Giant Eagle Catering Menu Prices 2023 (Breakfast, Deli, Seafood, and More)

Stressed with party planning? Not feeling like cooking breakfast for 20 on a Sunday morn? Sit tight and let Giant Eagle catering worry about your food!

They serve 8 different breakfast trays with warm pastries, fresh fruit, and even Starbucks Coffee to-go.

Their 13 giant sandwich platters come with customizable cheese and topping trays and their deli and charcuterie menu is unparallel with 16 platters that serve up to 30 hungry mouths! 

11 fresh sushi platters and more than 10 entrées and seafood dishes garnish their humongous menu while juicy chicken comes in 8 different flavors.

They’ve got 13 massive sides to feed an entire army and 11 sugar goodness for all the sweet-to others.

Giant Eagle Fried Chicken Catering

Chicken Breast5, 8, 12, 24, 48, 100400$10.99, $15.49, $28.99, $54.99, $94.99, $179.99
Thighs & Drums8, 12, 24, 48, 100480$8.49, $14.99, $29.99, $46.99, $89.99
Tenders: Hand-Breaded25, 50, 100140$32.99, $64.99, $129.99
Chicken Prime9, 24, 48,100440$11.49, $32.49, $64.99, $124.99
Wings: Bone-In50, 10050-90$54.99, $94.99
Chicken Mixed12, 24, 48, 100440$12.99, $26.99, $49.99, $99.99
Platter: Chicken Wing with Garnish15150$10.99
Wings: Boneless20, 40200-350$34.99, $64.99

Giant Eagle Sandwich Trays/Platters Menu

Mini Croissant: Meat20 sandwiches260$29.99
Sandwich Toppers2525$19.99
Mini Croissant: Salad21 sandwiches220$29.99
Sliced CheeseMedium, Large17019.99, $29.99
Mini Pretzel: MeatMedium, Large210$29.99, $44.99
Mini Pretzel: SaladMedium, Large280$29.99, $44.99
Mini Sandwich: MeatMedium, Large110$32.99, $44.99
Mini Sandwich: SaladMedium, Large110$32.99, $44.99
All AmericanMini, Large340$24.99, $49.99
New YorkMini, Large340$24.99, $49.99
Italian Mini, Large390$24.99, $49.99

Giant Eagle Breakfast Catering Trays

ItemsServing CaloriePrice
Starbucks Coffee8 Person5$20.00
Croissant- All-Butter 330$18.99
Mini Croissant- All-ButterSmall, Large120$9.99, $15.99
Fruit Bite & Mini Muffin 60-110$12.99
MuffinSmall, Large500$12.99, $24.99
BagelSmall, Large280-390$9.99, $18.99
Donut Box
Donuts: Vanilla Cake (Chocolate Iced and White Iced) 360$9.29
Fruit PlatterSmall, Medium, Large70-1000$29.99, $39.99, $59.99
Long John: Filled with Bavarian Crème & White Iced400$9.29
Glazed Ring style 280$9.99
Long John: Filled with Bavarian Crème & Chocolate Iced340-390$9.99
Bismark: Apple Raspberry Filled280$9.99
Variety Ring style 310$9.29
Bismark:  Filled with Bavarian Chocolate Iced340$9.29

Giant Eagle Deli Catering (Cheese, & Charcuterie Platter)

Antipasti and Olive20140$19.99
Dietz & Watson SignatureMedium, Large280$49.99, $59.99
Pretzel NuggetHalf, Full230$13.99, $24.99
Ham, Turkey & CheeseMedium, Large320$34.99, $44.99
Crowd PleaserMedium, Large470-540$49.99, $64.99
Charcuterie Meat & CheeseMedium, Large260$59.99, $69.99
Meat: Italian StyleMedium, Large320$49.99, $64.99
Collection (4 types)   
World Cheese30270$79.99
Tray of Deli Celebration8450$29.99
Charcuterie BoxSmall, Large410$39.99, $69.99
Course: Specialty CheeseMedium, Large310$49.99, $69.99
Cube-cut Cheese with FruitMedium, Large220$49.99, $59.99
Deluxe Cheese & PepperoniMedium, Large410$44.99, $59.99

Salads & Crudite

Items ServingCaloriePrice
Pasta Supreme Small, Large320$19.99, $36.99
Garden SaladSmall, Large45$24.99, $39.99
Mediterranean OrzoSmall, Large230$22.99, $41.99
MacaroniSmall, Large390$19.99, $36.99
Broccoli Bacon CheddarSmall, Large300$19.99, $36.99
Penne Tomato MozzarellaSmall, Large360$34.99, $65.99
Homestyle PotatoSmall, Large310$19.99, $36.99
CapreseSmall, Large170-270$28.99, $38.99
Garden Salad with ChickenSmall, Large120$32.99, $55.99
CaesarSmall, Large120$24.99, $39.99
Napa ValleySmall, Large140$28.99, $47.99
GreekSmall, Large90$28.99, $47.99
Chicken California ClubSmall, Large190$28.99, $47.99
Creamy ColeslawSmall, Large220$12.99, $23.99
24 pc Deviled EggSmall, Large80$28.99, $47.99
CruditéSmall, Large80-120$28.99, $47.99

Ready To Eat Entrées

Half Pan Pulled Pork 16250$48.99
Salmon – Roasted 9 PC210$70.99
Signature Lasagnas12360-420$39.99
Chicken Parmesan9 PC390$52.99
Chicken Breast – Breaded9 PC300$43.99
Chicken Breast – Grilled9 PC140$34.99
Stuffed Cabbage12250$39.99
Turkey Breast (Roasted) with Gravy10380$39.99

Giant Eagle Seafood Platter Tray

Premium Shrimp10130$44.99
Smoked Salmon16100-150$49.99
Shrimp DelightSmall, Large110$34.99, $44.99
Shrimp PartySmall, Large110$19.99, $29.99

Sushi Platters

East & West8140$16.99
Spicy Sampler11120$27.99
Pot sticker11490$29.99
Starter Party10250$34.99
Spring & Summer11270$35.99
Nigiri Deluxe11160$59.99
All American7260$26.99

Sides Bar Menu

Chicken Gravy 25$3.99
Green Beans (Seasoned)15-35120$29.99
Cauliflower & Roasted Broccoli15-3570$29.99
Brussel Sprouts with Bacon15-35180$29.99
Beans- Baked15-35240$19.99
Carrot Souffle15-35310$29.99
Cheese & Mac15-35280$19.99
Buffalo Chicken with Mac15-35400$34.99
Mashed with Gravy15-35200$16.99

Desserts & Beverages

Cookie Cake12390$10.49
Box of French Macaron18 pieces40$27.99
Hand-Dipped Sweets (Assorted)Small, Medium80-190$33.99
Pretzels: Gourmet Chocolate-Covered and Dipped21 pieces160-360$33.99
Cookies: Butter-Made25-50 pieces220$15.99
Gob36 pieces110$19.99
Traditional CookieSmall, Medium, Large80-260$9.99
Brownie: Classic24 pieces120$16.99
Cannoli25 pieces190$45.99
Thumbprint Cookie & Cutout22 pieces170$13.99
Mini Chocolate Chip Chunk – Butter Made50 pieces60$9.99

Giant Eagle’s Catering Menu Famous Items

Giant Eagle catering honors its namesake by having an absolutely giant menu. Below is a list of their all-time giant hits among foodies with great taste buds.

01. Fried Chicken

Crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside with perfect seasonings, the fried chicken can’t get tastier than this.

It comes to you freshly fried, perfectly salted with oozing juiciness, making your mouth water at the heavenly smell.

Thighs and breasts are the yummiest of all and you could order up to 100 pieces of this crunchy goodness.

02. Jubilee Tray

This specialty sushi tray is the ultimate dream of nigiri lovers with 10 pieces of delicious nigiri and another 10 pieces of the sea’s freshest shrimp rolls with crunchy crunchiness.

This platter even has 10 more pieces of crunchy Koni rolls for more hungry mouths.

I say it’s the perfect sushi platter with an explosion of thousand flavors that’s easy on your wallet.

03. Glazed Donuts

It’s yummy and super creamy with the right amount of sugar to make it not bitterly sweet.

The thick glaze adds up to the delicious flavor and smells like candy from your childhood. Under the gooey glaze, you would find the softest dough ever!

04. Prime Chicken

This finger-licking-good fried chicken comes in massive portions of up to 100 pieces to feed an entire cavalry.

All the breasts, thighs, and drums are dipped in their signature River City seasoning, creating memorable flavors with the right amount of salt.

I dare say this fried crunchiness will make your party a true blast!

Apart from these all-time favorites, you could never forget their hand-breaded and all-white chicken tenders with your choice of dipping, chicken gravy that makes everything instantly better, and all their ginormous deli platters. 

Giant Eagle Online Order Steps

Giant Eagle has done everything to make your ordering super easy. You could order online for delivery or curbside pickup.

Online Order

Step 01

Visit Giant Eagle’s website and click on catering categories.

Step 02

Customize your order, selecting items from the menus displayed.

Step 03

After making sure of the items in your cart, enter the location details and check them out.

Giant Eagle Journey

It all started with a hard-working trio. The three families Goldstein, Porter, and Chait started a small grocery company named “Eagle Grocery” which they sold to Kroger Company in 1928.

3 years later, in 1931 the trio with two other families -Moravitz and Weizenbaum came together and gave birth to Giant Eagle, and opened its first store on Brownsville Road, in 1936.

Giant Eagle has seen and survived the worst periods of history including the Great Depression and World War 2.

The next years, for Giant Eagle, were particularly memorable and challenging as they grew bigger and bigger where it had grown into 137 stores by the 80s.

From 2000 and beyond it has emerged as one of the leading supermarkets in the States with more than 400 stores across the country.

Today, Giant Eagle is a well-loved household name for its gourmet-quality food and cheaper prices, unlike any other place ever.

Giant Eagle
Photo Credit; wikipedia.orgCC

Related Asked Questions

Where Do I Find The Giant Eagle Catering Menu?

The catering menu is available on the Giant Eagle official website.

You could download the menu itself from there if you wish. Prices and portions are also included in the catering menu. 

Does Giant Eagle Have Lunch Catering Near Me?

Short answer: that depends. Since Giant Eagle operates only in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, and Indiana, you could place the catering order at any of the local stores across these states.

If you need further assistance with catering orders, please reach out to your local Giant Eagle store.

Do I Get Any Perks For Placing a Catering Order

For every catering order you place, you could earn multiple perks. There is even the possibility to redeem your previous perks on every purchase.

For further information, please visit Giant Eagle’s official website.

Can I Order Decorating Party Items Along With My Catering Order?

Absolutely yes to the above question. Giant Eagle has its own floral department that caters to all your floral needs with beautifully-arranged flower vases.

They even come with a Fresh Pre-made bouquet form, making it more convenient for emergency party planning.

Alongside the catering order, you could order a couple of balloons to add extra fun to your party. 

How Do I Know About The Serving Sizes? Are There Larger Portions Available For The Catering Menu?  

When you click on the dish that you wish to order, directly under it is the number of servings for that dish which you can customize according to your catering needs.

For certain dishes like chicken tenders or fried chicken, the portions may reach up to 100 pieces per your choice.

Final Words

Giant Eagle, I dare say is the love child of a chain grocery store and a gourmet restaurant.

Hence the super delicious and excellent-quality food for affordable prices, making it reachable for any and everyone.   

Best part ever? You will smile, your wallet will smile and your guests will smile and fight for more servings because Giant Eagle’s food is simply drool-worthy.

After all, what’s more convenient than humongous part platters for any and every party?