Hyvee Thanksgiving Dinner Menu in 2023

Turkey day is rapidly approaching. If you’re too busy and lost in stressful party planning, head towards Hy Vee to order their holiday meals with extraordinary thanksgiving food.

Hy-Vee Thanksgiving dinner menu this time consists of 10+ meal bundles just for your Turkey Day.

The A La Carte Holiday Meal Items option is ginormous and entirely customizable.

You get to pick your meat from their 7 variants with different serving sizes, a side dish from a wide range of sides including cranberry relish, Macaroni with White Cheddar, Casserole of Green Bean, and gravy of your choice.

Of course, you have to add some bakery-fresh rolls and a pie (apple pies, pumpkin pies, and more) to complete your order. 

Crowd’s choice Gourmet Ham and Turkey, serving up to 12 is a massive hit among the people and comes with thick gravy, two gourmet pies of your choice, and four yummy sides.

The best part is that you get to order more than one of a single side and add a custom carving at a little cost. They’ve got numerous turkey meals here.

Family Feast Turkey Dinner, for example, comes to your dinner table with the delicious bird, four gourmet sides from buttered sweet corn to French silk pies, bakery-fresh rolls, and the best beef or turkey gravy.

Turkey Party Pleaser, on the other hand, graces your table with juicy butterball turkey, 2 massive mashed potatoes, 2 of your favorite sides, gravy, and 12 fresh dinner rolls.

Turkey Breast Bundle is the same as the party pleaser without the butterball turkey. Instead, there’s Jennie O turkey breast which is boneless.

To fill your table with extra protein, you get to order either Prime Rib Party Pick (serving 12) or a Honey-Glazed Spiral Ham Feast (serving 8).

The first option with Hormel USDA selected prime ribs, gravy, rolls, and the horseradish sauce is an iconic item of Hy-Vee.

What’s so special about the latter is that it’s humongous with 3 large mashed potato sides, 4 yummy sides, and 24 dinner rolls.

If you’re a couple enjoying a cozy thanksgiving dinner or a small family of four, you could always order Ham or Turkey Dinner that serves 2 or 4.

These meals come with meat, mashed potatoes, two small but delicious sides, two dinner rolls, and the indispensable gravy.

If you need anything extra from more sides and floral decorations to baked items, Hy Vee does offer them as well.

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Hyvee Thanksgiving Holiday Meal – A La Carte

(Choose Meat, Side, Gravy, Bakery & Pie to Fulfill Your Meal)

Meat ItemsSizeServesPrice
Spiral Ham (Brown Sugar)8-10 lb8$39.99
Applewood Pit Ham (Carvemaster)7-10 lb12$54.99
Boneless Turkey Breast (Jennie O)3-4 lb6$34.99
Spiral Ham (Honey Glazed)18-20 lb16$84.99
Butterball Turkey14-16 lb12$49.99
Butterball Turkey10-12 lb8$39.99
Hormel USDA Prime Rib (Served with Horseradish Sauce)5-6 lb8$119.99
Side Dish ItemsSizeServesPrice
Buttered Sweet CornL (36oz)4-8$12.99
Buttered Sweet CornS (20oz)2-4$6.99
Cranberry RelishL (40oz)4-8$12.99
Cranberry RelishS (20oz)2-4$6.99
Green Bean CasseroleL (44oz)4-8$12.99
Green Bean CasseroleS (22oz)2-4$6.99
Holiday Potatoes Include CheddarL (48oz)4-8$12.99
Holiday Potatoes Include CheddarS (24oz)2-4$6.99
Mashed PotatoesL (48oz)4-8$9.99
Mashed PotatoesS (24oz)2-4$5.49
Sage Bread DressingL (44oz)4-8$9.99
Sage Bread DressingS (22oz)2-4$5.49
White Cheddar MacaroniL (48oz)4-8$12.99
White Cheddar MacaroniS (24oz)2-4$6.99
Gravy ItemsSizePrice
Turkey GravyL (48oz)$8.97
Turkey GravyM (32oz)$5.98
Turkey GravyS (16oz)$2.99
Beef GravyL (48oz)$8.97
Beef GravyM (32oz)$5.98
Beef GravyS (16oz)$2.99
Bakery Fresh Rolls ItemsSizePrice
Brown & Serve 24 Pec$7.49 
Brown & Serve 12 Pec$3.99 
Honey Butterflake (White Jumbo)12 Pec$11.98 
Honey Butterflake (White Jumbo)6 Pec$5.99 
Honey Butterflake (Wheat Jumbo)12 Pec$11.98 
Honey Butterflake (Wheat Jumbo)6 Pec$5.99 
Pie ItemsSizeServesPrice
Banana Cream Pie10 Inch8$14.99
Apple Pie10 Inch8$14.99
Pumpkin Pie10 Inch8$14.99
French Silk Pie10 Inch8$14.99

Hyvee Holiday Dinner Menu

Spiral Ham (Brown Sugar)8-10 lb8$99.99
Applewood Pit Ham7-10 lb8$109.99
Turkey Party Pleaser10-12 lb8$99.99
Turkey Breast Bundle3-4 lb6$89.99
Prime Rib5-6 lb8$169.99
Family Feast Turkey14-16 lbs12$149.99
Ham & Turkey18-20 lb & 10-12 lb12$269.99
Spiral Ham (Honey Glazed)18-20 lbs12$189.99
Ham / Turkey2.5-2.75 lbs/2.5-2.75 lbs4$59.99
Ham / Turkey1.35-1.5 lbs/1.35-1.5 lbs2$34.99
Add Sides 
Mashed Potatoes
Beef / Turkey Gravy
Dinner Rolls
Choice Of Sides


Brunch For 2$21.99
Brunch For 4$39.99
Brunch For 6$54.99


Does Hy Vee Have a Thanksgiving Dinner Menu?

Absolutely. Hy-Vee offers several meal bundles specially made for Turkey Day with different portion sizes and customizable items.  

Can I Buy Turkey Breasts At Hy Vee?

Of course, apart from the dinner meal bundles carrying turkey breasts, you get to order separate frozen bone-in turkey breast for extra meat at Hy-Vee.

Does Hy-Vee Offer Thanksgiving Dinner For Two?

Short answer-YES. Hy Vee offers Turkey or Ham dinner that serves 2 people. This meal includes meat, mashed potatoes, two sides, two dinner rolls, and gravy.

Is The Turkey Frozen in Hy Vee Thanksgiving Bundles?

Yes, it is. The meat comes refrigerated with your thanksgiving order. So please take time to reheat it before serving.

Do Hy Vee Thanksgiving Dinner Bundles Come With Sides?

Absolutely. Depending on the bundle you pick, you get from 2-4 various sides. Since there are so many to pick from, you can customize your order.  

Serving Start and Closing Times

The best thing about Hy-Vee is that you can place an order up to 25 days prior to the pickup date.

This is great for anyone who’s super organized. You would love to know that Curbside pickup for pre-ordered items is available on Turkey Day itself from 8 am-11 am.

Yet Hy-Vee is closed on Thanksgiving Day after this time and will return to its normal hours the next day. 

How To Order Online

  • Visit Hy Vee’s official website
  • Select holiday meals under the catering option
  • Pick your Turkey Day favorites, customize your order and add additional instructions if there are any
  • Add the quantity and add the order to your cart
  • Select additional add-ons if needed and check out

Orders are available for pickup.

Hy-Vee accepts credit and debit cards, Gift cards, and SNAP/EBT cards in certain locations.

However, only credit and debit cards could be used to pay for the orders placed with the app.

Best Items To Order For This Thanksgiving

Hy Vee offers gourmet yet affordable food to feed a whole cavalry on Thanksgiving Day. Check the items below to see what’s trending this season.

01. Hy-Vee Butterball Turkey

It’s as delicious as it sounds. This premium quality bird is juicy, golden, and raised without any hormones.

Coming in two different sizes, these are the best with the perfect seasonings and it oozes juiciness within.

All you have to do is simply reheat your perfect bird to enjoy the best thanksgiving turkey ever. 

02. Applewood Pit Ham

This special dish is one of the must-orders for this Thanksgiving. This Carve Master Pit ham comes with the bone removed and with amazing flavors locked within.

After all, it’s slow-cooked with fresh applewood that gives this unique dish a touch of additional flavor.

It’s smoky, sweet, and juicy to make you come back immediately for a second serving.

02. Holiday Potatoes With Cheddar

Potatoes are an indispensable dish on your Thanksgiving table. These fresh potatoes are carefully cooked with the best seasonings and mashed into a fluffy perfection.

This mashed goodness, combined with the super cheesy flavor of cheddar, will undoubtedly bring so much flavor to your dinner table.

03. Brown Sugar Spiral Ham

Here’s another delicious protein-packed dinner essential for 2022 Turkey Day. It’s savory and sweet with the most pleasing looks ever.

This is that one festive dish with the gourmet taste, the right seasonings, and the gourmet look.

After all, it’s quite large in portion to feed a whole crowd and keep them filled.

04. Hy-Vee Prime Rib

Nothing can go wrong with prime ribs, right? Here are the ultimate Hormel USDA-selected prime ribs with flavorful spices and extra juiciness just for all meat lovers.

The ribs are juiciest and the most tender, with no hints of dryness at all.

Final Words

Delicious food is a huge part of the Turkey Day dinner. This is why Hy Vee takes special care in preparing your food with gourmet quality and decadent flavors.

Hy Vee thanksgiving 2022 menu is an absolute blast with so much food, amazing flavors, and the best textures.

Place your order now to enjoy the yummiest food on Turkey Day.