Enjoy Albertsons Thanksgiving Dinner This Holiday

Albertsons Thanksgiving Dinner menu is the perfect pick for those who want to enjoy the holidays to the fullest without worrying about what to cook or when to cook.

The incredibly versatile and well-spread menu eases your worries and makes your holidays even more delightful.

You can order these foods for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner without having to cook at all! Their chefs would take care of it all.

So, what do you get in Albertsons Thanksgiving Dinner platters?

Well, Albertsons Thanksgiving Dinner menu offers 4 different items to choose from according to your holiday cravings.

For starters, their “Smoked Turkey Holiday Dinner Platter” comes with a fully cooked turkey and other side dishes to lift up your holiday spirit to the fullest.

And as it is enough for a crowd of 8-10 people, you don’t have to worry while hosting a party.

In addition to the Smoked turkey, you can also choose the most delicious “Baked Turkey” platter for your thanksgiving dinner table.

Consisting of a baked turkey with amazing gravy, rolls, and other sides, this item will never fail to impress your guests and you! 3 dinner menus will cover 8 to 10 people, and one is able to feed 6-8 people.

If a full turkey isn’t your thing, and you are looking for something light, the “Turkey Breast Dinner” is the perfect menu for you, which can be served 6-8 people.

Including a perfectly cooked turkey breast with versatile sides, this platter will never miss to give you the holiday vibes while eating.

However, when you want to get out of the traditional way and decide to serve something other than the turkey, get the “Spiral Sliced Ham” dinner for your Thanksgiving table.

Coming with a fully cooked spiral ham and plenty of side dishes, it will always satisfy your craving appetite.

All the Albertsons Thanksgiving Dinner items come fully cooked yet cold. You need to heat them for a few hours before serving.

And therefore, open and get the food ready 1/2 hours before serving for the most delicious meal!

Also, remember that every thanksgiving dinner orders need 24 hours notice. There is no way that you could get the food immediately after you place an order.

Hence, you must never forget to place your holiday dinner order on time.

Albertsons Thanksgiving Holiday Dinner Menu

Turkey Breast6-8$79.99
Turkey Breast Fully Cooked 
Dressing made from Cornbread
Potatoes (Mashed)
Cranberry Relish- Sauce
Gravy- Turkey Giblet
Dozen Rolls
Smoked Turkey8-10$79.99
Turkey Fully Cooked 
Dressing made from Cornbread
Potatoes (Mashed)
Cranberry Relish- Sauce
Gravy- Turkey Giblet
Dozen Rolls
Baked Turkey8-10$79.99
Turkey Fully Cooked 
Dressing made from Cornbread
Potatoes (Mashed)
Cranberry Relish- Sauce
Gravy- Turkey Giblet
Dozen Rolls
Spiral Sliced Ham8-10$89.99
Spiral Cut Ham
Dressing made from Cornbread
Potatoes (Mashed)
Cranberry Relish- Sauce
Gravy- Turkey Giblet
Dozen Rolls

Albertsons Thanksgiving Dinner Serving Hours

Because it is the holidays, Albertsons doesn’t operate total hours because they think about their employees too.

During Thanksgiving, they serve for limited hours to provide last-minute emergencies to their customers.

Albertsons Thanksgiving dinner6:00 Am5:00 Pm

How To Order Albertsons Thanksgiving Dinner?

Ordering your favorite Thanksgiving platter from Albertsons is really easy and fuss-free.

All you need to do is either order and pay online or call 855-762-7880 to pay and pick-up up the store.

However, remember that Thanksgiving holiday dinners are not available before November 16. You need to pick up or get delivery on or after November 16.

Fan-Favorite Albertsons Holiday Meal Items

There is no doubt that the Albertsons Thanksgiving Dinner is mouthwatering and demanding.

Let’s discuss the most popular items from their menu so that it’s easier for you to determine which one you are craving the most.

01. Special Smoked Turkey Thanksgiving Dinner Platter

Perfect for a party of 8-10 people, the Smoked Turkey platter comes with a fully cooked turkey to make your holiday dinner even more enjoyable.

Albertsons also included 1 dozen rolls, Giblet gravy, cranberry relish, cornbread dressing, and creamy mashed potatoes with the turkey for a super fulfilling meal.

02. Beautifully Baked Turkey Dinner

The baked turkey menu has a fully cooked turkey with cornbread dressing, 1 dozen rolls, Giblet gravy, cranberry relish, and freshly mashed potatoes to satisfy your appetite completely.

It doesn’t matter if you are hosting a family dinner or other guests; this item can be served to 8-10 people without any difficulties.

03. Salivating Spiral Cut Ham Thanksgiving Platter

Get the mouthwatering spiral sliced ham dinner for your thanksgiving table and impress the guests in no time.

In addition to the fully cooked spiral ham, this meal deal also includes mashed potatoes, Giblet gravy, cranberry relish, cornbread dressing, and 1 dozen rolls for a complete dinner!

04. Tasty Turkey Breast Holiday Dinner Menu

For a crowd of 6-8 people, get this incredible turkey breast menu from Albertsons Thanksgiving Dinner.

Besides the perfectly cooked turkey breast, this meal also comes with a complete meal deal.

You will find the cooking or heating instruction from their official site here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Included in The Albertsons Thanksgiving Dinner?

Albertsons Thanksgiving Dinner menu includes four different items to fulfill your holiday cravings to the fullest.

Even though these items are designed with different mains, they come with the same sides, which include cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes, Giblet gravy, cranberry relish, and 1 dozen rolls.

How Much Does Albertsons Smoked Turkey Holiday Dinner Cost?

1 serving of Albertsons Smoked Turkey would cost you around $80.

However, even though the cost might seem high, as it serves 8-10 people, the price is actually reasonable.

How Long Does it Take To Heat Up Albertsons Thanksgiving Dinner?

You need to heat the Albertsons Thanksgiving Dinner for 45 to 60 minutes at 250°F.

However, make sure not to overheat the food. Otherwise, the items might lose their flavor in no time.

Final Thoughts

Albertsons Thanksgiving Dinner is the perfect solution for you if you don’t want to spend time in the kitchen this Thanksgiving season.

Because they come with several items for a bunch of people, you don’t have to worry about cooking a perfect meal for the holiday dinner. Just get the platter you want, and you are good to go!

Enjoy Some Latest Thanksgiving Ideas; https://www.countryliving.com/food-drinks/g637/thanksgiving-menus/