Honey Baked Ham Easter Dinner 2024

Easter is just around the corner, Honey Baked Ham Easter Dinner can give you that delightful celebratory meal that is perfect for gatherings with your family and loved ones.

This Easter Menu consists of six meal options which include —16 variations of Honey Baked Ham, 10 Honey Baked Turkey, 6 Beef & Pork, 7 Starters & Sides, 11 Desserts, and 16 Meals that are already jam-packed with items that you may want to consider ordering in a single time.

This is a great menu option because it has a range, in every way you want to eat your holiday ham and turkey because they all have it in any portions and sizes, with great sides and desserts.

Honey Baked Ham Menu Items

The Honey Baked Ham Menu Items consists of its main festive meal which is the Honey Baked Ham, which is served in different sizes and portions depending on your liking, it is also paired with desserts and turkey.

The HoneyBaked Turkey is another meal option that can be served in a variety of portions and prepared in any way you want, whether it may be roasted or baked that you can share and enjoy with your family.

If you are craving more Beef and Pork, the Honey Baked Ham is giving out seven different preparations of pork and beef that are cooked and glazed perfectly to go with your main special meal.

Honey Baked Ham also provided an extensive option of starters and sides that is great for pairing with the Honey Baked meals–such as Mac & Cheese, Potato Souffle, Green Bean Casserole, Sweet Potatoes, Bean Soup, and Honey Baked Ham Signature Sauces that you will enjoy with your Honey Baked Ham and Turkey.

Finally, 11 delectable desserts will finalize your cravings for this Easter Dinner. This consists of 8 cakes, 1 pecan pie, and 2 samplers.

Honey Baked Ham Easter Ham

Honey Baked Ham Easter Ham – is the main meal for this Easter Dinner, which is prepared in all sizes and portions, and it also gives a boneless option.

This is served with Turkey or with desserts like Pecan Pie and Cheesecake.

Honey Baked Ham Easter Turkey

Honey Baked Ham Easter Turkey as previously mentioned, is also served in different portions and sizes and is prepared in various ways such as baked and oven-roasted depending on how you wanted to eat your Easter Turkey.


The Honey Baked Easter Starters is giving 6 different options to start your meal such as Mac & Cheese, Potato Souffle, Green Bean Casserole, Mixed Bean Soup, Cheesy Potatoes Au Gratin, and the Honey Baked Ham Signature Sauces that will complement our Signature Celebratory Meal.

Easter Desserts

The Honey Baked Ham Easter Desserts consists of 8 choices of delectable cakes, 1 Southern Pecan Pie, Cheesecake Samplers that gives you all the options in a single pie, and the Pecan Pie & Cheese Cake Sampler that you may want to enjoy so that you can secure that signature pie of your liking for your next holiday get together.

Honey Baked Ham Easter Dinner Menu

ItemsWeight/ SizeServesPrice
Honey Baked Ham And Turkey Feast
Includes Choice Of 4 frozen Side dishes (Heat & Serve)
8 Lb.12-16$144.99
9 Lb.12-16$151.99
Signature Honey Baked Ham
Includes Choice of 4 frozen Side dishes (Heat & Serve)
8 Lb.10-16$112.99
9 Lb.10-16$119.99
1/2 Boneless Ham and Turkey Feast
Includes Choice of 4 frozen Side dishes (Heat & Serve)
Quarter Ham
Includes 3 frozen Side dishes (Heat & Serve)
Turkey Dinner 3 Sides
Choice of three frozen Side dishes (Heat & Serve).
1/2 Ham (Boneless) Meal 3 Sides
Choice of three frozen Side dishes (Heat & Serve)
Ham and Swiss Slider
Choice of three frozen Side dishes (Heat & Serve)
12 Pack4$24.99
Boneless Ham And Turkey Holiday Duo10$84.49

Honey Baked Ham

Bone-In Quarter Ham4.5 Lb.4-6$54.86
5 Lb.6-8$67.05
Bone-In Half Ham7 Lb.10-14$69.93
8 Lb.12-16$79.92
9 Lb.14-18$89.91
10 Lb.16-20$99.90
1/2 Boneless Ham3.75 Lb.6-10$53.96
4 Lb.6-10$57.99
Whole Boneless Ham7.5 Lb.11-20$99.68

Honey Baked Ham Turkey

Turkey Breast (Roasted/Smoked)2.95 Lb.6-8$39.21

Beef & Pork


Beef Pot Roast8-10$36.99
BBQ Baby Back Ribs2-3$21.49
Sweet Glaze Bacon1.5 Lb.5$13.99
BBQ Pork Roast12$24.99
Peppered Bacon1.5 Lb.5$13.99

Honey Baked Ham Heat & Serve Sides


Broccoli (Tuscan-Style)4-6$10.99
Green Bean Casserole4-6$10.99
Baked Cinnamon Apples8-10$10.99
Cheesy Potatoes Au Gratin4-6$10.99
Double Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese4$10.99
Maple Sweet Potato Souffle4-6$10.99
Country Cornbread Stuffing4-6$10.99
Loaded Smashed Potatoes4-6$10.99
Honeybaked Beans4-6$10.99
Turkey Gravy10-12$10.99

Slices & Salads

Turkey By The Slice (Roasted/Smoked)3-4$15.79
Ham By The Slice3-4$14.99
Chicken Salad1 Lb.4$9.99
Ham Salad1 Lb.4$9.99

Honey Baked Ham Easter Desserts

Southern Pecan Pie8$16.49
Red Velvet Cake12$26.99
Apple Caramel Walnut Pie8$16.49
Carrot Cake12$26.99
Chocolate Rum Cake12$32.99
Vanilla Rum Cake12$32.99
New York Style Cheesecake10$18.99
Rum Cake Sampler8$24.99
New York Style Cheesecake Sampler12$26.99

Order, Pickup, and Delivery Options

For the Ordering and Delivery Options, you can refer to the below-mentioned links through their official websites.

The website is straightforward and gives the consumers what they are here for.

The Honey Baked Ham Easter Dinner offers shipping which is a very hassle-free option for this upcoming Easter Holiday.

Moreover, they are currently offering a limited-time shipping deal and 5% off if you choose to pick up your meal directly at your nearest location.

Our Recommendations For Honey Baked Ham Easter Dinner

Honey Baked Ham Easter Dinner Turkey and Ham are the two most recommended options for this Easter Dinner, because, without it, it will not be the same.

However, if you wanted a complete set and worth your money, just go for the Meals in which choose a lot of the dinner options in a single order.

Order Easter MealPick-up: https://www.honeybaked.com/stores Shipping: https://www.honeybaked.com/categories Catering: https://www.honeybaked.com/stores Delivery: https://www.honeybaked.com/local-delivery
Store Locationshttps://www.honeybaked.com/stores

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