Wegmans Easter Dinner 2024

Wegmans Easter Dinner menu is the right pick for you if you want to serve something really delicious and festive on your Easter dinner table.

Consisting of a whole lot of items under 3 different categories (Easter Brunch Menu, Lamb Dinner Menu, and Ham Dinner Menu), the holiday meal deals from this superstore is as festive as it can get.

From pre-made desserts and sides to uncooked items, the Holiday deal this well-spread and versatile.

All you need to do is pick the ones you want to decorate your Easter dinner table with.

Now, if you wonder what are the items in the 3 Easter Dinner menus and which you should pick for your festive dinner table, here’s everything you need to know.

To start with, Wegmans has a delicious “Ham Dinner Menu” for your Easter dinner table.

Consisting of 2 types of ham items (Boneless Petite Celebration Ham and Bone-In Cured Ham) along with a cocktail tray, potato sides, vegetables, and delicious desserts, this menu gives you all the options to make versatile dinner items for your friends and family.

Similarly, they also have a “Lamb Dinner Menu” to add options to your holiday table.

It comes with 3 different types of lambs (Boneless Lamb Leg, Carve Semi-Boneless Lamb Leg, and Frenched Lamb Rack) with scallops, mint jelly, other sides, and Carrot Cake so that you can host an amazing dinner for your family and guests. 

On the other hand, the Easter Brunch Menu of Wegmans consists of 10 different festive delicacies to match your Easter vibe perfectly.

Unlike the other two menu deals, it has more bakery options (muffins, donuts, bagels, cakes, and croissants) to make your Easter evening even more enjoyable and delightful.

Wegmans Easter Dinner Ham

ItemsQuantity/Avg. WeightPrice
Brown Sugar Bone-In Cured Ham, Half8.18 lb$25.28
Boneless Celebration Ham8.16lb$50.51
Fresh Cut Asparagus, Tray12 oz$6.09
Organic Shrimp Cocktail Tray, Fresh Cooked20 ct$35.99
Boneless Petite Celebration Ham3lb$22.47
Mini Spanakopita10 oz$11.49
Potato Gratin, 4 Pack10 oz$11.49
Swiss Style Scalloped Potatoes16 oz$6.39
Butternut Squash with Spinach & Craisins, Family Pack24 oz$22.99
Butter Boy French Butter0.25 lb$5.75
Large Ultimate Carrot Cake54 oz$29.99

Wegmans Easter Dinner Lamb Menu

ItemsSize/Avg. WeightPrice
Boneless Leg of Lamb3.5 lb$28.67
Garlic Herb Seasoned Lamb Rack
(Ready to Cook)
1.02 lb$26.51
Frenched Rack of Lamb1.61 lb$30.90
Easy Carve Leg of Lamb (Semi-Boneless)3.97 lb$30.13
Ready to Cook Bacon Wrapped Scallops0.6 lb$17.27
Polaner Real Mint Jelly10 oz$3.79
Roasted Baby Potatoes16 oz$6.39
Entertainment Collection, Family Pack14 oz$11.49
Butter Boy French Butter0.25 lb$5.75
Roasted Brussels Sprouts Veggie Bowl12 oz$11.49
Large Ultimate Carrot Cake54 oz$29.99
L’Ame De Pape Clement, 2019750 ml$32.99

Wegmans Easter Brunch Menu

ItemsSize/Avg. WeightPrice
Lorraine Quiche20 oz$18.39
 Bone-In Spiral Sliced Ham (Half)9.17 lb$67.77
Smoked Salmon4 oz$13.29
Uncured Bacon* Quiche20 oz$18.39
Fresh Cut Traditional Fruit Bowl, Family Pack64 oz container$22.99
Plain Croissant (Large)
4 Pack
6 oz$9.19
Orange Juice64 fl oz$13.79
Bulk Muffins $2.19
In-Store Baked Dozen Bagels12 ct$14.99
In-Store Baked Dozen Donuts12 ct$14.99
Hot Cross Buns16 oz$6.39
Lemon Coffee Cake26 oz$13.79
Cheese Potatoes Gratin & Broccoli14 oz$6.39
Fresh Cut Asparagus, Tray12 oz$6.09
The Buzz Black Coffee (Unsweetened)48 fl oz$5.79
Applewood Smoked Bacon12 oz$11.49
Bon Vivant Brut750 ml$22.99
Cream Cheese Spread  
Lox6.5 oz$6.89
Plain Whipped6.5 oz$5.79
Bacon Scallion6.5 oz$5.79
Ultimate Cheesecake Flavored6.5 oz$5.79

Here’s all the important links of Wegmans so that its easier to know more about them.

Official Websitehttps://www.wegmans.com/
Order Onlinehttps://shop.wegmans.com/shop/featured/232/Easter-Menus 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Included in Wegmans Easter Ham Dinner Menu?

Wegmans Easter Dinner Menu includes a choice of 2 different types of ham, veggie trays, sides, and desserts, you can choose the ones you think would be the best for your holiday meal.

How Much Does The Wegmans Easter Uncured Bacon Quiche Cost?

Uncured Bacon Quiche costs $0.98 per oz. This means that a 20 oz. Bacon Quiche would be around $19.59.

Does Wegmans Have Any Pre-cooked Easter Dinner Meals?

Yes, Wegmans offers pre-cooked meals for your Easter dinner for additional convenience.

Does Wegmans Offer Other Holiday Dinners Too?

Just like an Easter dinner menu, Wegmans also offers other holiday dinner meal deals to make your holidays even more enjoyable and easy.

Final Words

With Easter Holidays around the corner, get your kitchen ready with the most delicious foods of the season.

Even though Wegmans has a whole lot of items in their Easter menu to choose from, we mostly prefer their “Easter Brunch Menu”, and for obvious reasons.

This menu is decked with the most festive delicacies including quiches, baked donuts, cake, and smoked salmon to make your holidays even more special.

But then again, it’s our preference. You should choose the one that you think would go seamlessly with your holiday dinner table.