Sprouts Easter Dinner 2024

Sprouts challenge you to prepare the perfect family dinner for this Easter!

Sprouts Easter Dinner requires a little bit of your creativity and of course, their delicious food items that are waiting to be cooked.

You can create a unique charcuterie board and impress your family. There’s a separate Easter Charcuterie section on Sprouts’ website.

Of course, you also need a main meal for the dinner table. As centerpiece meats Sprouts offers 8 types of lamb and beef.

Dairy, seafood, and fresh products are also available.

And as no meal is complete without dessert, Sprouts Easter Dinner comes with 3 tasty choices: bakery, dairy, and frozen desserts.

Finally, you can also shop for Easter baskets supplies or order a catering platter to start the party.

Sprouts Easter Menu Items

If time isn’t on your side, there are 15 Sprouts catering platters that are ready to be served after delivery.

These are perfect as appetizers for your Sports Easter Dinner. The platters contain fruits, cheese varieties, meats, and sandwiches.

There are even dessert trays with incredible bakery items! For a classy touch, you can go for the Mediterranean or Shrimp platter.

If you’re feeling creative, an Easter Charcuterie Board is a way to surely amaze everyone! The necessary items are separated into 4 categories:

produce, deli, grocery aisles, and bulk. Produce includes 4 options of fresh, healthy vegetables for your board.

The Deli section offers 8 types of cheese, salami, pickles, and even hummus.

Next, it’s time to choose your bulk item. Luckily, the choice isn’t hard.

There are 3 types of pecans and you have to find the tastiest one: half, glazed, or honey toasted.

To be honest, the honey-toasted ones sound delicious. Grocery aisles will probably be your favorite section.

This one includes chips, crackles, olives, and irresistible sauces. When it comes to meats, lamb is of course the star.

You can buy lamb loin chop, a full boneless lamb leg, or a trim rack of lamb. There are also 4 options of beef to choose from.

There are so many tasty sides that fit these meat types. You can prepare them using fresh products from Sprouts.

This section includes around 30 fruits and vegetables.

Now it’s time to talk about the sweet surprise that concludes Sprouts’ Easter dinner. Fortunately, the dessert comes ready to be served.

The baked items to choose from are muffins, cookies, cinnamon rolls, bite macaroons, cakes, and pies. What more to ask for?

You can also buy cookie dough from the dairy section to bake your own cookies. The last dessert option is a kid’s favorite: ice cream!

Sprouts offer vegan and gluten-free products. There’s even a plant-based option to replace the centerpiece meat from the Easter Dinner.

They even came up with Vegan cookies to make the holiday meal memorable for everyone.

Sprouts Easter Dinner Menu – Centerpiece Meats

French Trim Rack of Lamb1.01lb$20.19
Sprouts Rump Roast2.6lb$20.77
100% Angus Grass-Fed Boneless Chuck Roast2.76lb$30.33
Sprouts 100% Angus Grass-Fed Tri-Tip Roast2.3lb$27.58
100% Angus Grass-Fed Cross Rib Roast1.9lb$17.08
Sprouts Boneless Chuck Roast2.76lb$22.05
New Zealand Lamb Loin Chop $14.99
Fresh Boneless Whole Leg of Lamb3.66lb$38.39
Tofurky Deli Slices Plant Based Hickory5.5 oz.$4.99

Side Dishes & Appetizers

Applegate Cheddar Charcuterie Plate2.65 oz.$5.99
Red Potato Salad with Dill0.75lb$5.24
Hope Foods  
Organic Original Recipe Hummus8 oz.$4.99
Organic Spicy Avocado Hummus8 oz.$4.99
Organic Black Garlic Hummus8 oz.$4.99
Organic Jalapeno Cilantro Hummus8 oz.$4.99
Medium Ripe Black Olives6 oz.$2.29
Organic Pitted Kalamata Olives6.3 oz.$3.99
Organic Garlic Stuffed Green Olives7 oz.$3.99
Organic Sliced Kalamata Olives6.3 oz.$3.99
Organic Manzanilla Pitted Green Olives6 oz.$3.99
Organic Red Pepper Stuffed Green Olives7 oz.$3.99
Medium Ripe Pitted Green Olives6 oz.$2.79
San Francisco Sourdough Bread14 oz.$4.99
Seedsational Bread14 oz.$4.99
Rustic Italian Bread14 oz.$4.99
Market Corner Take & Bake San Francisco Style Sourdough Bread14 oz.$4.99
Golden Dinner Rolls 12 Pack12 ct.$3.49

Fresh Produce

Baby Carrots32 oz. bag$2.99
French Beans Bag1 lb.$4.99
Rainbow Carrots Bag32 oz. bag$2.99
Carrots Bunch1 bunch$1.99
Strawberries16 oz.$6.99
Pineapple1 ct.$3.99
Green Onions5.5 oz. bunch$0.99
Baby Bok Choy1lb$2.99
Radish Bunch1 bunch$1.79
Spinach9 oz$2.49
Organic Baby Spinach16 oz. container$5.99
Purple Sweet Potatoes0.73lb$2.55
Taylor Farms  
Green Beans32 oz.$5.99
Green Beans $1.99
Fresh Pineapple $2.99
Blueberries6 oz.$2.99
Jumbo Blueberries9.8 oz. container$5.99
Artichoke1 ct.$2.99
Strawberries1 lb. Container$2.98
Pink Grapefruit1 ct.$1.50
Lemon $0.79
Cantaloupe1 ct.$3.50
Mini Watermelon1 ct.$4.99

Sprouts Easter Dinner Brunch

Blackberries5.6 oz. container$2.99
Blueberries6 oz.$2.99
Hickory Smoked Bacon1.15lb$8.04
Strawberries1 lb. Container$2.98
Blueberry Muffins 4 Pack4 ct.$6.29
Apple Turnovers12 oz.$5.49
Cinnamon Rolls4 ct.$5.99
All Natural Apple Strudel Bites12 oz.$5.49
All Natural Raspberry Strudel Bites10 oz.$5.49
Chocolate Custard Twists 6 Pack6 ct.$5.49
Danish Mini Pastry Maple Pecan 6 Pack6 oz.$5.49
Cherry Turnovers12 oz.$5.49
Fresh Baked Double Crust Cherry Pie24 oz.$5.99
Fresh Baked Double Crust Peach Pie24 oz.$5.99
Salted Caramel Chocolate Chunk Cookies6 ct.$6.99
Blueberries9.8 oz container$5.99
Nature’s Own  
Perfectly Crafted Brioche Style Bread22 oz.$5.49
Uncle Matt’s Organic  
Orange Juice Pulp Free52 fl. oz.$6.99
Orange Juice with Calcium & Vitamin D52 fl. oz.$6.99
Orange Juice with Pulp $6.99
The Butcher Shop  
No Sugar Uncured Applewood Bacon12 oz.$5.99
Applewood Smoked Uncured Bacon20 oz.$9.99
Pederson’s Uncured  
No Sugar Added Hickory Smoked Bacon10 oz.$8.99
Swaggerty’s Farm  
All Natural Sausage Roll16 oz.$5.49
Jones Dairy Farm  
Golden Brown All Natural Turkey Sausage Links10 ct.$3.99
Beyond Meat  
Plant-Based Original Breakfast Sausage Patties6 x 6 each$6.49
Original Plant-Based Sausage4 x 4 each$8.99
Plant-Based Spicy Breakfast Sausage Patties6 each$6.49
Applegate Organic  
Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage12 oz.$8.99
Fire Roasted Red Pepper Chicken Sausage12 oz.$8.99
Miyoko’s Organic  
European Style Vegan Butter8 oz.$5.99
Bob’s Red Mill  
Gluten Free Pancake Mix24 oz.$6.99
Sprouts Organic  
Grade A Maple Syrup Amber12 fl. oz.$9.49
Grade A Dark Amber Maple Syrup12 fl. oz.$9.49
Honey24 oz.$9.49
 48 oz$17.99
Honey Squeeze12 oz.$5.99
Raw Honey with Honeycomb15.9 oz.$8.99
Almond Bear Claw 3 Pack3 ct.$5.49
Cage Free Large Grade A Brown Eggs12 ct.$4.99
Purely Elizabeth  
Chocolate Sea Salt Probiotic Granola8 oz.$6.99
Granola-Blueberry Hemp12 oz.$6.99
Oats & Honey Clusters with Toasted Coconut11 oz.$6.99
Peanut Butter Whole Grain Clusters11 oz.$6.99
Nature’s Path Organic  
Dark Chocolate & Berry Love Crunch Granola11.5 oz.$5.99
Pumpkin Seed + Flax Granola11.5 oz.$4.99
Carrot Raisin Flax Muffins14 oz.$10.49
Chocolate Brownie Mini Flax Muffins 12 Pack14 oz.$10.49
Brut750 ml$13.99
Vital Farms  
Pasture-Raised Large Grade A Eggs18 ct.$10.49
 12 ct.$7.99
Organic Pasture-Raised Large Grade A Eggs12 ct.$8.49


Banana Nut Muffins 4 Pack4 ct.$6.29
Peach Guava Muffins 4 Pack4 ct.$6.29
Pineapple Muffins 4 Pack4 ct.$6.29
Chocolate Chip Cookies12 ct.$5.69
Fresh Baked Double Crust Apple Pie24 oz.$5.99
Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies12 ct.$5.69
Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies12 ct.$5.69
White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies12 ct.$5.69
Mini Lemon Bites11 oz$7.99
Fresh Baked Apple Pie No Sugar Added24 oz.$6.99
Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies12 ct.$5.69
Double Crust Blueberry Pie24 oz.$5.99
New York Cheezecake14.1 oz.$8.49
Alden’s Organic  
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream48 oz.$8.99
Strawberry Ice Cream48 oz.$8.99
Organic Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream1.5 qt.$8.99
Mint Chip Ice Cream1.5 qt.$8.99
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Ice Cream48 oz.$8.99
Immaculate Baking Company  
Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk Jumbo14 oz.$6.99
Organic Choco Chunk Cookie Dough12 oz.$8.49
Market Corner  
Two-Bite Coconut Macaroons10 oz.$6.99
Two-Bite Brownie11.25 oz.$6.99
Two Bite Cinnamon Rolls12 oz.$6.99
French Macaroons4.23 oz.$7.99
Cafe Valley  
Lemon Zest Cake16 oz.$9.49

Easter Basket Finds

Easter Mix Eggs $6.99
Easter Flowers $5.99
Dark Chocolate Almonds $7.99
Milk Chocolate Almonds $7.99
12 Flavor Gummi Bears $4.49
Dark Chocolate Peanut Clusters $7.49
Dark Chocolate Walnuts $6.99
85% Cocoa Colombian Dark Chocolate $8.99
Milk Chocolate Peanut Clusters $7.49
Australian Red Licorice $6.99
Gummi Worms $4.49
Natural Non GMO Taffy $4.99
Dark Chocolate Almond Clusters $11.49
Jordan Almonds $7.99
Chocolate Covered Cherries $12.99
Bulk Foods  
Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds11 oz.$6.49
Assorted Salt Water Taffy8 oz.$5.99
Milk Chocolate Covered Gummi Bears10 oz.$7.99
Jelly Belly 49 Flavor Jelly Beans15 oz.$12.99
Yum Earth  
Organic Pops20 each$5.49
Pomegranate Licorice5 oz.$5.49
Strawberry Licorice5 oz.$5.49
Organic Fruit Snacks 5 Pk5 each$$5.49
Gummy Bears Snack Pack5 x 0.7 oz.$5.49
Sour Fruit Gummies8 oz.$2.00
Gummy Bears1.7 oz.$2.00
Organic Mini Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups4.7 oz.$5.49
Organic Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups1.4 oz.$2.29
Organic Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups2 each$2.50
Organic Dark Chocolate Cashew Butter Cups2 each$2.50
Dark Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat Bars3.4 oz.$4.99
Dark Chocolate Peanut Gems5 oz.$4.99
Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups3.2 oz.$4.99
Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars4.2 oz.$4.99
Sweets Dark Chocolate Almond Bar3 oz.$4.49
Sweets Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar2.8 oz.$4.49
Sweets Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups3.2 oz.$6.99
Sweets Sea Salt 70% Dark Chocolate Bar2.8 oz.$4.49
Sweets Salted Almond Milk Chocolate3 oz.$4.49
Sweets Salted Almond Extra Dark Chocolate Bar2.8 oz.$4.49
Sweets 70% Dark Chocolate Bar2.8 oz.$4.49
Sweets Creamy Milk Chocolate Style Bar3 oz.$4.49
Salted Caramel In Dark Chocolate Bar3.2 oz.$3.50
Almonds & Sea Salt In Dark Chocolate Bar3.2 oz.$3.50
Strong Dark Chocolate Bar3.2 oz.$3.50
Toffee & Almonds In Milk Chocolate Bar3.2 oz.$3.50
Raspberries In Dark Chocolate Bar3.2 oz.$3.50
Salted Almond Butter In Dark Chocolate Bar3.2 oz.$3.50
Almonds & Sea Salt In Strong Dark Chocolate Bar3.2 oz.$3.50

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

La Croix  
Pamplemousse Sparkling Water 8 Pack8 x 12 fl. Oz.$4.99
Tangerine Sparkling Water 8 Pack8 x 12 fl. Oz.$4.99
Lime Sparkling Water 8 Pack8 x 12 fl. Oz.$4.99
Passionfruit Sparkling Water 8 Pack8 x 12 fl. Oz.$4.99
Uncle Matt’s Organic  
Orange Juice Pulp Free52 fl. oz.$6.99
Orange Juice with Pulp $6.99
Orange Juice with Calcium & Vitamin D52 fl. oz.$6.99
Ginger Root Beer 10 Pack10 x 12 fl. Oz.$9.99
Cola 10 Pack10 x 12 fl. Oz.$9.99
Ginger Ale 10 Pack10 x 12 fl. Oz.$9.99
Ginger Rootbeer 6 Pack6 x 12 fl. Oz.$6.49
Dr. Zevia 10 Pack10 x 12 fl. Oz.$9.99
Cream Soda 10 Pack10 x 12 fl. Oz.$9.99
Cola Caffeine Free 10 Pack10 x 12 fl. Oz.$9.99
Black Cherry 10 Pack10 x 12 fl. Oz.$9.99
Simply Lemonade with Raspberry52 oz.$3.99
San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water750 ml$2.79

Alcoholic Beverages

Sierra Nevada Hazy  
Little Thing IPA 6 Pack Can
6 x 12 fl. Oz.$11.99
Organic Cabernet Sauvignon
750 ml$13.99
Josh Cellars
Cabernet Sauvignon
750 ml$13.99
Red Blend
750 ml$9.99
Cabernet Sauvignon
750 ml$13.99
Blue Moon
Belgian White Ale 6 Pack Bottles
6 x 12 fl. Oz.$9.99
Menage A Trois
Silk Soft Red Blend
750 ml$12.99
White Claw
Flavor #1 Hard Seltzer Variety 12 Pack Cans
12 x 12 fl. Oz.$17.99
Especial 6 Pack Bottles
6 x 12 fl. Oz.$11.99
 Sauvignon Blanc
750 ml$14.99

How To Place an Order Process

As you are not ordering a fully-prepared meal, there’s no deadline.

Give yourself time to prepare dinner, but don’t place the order too early, as you want your groceries fresh. Catering orders must be placed at least 24 hours ahead.

Sprouts accept credit and debit cards, ACH, checks, or wire. Catering orders can be placed online but must be paid at the store location.

Pickup and Delivery Options

There are 4 options for shopping at Sprouts: pickup, delivery, catering, and shopping list.

The last one allows you to add favorite items to a list and then choose to buy them or not. Just like shopping for clothes!

To check the delivery fee, click on checkout, enter your location, sign in, and proceed to payment.

Our Recommendations For Sprouts Easter Dinner

Lamb is the star ingredient for a traditional Easter Dinner.

If you to savor it to the maximum, choose the French trim rack. For an easier cooking recipe, go for the boneless leg.

On the other hand, an antipasto tray is perfect for a party, as it serves 12 to 16 people.

A modern, fabulous Sprouts Easter Dinner option is also preparing a unique charcuterie board.

For some help, recipes are available on Sprouts’ website.

Order Easter Mealhttps://www.sprouts.com/easter/
Store Locationshttps://www.sprouts.com/stores/  

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