Starbucks Catering Prices of 2024 – Coffee & Food Catering Complete Menu

Are you looking for Starbucks catering prices and a complete menu? Here is a detailed explanation of what you are looking for.

Starbucks opened in 1971, and Starbucks continued to struggle hard to win people’s trust through its exclusive coffee.

Starting from a few flavors of coffee, Starbucks sells more than 50 flavors of coffee to date, along with an outstanding catering menu.

From the very first day, Starbucks assured the quality of its coffee beans which are carefully grown and freshly harvested.

The quality, robust taste, strong aroma, and variety of coffees became the reasons to win people’s hearts and got popular.

Now, Starbucks operates 32660 stores worldwide where coffee and catering are its main offerings. Below are the details of its catering.

Does Starbucks Cater?

Yes, Starbucks caters, to order Starbucks catering call them and discuss your catering needs, they have multiple delivery systems you can find here.

Starbucks Coffee Catering Prices (Hot & Cold)

Starbucks coffee is famous for its powerful taste and brew, high-quality ingredients, and competitive prices.

One cup of Starbucks coffee is strong enough to boost your energy levels for the rest of the day!

Starbucks offers different types of coffee such as hot coffee, frappuccinos, and cold coffee. It also serves hot teas, hot drinks, and iced teas but let’s stay at the main topic here, “Coffee”.

Hot CoffeesSizePrice
Flat WhitesTall$3.75
Expresso ShotsSolo$1.75
Brewed CoffeesTall$1.75
Frappuccino Blended Beverages  
Coffee FrappuccinoMini$2.95
Crème FrappuccinoMini$2.95
Cold Coffees  
Cold BrewsTall$2.95
Nitro Cold BrewsTall$3.45
Iced AmericanoTall$2.25
Iced CoffeesTall$2.25
Iced Shaken ExpressoGrande$4.45
Iced LattesTall$2.95
Iced MacchiatosTall$3.75
Iced MochasTall$3.25

Starbucks Breakfast Catering Menu

Unlike many other catering services, Starbucks doesn’t only serve meat or carbs to increase your weight.

Instead, it brings more nutritious lunch catering options for its people. Although every item on its catering menu is rich in protein, many of its items are also rich in nutrients from veggies.

Food ItemNo of servingPrice
Crispy Grilled Cheese SandwichSingle$6.85
Ham & Swiss SandwichSingle$7.75
Turkey, Pesto & Provolone SandwichSingle$6.45
Tomato & Mozzarella SandwichSingle$5.55
Avocado SpreadSingle$1.55
Chickpea bites + avocado protein boxSingle$6.75
Eggs and cheddar protein boxSingle$7.25
PB&J protein boxSingle$6.55
Cheese & Fruit protein boxSingle$6.85
Eggs & Gouda Protein boxSingle$6.55
Cheddar & Uncured Salami protein boxSingle$6.55
Cheese trio protein boxSingle$6.55

Let’s explore its lunch catering menu here in detail. 

Crispy Grilled Cheese Sandwich

contains sourdough bistro bread, parmesan cheese butter spread, and white cheddar/mozzarella blend cheese. It is high in protein and contains 520 calories.

Ham & Swiss Sandwich

Starbucks uses a toasted baguette infused with Dijon butter. In addition, there are tasteful ham slices along with flavorful melty Swiss cheese to enhance the taste. It comes with 480 calories, 2 grams of sugar, and only 23 grams of fat.

Turkey, Pesto & Provolone Panini

To treat yourself or to fully satisfy your hunger, Starbucks’ Turkey, Pesto & provolone Panini is the best choice. It is a blend of provolone cheese, basil pesto, turkey, and red peppers with Ciabatta rolls.  It contains 520 calories with only 19 grams of fat, which gives you enough energy for the day.

Tomato & Mozzarella Panini

The item is the best pick when you want a low-calorie lunch. With only 360 calories, this high-protein and vegetarian mix Panini amazingly balance your daily nutritional needs. The vegetables it contains include roasted tomatoes, basil pesto, and spinach.

Avocado Spread

With only 90 calories, is a must-try at Starbucks due to its taste and quality. They prepare it with fresh avocados, garlic, a few spices, sea salt, and lime to uplift the taste.

Chickpea bites + avocado protein box

With 570 calories, this protein box is a good pick to boost your energy level. It comes with avocado spread, chickpeas falafels, and baby carrots/peas. Moreover, it also contains a nutritious blend of almonds, cranberries, and seeds.

The eggs and cheddar protein box

It comes with 470 calories, 25 grams of fat, and 21 grams of sugar. In it, you will get sliced apples, eggs, grapes, cheese, honey peanut butter, and bread to fulfill your appetite.

PB&J protein box

The box includes apples, bread, grapes, carrots, cheese, and ranch dip. All of these things combine to provide you with 520 calories.

Cheese & Fruit box

With 470 calories, Cheese & Fruit box at Starbucks is also a superb choice to get enough energy for the day.  It is especially good for those who must add fruits to their everyday meals along with cheese and bread.

Eggs and Gouda Protein box

The box comes with 530 calories. It includes hard-boiled eggs, multigrain crackers, peanut butter, and fruits.  

Cheddar & uncured Salami Protein box

It comes with 470 calories. It includes dry fruits (almonds, etc.), white cheese, crackers, and taste-rich salami.

Cheese trio Protein box

The package comes with 520 calories. This box is a mix of fruits, vegetables, crackers, and cheese.

So, Starbucks brings a great variety into its coffees under each category i.e., hot coffee, Frappuccino, and cold coffee.

Hot coffee

This category from Starbucks includes freshly brewed aromatic and taste-rich ground coffee to create different coffees. The ingredients Starbucks uses in creating different types of hot coffees include hot water, roasted coffee, steamed milk, and thick milk foam.

It also uses caramel sweetness, whipped cream, nutmeg, cinnamon, chocolate & vanilla syrups, and mocha sauces.

Cold Coffee

In the cold coffees category, Starbucks also brings lots of taste-rich variations with coffee beans. Its different varieties of cold coffees include vanilla syrup, pumpkin cream foam, pumpkin spice, chocolate topping, and caramel foam.

It also uses vanilla sweet crème, nitro-infusion, velvety crema, oatmeal topping, brown sugar, almond milk, whole milk, etc.

Cold coffee

Frappuccino Blended Beverages

In its Frappuccino blended beverages, Starbucks uses variations of espresso and milk shots, vanilla/chocolate/caramel toppings, milk, and whipped crème.

Some varieties also include buttery caramel sauce, mocha drizzle, cinnamon, brown sugar, pumpkin spice, and oatmeal toppings. 

See each subcategory as well as the sizes and prices in the table below.   

Starbucks Vs McCafe Vs Dunkin’ Donuts

Starbucks powerfully competes with its competitors by offering more variety, flavorful and taste-rich drinks that provide robust energy.

It is famous for selling luxury drinks at affordable variety with high-quality ingredients. Let’s have a look at the following comparison table for further information.  

Drink TypeStarbucksMcCafeDunkin’Donuts
Hot coffeesTaste-rich, strong flavors, aromatic, and affordable with great variety.It’s tasteful and cheaper than Starbucks but lacks variety.Its hot coffees are lighter, ideally not the power shots of energy for the whole day, and prices are average.
Iced teasExtensive variety, robust flavors, more caffeinated for extra energyLess caffeinated lacks variety, cheaper than its competitorsHighly caffeinated, not enough variety
Cold CoffeesNaturally smooth and sweet taste, powerful aroma, great varietyFewer flavors than Starbucks, more sweetened, light but average flavorsUnique distinctive flavor, sweeter taste, No variety
Hot and cold DrinksRobust energy, power-boost drinks with excellent taste, lots of variety, affordable luxuryThe taste is ok, Lacks variety, price is average.Less variety than Starbucks but much cheaper in price.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Starbucks Catering


  •  Energy-filled and high-nutrition catering options are available.
  •  Many items contain veggies in some proportion, which is a good point. In contrast, the catering of its competitors is mainly based on only proteins, fats, and carbs.
  • Outstanding and unbeatable taste.
  • Every meal is large enough to completely satisfy one’s hunger.
  • They never compromise on quality.


  •  Not all menu variety is available at all stores. Most of the stores have no stock for some of the luxury menu items.
  •  The price of the lunch catering is a bit greater than its competitors.
  • The catering menu is very limited, with fewer options only.

How To Order From Starbucks

Ordering food from Starbucks is very easy and quick. To order from the Starbucks app, follow these steps:

  • Download the Starbucks app to your mobile and create your account.
  • Join the Starbucks rewards program.
  • Choose what you want to order and pay to get stars and earn rewards.
  • You will see the order preparation and delivery time on the app. Within only a few minutes, your order will be at your doorstep.

To buy from the store, follow these steps:

  • Choose your favorite item from the menu and place an order from the app by paying ahead. This is to save you time in the store and avoid standing in long queues.
  • Go to the store. Pick up your order instantly from the counter and enjoy!
  • In case you don’t have the Starbucks app, simply go to the Starbucks counter to place your order.
  • Wait for a few minutes to get your order ready and enjoy!

Wait! Here is still another option if none of the above works for you. Here is what you need to do:

  • Download the Uber Eats app.
  • Check for the nearest Starbucks store and browse through their menu.
  • Choose your order and pay them.
  • Sit back, track your order, and have it on your doorstep shortly!
Coffee house starbucks

People Also Ask

What products does Starbucks offer in its catering?

Along with selling a variety of coffees and drinks, Starbucks also sells a tempting catering menu. The number of items on this menu is limited but every single item is worth eating.

Starbucks offers some amazingly tasted Panini sandwiches, protein boxes, and avocado spread in its lunch catering.

Although Starbucks’ whole catering tastes good and is admired by people, its warm Paninis sandwiches are the most selling ones.

Its ham & Swiss sandwich and turkey, pesto, & provolone sandwiches are the most selling ones.

Why does Starbucks charge separately for its spread instead of giving it free with other catering items?

Starbucks’ avocado spread is exclusively made from high-quality ingredients that cost a bit high.

Therefore, Starbucks also charges its customers a little price for this spread. Keep in mind that Starbucks only uses organic Grade-A Hass avocados in the preparation of this spread.

The other ingredients of this spread include fresh lime, garlic, onion, freshly ground pepper & spice, and sea salt

What are the lunch hours for ordering lunch catering from Starbucks?

Starbucks doesn’t specify any specific lunch hours but it sells lunch all day. No matter what time it is, you can always access their lunch catering.

The reason for selling lunch catering all day is that not all people work from 9 am to 5 pm. Instead, there are many people who work evening shifts or at other odd hours.

Starbucks claims that it cares for all people and thus, it keeps its catering open all day. Through this, Starbucks assures that everyone can access and enjoy its catering services anytime they want. 

Final Words

 If you haven’t tried Starbucks’ catering yet, you must go for it now. Couple it with a cup of your favorite coffee and give it a treat to yourself.

Starbucks doesn’t only sell fresh products but also works hard to assuring the quality, hygiene, and nutrition of its menu.

Also, every single item from Starbucks is powerful enough to give you robust energy to keep going for the day.

It doesn’t only fulfill your cravings in a better way but also makes you feel the happiest. So what are you waiting for?

Visit your nearest Starbucks store today and enjoy your favorite catering meal with a cup of coffee!

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