Starbucks Menu With Prices (Updated January 2024)

Do you crave a relaxing environment, a good coffee, and some sweet treats?

Starbucks is on everybody’s lips when hearing the words “coffee” and “a good time”. Just reading the menus you know you have a lot to choose from.

For drinks you can have: hot coffee, hot drinks, cold coffees, hot teas, frappuccino blended beverages, iced teas, and cold drinks.

To eat you can either get a hot breakfast, lunch, oatmeal & yogurt, bakery, or snacks & sweets.

Right now the popular drinks that make a sensation are: the classic Vanilla Late, the Iced White Chocolate Mocha, and the seasonal celebrity – the Pumpkin Spice Latte.


We just can’t overlook the most talked about coffees right now at Starbucks.

So, in case we want to stop by the coffee shop tomorrow morning we have to know what to buy:

01. Vanilla Latte

If you are in search of a strong coffee with a sweet taste then order the famous Vanilla Latte.

This coffee combo contains double espresso, creamy steamed mi, and vanilla syrup for the flavor.

With all of these mixed, you will only taste like you’re drinking from a cloud.

02. Iced White Chocolate Mocha

We can say that this coffee is vanilla Latte’s cold sister because, in theory, they have the same ingredients.

The Iced White Chocolate Mocha contains creamier milk with white chocolate, and espresso added with ice.

03. Pumpkin Spice Latte

As soon as the first leaves turn yellow and autumn re-enters people can’t wait to get their hands on a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

These famous drinks are made from cinnamon, nutmeg, creamy milk, espresso, and pumpkin pie spice on top.

04. Java Chip Frappucino

A very tasty coffee is best described as a mix of everything sweet. For the Java Chip Frappuccino, we get a Frappuccino with chip flavor, espresso, milk, and chopped ice.

05. Hot Chocolate

An all-time favorite. What is more not to like? Even though we all know how homemade hot chocolate tastes, Starbucks comes with a special signature ingredient.

Of course, they will add their special steamed milk and whipped cream with a spice/topping of your liking (chocolate topping, cinnamon spice, white chocolate topping).

Starbucks Hot Coffee Americanos Menu

Caffe Americano-(Short)5$2.75
Caffe Americano-(Tall)10$3.25
Caffe Americano-(Grande)15$3.65
Caffe Americano-(Venti)15$3.85
Brewed Coffees
Caffe Misto-(Short)50$3.25
Caffe Misto-(Tall)80$3.35
Caffe Misto-(Grande)110$3.65
Caffe Misto-(Venti)130$3.95
Veranda Blend-(Short)5$2.55
Veranda Blend-(Tall)5$2.65
Veranda Blend-(Grande)5$2.95
Veranda Blend-(Venti)5$3.25
Medium-Roast (Pike-Place)-(Short)5$2.55
Medium-Roast (Pike-Place)-(Tall)5$2.65
Medium-Roast (Pike-Place)-(Grande)5$2.95
Medium-Roast (Pike-Place)-(Venti)5$3.25
Starbucks (Dark-Roast)-(Short)5$2.55
Starbucks (Dark-Roast)-(Tall)5$2.65
Starbucks (Dark-Roast)-(Grande)5$2.95
Starbucks (Dark-Roast)-(Venti)5$3.25
Pike-Place-Decaf (Roast)-(Short)5$2.55
Pike-Place-Decaf (Roast)-(Tall)5$2.65
Pike-Place-Decaf (Roast)-(Grande)5$2.95
Pike-Place-Decaf (Roast)-(Venti)5$3.25
Espresso Shots
Espresso Con-Panna-(Solo)30$2.55
Espresso Con-Panna-(Doppio)35$2.85
Espresso Con-Panna-(Triple)40$3.35
Espresso Con-Panna-(Quad)45$3.75
Caffe Latte-(Short)100$3.65
Caffe Latte-(Tall)150$3.75
Caffe Latte-(Grande)190$4.45
Caffe Latte-(Venti)250$4.95
Pumpkin Spice Latte-(Short)210$5.15
Pumpkin Spice Latte-(Tall)300$5.25
Pumpkin Spice Latte-(Grande)390$5.75
Pumpkin Spice Latte-(Venti)470$6.25
Blonde Vanilla Latte-(Short)130$4.45
Blonde Vanilla Latte-(Tall)200$4.55
Blonde Vanilla Latte-(Grande)250$5.25
Blonde Vanilla Latte-(Venti)320$5.75
Cinnamon-Dolce-Latte (Short)190$4.85
Cinnamon-Dolce-Latte (Tall)270$4.95
Cinnamon-Dolce-Latte (Grande)340$5.65
Cinnamon-Dolce-Latte (Venti)420$5.95
Oatmilk-Macchiato (Apple Crisp)-Short150$5.15
Oatmilk-Macchiato (Apple Crisp)-Tall230$5.25
Oatmilk-Macchiato (Apple Crisp)-Grande320$5.75
Oatmilk-Macchiato (Apple Crisp)-Venti390$6.25
Espresso-Macchiato (Solo)10$2.55
Espresso-Macchiato (Doppio)15$2.85
Espresso-Macchiato (Triple)20$3.35
Espresso-Macchiato (Quad)25$3.75
Caffe-Mocha (Short)200$6.75
Caffe-Mocha (Tall)290$6.85
Caffe-Mocha (Grande)370$7.55
Caffe-Mocha (Venti)450$8.15
White-Chocolate Mocha (Short)230$8.05
White-Chocolate Mocha (Tall)340$8.15
White-Chocolate Mocha (Grande)430$8.45
White-Chocolate Mocha (venti)530$8.85
Coffee Traveler
Veranda Blend (Short)5$25.95
Pike-Place-(Roast) (Short)5$25.95
Dark-Roast (Short)5$25.95
Pike-Place-Decaf-Roast (Short)5$25.95

Starbucks Hot Teas

Chai Tea (Short)0$4.45
Chai Tea (Tall)0$4.55
Chai Tea (Grande)0$4.95
Chai Tea (Venti)0$5.15
Chai Tea-Latte (Short)120$6.35
Chai Tea-Latte (Tall)190$6.45
Chai Tea-Latte (Grande)240$6.85
Chai Tea-Latte (Venti)310$7.55
Earl-Grey-Tea (Short)0$4.45
Earl-Grey-Tea (Tall)0$4.55
Earl-Grey-Tea (Grande)0$4.95
Earl-Grey-Tea (Venti)0$5.15
Fog Tea Latte- (Teavana London)-(Short)90$4.15
Fog Tea Latte- (Teavana London)-(Tall)140$4.25
Fog Tea Latte- (Teavana London)-(Grande)180$4.95
Fog Tea Latte- (Teavana London) (Venti)230$5.25
Breakfast Tea-Royal English (Short)0$4.45
Breakfast Tea-Royal English (Tall)0$4.55
Breakfast Tea-Royal English (Grande)0$4.95
Breakfast Tea-Royal English (Venti)0$5.15
(Emperor’s) Clouds & Mist (Short)0$4.45
(Emperor’s) Clouds & Mist (Tall)0$4.55
(Emperor’s) Clouds & Mist (Grande)0$4.95
(Emperor’s) Clouds & Mist (Venti)0$5.15
Matcha-Tea Latte (Short)110$4.15
Matcha-Tea Latte (Tall)190$4.25
Matcha-Tea Latte (Grand)240$4.95
Matcha-Tea Latte (Venti)320$5.25
Mint-Tea (Honey Citrus) (Short)60$3.15
Mint-Tea (Honey Citrus) (Tall)80$3.25
Mint-Tea (Honey Citrus) (Grande)130$3.95
Mint-Tea (Honey Citrus) (Venti)150$4.25
Mint- Brewed-Tea (Jade Citrus) (Short)0$2.85
Mint- Brewed-Tea (Jade Citrus)-(Tall)0$2.95
Mint- Brewed-Tea (Jade Citrus)-(Grande)0$3.25
Mint- Brewed-Tea (Jade Citrus)-(Venti)0$3.45
Mint-Majesty (Short)0
Mint-Majesty (Tall)0$2.95
Mint-Majesty (Grande)0$3.25
Mint-Majesty (Venti)0$3.45
Peach-Tranquility (Short)0$2.85
Peach-Tranquility (Short)0$2.95
Peach-Tranquility (Short)0$3.25
Peach-Tranquility (Short)0$3.45

Hot Drinks

Hot-Chocolate (Kids)190$2.45
Hot-Chocolate (Short)190$3.35
Hot-Chocolate (Tall)280$3.45
Hot-Chocolate (Grande)370$3.75
Hot-Chocolate (Venti)450$3.95
Apple Juice-Steamed (Kids)120$1.95
Apple Juice-Steamed (Shorts)120$2.65
Apple Juice-Steamed (Tall)170$2.75
Apple Juice-Steamed (Grande)220$2.95
Apple Juice-Steamed (Venti)280$3.25
White-Chocolate (Hot) (Kids)240$3.35
White-Chocolate (Hot) (Short)240$4.15
White-Chocolate (Hot) (Tall)350$4.25
White-Chocolate (Hot) (Grande)440$4.55
White-Chocolate (Hot) (Venti)540$4.75
Caramel-Apple-Spice (Kids)220$3.35
Caramel-Apple-Spice (Short)220$4.15
Caramel-Apple-Spice (Tall)310$4.25
Caramel-Apple-Spice (Grande)380$4.55
Caramel-Apple-Spice (Venti)460$4.75
Steamed-Milk (Kids)100$2.25
Steamed-Milk (Short)100$2.85
Steamed-Milk (Tall)160$2.95
Steamed-Milk (Grande)200$3.25
Steamed-Milk (Venti)260$3.45
Vanilla Creme (Kids)180$2.45
Vanilla Creme (Short)180$3.35
Vanilla Creme (Tall)280$3.45
Vanilla Creme (Grande)350$3.75
Vanilla Creme (Venti)430$3.95
Pumpkin-Spice Creme (Kids)210$3.35
Pumpkin-Spice Creme (Short)210$4.15
Pumpkin-Spice Creme (Tall)310$4.25
Pumpkin-Spice Creme (Grande)400$4.55
Pumpkin-Spice Creme (Venti)480$4.75

Starbucks Frappuccino- (Blended Beverages)

Mocha Cookie Crumble (Tall)350$5.45
Mocha Cookie Crumble (Grande)480$5.95
Mocha Cookie Crumble (Venti)590$6.25
Pumpkin Spice (Tall)290$5.45
Pumpkin Spice (Grande)420$5.95
Pumpkin Spice (Venti)510$6.25
Espresso (Tall)140$5.65
Espresso (Grande)210$6.35
Espresso (Venti)290$6.65
Caramel Crunch-Ribbon (Tall)330$5.45
Caramel Crunch-Ribbon (Grande)470$5.95
Caramel Crunch-Ribbon (Venti)570$6.25
Coffee (Tall)160$4.65
Coffee (Grande)230$5.35
Coffee (Venti)310$5.65
Mocha (Tall)250$4.95
Mocha (Grande)370$5.45
Mocha (Venti)470$5.75
Caffe-Vanilla (Tall)280$4.65
Caffe-Vanilla (Grande)410$5.35
Caffe-Vanilla (Venti)510$5.65
Java Chip (Tall)320$4.95
Java Chip (Grande)440$5.45
Java Chip (Venti)560$5.75
Apple Crisp-Oatmilk (Tall)290$5.45
Apple Crisp-Oatmilk (Grande)420$5.95
Apple Crisp-Oatmilk (Venti)520$6.25
Caramel (Tall)260$4.95
Caramel (Grande)380$5.45
Caramel (Venti)470$5.75
White Chocolate (Mocha)-(Tall)280$4.95
White Chocolate (Mocha)-(Grande)420$5.45
White Chocolate (Mocha)-(Venti)500$5.75

Starbucks Cold Coffees

Cold Brew-Chocolate Cream (Tall)190$4.75
Cold Brew-Chocolate Cream (Grande)250$5.25
Cold Brew-Chocolate Cream (Venti)300$5.45
Cold Brew-Chocolate Cream (Trenta)320$5.75
Cold Brew-Pumpkin Cream (Tall)140$4.75
Cold Brew-Pumpkin Cream (Grande)250$5.25
Cold Brew-Pumpkin Cream (Venti)310$5.45
Cold Brew-Pumpkin Cream (Trenta)360$5.75
Vanilla Sweet Cream (Cold Brew)-(Tall)90$4.25
Vanilla Sweet Cream (Cold Brew)-(Grande)110$4.75
Vanilla Sweet Cream (Cold Brew)-(Venti)200$4.95
Vanilla Sweet Cream (Cold Brew)-(Trenta)220$5.25
Starbucks Cold Brew (Tall)5$3.95
Starbucks Cold Brew (Grande)5$4.45
Starbucks Cold Brew (Venti)5$4.75
Starbucks Cold Brew (Trenta)5$4.95
Caramel Salted Cream (Tall)160$4.75
Caramel Salted Cream (Grande)220$5.25
Caramel Salted Cream (Venti)270$5.45
Caramel Salted Cream (Trenta)310$5.75
Cold Brew-Coffee included Milk (Tall)25$3.95
Cold Brew-Coffee included Milk (Grande)35$4.45
Cold Brew-Coffee included Milk (Venti)60$4.75
Cold Brew-Coffee included Milk (Trenta)70$4.95
Cold Brew-Nitro (Tall)5$4.75
Cold Brew-Nitro (Grande)5$5.25
Nitro Vanilla Cream (Sweet)-cold Brew (Tall)70$5.25
Nitro Vanilla Cream (Sweet)-cold Brew (Grande)70$5.75
Caffe Americano-Iced (Tall)10$3.25
Caffe Americano-Iced (Grande)15$3.65
Caffe Americano-Iced (venti)15$3.85
Iced-Expresso (Single)5$2.45
Iced-Expresso (Double)10$2.75
Iced-Expresso (Triple)15$3.25
Iced-Expresso (Quad)20$3.65
Iced Chocolate-Almondmilk (Shaken Expresso)-(Tall)100$5.25
Iced Chocolate-Almondmilk (Shaken Expresso)-(Grande)120$5.75
Iced Chocolate-Almondmilk (Shaken Expresso)-(Venti)190$5.95
Iced Flat (White)-(Tall)110$4.45
Iced Flat (White)-(Grande)150$4.95
Iced Flat (White)-(Venti)220$5.75
Almondmilk (Iced+Honey)-Flat White (Tall)100$5.25
Almondmilk (Iced+Honey)-Flat White (Grande)140$5.75
Almondmilk (Iced+Honey)-Flat White (Venti)200$6.25
Iced Spice Latte (Pumpkin) (Tall)270$5.25
Iced Spice Latte (Pumpkin) (Grande)370$5.75
Iced Spice Latte (Pumpkin) (Venti)480$6.45
Caffe Latte-Iced (Tall)100$3.75
Caffe Latte-Iced (Grande)130$4.45
Caffe Latte-Iced (Venti)180$5.25
Cinnamon Dolce Latte-Iced (Tall)240$4.95
Cinnamon Dolce Latte-Iced (Grande)300$5.65
Cinnamon Dolce Latte-Iced (Venti)420$6.25
Starbucks Vanilla Latte (Blonde)-iced (Tall)140$4.55
Starbucks Vanilla Latte (Blonde)-iced (Grande)190$5.25
Starbucks Vanilla Latte (Blonde)-iced (Venti)270$6.05
Iced Macchiatos Apple (Crisp) Oatmilk-(Tall)230$5.25
Iced Macchiatos Apple (Crisp) Oatmilk-(Grande)310$5.75
Iced Macchiatos Apple (Crisp) Oatmilk-(Venti)430$6.45
Caramel Macchiato-Iced (Tall)180$4.45
Caramel Macchiato-Iced (Grande)250$5.25
Caramel Macchiato-Iced (Venti)350$5.75
White Chocolate Iced (Mocha)-(Tall)310$4.95
White Chocolate Iced (Mocha)-(Grande)420$5.65
White Chocolate Iced (Mocha)-(Venti)560$6.25
Caffe Mocha Iced-(Tall)260$4.25
Caffe Mocha Iced-(Grande)350$4.95
Caffe Mocha Iced-(Venti)450$5.75

Starbucks Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Sandwiches & Wraps
Impossible Breakfast Sandwich420$5.75
Turkey Bacon, Egg (White), and Cheddar Sandwich230$4.45
Feta, Spinach, and Egg White Wrap290$4.45
Bacon, Egg, and Sausage Wrap640$6.25
Bacon (Double-Smoked), Egg, and Cheddar Sandwich500$5.75
Gouda, Egg, and Bacon Sandwich360$4.75
Egg, Sausage, and Cheddar Sandwich480$4.25
Sous Vide Egg Bites
Bacon and Gruyere300$4.95
Egg (White) and Roasted Red Pepper170$4.95
Kale and Mushroom230$4.95

Starbucks Lunch Menu

Warm Sandwiches  
Crispy Grilled Cheese on Sourdough520$6.45
Ham and Swiss on Baguette480$7.15
Turkey, Provolone and Pesto on Ciabatta520$6.95
Tomato and Mozzarella on Focaccia360$6.25
Avocado Spread90$1.25

Bakery Menu 

Everything Bagel290$2.25
Avocado Spread90$1.25
Plain Bagel280$2.25
Cake Pops
Birthday Cake Pop160$2.95
Chocolate Cake Pop150$2.95
Owl Cake Pop160$3.25
Reindeer Cake Pop140$3.25

About Starbucks

Starbucks’ story began quite recently, the first Coffee Shop opened in 1971 in Seattle.

A few people know that the name and logo were inspired by the tale “Moby Dick” – the name is from the coffee sales from the books.

Of course, the logo resembling a mermaid paid homage to the lore about the sirens that lured sailors with their beautiful voices – the meaning being that Starbucks brings coffee lovers to the “shore”.

Starbucks became famous after one of the managers took a trip to Milano, then they started giving the coffee a special taste and created various types of drinks. 

Starbucks also was able to create the perfect environment for people to enjoy a cup of coffee, relax and even work.

How To Order From Starbucks

Step 1

Visit the official website or download mobile apps such as Uber Eats/Door Dash/Postmates from Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2

Click on the Drinks/Food menu from the official Website. Choose your preference and the press Order Now Button.

Step 3

Log in to your existing account or sign up for a new one. Next thing is to select a store to pick up your order.

(If you would wish to have the order come to your home choose the food apps mentioned above).

Step 4

The order is being processed! Now get to your store in time for pick up.

If you want to order with Food Apps then you can choose from Uber EATS, Door Dash, and Postmates. The steps to order from them:

Open the app and search the Starbucks Store.

Choose the items you want to order. Sign in to your account or create one for you to complete the order.

Add your address and then just wait for the items to be delivered at your door!

Payment Methods

If you want to order from Starbucks then you should know what types of payment they have.

Because the store surely wants to please every customer, they have a wide variety :

01. Starbucks Cards

In case you have got a voucher as a present, you can always use their cards to buy your coffee.

02. PayPal

Of course, the most common way of paying is also available at Starbucks.

03. Credit Card

When in a rush it is always good to use something common: MasterCard, Visa, Discover Credit Cards, and American Express are all accepted in the Starbucks stores

04. Cash

Is also accepted in all of the Starbucks Stores.

05. Apple Pay/Google Pay

You can use this option either by paying through the apps or in the stores.

Delivery Methods

The famous coffee shop is always trying to satisfy all the clients around the globe, so that also means different delivery methods.

a) Pick Up

Order your choices of drinks and/or food 5-10 minutes before actually coming into the nearby store to be more efficient.

b) In Store

Choose the old fashion way and order at your local store where you can also choose to sit at a table, maybe with your laptop while doing some errands.

c) Home Delivery

Choose from either of the following apps and get your coffee right in your bed: Uber EATS, Postmates, Door Dash.

Here are the important details of Starbucks if you need them:

Contact 800-Starbuc (800-782-7282)
Hours: 5 AM – 8 PM PT, 7 days a week
Online orderVia Uber EATS, Postmates, Door Dash
Mobile app
Find a store
Sign upStarbuck Signup page

Find Them on Social Media


Frequently Asked Questions

What Starbucks Drinks Are Most Affordable?

We all need fresh coffee to go and for a convenient price.

Here are the cheapest Starbucks drinks you can get: Freshly Brewed Coffee (1.85$), Coffee Frappuccino Tall (3.25$), Iced Coffee (2.25$), and Caffe Latte (2.95$).

What Size From Starbucks is The Best Choice Financially Speaking?

We’ve all gotten accustomed to the definitions of sizes from Starbucks. We have Grande, Venti, and Tall – but which are best in value?

Well, it was revealed that the Tall size (12 ounces) is not the best option and you should go for a Grande (16 ounces) or venti (24 ounces).

What Kind of Coffee Can You Get At Starbucks With a Budget Of 3 Dollars?

You can always get an Iced latte (2.25$), a Freshly Brewed Coffee (1.85$), or a Frappuccino Tall (3.25$).

What is The Exact Size in The Starbucks Sizes?

For sizes, we have the new size Trenta – 31 oz Grande -16 oz, Tall -12 oz, Short -8 oz, Venti -24 oz, and Demi -3 oz.

Can We Identify Starbucks As an Expensive Coffee Shop?

In comparison to other specialty coffee chains, Starbucks’ prices are lowered so it is not specifically more expensive.

If we compare it to the Street Coffee Shops then we can see a big difference in prices.

Final Thoughts

With years of experience in bringing people together, creating relaxing environments, and serving the tastiest coffee, it is safe to say that now everybody has on their mind Starbucks.

Either going for a quick way of waking up or just enjoying your time there, Starbucks is the perfect destination for it.

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