Applebee’s Catering Menu And Prices in 2024

Applebee offers mouthwatering food and drink options for a variety of events and different kinds of people, so whether you’re alone or part of a group, you can be sure of an unforgettable dining experience.

If you would like to order your food through the website or by phone, you will get your food in heat-resistant packaging so you can enjoy your meal piping hot.

They offer a variety of platters and menu varieties. The most popular menu items are the chicken tenders platter, buffalo wing, fiesta lime chicken, and most importantly, Applebee’s trademark riblets platter.

There’s also beer and wine, desserts, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Applebee’s Catering Party Platters Menu

Chicken (Tenders)6-8 3910$34.99
Chips with Salsa 6-8 3730$19.99
wings (Boneless)  3-51920$44.99
Wings with Double Crunch (Bone) 6-81920$64.99
Spinach and Artichoke Dip6-85480$29.99
Grilled-Chicken Caesar Salad6-82200$49.99
Oriental Chicken Salad6-83190$49.99
Grilled-Chicken Oriental Salad6-82710$49.99
4 Cheese Mac and Cheese & Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders 6-87030$66.99
3 Cheese Penne Chicken6-86360$49.99
Fiesta Lime Chicken  6-86310$54.99
Bacon Cheddar Grilled Chicken Sandwich 6-84970$49.99
Chicken Fajita Rollup6-85820$49.99
Chicken Salad Wrap (Oriental)6-87240$49.99
Grilled Chicken Salad Wrap (Oriental)6-86050$54.99
House Salad6-8670$19.99
Caesar Salad6-81650$19.99
Breadsticks 6-81810$15.99
Classic Fries 6-83090$15.99
Green beans (Garlicky) 6-81010$15.99
Cole Slaw (Signature)6-8980$15.99
Steamed Broccoli6-8600$15.99

Applebee’s Drink Menu

Ice Tea6-860$9.99
Iced Tea (Mango) 6-8870$9.99
Iced Tea (Raspberry)6-8830$9.99
Iced Tea (Kiwi) 6-8730$9.99
Iced Tea (Pomegranate)6-8760$9.99
Lemonade (Mango)6-82970$9.99
Lemonade (Raspberry)6-82920$9.99
Lemonade (Kiwi) 6-82820$9.99
Lemonade (Pomegranate) 6-82860$9.99
Diet Pepsi 6-80$9.99
Mountain Dew6-81810$9.99

People’s Favorite Choice From Applebees Catering

Applebee’s catering menu offers a delicious variety of food and party platters to keep you and your guests happy throughout your event. Some of the items include the following:

01. Applebee’s Riblets

This original dish from Applebee’s is made with slow-cooked pork riblets coated with a sauce of your choosing, such as honey BBQ sauce, and served with a side of coleslaw and fries.

The riblets plate contains a smaller serving than the platter serving size.

02. Fiesta Lime Chicken

This dish is the perfect party for your taste buds! The chicken is first glazed in lime sauce, and then grilled to perfection before getting slathered with maxi-ranch, and served with cheddar cheeses, tortilla chips, Spanish rice, and house-made pico de gallo or salsa.

03. Chicken Tenders

These decadent tenders from Applebee’s are crispy and breaded chicken tenders, served with a side of classic fries, coleslaw, and a dipping sauce of your choice such as the honey Dijon mustard to give a truly phenomenal dining experience.      

Applebee’s Riblets

How To Order Online From Applebees

Online Process

Step 1: Download the Applebee’s mobile app on your phone or visit their website

Step 2: Follow the prompt and make your choice from Applebee’s catering menu with prices.

Step 3: Make payment using a credit or debit card or gift card.

Step 4: Drive to Applebee’s and park in the designated “Carside To Go” spot

Step 5: Tap the “I’m Here” button on your phone and wait for your order to be delivered straight to your car.

Physical Process

Step 1: Walk into any Applebee restaurant closest to you.

Step 2: Glance through the Applebee’s catering menu with prices provided to you or access the menu on their website with your phone

Step 3: Wait for your food to be delivered to your table.

Step 4: Enjoy your meal and make payment via cash, credit or debit cards, or gift cards.

Phone Process

Step 1: Get the phone number of the closest Applebee’s to you via their website.

Step 2: Call the number and make your order using the catering menu options on the website.

Step 3: Drive to Applebee’s and wait in the “Carside To Go” spot.

Step 4: Send a text to let them know you’ve arrived, and they will deliver your order directly to your car.

Step 5: Make your payments through cash, debit or credit card, or gift card.

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Applebee’s Journey

Applebee’s was started in 1980 by Bill and TJ Palmer, a husband-and-wife duo.

The restaurant was first named Applebee’s RX for Edibles and Elixirs with their first restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia.

The restaurant was then got sold in 1983. The restaurant became Applebee’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill changing the name in 1986.

Now, after 42 years in the restaurant franchise business, Applebee’s has close to 2000 locations in the United States and elsewhere in the world.

You will enjoy the coziest neighborhood ambiance to your dining experiences making Applebee’s the ideal place to enjoy a solo dinner, a date with your significant other, or a place to hang out with friends or family.

Applebee’s also provides a great dining experience with excellent food at very affordable prices.

In addition to their low-priced food selection, Applebee’s also offers a 2-for $24 option where you can pick two entrees and one appetizer for $24 only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Order For The 2 For $24 Menu?

With Applebee’s 2 for $24 menu, you can order two full meals of your choice including chicken, salmon, and steak options as well as one appetizer from the menu for only $24. The prices May differ according to your location.

What is The $1 Drink At Applebee’s?

The $1 Vodka Rum Frostbite is a cocktail mix made with vodka, rum, coconut, blue Curacao, and pineapple, and served in a 10-ounce mug for $1 only.

Can I Order For Delivery From Applebee’s Mobile App?

Yes, you can make your order from Applebee’s mobile app and have it delivered straight to your home. Check the mobile app to verify whether home delivery is available in your area.

How Many People Can The Applebee’s Party Platter Feed?

Applebee’s party platters are made to serve 6-8 guests.

What’s The Appropriate Timeframe To Make an Order For Party Platters?

You can make your order up to two weeks in advance till two hours before your event on the same day.

However, depending on the size of your order, it might be better to order earlier.

What Should I Order For a Party of 15 People?

You can order two appetizers and two entree platters, in addition to classic fries and sandwiches of your choice.

What Does The Classic Combo Platter Contain?

The classic combo platter is made of Boneless wings, Spinach and Artichoke dip, Chicken Quesadillas, and Mozzarella sticks.

What Are Half-Price Appetizers?

Applebee’s offers their famous appetizers such as Boneless wings and Chicken Wonton Tacos for half the normal price on some nights for a limited time.

Final Thoughts

For the past 42 years, Applebee’s has been the go-to place of choice for families, friends, and individuals to bond and create memories.

They do this by creating really tasty food and drink options that have become a comfort to customers in close to 2000 locations nationwide.

When you visit Applebee’s, you will enjoy a neighborly atmosphere, affordable appetizers, entrees, desserts, and drinks as well as excellent customer service.

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