McDonald’s Menu Salads 2024 – Does McDonald’s Have Salads?

Everyone loves green eating. If you too are wondering the answer to the ultimate question “does McDonald’s serve salads in 2024?” the shortest answer is NO.  

Unfortunately, now you won’t be able to order salads from McDonald’s in the US but many other locations outside the States like the UK still do serve them.

McDonald’s got a separate menu for wraps and salads and they make five fresh variants of delicious salads.

Their classic grilled chicken salad is to die for with a juicy chicken breast, sliced onions, and tomato with some cucumber and lettuce.

All the used ingredients here are 100% fresh and carefully vetted.

On the other hand, if you need some extra protein in your chicken salad, McDonald’s grilled chicken salad with bacon would undoubtedly please you.

It’s their grilled chicken salad with crispy bacon for more flavors and protein.

For the fans of crispiness, they’ve got the ultimate crispy chicken and bacon salad.

Instead of a juicy grilled chicken breast, here is a crispy chicken breast with bacon and all the typical ingredients of a good salad.

The newest addition to their salad menu is the crispy chicken salad. McDonald’s understands and respects that some of you might not be into bacon.

That’s why their alternative salad is a top choice with lettuce, tomato, and cucumber.

If you’re ordering a lot of food but still need that healthy addition to your order, McDonald’s side salad is your best shot.

It has essential lettuce, red onions, cucumber, and nicely sliced tomatoes. It’s petite in size and good to go for any meal.

“When does McDonald’s stop serving breakfast, check the time here.”

McDonald’s Wraps & Salads Menu

Crispy Chicken & Bacon Salad320£4.09
Crispy Chicken and Bacon Salad Meal321£4.99
Grilled Chicken and Bacon Salad Meal165£4.99
Grilled Chicken & Bacon Salad164£4.09
Crispy Chicken Salad Meal275£4.59
Crispy Chicken Salad274£3.79
Grilled Chicken Salad Meal119£4.59
Side Salad18£18

Best Mcdonald’s Salads

McDonald’s gives priority to preparing the freshest salads possible. Give the salads below a chance to dazzle you.

01. Crispy Chicken and Bacon Salad

Though being a brand-new menu item at McDonald’s, this is such a popular hit for its fresh flavors.

Nothing tastes better than a crunchy and crispy chicken breast that comes with all salad essentials like greens and onions.

Here you get your leafy lettuce, bacon for added protein, finely diced cucumber, and tomato.

Throw some red onions into the mix and their dressing, and you get the best salad.

02. Grilled Chicken and Bacon Salad

This leafy goodness comes with a thick piece of chunky chicken breast, among all the other ingredients.

The lettuce you find here is the freshest while the red onions add a nice touch to the salads. This is another one of their bacon salads for extra flavors.

It’s low in fat and calories, which makes it perfect for weight-watchers. The dressing will ensure that your salad never tastes dull.

03. Grilled Chicken Salad

This is my ideal recommendation to anyone conscious of what they are eating. The fat is significantly low with the chicken breast being grilled.

It’s one of the healthiest choices on McDonald’s menu with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

It’s healthy and delicious when paired with the dressing that it comes with.

04. Crispy Chicken Salad

Here’s another newbie to McDonald’s salad menu. This is just like your favorite crispy chicken and bacon salad, minus the bacon.

It’s slightly higher in fat, considering the juicy and crispy chicken breast.

Yet the crunchiness keeps it interesting, and the tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers maintain the element of health.

Fresh chicken salad

How To Order

Drop By and Order

Online Ordering

  • Go to their official website
  • Click on the wraps and salads menu
  • View all the salads and click on the McDelivery option
  • Select the delivery option to add location and check out

Delivery Services

  • You can order McDonald’s salads with UberEATS, Just Eat, and Deliveroo 

Check the menu items for the vegan at Mcdonald’s.

Delivery Methods

It’s McDonald’s with the fastest delivery options. Getting your food has never been easier.

Drive ThruYes
Home DeliveryYes
Curbside PickupYes (in participating stores)

Payment Options

It’s amazing how you can pay for McDonald’s orders with any major credit card. Yes, Apple Pay is valid for your payments.

  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Apple Pay  

History of McDonald’s

We have to run back to 1940 for their story when Dick and Mac McDonald found success in drive-in restaurants after moving to California. Now McDonald’s was then McDonald’s Bar-B-Q.

Their hamburgers for 15 cents in 1948 were an instant hit in San Bernadino, their first location.

After successful franchising with 14 restaurants, they went ahead and sold it.

Ray Kroc is an important figure in Mc history as the franchise agent of the Mac brothers who in 1955 opened first renamed McDonald’s in Illinois.

1967 was a remarkable year in Mc history as they went global, opening restaurants in Puerto Rico and Canada.

Today McDonald’s is one of the largest fast-food chains in the world with 36000+ locations to their name.

Today McDonald’s is in an unforgettable place in Americans’ life for its amazing menu with the crunchiest chicken, best burgers, breakfast items, and the classic chicken nuggets and fries.

These links will take you to MacDonald’s teams just in one click.

Official website
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McDonald’s online presence is quite strong


People Also Ask For McDonald’s Salads

Can I have salads at McDonald’s this year?

Sadly NO. All the McDonald’s across the States no longer serve salads in 2022.

There are several best-sellers. Their grilled chicken and bacon salad, crispy bacon salad, side salad, and grilled chicken salad are some of the most-ordered items on the menu.

What Are Some of The Healthiest Choices For a Salad At Mcdonald’s?

McDonald’s Southwest salad with grilled chicken and their side salad is the healthiest.

What Comes With a Side Salad At Mcdonald’s?

McDonald’s side salad is a house favorite without meat. There you get cucumber, sliced tomatoes, onions, and lettuce alongside the dressing.

Does Mcdonald’s Provide Nutritional Information on Their Salads?

You can find this information under each salad item online. There is a detailed description of the nutritional information and a special nutrition calculator as well.

What is McDonald’s version of Southwest salad?

McDonald’s serves its best Southwest salad with grilled chicken, known for its fantastic flavors.

Final Words

Salads are the universal healthy food choice and, sadly, McDonald’s decided to forgo the salads for a fast operating system in the US.

It’s pity as they had some of the best salads ever. If you ever find yourself outside the States, remember you could still enjoy this leafy goodness in those locations. 

Let’s stay fingers crossed, hoping McDonald’s will bring their salads back.

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