Winn Dixie Party Platters Prices in 2024

Throwing a party is never a hassle again with Winn Dixie! Winn Dixie party platters will take away all the stress of preparing a fancy dinner for your guests.

Winn Dixie got a massive party platter menu that includes 5 categories: Deli Platters, Bakery Platters, Seafood Platters, Produce Platters, Cakes & Cupcakes.

Spreads of meat and cheese will make a great focus for any party.

Winn Dixie Deli Platter range is all you need to make that happen! You got 19 different platters to satiate any type of craving.

Winn Dixie Party Starter is what you need if you’re looking for something to get the party started.

Be it cheesy, meaty, Italian, or even veggie there’s pretty much everything on the Deli Platter range.

For instance, if you wish to order a chicken platter, you got 4 different Deli Chicken platters: Boneless Chicken Wings, Bone-in Chicken Wings, Chicken Tenders, and Party Pack Fried Chicken.

Not to mention finger sandwiches, pinwheels, croissants, stuffed brioche rolls, and mini-subs are also available in different savory flavor profiles.

Heading to the next main platter, Seafood, we know every group has a seafood fanatic.

Winn-Dixie has 3 seafood trays that are sure to put you in a good mood. Be it Surimi, Shrimp, or both you crave, Winn Dixie got your back!

Party Platters are vibrant and visually appealing, especially when it comes to Fruits & Veggies.

You can order jumbo fruit or veggie platters with the Produce Platter that serves up to 8-12 people.

Kids love doughnuts and warm bakeries, and so do adults.

Bite-sized sweets, muffins, puff pastries, bread, doughnuts, cakes, and cookies everything freshly made for you.

Winn Dixie Bakery Platter is got you covered with 15 sweet & savory bakery platters.

You can always count on a delicious cake to brighten your day. Get your sheet cake customized and hand decorated for any event.

Winn Dixie Deli Platters Menu

Meat & cheese platter
Roasted Turkey, Virginia Ham, Roast Beef, American, Provolone and Swiss Cheese
Sandwich maker supreme
Ham, Virginia, Smoked Turkey, Black Forest Ham, Roast Beef with Hard Salami & Genoa
16, 20$39.99$47.99
Party starter
Roasted Turkey, Virginia Ham, Cheddar, Muenster & Provolone Cheeses with Genoa Salami.
16, 20$34.99$42.99
Cheese platter
Swiss, Muenster, Cheddar, Colby Jack & Pepper Jack Cheese.
16, 20$29.99$39.99
The Entertainer
Blue Cheese Wedge, Sharp Cheddar Cheese Ball, Smoked Gouda with Bacon, Brie, Danish Havarti, Bellavitano Balsamic, Honey Goat & NY Extra Sharp Yellow Cheddar cheese.
Cheddar lovers
NY Extra Sharp Yellow Cheddar, Smoked Cheddar, Sharp White Cheddar, Kerrygold Dubliner, Smoked Cheddar with Bacon Horseradish, Spreadable Cheddar Pub Cheese & Sliced Cheddar Cheese Log.
Italian board
Gorgonzola, Merlot Bellavitano, Mozzarella with Prosciutto, SE Grocers Prestige, Reggiano, Peppered Salami, Pimento-Stuffed Olives & Mild Provolone Cheese
Party Essentials
Blue Cheese Wedge, Kaukauna Port Wine Cheese, Double Crème Brie, Garlic Cheese Curds, Horseradish Cheddar, Pimento Cheese Spread & Yellow Cheddar
Garden Party
Mozzarella Prosciutto Roll, Seasoned Goat Cheese, Blueberry Vanilla Goat Cheese, Mozzarella, Brie, Garlic & Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives & Herb Cheese Spread
Mediterranean Delight
Tomato Basil Chunk Feta, Original Chunk Feta, SE Grocers Classic Hummus, Garlic Herb Olive Salad, Marinated Artichokes, Naan Bread Dippers Feta Cheese Marinated Salad.
Chicken Salad Croissant
Rotisserie Chicken Salad with Baked Mini Croissants with Tomato & Lettuce
20,30 counts$29.99
Finger Sandwiches
Roasted Turkey and Virginia Ham, Roast Beef on White & Wheat Bread Served with Mayonnaise & Mustard.
24,48 counts$29.99$39.99
Pinwheel Platter
Black Forest Ham, Roast Beef, Roasted Turkey Served With Lettuce, Mayo, Mustard, Swiss, Provolone & Cheddar Cheese In Assorted Wraps.
10-12, 16-18$34.99$49.99
Tailgate Platter
Assorted Roasted Turkey, Roast Beef, American Cheese & Ham Sandwiches On Brioche Rolls
9 counts$14.99
Sub Platter
Virginia Ham, Roast Beef, Roasted Turkey Served With Provolone Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Tomato & Lettuce on White Or Multigrain Sub Rolls
Chicken tenders20,30 counts$24.99$39.99
Boneless chicken wings16,24$24.99$39.99
Chicken wings24,48 counts$24.99$39.99
Party pack fried chicken 
24 counts $24.99
32 counts $31.99
48 counts $46.99
72 counts $67.99
96 counts $89.99

Winn Dixie Seafood Platters

*Ask for the price

Extra-large shrimp6-8
Snow leg surimi & Extra-large shrimp6-8
Snow leg surimi6-8

Produce Platters

Jumbo fruit platter8-12$14.99
Cream cheese dip (64oz)
Chocolate dip (64oz)
Jumbo vegetable platter8-12$14.99
Lite ranch dip (64oz)
Ranch dip (64oz)

Cakes & Cupcakes

Cake flavors: Yellow, Chocolate, Marble, Red velvet, Carrot, Rainbow

Full Sheet64-80$59.99
1/2 Sheet32-40$33.99
1/4 Sheet16-20$19.99
1/8 Sheet8-10$9.99
8-inch single-layer round (only available in chocolate, yellow, or marble)5-6$8.99
8-inch double-layer round (only available in chocolate, yellow, or marble)10-12$15.99

Cupcake Count

flavors: Yellow, Chocolate


Flavors and Icing

Buttercream FlavorsWhipped Topping FlavorsSpecialty IcingsFilling Flavors
VanillaVanillaFudgeBavarian cream
ChocolateHershey’s chocolateCaramelChocolate Bavarian cream
 OreoPeanut butterStrawberry fruit glaze
 StrawberryCream cheeseLemon fruit glaze

Winn Dixie Bakery Platters

Mini butter croissant10-15 $14.99 
Large butter croissant8-12 $24.99$14.99
Breakfast bites party platter15 $19.99 
Sweet Hawaiian boule10-15 $14.99 
Bagel platter16 $24.99$19.99
Puff pastry platter10, 15-20 $24.99$24.99
Muffin party platter15-18 $24.99 
Donut party platter20-25 $24.99 
Sliced creme cakes20-24 $24.99 
Gourmet cookies15, 45 counts$9.99$24.99 
Everyday cookies30, 60 counts$9.99$19.99 
5” Fruit filled cake platter10-12$14.99  
5” Cake & cupcakes10-12$14.99  
Decadent dessert10-15$24.99  
Brownie platter10-15$24.99  


Message brownie16-20$9.99
Gourmet message$9.99
Caramel chocolate
Chocolate coconut
Peanut butter
Message cookie8-10$14.99
(Chocolate chunk)
Gourmet message cookie8-10$14.99
Boston cream  
Black & white  
Cream cheese with chocolate  
Peanut butter  

Winn Dixie Delivery Methods

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Take OutAvailable
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Home DeliveryAvailable

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Winn Dixie Cheese Platters?

At Winn Dixie Deli platter range, you got 3 complete cheese platters: The Entertainer, Cheese Platter, and Cheddar Lovers.

Then again, cheese can be found on other Deli Platters as well.

How Many People Can Be Served on Deli Platter?

The Winn-Dixie medium platter can feed up to 16 hungry individuals, while the Winn-Dixie larger platter can feed up to 20 ravenous individuals.

Can I Customize My Winn Dixie Cake?

Of course, you can. Winn Dixie allows you to choose your favorite cake flavor, filling flavors and so more.

What Sides Come With Winn Dixie Produce Platter?

Fruit Platter comes with either chocolate dip or cream cheese based on your choice.

Veggie Platter will be accompanied by 3 sides: Ranch dip, Lite ranch dip, and Dill dip.

Does Winne Dixie Have An App?

Yes, they do. You can download Winn Dixie App via Android or Apple.

Final Words

Throwing a party can be a bit expensive and time-consuming, but Winne Dixie has made it easy as pie!

It’s budget-friendly, easy to set up, clean and fresh, and more time to mingle yourself are all given at Winn Dixie.

Check out Winn Dixie Party Platter menu with prices and let your loved ones salivate with delight.

Lowkey or highkey with Winn Dixie, hosting a party is a breeze!