Boston Market Christmas Dinner 2024 (Exclusive Holiday Deals)

Spending quality time with your loved ones takes a lot of effort. When you plan a dinner with them, you get the opportunity to talk to them over the table and share a relishing meal.

Boston Market Christmas dinner is just the best thing for you and your loved ones to spend time on this Christmas.

If you are planning to surprise your loved ones with a complete Christmas dinner package, they have got your back.

You will encounter five different types of Christmas dinner offers available at the Boston market, these are Heat and Serve, A La Carte, Holiday catering, home delivery of cooked meals, and an Open Christmas dinner at Boston Market restaurant.

In The Heat & Serves Prime rib meal is the very first meal that you can plan for your loved ones at Boston Market.

It has two options of serving 12 people and 4-6 people, where you will get half prime rib, mashed potatoes, spinach artichoke dip & crackers, steamed vegetables, dinner rolls, horseradish cream sauce, one gravy, and apple pies.

This meal will start at a reasonable price of $149.99 to make your festivities even more vibrant.

If you are in search of a combo for a Turkey and Ham meal, this place will suffice your needs. The best part is that the combo will start at a genuine price of $129.99.

If you are planning a dinner for 12, the combo will comprise boneless roasted turkey breast, half honey glazed ham, spinach artichoke dip, mashed potatoes, vegetable stuffing, and much more.

All the dishes will be served according to 12 people sitting.

Besides that, if you are only interested in ham or turkey meals, Boston Market is all set to offer them to you in their Christmas dinner preparations.

Both these meals will start ranging from $129.99.

Now, you must be wondering, what if you don’t have 12 people for Christmas dinner? Won’t you get the Christmas dinner offers?

Well! Need not worry! Even if you have a dinner plan with less number of people, you can still avail of the benefits of these Christmas dinner packages at a genuine cost.

The prices of the dinner will vary according to the combo that you will choose to relish your taste buds.

Boston Market will serve you the lip-smacking and finger-licking Christmas dinner that will add a new dimension to your festivity vibes.

You can either come to the place for a dine-in experience, or you can even order your holiday dinner online without any hassles.

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Boston Market Christmas Holiday Meals Menu

(Complete Package For 12)

Turkey MealSidesPiePrice
Roasted Turkey Whole (1)9 Sides with 12 Dinner Rolls+2 pies$159.99
1 Ham (Spiral Sliced)7 Sides and 12 Dinner Rolls+2 pies$159.99
1 Turkey Roasted Breast (Boneless) and 1 Ham Meal (1/2 Boneless)9 Sides + 12 Dinner Rolls+2 pies$169.99
One Roasted Turkey (Whole)6 Sides + 12 Dinner Rolls+2 pies$139.99

Boston Market Turkey Meal

(Serves 4-6)

One Turkey Breast Roasted (Boneless)5 Sides with 6 Dinner Rolls1 (Apple or Pumpkin) Pie$119.99
One Honey Glazed Ham (1/2 Boneless)5 Sides with 6 Dinner Rolls1 (Pumpkin or Apple) Pie$109.99
One Turkey Breast Roasted (Boneless)3 Sides with 6 Dinner RollsOne (Pumpkin or Apple) Pie$99.99
One Honey Glazed Ham (1/2 Boneless)3 Sides with 6 Dinner RollsOne (Apple or Pumpkin) Pie$99.99

Main Dishes

Whole Turkey (Roasted)$69.99
Turkey Breast Whole Boneless (Roasted)$59.99
Ham (Spiral Sliced)$79.99
Ham (1/2 Boneless)$54.99
Ham (Whole Boneless)$94.99

Sides (Home Style)

Mashed potatoes32oz$14.99
Poultry Gravy32oz$7.99
Corn (Sweet)32oz$14.99
Spinach (Creamed)32oz$15.99
Vegetable Stuffing32oz$14.99
Casserole (Sweet Potato)32oz$15.99
Cheese and Macaroni32oz$15.99
Corn Bread12$7.99
Crackers and Spinach Artichoke Dip$17.99
Dinner Rolls12$7.99

Whole Pie

Apple Pie $7.99
Pumpkin Pie $7.99

How To Order At Boston Market For Christmas

To make things convenient for the customers, Boston Market has offered various options to order food from them.

Below are some of the ways that you can opt to order food from Boston Market.

Order Online

  • Visit the official website of Boston Market and select your location
  • Sign in on the website to place your order
  • Once you select the food items for your Christmas dinner, choose the method of delivery
  • You can either pick up your order during the holidays time or get it delivered to your doorstep

Order Via Phone

  • Call 866-977-9090 to place your order for Christmas dinner
  • Make sure to specify your location and mode of delivery
  • Allow a time of at least 2 hours for the restaurant to heat your holiday items to serve you the best dinner meal

Serving Start and Closing Date At Boston Market

 Serving ItemsStartClose
Heat and Serve Menu17th December1st January
A La Carte17th December1st January

Mouth-Watering Christmas Items At Boston Market

Boston Market serves some of the most savory Christmas items on your platter. They prepare the best chicken that you can ever taste.

No doubt, you can’t miss out on trying every single item on their menu, but some of the items require a must-have in your list.

01. Delicious Heat and Serve Ham Meal

Whether you are single or you are planning a Ham dinner with a large lot of people this Christmas, this Ham meal will suit your needs.

The number of items in the meal varies according to the meal that you are ordering.

For instance, if you are going for a meal for 12 people, it will comprise spiral sliced ham with other accompaniments.

02. Mouth-Watering Complete Whole Roasted Turkey Meal

If you are a turkey lover and your Christmas dinner would be incomplete without it, just order this meal without giving it any second thought.

It will comprise whole roasted turkey with various other complimentary things. This can quench the hunger of 12 people at the same time.

But, if you have fewer people planned for the dinner, the other complimentary things will keep on reducing the menu.

03. Home-Style Sides

No dinner is complete without having some delicious sides. On similar grounds, you can prepare your Christmas dinner meal by choosing the sides of your choice.

You can go with mashed potatoes, sweet corn, mac and cheese, and much more for your Christmas celebrations.

04. Irresistible Desserts

Your Christmas dinner would be incomplete without dessert. Besides that, if you have a sweet tooth, it would be really hard to resist your cravings.

Boston Market takes care of your cravings and serves you a heavenly whole apple pie, whole pumpkin pie, and whole pecan pie.

05. In-House Premium Buffet

If you don’t want to order food online and want to have an in-house eatery experience at Boston Market, this buffet will suffice your needs.

You can choose between honey-glazed ham, roaster turkey, and rotisserie chicken. Along with that, you can choose three sides of your preference to have a flavorful buffet

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People Also Ask

Does Boston Market Offer Fully Cook Turkey To The Customers?

Its simple answer is: No. They prepare the turkey on a heat-and-serve basis. Boston Market chills their completely cooked meals.

Whenever you want to eat the meal, you can heat it and serve it with the original flavors.

What is The Weight of Turkey Served At Boston Market?

If you are going with boneless roasted turkey breast, it will weigh around 5 lb.

Is Boston Market Still Serving Stuffing To The Customers?

Its straightforward answer is: No. They have stopped serving it and offer customers rotisserie chicken and other finger-licking options.

Can I Redeem a Free Meal At Boston Market?

If you are having a meal in a reward participating Boston Market restaurant, you can earn your free meal.

You just need to tell the cashier about your wish to redeem your reward, and you will get your free meal.

Which Special Ingredients Are Used By The Boston Market While Preparing The Chicken?

They use the perfect blend of garlic, herbs, and spices to prepare the chicken. Moreover, all the ingredients are fresh, which gives a great taste to the chicken.

Final Thoughts

Boston Market Christmas Dinner will be the best-ever dinner choice that you can make for your holiday season.

They serve the best quality chicken with various other options. So, book your meal well in advance to enjoy Christmas to the maximum.