Walmart Easter Dinner 2024 (Menu & Prices)

Easter dinner just has to be perfect! Place an order for Walmart easter dinners today to make your day a blast.

Walmart easter dinners consist of all the easter staples. There are multiple mains to choose from.

The selection includes spiral-cut ham-bone-in, various Angus beef steaks to cook at home, finely seasoned roasted lamb legs, and more.

Walmart’s pre-cooked sides will come in handy for your easter celebrations.

Please remember that some might come pre-cooked while you could always place an order for raw ingredients to make your mains, sides, and desserts at home.

For those who are concerned about the price tags of each item, easter dinner options (sides, mains, desserts) pre-cooked or raw could cost between $1.50 – $40.

Walmart easter dinner meals may cost up to $220.

Walmart easter dinners may feed from four people up to a large group of twenty-four people depending on your preference. (there’re meal plans for 4,8,16 and 24 people at Walmart)

Walmart Easter Dinner Menu Items

Walmart’s easter mains are nourishing, decadent, and multiple.

You could pick several glazed ham dishes with double glaze, spiral cut, bone-in or less, hickory smoked, and many other specifications.

As for the other protein mains, you may have roasted lamb, and the ingredients to make some exceptional steak or salmon.

There’s always the option to pick the sides at your discretion.

Classic sides like mashed potatoes, green beans, devilled eggs, dinner rolls, mac and cheese, and sweet potatoes are only some of Walmart’s infinite easter side options.  

Apart from these traditional sides, feel free to make your sides from scratch by purchasing all the ingredients from Walmart.

Walmart is readily accommodating all sorts of dietary restrictions this easter.

Vegetarians are offered many sides and desserts that don’t carry meat at all.

There’s a whole section of candies, specifically designed for gluten-free people. 

Of course, Walmart sells some iconic easter desserts with affordable price tags.

You get your marshmallow treats, different cupcakes, all sorts of pies (pecan pies, apple pies, etc.), cakes, brownies, and chocolate-covered almonds.

Walmart Easter Dinner Meals – Glazed Ham

Sam’s Choice  
Bone-In Spiral-Cut Ham8.0 – 14.6 lb$24.42
Boneless Spiral-Cut Pork, Honey Ham2.1 – 6.8 lb$20.16
Boneless, Spiral-Cut, Pork, Brown Sugar Double Glazed Ham2.0 – 4.8 lb$19.80
Spiral Cut Honey Cured Double Glaze Ham8.0 – 14.6 lb$22.66
Sugardale Prestige  
Hickory Smoked Half Ham, Fully Cooked, Pork Bone-In7 .0- 15 lb$20.99
Great Value  
Organic Strained Raw Honey, Inverted Plastic Bottle12 oz.$4.84
Organic Ground Ginger1.6 oz.$3.97
Ground Black Pepper3 oz.$3.97
Ground Cloves2 oz.$1.94
Organic Dijon Mustard12 oz.$2.23
Kosher Ground Cinnamon2.5 oz.$1.18
Fresh Produce  
Navel Oranges $0.88
Garlic Bulb, Each $0.67
Premium Pure Cane Light Brown Sugar2 lb$2.97

Easter Dinner Grilling

Fresh (Beef Choice)  
Angus Ribeye Steak Family Pack2.26 – 3.15 lb.$36.18
Angus New York Strip Steak Family Pack1.53 – 2.63 lb.$30.18
Fresh Atlantic  
Salmon Portions0.70 – 1.1 lbs.$9.61
Salmon Fillets1.90 – 2.30 lb.$23.06
Sam’s Choice  
100% Angus Beef Burgers (Frozen)12ct. 4lb.$16.23
Angus Bacon & Aged Cheddar Beef Patties (Frozen)6 ct. 2 lb.$9.96
Frozen All Natural Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon12 oz.$12.94
Great Value  
Beef Burgers, 80% Lean/20% Fat (Frozen)3 lbs. 12 ct.$12.82
Frozen Peeled Tail on Extra Large Shrimp12 oz. (26-30 ct./lb.)$5.84
Frozen Raw Colossal Peeled Deveined Tail-on Shrimp12 oz. (16-22 ct./lb.)$7.38
Antibiotic-Free Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs1.3 – 1.9 lb.$7.30
Butcher Wagyu Beef Burgers1 lb.$6.48
Fresh Ground Beef  
Fat Angus Steak Ground Beef Burgers (Fresh)12 ct. 4 lb.$18.42
Impossible Foods  
Plant-Based, Ground, Brick (Fresh)12 oz.$5.96
Plant-Based, Burger Patties (Fresh)2 ct. 0.5lbs.$4.97
Original Seasoned Frozen Turkey Burgers1/3 lb. Patties, 2 lb. Package$11.92
Sweet Onion Frozen Turkey Burgers1/3 lb. Patties, 2 lb. Package$11.92
Beer Bratwurst, Pork Sausage Links5 ct. 19 oz.$4.97
Original Bratwurst, 5 Links (Fresh)1 lb. 3 oz.$4.97
All Natural Boneless Pork Loin Filet1.0 – 2.8 lb.$8.06
St. Louis-Style, Pork, Spareribs (Fresh)2.1-5.1 lb$12.90
Beyond Meat  
Burger Patties (Fresh)2 c., 0.5lbs.$4.84
Freshness Guaranteed  
Boneless Chicken Breasts Family Pack4.7 – 6.25 lb.$17.48

Walmart Easter Dinner Pasta in Prepared Meals & Sides

Freshness Guaranteed  
Heat & Eat Four Cheese Ravioli12 oz.$5.50
Heat & Eat Chicken Alfredo11 oz.$5.50
Heat & Eat Chicken Alfredo, Family Size33 oz.$11.00
Heat & Eat Chicken Alfredo, Family Size33 oz.$38.79
Four Cheese Ravioli Ready Meal13.8 oz.$41.87
Giovanni Rana  
Quattro Formaggi Ravioli3 lb./2 case$84.64
Homestyle Fettuccine Chcken Alfredo Sauce Premium Meal Kit Tray (Family Size) 39 oz.$13.97
Homestyle Lasagna Meat Premium Prepared Entrée Tray (Family Size)40oz.$13.97
Meal Solutions Fettuccine Pasta2.2 lb./4 case$104.64
Meal Solutions Cheese Tortellini3 per case.$138.14
Meal Solutions Pappardelle Pasta2.2 lb./4 case$87.00
Joseph’s Gourmet Pasta  
Pack of 40, Par-Cooked Egg Pasta Sheets10 lbs$99.84

Easter Mains For Easter Dinner

Sadler’s Smokehouse   
Mesquite Smoked Sliced Beef Brisket 1.0 – 1.6 lb Pack$21.93
Impossible Foods   
Plant Based, Burger Patties2 ct.0.5lbs$4.97
Plant Based, Burger Patties (Fresh)2 ct.0.5lbs$4.97
Beyond Meat   
Burger Patties2 ct.0.5lbs$4.84
Burger Patties (Fresh)2 ct.0.5lbs$4.84
Sam’s Choice   
Boneless, Spiral-Cut, Pork, Brown Sugar Double Glazed Ham 2.0 – 4.8lbs$19.80
Honey Cured Double Glaze Ham (Spiral Cut) 8 – 14.6 lb$22.66
Bone-In Spiral-Cut Ham 8 – 14.6 lb$24.42
Frozen Peeled Deveined Shrimp Cocktail Ring with Sauce 20 oz.$13.72
Fresh Pork   
Pork Center Cut Loin Chops Boneless Family Pack 2.0 – 3.8 lb$9.58
Hormel Square Table   
Beef Tips (Slow Simmered) & Gravy Refrigerated Entrée 15 oz. Tray$7.96
Beef Roast Au Jus (Slow Simmered) & Savory Sauce 15 oz. Tray$7.96
Mild Italian Sausage (Fresh)5 Links1 lb. 3 oz.$4.97
Original Bratwurst (Fresh)5 Links1 lb. 3 oz.$4.97
Sugardale Prestige   
Hickory Smoked Half Ham, Fully Cooked, Pork Bone-In 7 – 15 lb.$20.99
Pork, Smoked, Spiral Ham Slices & Pieces 26 oz.$5.07
Fresh Ground Beef Burgers   
Angus Ground Beef, Burgers (Fresh)4 ct.1.33lbs.$7.26
 12 ct.4 lb$18.42
Chuck4 ct.1.33lbs.$6.54
Tri-Tip4 ct.1.33lbs.$9.33
Prospect Farms   
Chicken Rock Cornish Hen (Frozen) 1 lb$3.72

Desserts & Wine

Patti LaBelle  
Banana Pudding Dessert5.75 oz.$2.44
Banana Pudding36 oz.$10.88
Sun Maid Fruits and Raisins Panettone17.5 oz.$9.99
Choco tone Panettone with Chocolate Chips, Specialty Cake, Made with Hershey’s17.5 oz.$5.98
Freshness Guaranteed  
Plain Angel Food Cake Ring14 oz.$5.48
Angel Food Cake10 oz.$4.48
Color Blast Cake, Buttercreme Icing39 oz.$12.98
Triple Chocolate Cake35 oz.$11.98
Variety Cake44 oz.$14.98
Boston Creme Cake25 oz.$8.97
Carrot Cake, Cream Cheese Icing36 oz.$11.98
Red Velvet Cake31 oz.$11.98
Lemon Meringue Pie24 oz.$6.98
1/4 Sheet White Cake with Whipped Icing40 oz.$19.96
1/4 Sheet White Cake with Buttercreme Frosting55 oz.$19.96
White Square Cake, Pre-Decorated43 oz.$14.98
8 inch Coconut Creme Pie $6.98
Lemon Creme Cake16 oz.$3.98
7″ Color Blast Cake37 oz.$12.98
1/2 Sheet White Cake6lb. 15oz.$34.98
Triple Chocolate Cake Made with Hershey’s Icing, Serves 1850 oz.$19.96
Chocolate Mini Creme Pie7 oz.$2.98
Lemon Cake28 oz.$7.68
Coconut Mini Creme Pie7 oz.$2.98
Banana Mini Creme Pie7 oz.$2.98
Triple Chocolate Cake28 oz.$7.68
 32 oz.$7.68
Louisiana – Crunch Cake28 oz.$7.68
Sock It – To Me Cake28 oz.$7.68
Variety Cake32 oz.$7.68
Spring Variety Cakes32 oz.$7.68
Oreo Cookies ‘N Creme Mousse Dessert16 oz.$6.98

Beverage Pairings

Beer (6 pack)  
Juice Force Hazy Imperial IPA12fl. Oz. Cans$9.98
Big Little Thing Imperial IPA12 fl. oz. Cans$9.98
Contact Haze Hazy IPA12 fl. oz. Cans$11.98
Belgian White Wheat12 fl. oz. Cans$8.48
Cabernet Sauvignon750 ml$30.98
Chardonnay750 ml$13.48
Mango Strawberry Moscato Fruit750 mL$4.98
Sauvignon Blanc750 ml$17.48
Cabernet Sauvignon (Daou)750 ml$26.48
Winery White Blend (Conundrum)750 ml$13.98
Chardonnay (Josh Cellars)750 ml$11.98
Sauvignon Blanc (Josh Cellars)750 ml$11.98
Moscato White Dessert (Stella Rosa)187 ml$11.98
Crush Red Blend (Apothic)750 ml$9.48
Moscato (Bella Bolle)750 ml$5.98
Red Wine  
Columbia Valley Merlot Wine (Chateau Ste. Michelle)750 ml$12.48
Pale Ale, 6 pack12 fl. oz.$10.98
IPA, 6 pack (Lagunitas)12 fl. oz.$9.48
Yellow Label Champagne750 ml$54.73
Sonoma Cabernet (Louis Martini)750 ml$16.98
Red Winemakers Blend (Apothic)750 ml$9.48
Cabernet Sauvignon (Josh Cellars)750ml$12.98
Merlot (Oak Leaf Vineyards)750 mL$3.48
Cabernet Sauvignon, (Black Box)3 L Box$17.98
Black (Stella Rosa)750 ml$11.98
Rosso (Roscato)750 ml$11.98
Malbec750 ml$9.48
White Wine  
Chardonnay750 mL$15.98
Pinot Grigio/Colombard750 mL$3.48
Sauvignon Blanc750 ml$9.48
Sauvignon Blanc750ml$12.98
Pinot Grigio750ml$10.98

How To Order Your Easter Dinner From Walmart

  • The orders are to be easily placed online by visiting the official website of Walmart or by dropping by your closest store.
  • There’s enough room for you to customize your easter meal at Walmart by hand-picking your favorite mains, side dishes, desserts, and your choice of drinks.
  • For those who are thinking of the acceptable payment methods at Walmart – you may pay with any major credit, or debit card, cash, gift card, and EBT.

Walmart Pick Up and Delivery Options

  • Your Walmart easter meals could be picked up at any convenient Walmart of your choice. 
  • If picking up is too much work, Walmart offers delivery for their easter meals.
  • The delivery fees may apply for the express delivery depending on the distance. Free delivery is available for eligible orders.
  • Walmart easter dinners could be either picked-up or get delivered.

Our Recommendation For Walmart Easter Dinner

Our recommendation for the best Walmart easter dinner 2023 is their spiral-cut ham meal with double glaze.

It’s juicy and flavorful with hickory smoke and enough to feed a petit family.

Throw a bunch of sides like green beans and mashed potatoes with desserts to call it perfection.

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