Fresh Market Christmas Dinner 2023

Christmas is the most magical time of the year. And to make it even more special, nothing can be compared to some good food on the Christmas dinner table.

Even though we assume you love to cook on such occasions, there are times when you might not want to. And in such situations, the Fresh Market Christmas Dinner could save your day!

Fresh Market offers 6 different platters, 21 menus, 13 sides, and 10 desserts during the holidays so that you can choose from a variety to fulfill your Christmas cravings.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning for a quiet dinner or hosting full-house guests; these items got you covered. You don’t have to think about hitting the kitchen on holiday eve!

For starters, its Christmas Dinner platters, such as the traditional meal, ultimate meal, and the essential meal, are delicious and fulfilling.

Because they come with a whole lot of sides along with the main protein, each portion of these items is more than enough to fulfill one’s hungry tummy.

However, if you are not into the platters and want something different, try out the other items from its versatile menu.

Between the whole turkey, turkey breast, ham, pork, beef, and lamb, the options and varieties are endless for your holiday dinner.

Moreover, as these proteins are available in different ways, you don’t have to settle for just one option.

The choices are widespread. Just pick your favorite protein and select the sides for the most enjoyable dinner on Christmas Eve.

While talking about sides, let’s mention that Fresh Market offers whipped potatoes, mashed potatoes, bean medley, diner rolls, and yeast rolls among others.

Because you have the freedom to pick sides, you can buy anything you want for a mouthwatering dinner.

That’s not all. Because it’s the holidays, Fresh Market included a range of desserts in their Christmas Dinner to satisfy your sweet tooth too.

Get any of these cakes and pies to finish off the dinner on a sweeter note.

Besides offering such a wide-spread holiday menu, Fresh Market offers discounts for their loyal members. This ensures you don’t have to cut your pocket for a fun holiday party!

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Fresh Market Holiday Meals

Essential Holiday Meal3-5$69.99
Prime Rib2$49.99
Traditional Holiday Meal8-10$99.99
Essential Ham Meal3-5$69.99
Ultimate Holiday Meal12-14$179.99
Holiday Ham 8-10$99.99

Fresh Market Turkey Entrees 

ItemsServingPrice (Per lb)
Fresh Whole Turkey16-20 $2.79
Fresh Whole Turkey10-14 $2.79
Fresh Whole Turkey20-24$2.79
Fresh Organic Whole Turkey$4.49
Boneless Turkey Breast4-6$6.49
Bone In Turkey Breast4-6$5.49
Fresh Boneless Turducken$5.99
Fresh Boneless Turducken$7.99
USDA Prime Whole Beef Tenderloin$29.99
Premium Choice Whole Beef Tenderloin$19.99
Premium Choice Rib Roast Standing (Seasoned)$10.99
Premium Choice Rib Roast Standing (Unseasoned)$9.99
Rack of Lamb (French Cut & Unseasoned)$16.99
USDA Prime Rib Roast Standing (Unseasoned)$24.99
Bone In Leg of Lamb$7.99
Rack of Lamb (French Cut & Seasoned)$17.99
Antibiotic Free Boneless Turkey Breast (Fully Cooked)$12.99
Lamb Crown Roast$17.99
Antibiotic Free Whole Turkey (Fully Cooked)$4.99
Spiral Sliced Bone-In Honey Ham$3.49
Organic Whole Turkey (Fully Cooked)$9.99
Boneless Sliced Ham$7.49
Field Roast Plant Based Celebration Roast with Gravy$18.99


Soft Yest Rolls6 ct$4.796 ct
Soft Golden Dinner Rolls12 ct$5.9912 ct


Mashed Sweet Potatoes1 lb4$7.99
Yukon Gold Whipped Potatoes1 lb4$5.99
Cranberry Relish with Walnuts1 lb4$9.99
Green Bean Medley1 lb4$6.99
White Cheddar Scalloped Potatoes1 lb4$10.99
Corn Souffle1 lb4$9.99
Roasted Butternut Squash with pecans & Cranberries1 lb4$10.99
Traditional Herb Stuffing3 lbs12$14.99
Homestyle Turkey Gravy30 oz.6-8$9.99
Loaded Potatoes Au Gratin51 oz.10-12$29.99
Creamed Spinach Au Gratin54 oz.10-12$29.99

Fresh Market Holiday Desserts

ItemsSize (Inches)ServePrice
Napoli Tiramisu Cake6-8$29.99
Napoli Hazelnut Praline Crunch Cake (Roasted)6-8$29.99
Pumpkin Cheesecake54-6$16.99
Napoli Pistachio Almond Honey Cake6-8$29.99
Maple Pecan Cheesecake4-6$16.99
Creme Brulee Cheesecake54-6$16.99
Pumpkin Pie6-8$12.99
Colonial Apple Pie6-8$19.99
Pecan Pie6-8$12.99
Old Fashioned Apple Pie6-8$12.99

When Does Fresh Market Start and Closes Serving its Christmas Dinner?

Fresh Market wants to make sure you have your holiday dinner table full of some delicious foods.

And therefore, they start and close taking orders pretty early so that they can deliver the menus on time.

 Holiday MealStartClose
Fresh Market Christmas MenuDecember 21December 24

How To Order Fresh Market Christmas Dinner?

If you want to order some delicious holiday meals from the Fresh Market, know that there are quite a few ways to do so.

For starters, you can call or order online beforehand to get the food right on time.

You can also visit any of your nearest store locations to place the orders in person.

What Are The Most Popular Items From Fresh Market Christmas Dinner?

Fresh Market decked up their holiday menu with some fantastic dinner items. Although all of these foods taste yummy, not all gained similar popularity.

Here are some of the most popular Christmas Dinner menus that you shouldn’t miss this holiday season.

01. The Ever-Satisfying Traditional Holiday Meal

You should never miss the Traditional Holiday Meal from Fresh Market’s menu if you want something classic on your Christmas dinner table.

This meal deal consists of a large, fully-cooked 10-12 lb. turkey, turkey gravy, herb stuffing, and sides (whipped potatoes, cranberry relish with Walnuts, and dinner rolls) is everything you need for your dinner table.

It is perfect to serve a crowd of 8-10 people easily.

02. Delicious Essential Holiday Meal

You cannot miss this yummy Holiday Meal this Christmas season.

As it comes with a salivating turkey breast and Fresh Market’s essentials (cranberry relish with Walnuts, smooth whipped potatoes, herb stuffing, and gravy), it promises to satisfy your hungry tummy in no time.

It doesn’t matter if you are hosting guests or enjoying a quiet holiday eve, this meal will lift up your spirit greatly.

One order of this meal is enough to serve up to 5 people without any problems.

03. The Ultimate Holiday Meal

Make your Christmas dinner table even more special with this Ultimate Holiday Meal from the Fresh Market.

As it comes with a 10–12 lb. cooked turkey, 3.5 lb. of perfectly-cooked sliced ham, 24 ct. of dinner rolls, and Fresh Market’s usuals, you can serve it to up to 14 guests easily.

For a big gathering, this is the perfect pick.

04. Scrumptious Holiday Ham Meal

If you don’t want to serve turkey on Christmas, this Ham meal deal will save your day.

Because it comes with perfectly sliced honey ham, this item promises something different than the traditional turkey.

Fresh Market also added scalloped potatoes with cheddar, delicious green bean medley, perfectly roasted butternut squash, pecan, cranberries, and their usuals to make it even more fulfilling.

What Are Some Important Links of Fresh Market Christmas Dinner?

If you want to know more about Fresh Market and its holiday menu, go through the links below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in The Fresh Market Traditional Christmas Dinner?

The Fresh Market Traditional Christmas Dinner is truly traditional.

It comes with 10–12 lb. of fresh, perfectly-cooked turkey accompanied by 3 lb. herb stuffing, and 30 oz. salivating gravy.

This meal also contains sides like creamy whipped potatoes (3 lb.), cranberry walnut relish (16 oz.), and soft dinner rolls (12 ct.) for an ever-satisfying holiday dinner.

What Sides Are Included With Fresh Market Christmas Dinner?

All the Christmas meals come with some common sides.

Fresh Market offers fresh whipped potatoes, cranberry walnut relish, herb stuffing, turkey gravy, and dinner rolls with all its holiday platter orders.

How Much Does The Fresh Market Christmas Dinner Cost?

Depending on the type of meal and its size, a Fresh Market Christmas Dinner might cost you between $49.99 and $179.99.

Does Fresh Market Sell Frozen Turkey For Christmas Dinner?

For its Christmas Dinners, Fresh Market sells freshly-coked turkeys rather than frozen ones.

Final Thoughts

Make your Christmas even more meaningful and satisfying with the Christmas Dinner meals from your favorite Fresh Market.

These meals are prepared fresh with the best ingredients so that you can dig into them without any worries.

Inviting guests or planning for a quiet holiday eve? These meal deals have got you covered.

Just order the one that your heart desires and Christmas couldn’t be any more enjoyable.

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