oven-baked Italian meatballs are bursting with flavor and will leave you wanting more.

It is dipped in the right amount of marinara sauce and served along with hot garlic bread.

05. Pumpkin Praline Cheesecake

As the perfect way to end your Thanksgiving meal and please your sweet tooth, Pumpkin Praline Cheesecake is hard to beat.

It is a delightful combination of cream cheese and pumpkin garnished with cinnamon whipped cream and candied pecans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Special About Maggiano’s Thanksgiving Dinner?

Maggiano’s offers special bundle packages and family-style three-course meals, and many more on this holiday. Everything is, in all caps, heavenly.

Can I Get Delivered Maggiano’s Thanksgiving Dinner?

Of course, you can. Your thanksgiving dinner will be delivered to our doorstep with DoorDash and UberEats.

Is Maggiano’s Open To Dining in on Thanksgiving Day?

Maggiano’s will be open on 24th Thursday, November, from 11:15 am and will be closed by 7:45 pm, earlier than on regular days.

How Many Days Prior Do I Have To Order The Thanksgiving Bundle?

Make your order the day before to pick it up. More precisely, by 8 pm.

Can I Order Thanksgiving Items Separately?

Why not? Thanksgiving a la carte is the ideal option you’re looking for. Check out Maggiano’s thanksgiving menu again and order your individual dishes without sides.

Do I Have To Pay Extra To Pair Wine With The Carryout Bundle?

Yes, an extra charge of $15 will be added to your bill with the choice of two wine bottles.

Final Thoughts

A joyful Thanksgiving holiday is what we are looking forward to the most right now.

We all got high hopes for a memorable & flavorful Thanksgiving dinner table because of the precious space it creates for everyone to get together and share a meal.

So, check out Maggiano’s Thanksgiving menu with prices, and have a happy feasting! It’s hassle-free and affordable, and, most importantly, heavenly.

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