Refreshing Kroger Thanksgiving Dinner in 2024

If you too are stressed about planning the thanksgiving dinner, just visit Kroger to decorate your dinner table with super delicious and affordable food.

Their Home Chef Holiday meals are specially designed to grace the thanksgiving dinner table with traditional flavors. Their 8 iconic meal bundles are all-time favorites with each carrying differently cooked turkey, ham, or prime rib meals.

Butterball Bone-in Baked Turkey meal for example comes with exquisite bone-in baked turkey and numerous sides like potato souffle, mashed potatoes, and turkey gravy.

Home chef boneless turkey meal is another wonder that may feed up to 4-6 guests. The best part is that each of these meals is entirely customizable and you get to add special instructions, too.

Heading towards à la carte proteins, you get to order all the meat that you are craving without the side dishes.

There is a total of six variants under this section, including home chef boneless ham, prime rib, butterball baked bone-in turkey, and smoked bone-in turkey, all fully cooked.

These tender meats are sold based on their weight and you get to make them super customized as per your choice. 

Of course, there’s no thanksgiving dinner without the mouth-watering sides that reminds you of home. This is precisely the reason why Kroger offers multiple traditional and yummy dishes on their menu.

Kroger’s à la carte sides consist of 13 main divine sides that will make you feel nostalgic. Their Home Chef Creamy Scalloped Potatoes serving 6 people are the creamiest while their Old-Fashioned Bread Stuffing is strictly out of the grandma’s kitchen.

Kroger’s Cornbread dressing is another perfect creation. Of course, they do have your favorite turkey gravy, indispensable pumpkin pies, and King’s Hawaiian rolls.

While making these items unique and customized, you do have the chance to pick additional holiday favorites in-store if they are still in stock. 

They’ve got fabulous appetizers with them like Fiesta Dip Platter and Antipasto & Olive Platters if you wish. Not to mention Kroger’s infinite list of desserts with all sorts of pies. Simultaneously, they’ve got refreshing thanksgiving beverages, too

Most amazingly, Kroger got DISCOUNTS. Their Turkey coupon allows you to buy Kroger Turkey for just 49 cents/ lb for an additional 25$ expense. You get to save 10$ for pick-up or delivery orders of over 75$.

Kroger Home Chef Holiday Meal Bundles

Butterball Bone-in Baked Turkey Meal$80.00
Butterball Bone-in Smoked Turkey Meal$80.00
Bone-in Ham Dinner$80.00
Boneless Turkey Meal (Home Chef)$65.00
Boneless Ham Mea l(Home Chef)$65.00
Prime Rib Meal$90.00
Sweet Slice Ham Meal (Boar’s Head)$80.00
Carve and Serve Boneless Turkey Meal (Boar’s Head)$80.00

A La Carte Proteins

Butterball Baked Bone-in Turkey (Fully-Cooked)$54.89
Butterball Smoked Bone-in Turkey (Fully-Cooked)$54.89
Bone-in Ham (Fully-Cooked) from Private Selection$39.92
Boneless Turkey (Fully-Cooked) from Home Chef$27.96
Boneless Ham (Fully-Cooked) from Home Chef$27.96
Prime Rib (Fully-Cooked)$56.96

A La Carte Sides

Creamy Scalloped Potatoes (Home Chef)6250$7.99
 Old Fashioned Bread Stuffing (Home Chef)9230$7.99
Cornbread Dressing (Home Chef)9200$7.99
Sweet Potato Souffle (Home Chef)6250$7.99
Green Bean Casserole (Home Chef)$7.99
Creamed Spinach and Cheese (Home Chef)5150$7.99
Broccoli Rice Casserole (Home Chef)4230$7.99
Creamy Scalloped Potatoes (Home Chef)6250$7.99
Bread Pudding with Salted Caramel Sauce (Home Chef)6290$7.99
Mashed Potatoes (Home Chef)5170$3.00
Turkey Gravy (Home Chef)5170$2.50
Homestyle Pumpkin Pie 10″350$9.99
King’s Hawaiian Rolls90$4.99

Kroger Party Platters


Fiesta Dip (topped with black olives, tomatoes, and green onion) 12-162570$19.99
Antipasto & Olive (includes fresh mozzarella with premium mixed olives) 12-173190$34.99


Strudel Bites (filled with fruit) 10-121800$6.99
Mini Muffin (blueberry to banana nut) 10-123900$15.99

Deli Meat and Cheese

Cubed Meats and Cheese (Turkey, Ham, Swiss, and Cheddar) 12-168590$32.99
Fresh Condiments (Includes pickles and banana peppers) 12-16260$19.99
Assorted Rolls (mini croissants and slider rolls) 12-161700$12.99
Deli Meat & Cheese Platter (Oven Roasted Turkey, Smokehouse Ham, Roast Beef)- Medium 12-203860$29.99
Deli Meat & Cheese (Oven Roasted Turkey, Smokehouse Ham, Roast Beef)- Large 16-205120$39.99
Italian Meats & Cheeses (Italian Meats platter) from Private Selection 12-164850$34.99
Crafted Cube Cheese Selection (Swiss, Vermont Cheddar, Jalapeño Pepper Jack and Muenster Cheese)- Medium (Boar’s Head) 12-16$39.99
Crafted Cube Cheese Selection (Swiss, Vermont Cheddar, Jalapeño Pepper Jack and Muenster Cheese)- Large (Boar’s Head) 16-20$69.99
Ultimate Party Starter (assortment of meats)- 14″ (Boar’s Head) 12-16$44.99
Ultimate Party Starter (assortment of meats)- 16″ (Boar’s Head) 16-20$49.99
Choice Charcuterie Bianco made with D’Oro Italian Dry Salame, Peppered Salame, Picante Provolone (Boar’s Head) 12-168730$49.99
Better For You Bonanza (Roast Beef, Golden Classic Chicken, Lower Sodium Deluxe Ham)- 14″ (Boar’s Head) 12-16$44.99
Better For You Bonanza (Roast Beef, Golden Classic Chicken, Lower Sodium Deluxe Ham)- 16″ (Boar’s Head) 16-20$49.99
Bold Flavors Adventure (Smoked Ham, and Buffalo Chicken) – 14″ (Boar’s Head) 12-16$44.99
Bold Flavors Adventure (Smoked Ham, and Buffalo Chicken) – 16″ (Boar’s Head) 16-20$49.99


Iced Brownie (chocolate fudge brownies) 12-168650$24.99
Private Selection Gourmet Cookies (assorted handcrafted cookies) 12-165520$15.99
Mini Cookie (sugar, chocolate chip, and candy varieties) 12-169900$13.99
Pudding Cake (Includes chocolate, vanilla, and more)- 12 Count 6-8$16.99
Pudding Cake (Includes chocolate, vanilla, and more)- 30 Count25-30$24.99
Signature Cheesecake (Includes fresh strawberries) 10-124010$24.99
Original Cakerie Gourmet Dessert (layered mousse cakes)- 12 Count12$19.99
Original Cakerie Gourmet Dessert (layered mousse cakes)- 24 Count24$39.99


Mini Cookie Platter (sugar, chocolate chip, and candy varieties) 12-169900$13.99

Salads, Fruits, and Veggies

Carrot & Celery- Includes veggie dip 6-8680$12.99
Caesar Salad- Made with romaine lettuce, shredded Parmesan 12-161340$14.99
Fresh Fruit Platter with Yogurt Dip- loaded with the freshest seasonal fruits 12-161340$30.99
Fresh Vegetable Platter (Includes ranch for dipping) 12-162310$27.99
Spring Salad (hard-boiled eggs, sliced cucumbers and grape tomatoes) 12-16890-960$14.99
Mozzarella & Tomato Platter (with fresh tomatoes, sliced mozzarella, and basil) 12-161920$14.99

Sandwich Platters

Mini Croissant Sandwiches (flaky mini croissants) 12-162960$24.99
Assorted Sandwich (variety of meats, cheeses, and breads) 12-166310$30.99
Assorted Wrap (with Private Selection meats and cheeses, plus veggies) 12-164390$30.99
Pita Pocket Sandwich (variety of white and wheat pita) 12-164520$24.99
Sandwich Wedges (chicken salad on white or wheat bread) 12-163820$26.99
Tea Sandwiches (Cheese on white and wheat bread) 12-163210$24.99
Family Pleaser Pinwheel (Boar’s Head) 12-163230$39.99

Party Subs Menu

Party Subs (Private Selection meats and cheeses plus veggies) -2ft 8-202450/ ft$24.00
Party Subs (Private Selection meats and cheeses plus veggies) -2ft 16-202450/ ft$48.00
Party Subs (Private Selection meats and cheeses plus veggies) -2ft24-302450/ ft$72.00

Small Platters

Cubed Cheese (Private Selection cheddar, colby jack, monterey jack, and pepperjack cheese)  6-83730$19.99
Heat & Serve – Breaded Bone-In Wings (Cold)  6-8$16.99
Heat & Serve – Chicken Tenders (Cold) 6-8/12-163600-6640$14.99
Heat & Serve – Pinwheel Sandwiches  6-82800$19.99

Wings and Things

Party Pan: Baby Back Ribs cut and tossed in tangy BBQ sauce – Hot (Home Chef) 12-162460$32.99
Party Pan: Roasted Bone-In Wings– Hot (Home Chef) 12-163200-5160$39.99
Party Pan: Breaded Bone-In Wing– Hot (Home Chef) 12-163200-5160$39.99
Party Pan: Breaded Tenders– Hot (Home Chef) 12-166700-7060$35.99

Sushi Menu

Samurai Sushi (Includes wasabi and ginger) 10-121450$19.99
Sumo Sushi (Nigiri, rainbow, and California rolls) 10-121440$29.99

Chicken & Ribs

24 Piece Hot Baked Chicken (Home Chef) 10-123060$27.99
48 Piece Hot Baked Chicken (Home Chef) 20-246200$46.99
96 Piece Hot Baked Chicken (Home Chef)46-50$89.99
24 Piece Hot Fried Chicken (Home Chef) 10-126440$22.99
48 Piece Hot Fried Chicken (Home Chef)13190$45.99
96 Piece Hot Fried Chicken (Home Chef)46-5026230$89.99

Kroger Deli Turkey Menu

 Blackened Oven Roasted (Boars Head)1 lb$13.49
Cajun (Boars Head)1 lb$13.49
Cracked Peppermill (Boars Head)1 lb$13.49
Hickory Black Forest (Boars Head)1 lb$13.49
Low Sodium Oven Roasted (Boars Head)1 lb$13.49
Maple Honey (Boars Head)1 lb$13.49
Mesquite (Boars Head)1 lb$13.49
No Salt Added (Boars Head)1 lb$13.49
Ovengold (Boars Head)1 lb$13.49
 Pastrami Seasoned (Boars Head)1 lb$13.49
Salsalito (Boars Head)1 lb$13.49
All Natural Roasted (Boars Head Simplicity)1 lb$14.49
All-Natural Tuscan Brand Roasted (Boars Head Simplicity)1 lb$14.49
Mesquite Smoked (Private Selection)1 lb$12.99
Oven Roasted (Private Selection)1 lb$12.99
Wildflower Honey Turkey Breast (Private Selection)1 lb$12.99
Cracked Pepper (Private Selection)1 lb$12.99

Chicken Breast

All-American BBQ (Boars Head)1 lb$12.99
Blazing Buffalo (Boars Head)1 lb$12.99
Chipotle (Boars Head)1 lb$12.99
EverRoast Oven Roasted (Boars Head)1 lb$12.99
Low Sodium Golden Classic (Boars Head)1 lb$12.99
Madrasala Curry (Boars Head)1 lb$12.99
 Rotisserie (Boars Head)1 lb$12.99
Ichiban Teriyaki Style (Boars Head)1 lb$12.99

Ham Menu

Smoke Master Smoked Black Forest (Boars Head)1 lb$13.49
Low Sodium Deluxe (Boars Head)1 lb$13.49
Deluxe (Boars Head)1 lb$13.49
Maple Honey (Boars Head)1 lb$13.49
Rosemary & Sundried Tomato (Boars Head)1 lb$13.49
Applewood Boneless Smoked Ham (Boars Head)1 lb$13.49
All Natural Uncured Smoked Ham (Boars Head)1 lb$14.49
Bourbon Ridge Smoked (Boars Head)1 lb$13.49
Tavern (Boars Head)1 lb$13.49
Virginia (Boars Head)1 lb$13.49
 Black Forest (Private Selection)1 lb$11.99
 Brown Sugar (Private Selection)1 lb$11.99
 Off the Bone Maple (Private Selection)1 lb$11.99
 Wildflower Honey (Private Selection)1 lb$9.99
 Tavern Old Fashioned Smokehouse (Private Selection)1 lb$11.99

Beef Menu

Cap-Off Top Round Pastrami (Boars Head)1 lb$13.49
Cap-Off Cooked Top Round Corned Beef (Boars Head)1 lb$15.49
LondonPort Top Roast Beef (Boars Head)1 lb$15.49
Low Sodium Deluxe Roast Beef (Boars Head)1 lb$15.49
Oven Roasted Beef (Boars Head Simplicity)1 lb$16.49
Angus Roast Beef (Private Selection)1 lb$14.49
Roast Beef Well Done (Private Selection Choice)1 lb$14.49
Corned Beef Top Round (Private Selection)1 lb$14.49
London Broil Top Round Oven Roast Beef (Boar’s Head)1 lb$15.49

Bologna Menu

Boar’s Head Beef Bologna1 lb$9.49
Boar’s Head Garlic Bologna1 lb$8.99
Boar’s Head Lebanon Bologna1 lb$10.49
Boar’s Head Olive Loaf1 lb$9.49
Boar’s Head Pickle & Pepper Loaf1 lb$9.49
Boar’s Head Strassburger Brand Liverwurst1 lb$9.49
Heritage Farm Garlic Bologna1 lb$5.99
Private Selection Beef Bologna1 lb$5.99
Boar’s Head Pork and Beef Bologna1 lb$8.99
Private Selection Pickle and Pepper Deli Loaf1 lb$6.49

Italian Menu

Hard Salami (Boar’s Head)1 lb$9.99
Mortadella without Nuts (Boar’s Head)1 lb$9.49
Sandwich Style Pepperoni (Boar’s Head)1 lb$9.99
Pancetta Bacon (Boar’s Head)1 lb$14.49
Genoa Salami (Boar’s Head)1 lb$12.49
 Genoa Salami (Private Selection)1 lb$10.49
Pepperoni1 lb$10.49

Cheese Menu

3 Pepper Colby Jack (Boar’s Head)1 lb$11.49
Black Wax Sharp Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese (Boar’s Head)1 lb$11.99
Baby Swiss (Boar’s Head)1 lb$11.99
Lower Sodium & Fat Yellow American (Boar’s Head)1 lb$8.99
Cream Havarti (Boar’s Head)1 lb$10.49
Chipotle Gouda (Boar’s Head)1 lb$11.49
Vermont Yellow Cheddar (Boar’s Head)1 lb$11.99
White American (Boar’s Head)1 lb$7.49
Cream Havarti Cheese with Dill (Boar’s Head)1 lb$12.99
Lacey Swiss (Boar’s Head)1 lb$11.99
Colby Jack (Boar’s Head)1 lb$11.49
Kroger Yellow American1 lb$6.99
Boar’s Head Longhorn Colby1 lb$11.49
Boar’s Head Vermont White Cheddar1 lb$11.99
Muenster from Boar’s Head1 lb$10.99
Picante Sharp Provolone from Boar’s Head1 lb$11.49
Whole Milk Mozzarella from Boar’s Head1 lb$10.49
Gold Label Imported Swiss from Boar’s Head1 lb$11.99
Yellow Whole Milk American Cheese form Boar’s Head1 lb$7.49
White American (Kroger)1 lb$6.99
Jalapeno Pepper Jack Cheese (Boar’s Head)1 lb$9.49
Horseradish Cheddar Cheese (Boar’s Head)1 lb$11.99
Low Sodium Provolone Cheese (Boar’s Head)1 lb$11.49
Low Sodium Yellow American (Boar’s Head)1 lb$8.99
 Smoked Gouda Cheese (Boar’s Head)1 lb$11.49
White American Cheese (Kroger)1 lb$6.99
Baby Swiss (Private Selection)1 lb$9.49
Colby (Private Selection)1 lb$9.99
Colby Jack Horn Cheese (Private Selection)1 lb$9.99
Havarti (Private Selection)1 lb$11.49
Mild Cheddar (Private Selection)1 lb$9.99
Muenster (Private Selection)1 lb$8.99
Pepper Jack (Private Selection)1 lb$9.99
Provolone (Private Selection)1 lb$9.99
Swiss (Private Selection)1 lb$9.49

Chicken Meals (Individual Meals)

Chicken Tenders (Home Chef)1130-1400$7.00
Chicken Sandwich (Home Chef)$7.00
5-Piece Wing (Home Chef)$7.00
2-Piece Fried Dark Meat (Home Chef)550-1130$7.00
2-Piece Baked White Meat (Home Chef)$7.00
2-Piece Baked Dark Meat (Home Chef)$7.00

Kroger Family Meals

16-Piece Fried Chicken (Home Chef)5300-11840$29.99
8-Piece Fried Chicken (Home Chef)2650-5920$14.99
8-Piece Fried Chicken (Home Chef)5970-8890$9.99
12-Piece Fried Chicken (Home Chef)$22.99
12-Piece Baked Chicken (Home Chef)$22.99
16-Piece Baked Chicken (Home Chef)$29.99
8-Piece Baked Chicken (Home Chef)$14.99

À la Carte

Wedge Fries (Small)300$3.00
Wedge Fries (Large)1210$6.00
 Mashed Potatoes & Gravy (Small)210$3.00
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy (Large)590$6.00
 Mac & Cheese (Small)210$3.00
Mac & Cheese (Large)850$6.00
Green Beans (Small)70$3.00
Large Green Beans (Large)290$6.00
Small Corn (Small)70$3.00
Large Corn (Large)280$6.00
 Coleslaw (Small)200$3.00
Coleslaw (Large)800$6.00
Classic Chicken Sandwich (Home Chef)$3.99
Drumstick (Chicken Leg)$1.79
Chicken Breast$2.79
Chicken Thigh$1.79
Chicken Wing$1.99
Chicken Tenders$1.79

Bakery (Special Occasion Cakes)

Favorite High Heels (Quarter)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Favorite High Heels (Half)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Favorite High Heels ((Full)Full Sheet$53.99
Heading to the Green (Quarter)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Heading to the Green (Half)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Heading to the Green ((Full)Full Sheet$53.99
Baby Blocks (Quarter)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Baby Blocks (Half)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Baby Blocks ((Full)Full Sheet$53.99
Baby Special Delivery (Quarter)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Baby Special Delivery (Half)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Baby Special Delivery ((Full)Full Sheet$53.99
Over the Hill – Grim Reaper (Quarter)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Over the Hill – Grim Reaper (Half)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Over the Hill – Grim Reaper ((Full)Full Sheet$53.99
Soccer (Quarter)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Soccer (Half)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Soccer ((Full)Full Sheet$53.99
Catching the Big One (Quarter)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Catching the Big One (Half)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Catching the Big One ((Full)Full Sheet$53.99
Gone Hunting (Quarter)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Gone Hunting (Half)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Gone Hunting (Full)Full Sheet$53.99
Silver Cross (Quarter)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Silver Cross (Half)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Silver Cross (Full)Full Sheet$53.99
Crown and Scepter (Quarter)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Crown and Scepter (Half)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Crown and Scepter (Full)Full Sheet$53.99
Mystical Mermaid (Quarter)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Mystical Mermaid (Half)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Mystical Mermaid (Full)Full Sheet$53.99
Basketball All Net (Quarter)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Basketball All Net (Half)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Basketball All Net (Full)Full Sheet$53.99
Touchdown Football (Quarter)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Touchdown Football (Half)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Touchdown Football (Full)Full Sheet$53.99
Antler Creations (Quarter)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Antler Creations (Half)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Antler Creations (Full)Full Sheet$53.99
Dinosaur Pals Action Figures (Quarter)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Dinosaur Pals Action Figures (Half)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Dinosaur Pals Action Figures (Full)Full Sheet$53.99
Dragon Creations (Quarter)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Dragon Creations (Half)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Dragon Creations (Full)Full Sheet$53.99
Shark Creations (Quarter)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Shark Creations (Half)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Shark Creations (Full)Full Sheet$53.99
Unicorn Creations (Quarter)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Unicorn Creations (Half)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Unicorn Creations (Full)Full Sheet$53.99

Cake with Iced Flowers/Balloons

Quarter Sheet Cake 12-15$25.99
Half Sheet Cake25-30$35.99
Full Sheet Cake50-60$47.99

Cake with Licensed Kits/Images

Black Panther Warrior King (Marvel Avengers)$29.99- $66.99
Once Upon a Moment (Disney Princess)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Once Upon a Moment (Disney Princess)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Once Upon a Moment (Disney Princess)Full Sheet$53.99
Just Yelp (Paw Patrol)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Just Yelp (Paw Patrol)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Just Yelp (Paw Patrol)Full Sheet$53.99
Time to Shop (Moose Toys Shopkins)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Time to Shop (Moose Toys Shopkins)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Time to Shop (Moose Toys Shopkins)Full Sheet$53.99
 It’s A Pony Party (My Little Pony)1/4 Sheet$31.99
It’s A Pony Party (My Little Pony)1/2 Sheet$41.99
It’s A Pony Party (My Little Pony)Full Sheet$53.99
Happy Helpers (Minnie Mouse)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Happy Helpers (Minnie Mouse)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Happy Helpers (Minnie Mouse)Full Sheet$53.99
 Mickey & The Roadster Racers (Mickey Mouse)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Mickey & The Roadster Racers (Mickey Mouse)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Mickey & The Roadster Racers (Mickey Mouse)Full Sheet$53.99
Lightup Pikachu (Pokemon)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Lightup Pikachu (Pokemon)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Lightup Pikachu (Pokemon)Full Sheet$53.99
 Swing Set (Peppa Pig)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Swing Set (Peppa Pig)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Swing Set (Peppa Pig)Full Sheet$53.99
Ultimate Light Up Eyes (Spiderman)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Ultimate Light Up Eyes (Spiderman)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Ultimate Light Up Eyes (Spiderman)Full Sheet$53.99
Unify (Avengers)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Unify (Avengers)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Unify (Avengers)Full Sheet$53.99
 Ahead of The Curve (Cars 3)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Ahead of The Curve (Cars 3)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Ahead of The Curve (Cars 3)Full Sheet$53.99
Mario Kart (Super Mario Bros.)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Mario Kart (Super Mario Bros.)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Mario Kart (Super Mario Bros.)Full Sheet$53.99
-We’re On Our Way! (PJ Masks)1/4 Sheet$31.99
We’re On Our Way! (PJ Masks)1/2 Sheet$41.99
We’re On Our Way! (PJ Masks)Full Sheet$53.99
Let’s Play! (Sesame Street)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Let’s Play! Sesame Street1/2 Sheet$41.99
Let’s Play! Sesame StreetFull Sheet$53.99
Emoji (Quarter)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Emoji (Half)1/2 Sheet$41.99
Emoji (Full)Full Sheet$53.99
Frozen II Mythical Journey (figure of sisters and background)1/4 Sheet$31.99
Frozen II Mythical Journey (figure of sisters and background)1/2 Sheet$41.99
 Frozen II Mythical Journey (figure of sisters and background)Full Sheet$53.99

Serving Days During Thanksgiving Week

It feels so good to know that Kroger operates in its usual hours (8 am-10 pm) during the thanksgiving week except on Thanksgiving Day itself. The day before thanksgiving also operates with the regular schedule where on 25th November only, they’ll work under a reduced schedule and close at 4 pm.

How Do You Order Kroger Thanksgiving Dinner

Online Ordering

  • Visit Kroger’s official website and enter the location.
  • Under Home Chef Holiday Meals select the items you want, customize and select the most convenient date and time for you.
  • You may use their digital coupons for ordering and delivery
  • Orders are available for pick-up or delivery.

Payment Options

They accept all methods including cash, debit and credit cards, checks, and Amex.

Kroger’s is the master of creating the most flavorful and traditional dishes for thanksgiving. Their dishes are fresh, exquisite, and yummy.

Butterball Bone-in Baked turkey

There’s no turkey day without the turkey. So, Kroger comes to your rescue with their iconic butterball turkey recipe to make the day a true blast.

It’s rightly seasoned with flavors exploding in your mouth. The turkey is delicately baked to golden perfection with an appealing look. Trust Kroger to make these birds in the traditional style to bring back your childhood memories.

Home Chef Boneless ham

It’s safe to have more than one meat option at the thanksgiving table to keep everyone’s belly happy and satisfied. That’s why their boneless ham is such a sensation among people for its flavors, juiciness within, and fantastic smell. Since Kroger has already prepared this for you, simply reheat it to enjoy your ham hot and juicy.

Home chef green bean casserole

Since no thanksgiving is complete without a traditional casserole, give this healthy but flavorful dish a place on your table. Though it’s a simple dish with few ingredients and seasonings, it’s still softer and yummier with the right texture. It’s safe to say that this Kroger dish graces the dinner table of many American families for its unique taste.

Fully-cooked prime rib

Prime ribs though a little unconventional on the thanksgiving table still claim an important place there. Kroger’s prime rib is hearty and full of juiciness to create a wholesome meal.

It adds more protein to your plate, alongside the turkey, making sure you never go without.

Home chef cornbread dressing

Dressings and stuffings, perhaps are arguably the best dishes of Thanksgiving apart from the turkey itself. Kroger makes this cornbread dressing with the perfect seasonings and sources its flavors from a true southern belle’s kitchen. I must say that this is an indispensable item on turkey day for all.


Does Kroger have thanksgiving dinner dishes?

Of course, it does. Under Home chef holiday meals, you will be able to find a wide variety of Thanksgiving dishes that can be ordered online, hassle-free.

Are there any offers for Thanksgiving dinner delivery or pick-up?

Short answer: YES. Kroger offers you a 10$ discount if you place a thanksgiving order of or over 75$ dollars. They’ve got various coupons for thanksgiving orders as well.

Will Kroger operates on Thanksgiving Day?

Yes, but they will work on a reduced-hour schedule.  You need to pick up everything that you need by 4 pm as they close that early on Turkey Day.

Can I customize my thanksgiving order at Kroger?

Yes, you may customize your order by mentioning any of the special instructions on the little box below each item to make sure you get exactly what you need for your dinner.

Does Kroger do thanksgiving dinner orders delivery?

Yes, they’ve got the delivery option. Add your location when you place the order online and get them delivered.

Final Thoughts

If you’re stressing over feeding an army on Thanksgiving Day, I suggest you quickly grab your phone and place an order at Kroger to enjoy the yummiest food on Turkey Day.

They’ve got everything from the bird to side dishes and every other side dish imaginable to make your day unforgettable for you and your loved ones.